Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — Melbourne, Australia, March 2014

Peter Wilkins, Sydney, Australia

The course provided extremely valuable information as to the usage of kettlebells the instructors were of the highest quality. They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

They really made this course a great experience. Top Class!!!

The RKC training was very hands on, more so than other courses that I have attended. The hands on nature helped to really illustrate the correct safe usage of the techniques taught.

Darren Manser, Meridan Plains, Queensland, Australia

The best seminar you could possibly do to teach you how to use your body properly.

Andrew Read is a brilliant coach -- very articulate, knowledgeable.

RKC training was the most intense physical and mentally demanding course I have ever done. Thoroughly recommend doing this course.

I feel totally blessed to have found Dragon Door. I love all of the education and knowledge which I can apply today. Thank you.

Shane Yost, Murrumbeena, Queensland, Australia

The RKC is a great certification program that not only covers the how, what and when of kettlebell training, but gets you to experience how all this works in challenging training scenarios.

Top level instruction with a top level team.

Chris Eather, Tamworth, Australia

Top Shelf. The quality of all staff exceptional in the ability to communicate technical specifics for myself makes the course particularly rewarding. All round excellent experience.

Andrew Read has a lot to give and a terrific ability to communicate. Shannon also very professional. The whole team complements each other very well with ability to see corrective from different perspectives.

Paul Watkins, Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia

Stefan McKenzie, Adelaide, Australia

Enjoyable experience with the best leadership team teaching kettlebells in Australia.

No comparison, best course I’ve ever done.

Dionne Goven, Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia

If on day one I was hit by a truck, then on day two I was hit by a road train! Day three was like crying at my own funeral then realizing I was actually still alive! smiley

Each of the RKCs dropped bombs of wisdom and really helped my mobility and flexibility issues. They made me feel at ease all weekend and I had complete trust in their advice.

I respect the preparation of athletes to enter the RKC, Our certificates aren’t pre-prepared. You earn them!