Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — Iowa City (Coralville), IA, April 2015

Levi Markwardt, Spirit Lake, IA, NCSA-CPT

Athletic Achievements College Wrestler AA (NAIA), NSCA-CPT, Athletic Republic

Very detailed weekend that drove home the importance building the foundation – do not rush through the progressions. All instructors were helpful and available the entire weekend.

Better than my NSCA cert., actually – way better.

Caleb Burkholder, West Branch, IA, Personal Trainer / Coach

Athletic Achievements Bachelor's in Kinesiology from Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas. I played varsity football (All academic 4 years, all-district offensive lineman 2 years, all-district and all-county kicker 1 year, and all-district punter 1 year), powerlifting (state qualifier 1 year), track and field(2 time regional discus qualifier and 1 time regional shot put qualifier) all 4 years in high school.

The RKC taught me so much about not only the kettlebells, but how the body reacts to certain actions. I would absolutely recommend this certification to anyone who will be training with kettlebells.

All of the staff was very knowledgeable and helpful through every aspect of the training.

This training was much more thorough and detailed. It’s obvious that RKC wants you to learn the correct form and be able to teach it.

Chris Amelon, Iowa City, IA, Coach

Athletic Achievements ACE certified personal trainer, USAW level 1 sports performance coach

Long & grueling, but FULL of incredible information. The information is absorbed well because of the way it is presented.

The quality of training is second to none! The number of coaching tips I received in short periods of time were always well timed and simple.

There is really NO comparison!! Honestly, no one has put it together like the RKC.

Kylie Hansen, Urbana, IA

Athletic Achievements I have been practicing kettlebells for 3 years. I got my HKC certification in April of 2014 and have been helping with teaching classes at my gym ever since. I am also a runner and have ran four half marathons along with many other shorter races and mud races.

The RKC is a weekend filled with plenty of intensity and so much knowledge. I learned more than I thought I could. They really set you up to succeed.

Andrea is very good at what she does, she has an incredible eye to spot what you need to improve on and I really appreciated that.

I learned more this weekend, than I ever have in all my research.

Michael Zubkov, Eden Prairie, MN

Fantastic program that not allows you to teach others, but to teach yourself. I have a much better understanding of my body and what I can’t do and what I can do.

Andrea was amazing. She had a vast knowledge of every movement that only helped me improve.

Bill Sloop, Vinton, IA, Manager

Athletic Achievements 2+ years training at Kettlebell Advantage in Vinton, Iowa under Mark Erikson RKC

Despite coming into the RKC with years of kettlebell experience. I was taught something not only new but truly eye-opening in each and every session.

Outstanding! The depth of knowledge was expected, of course. The way the instructors were able to provide feedback and cues in away that worked for each candidate.

Gunner Tranel, Vinton, IA, Student

Athletic Achievements College Football Linebacker- Wartburg College, Certified TRX Instructor

A tough but very satisfying weekend. There was a lot of physical and mental volume, but the accumulation of it all was very good.

The training was very good. It was intense at times but it was also very nice in such small groups that we could talk and ask questions. All instructors gave great feedback and helpful tips.

This course was far and above any training or class that I have ever taken. The importance of the little details made all the difference.

Josh Duden, Bondurant, IA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements College football, law enforcement background. Trained in defensive tactics.

Mentally and physically challenging. It was something that had to be earned.

Very knowledgeable and provided great detail in their demonstrations and explanations. The most detailed and focus specific training have even done.

Outstanding workshop. Thank you.

Beau Voigt, Osage, IA

Athletic Achievements Kettlebell training

It was a great experience. I learned way more than I expected.  Very challenging.

Head Instructor was very thorough with every movement. I enjoy great explanation on how and why we do things the way we do them.

RKC Team Leaders – very helpful and very good tips.