Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — Shanghai, China, May 2015

Yun Chen, Founder of OneFit Fitness Studio

This is the Gold Standard of kettlebell certifications and the originator of all other kettlebell certs.

Yong Lin Tseng, Tera Wellness Master Trainer

I have studied from many different kettlebell training systems in the past 2 years, none of those organizations focus on detailed basic kettlebell movements like RKC.

Detailed practical part of teaching, strictness on basic movements, there is even a teaching part on spotting the clients/ training partners. This is all valuable information. Course is well organized, every single section finished right on time according to the schedule.

Ming Sheng Cheng, Tera Wellness Master Trainer

RKC simplified complicated kettlebell movements to make the course student-friendly. Perfected training system. Long story in short: Professional, Systematic, Detailed, Highly practical, and very hard to pass.

RKC course focuses on the details and quality of kettlebell exercises, teaches the students how to perfect their techniques by gradual progressions and proper time lines.

With Tommy’s great translation and assistance, the information was delivered seamlessly to us.

Zhi Yong Dang, National Bodybuilding Champion

For those who think showing up is enough to get certified, RKC is an impossible mission. In order to become an RCK coach, you have to be well prepared and reach certain strength and conditioning level. RKC is the real gold standard.

Compare to other certifications, RKC emphasizes much more on practice. Students have to show their athleticism and perfect technique in order to pass the strict test.

Shaw Nan, Master Trainer of LeWell Fitness

I highly agree with the RKC training philosophy: Our goal is not training with kettlebells, is to become strong by utilizing kettlebell training.

Great teaching system: All movements are taught with different progressions and regressions, in order to build a solid foundation for students and avoid injuries.

The practical test is the best: As coaches, we should practice what we preach. Without having the ability to do the exercises you will introduce to your client, everything is BS. You have to be not only strong enough but also smart to pass the test.

Hong Ming Qin, Nirvana Fitness

To my knowledge and conditioning, RKC is the most challenging course so far. It brings my kettlebell training to another level. Thank you RKC!

Wei Gang Wang, Shanghai, Biomodel Oganism Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd

As a fitness enthusiast, I have only taken CrossFit certification before this RKC. They only taught us some Olympic weight lifting techniques which were not useful and applicative at all. What RKC brought me is practice and skill, it makes more sense to my training.

Gang Su, Bank clerk

Athletic Achievements KB training fan

RKC is a real valuable course, surpasses those “Eye candy” certifications in China.

Yu Liu

RKC is not only about a kettlebell challenge, but also a perfect training system. Thumbs up!

Ronnie Yu, LMF Fitness

RKC is a very professional certification, it makes kettlebell training very useful for performance enhancement, is passionate and challenging.

Jun Bai, LeWell Fitness

This authentic kettlebell training system corrected my imperfections in movement, taught me pay attention to details.