Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — Minneapolis, MN, June 2014

William Sturgeon, Alexandria, MN, Pharmacy Technician

Athletic Achievements Powerlifter

Absolutely outstanding! Having Andrea teach the squat was the highlight for me. I’ve been powerlifting and following Mark Rippetoe for some time but the way she explained it blew him out of the water. Along with having Chris Holder and Amnon Darsa here made this the best experience of my life.

The amount of information given to me here was amazing. Never have I had such great cueing but also great modifications. Top-notch trainers here who know what they are doing. Not only do they know exercises but they also know their anatomy at the best I’ve seen presented.

Alex Zubkov, Eden Prairie, MN, Physician

Athletic Achievements III dan in Hapkido, 1 year with Profitness MN

This course was an eye opener it has changed and improved my technique. The instructors were extremely helpful and friendly. Superb! No other words, the knowledge, ability to listen, explain is outstanding in every instructor.

The RKC has changed from what I heard about the past and become better and much more enjoyable.

Ben Swarts, Minneapolis, MN, Sports Program Manager

Athletic Achievements Judo Black belt, PCC, HKC

This was an extraordinary group of students and instructors. Best of the best instructors from several backgrounds made for a very comprehensive and accurate workshop. They were incredible: very accessible, fair and knowledgeable. Tons of laughs, but equally as many critiques. Very positive.

This is my 3rd DD Cert. (HKC, PCC) and it was at the high quality I’ve come to expect from DD as a business and as instructors. High quality, no-nonsense, accessible interaction and instruction. Never a waste of time or money.

Great job and thank you. I feel truly fortunate to get to learn from you and get to “rub elbows” with such positive, wonderful people.

Caleb Sohm, Waconia, MN, Trainer/business owner

Athletic Achievements College rugby, marathon finisher, triathlete

This was one of the most educational and useful certifications/class/training that I have ever been a part of. The knowledge and skill presented by the instructors was so accessible.

This was an unbelievable weekend. The instructors were brilliant, funny, relatable and so easy to learn from. There were no egos just quality people and quality coaches. I could really tell that every instructor wants to be vested in their clients’ health/wellness and personal growth.

Light years ahead of any other training I’ve done. The skill and mastery of the instructors was amazing and their ability to coach and relate to athletes made a huge difference. Extremely professional but so fun and relaxed as well.

Kelly Kriesel, Farmington, MN, TRX instructor

Athletic Achievements TRX certified

I loved it! It was by far the best, most challenging, rewarding and humbling 3 days. I learned so much about myself as a person and instructor that I feel I’m leaving a whole different and stronger person than I came in as.

The manual is a trove of examples and information. This will be my go-to bible for many, many years.

The instructors were amazing! They were extremely positive and helpful with corrections and ideas. They had a great way of shining new light on the exercise to help us realize the importance and the proper format of it. They helped many “light bulbs” go off in people’s heads. Plus we had fun with them.

I have only taken one other certification training course in TRX and this hands down was so much more hands on, informational and just plain fun.

Thank you so much for a great weekend. Being pushed out of ones comfort zone is challenging but while being pushed out of it I became a stronger and better person because of it.

Tory Robson, Eden Prairie, MN, Chiropractor

Athletic Achievements USAF 6 years, DC

The RKC Cert training taught me a new level of technique and precisions that I can use in my own training and for those under my influence. Inspiration to get in 1% better condition every year.

All the instructors were incredible, all were focused on us. All wanted to be there, all can walk the walk.

Read Sulik, Fargo, ND

I honestly wish I would have had this instruction in movement as a child and teenager! This training will improve my own ability to move and train/practice safely and effectively.

This was an absolutely outstanding team of instructors who are all passionate and effective as teachers. Their dedication and motivation to our improvement was evident throughout.

I have had one-on-one training in the past from RKC certified instructors that allowed me to come in with preparation to learn at the level of intensity and detail taught throughout the course. The blending of lecture/instruction, demonstration and then practice is an outstanding educational format.

Thank you! The ongoing individual encouragement and feedback was outstanding, validating and helpful!

Ann Kelly Jones, Minneapolis, MN, Principal

Athletic Achievements Kettlebell training at Southside Kettlebells club - 6 years

The certification training was vital to learning the proper technique required to maximize strength and mobility.

