Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — Boston, MA, July 2015

Michelle Hillman, Shrewsbury, MA, Physical Therapist, CPT

Athletic Achievements ACE CPT, PTA, Trainer at The Fitness Asylum (Shrewsbury) teach Boot Camps, Kettlebells

One of the most humbling experiences followed by great sense of accomplishment. Going into this I was excited and anxious. Knowing RKC reputation and instructor level of expertise, I assumed I would feel intimidated. From the moment I was greeted by Master Phil Ross and Senior Angelo Gala I knew I was about to learn from the best but their smiles put me at ease. From there I was challenged every single step of the way with intensity followed by education, education, education. Their knowledge and skill is amazing. I left each day feeling like I had one on one instruction. Phil, Angelo and Gino gave me everything I wanted out of this experience. I am so grateful and sore!

Nothing can compare! This has been 10/10.

Tobey Hasegawa, Millbury, MA, Sales Operations

This RKC training was Awesome. The instructors were beyond excellent and worked together well to ensure we all learned what they were teaching. The student : instructor ratio exceeded my expectations. I am well-equipped to bring proper techniques and coaching back to my students.

This training was above and beyond other programs due to the quality of instruction, continuous application of the skills, and intense focus on attainment of the standards. Being required to demonstrate the skills and fitness (snatch test) helps to ensure that this isn’t a “rubber stamp” certification. I will be able to apply all of what I learned to improve others’ skills!

I really enjoyed the process and look forward to continuing to refine my skills.

Kim Magnelli, Barrington, RI, Coach/Trainer

Athletic Achievements ACE Personal Training Certification

It has been an unbelievable experience. I feel humbled and am pleased with all the knowledge that I gained this weekend.

The instructors were top notch. They were all professional and compassionate. I thought that the RKC staff was a great team.

Phil Ross was just a book of information. He brought so much knowledge and experience to the table. He has a great personality and makes everyone feel comfortable. Angelo, the Senior RKC was also incredible. He was knowledgeable, professional and patient. Gino was also terrific and knowledgeable. I can’t see enough good things about these three.

This was by far the most challenging and educational certification that I have ever attended.

Dafna Hayman, Newton, MA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Ace CPT, Ace Group Ex, FMS II, MBA, Babson College, Israeli Air Force

The amount of learning and information was amazing. The instructors made everybody feel comfortable and that made for a great learning experience. I was not afraid to try things and fail safely until I succeed.

All 3 instructors shared their knowledge generously. They provided the perfect balance of professionalism and creating a fun atmosphere. The class was fun but serious. The level of teaching was detailed and clear. The expectations were clear. All 3 were great resources. Very different teaching styles and a lot to learn from each one.

I felt the RKC was at a very high level and I would highly recommend it to anybody in the fitness industry.

Alaina Savage, Chester, VT, Student

Athletic Achievements Ace certified personal trainer

I have learned a lot over the weekend in terms of technique. Every detail of every movement is explained and then practiced in great detail. Our reps are never perfect and can always be improved upon. It has been a great experience and I feel I am coming out of the weekend a better coach and better athlete.

I thought all of the instructors were great! They were very knowledgeable with the kettlebell and were helpful in improving technique. I feel like I’ve learned a lot not just on technique from the instructors, but how to become a better instructor myself from watching them. Phil Ross is a great Head Instructor and it is obvious the passion he has for kettlebells and teaching. I learned a lot from him.

The RKC is hands down the best certification workshop I’ve taken. The knowledge I’ve learned in this one weekend is more than I learned during the course of my ACE CPT certification. I feel like all of the hands-on work has made me a better instructor.

Kenton Wilcox, Cambridge, MA, Molecular Biologist

Athletic Achievements Once-certified ACE Personal Trainer

It was an exciting and arduous experience that I am whole-heartedly glad to have participated in. It expanded y knowledge and understanding of what I am capable of and what I could be capable of.

Everyone and everything was incredible. Phil and Angelo were very thorough in explanation and Gino was great for correcting form and movements.

Mandy Boykin, Cambridge, MA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements A few half-marathons and a corrective exercise certification.

I learned things you can’t learn in a book and proved I could apply them against a clock, it satisfied the scholar and athlete in me.

Mastery was demonstrated in an approachable, friendly manner.

This doesn’t compare to other 3-day workshops I’ve attended. I feel like attending is an invitation to do something excellent to earn knowledge about kettlebell technique.