Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — New York, NY, January 2015

Joseph Stritmater, New York City, NY, Fitness trainer/martial arts competitor

Athletic Achievements Certs; Hkc, Trx lvl one, Trx group x, reebok stretch, nasm cpt, ifpa cpt, ifpa sports nutrition, intl thai boxing association certified instructor, instructor Jun fan Jkd concepts. Athletic achievements; world open Muay Thai champion uskba, ikf/iska intl knockdown champion, golden gloves boxing champion, Empire State games boxing medalist, arm bar kumite champion 1997, undefeated Muay Thai + kickboxing, many competitions boxing, tkd, and karate.

Better, tougher in each category than all fitness certs I’ve taken. Only my martial arts instructor test compare in scope, intensity, instruction. It tightened up my current kettlebell game, and taught me new material, and how to better coach. All instructors are awesome people, knowledgeable and friendly.

Jordan Perlson, Brooklyn, NY, Crossfit Coach, Musician

Athletic Achievements 2 half marathons, local Crossfit competitions, Crossfit L1 Coach.

An intense, informational, comprehensive weekend loaded with information, guidance, encouragement and fun workouts. Useful for the athlete as much as the trainer.

The quality of the instruction was impeccable. Having such high level instruction, yet 4 very different perspectives was amazing.

Practical use – extremely high level. We were taught how to deal with a varied level of clients, which is invaluable.

Scope – so comprehensive. I feel very confident, I would train clients with kettlebells only, if need be.

Quality – all of the material was top notch!

Andrew Mortiz, Clifton Park, NY

As a Crossfitter I have done a lot of strength and high intensity conditioning. What we did is similar to my training, however it broadened my knowledge of how to be aware and how to improve my mechanics. This certification is by far the most informative cert that I have attended. I learned not only how to improve my own movements, but also how to teach and correct my client’s movements.

This is the best staff that I have worked with. All of the instructors had a different background and brought knowledge that helped translate into the training. During the cert I felt safe and physically tested.

Michelle Berke, New York City, NY, Gym Owner / Trainer / Group Fitness Instructor

Athletic Achievements HKC Kettlebell Certified / TRX Suspension Training Certified / Youth Fitness Trainer / CPR/AED

It was an amazing and supportive atmosphere that really taught me how to re-think what my body and mind thought it knew. The cues and explanations were clear and all instructors knew how to teach in a variety of ways.

I thought all of the instructors taught well and had a great knowledge of the material as well as brought a variety with their individual backgrounds – all were friendly and supportive.

There is no comparison – was top of the line!

Ian Kurtz, New York City, NY, Trainer

Athletic Achievements Certified Muay Thai and Wrestling coach- EXC MMA, TRX Suspension and Ripp Trainer Certified, 3 years Personal Training Experience

This is the best fitness course I’ve ever taken, seriously. keep doing what you’re doing. RKC in no joke! An energetic, well paced course that takes all fitness levels on the path to perfection. Instruction, drills, knowledge. The instructors are amazing. It’s because of them that I would recommend this course to anyone.

Most courses I feel just get you into a groove and demonstrate moves. RKC, I feel, attacks every move and teaching muscle memory.

Karli Lawson, Cassadaga, NY, Sales Consultant

It was so much better than I expected (and I expected great things). The instruction was really amazing and I hope that one day I can understand kettlebells and human movement enough to so eloquently help others realize their potential physically. (Seriously so inspiring).

Wow. I think there is an art to getting people to move the way you want them to, within their bodies’ ability on that day. It’s something each of them did and do and I really admire that.

I’m really fortunate to have experienced this RKC – it was small and personalized, I didn’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated, and felt supported by the community that our group formed. Seriously – this is the beginning of my understanding of kettlebell and fitness, and it could not have been better. It’s like a springboard to what’s next and I’m so grateful for that. Thank you all so much.

Moses Cruz, Wallkill, NY, Les mills Body pump instructor at Golds Gym

Athletic Achievements Certified in Bodypump. I have played sports my whole life. Wrestled in high school baseball in high school football after high school.

Everyone needs to try it. Awesome course! Great tips from all RKC team leaders. Can’t say enough about them Awesome! NO certifications or program has this much challenge that I have come across.

Lindsey Tuller, Barrington, MA, Group Instructor

Athletic Achievements FMS Certified, Tabata Bootcamp certified, Current class instructor at Berkshire Functional Fitness, Trained in mixed martial arts, Owner of organic coffee shop/juice bar, Certified in food safety, allergy safety

I feel stronger now than when entering, even though I’m totally beat. The instructors were great coaches and showed how to be compassionate and clear when correcting people. Very supportive and educational.

All instructors were very thorough. Having people tell you exactly when you did something incorrect and why every single time is what I needed. Even when being tested I felt supported and felt that the instructors were coaching us for success.

Loved every second and will definitely push more people to try this.