The certification process is critical for fine-tuning to ensure you are safe and accomplishing the desired goals for your clients and for yourself.

The quality of the training was outstanding. There was quite a bit of consistency among trainers which was helpful and made things less confusing. I received much criticism but it was done in a highly supportive way. The “tough love” was invaluable.

Elin Michel, Minneapolis, MN, Real estate manager

Athletic Achievements Tough Mudder (2012 and 2013), Kettlebells (2009- current)

I have learned more about how the body works to clearly match kettlebell training with a diverse population of people. The ability to create stability, mobility and strength inn so many ways, or even just one movement, with only one system allows for limitless possibilities in myself or anyone I am able to train.

Absolutely unbelievable experience, attention, detail, care and support and direction from all instructors.

Andrea’s ability to verbalize, demonstrate and cue the most perfect form of each movement was a gift to participate in. I feel very lucky to have had such a depth and variety of backgrounds in the team this weekend.

Honestly, I haven’t taken anything his in depth, specific, helpful or intense in regards to physical exercise.

The quality was as high as I could have hoped for, the scope was enough to get what I needed to know, but not too much that I was completely overwhelmed.

Practical use is really far beyond what I anticipated kettlebells could bring to nearly every person/populations.

Loved it – incredibly glad I did it. I learned an unimaginable amount.

Laura Williams, Minneapolis, MN, Investment analyst

Athletic Achievements Triathlons, Tough Mudder, Half marathon, multiple 5-10k's, kettlebell training.

I learned more about kettlebells in three days than I ever thought possible. There is/was always something new to learn.

Everyone was incredibly knowledgeable. Every piece of information given was useful.

It doesn’t compare to anything I have ever done. The material was incredibly organized in such a way that everything made sense and could be applied immediately.

Amanda Glover-Peterson, Shoreview, MN, Teacher

Athletic Achievements 6 years of kettlebell training, multiple long distance runs.

It helped fine-tune all my Kettlebell movements to help make me stronger and more efficient, but most importantly a better kettlebell trainer. I enjoyed gaining so much knowledge & not a huge exhausting ass kicking. More info went in my head because I wasn’t worried about my hands, body, etc.

The instructors – all very knowledgeable and bring a lot to the fitness/k-bell community. My head instructor was Chris. His knowledge was so great - I don’t think we tapped into ¼ of ways he could help improve us. He was very real, giving you appropriate feedback. His humor helped us remember that this is fun! Great, Great instructor.

My instructor is RKC certified so I heard a lot of his training through this course. The information and fine-tuning from the high level instructors is unlike any other training I have experienced.

Craig Bishop, Minneapolis, MN, Investment Strategist

Athletic Achievements Wrestling in high school, Rugby in college and after, 5 years Kettlebell training at Southside Kettlebells Minneapolis

This class allowed me to do the deep dive into each of the six basic skills. This will help me to increase the effectiveness of my KB workouts and permit me to be a better resource/advocate for people new to kettlebells.

Best of Class! Attentive to details. Asked challenging questions, provided great instruction and excellent direction.

Three days of intense training unlike anything I’ve previously experienced. Distilled a wife range of data into very concise steps to follow with good guidance all along the way. Practical applications are apparent after this class.

Great job I feel very fortunate to have had the time to work with such talented instructors.

Wyatt Kirlin, Alexandria, MN, Student

Athletic Achievements Alexandria Health and Fitness

It is a well thought out course. Your body can take a beating but you can’t beat the knowledge you gain.

Everyone had their own unique styles and credentials for teaching, but everyone was humble and enjoyable to be around

I have not had any other certification training beforehand but as a first this was fantastic. I’ve had Kettlebell training before but not with this fine-tuning.

John Baynes, Minneapolis, MN, Director, Business Operations

Athletic Achievements Baseball in College

RKC certification was a great experience. I haven’t pushed myself this much in a very long time. It wasn’t only a physical test but also a mental test.

All of the instructors were excellent. It didn’t take long for me to feel that the instructors knew me and my tendencies. Each instructor at one point or another saw something and gave me great feedback.

I played team sports for many years and we did things for no apparent reason. Here I felt there was a reason for everything.

I appreciated the amount of teaching that went on this weekend. I was certain that my hands would go but they didn’t. We still worked very hard but not so hard that my focus waivered.