Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — Boston, MA, June 2017

Kristen Mercier, West Roxbury, MA

It was a great experience. I had fun and learned a lot. Both instructors were great. They were knowledgeable and explained things in multiple ways to make the information clear.  They also made it fun. 3 days flew by.

It excelled in all categories but especially in the practical use. I learn by practice and doing so, this workshop really helped me nail the technique.

I really like the social aspect of the workshop. It was great to get some team bonding in.

Nathan Gagnon, Jamaica Plains, MA

Great chance to break down movements into smaller components and slow things down. Important insights on how and what to utilize with clients.

The instructors were great. Showed an obvious concern on the training. Knowledgeable, abut more importantly clearly displayed their application of this training and knowledge with clients and to areas outside of KB training.

Randolph Hiruma, MA

I learned from each and super volume instructors. RKC is incredible. Outstanding. I can’t wait to take RKC II.

This is the hightest quality of instruction from great instructors. Many hands on training. Do it right.

Thank you so much. I learned a lot and it has taken me to the next level.

Sara Warnock, Boston, MA, Personal Trainer, NSCA CPT

It was great. The balance between lecture and practice was just right. I didn’t feel like my body got wrecked but I feel like we had enough time to get all the movments down.

Both instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. They were able to give cues that were easy to understandand put into practice. They were also able to tell us why what we did mattered, which helps in  understanding how to do the movements. They were encouraging but were able to give good feedback if something looked off.

I think it’s definitely one of the best I’ve done. I felt engaged the entire time, and didn’t feel like I was just getting lectured at. We all got the attention we needed and were always able to ask questions whenever we needed to.

Rowena DeJesus, Boston, MA

Positive experience where the instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful in making sure I have the skill and tools to be effective in my own practice as well as teaching.

Instructors demonstrated both high quality knowledge and skill level. They provided good coaching cues on areas that I needed to improve in a constructive way. It was a supportive environment that encouraged learning and applications to overall ftitness.

Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — New York City, NY, June 2017

Joe DiStefano, Boston, MA, Head of Sport, Spartan Race

Athletic Achievements BS EXSS, CSCS, taken RKC once before. 7 years at Spartan Race, coach of a team of 20 Pro athletes

Game-changing experience that will have a major impact on my program design and couching style. Truly top notch instructors, every single one of them. Dan + RKC, incredible 1 - 2 punch!

I’ve taught 100+ 2-Day courses myself. Going into a course like RKC, I rarely expect to take home so much new knowledge, perspective and skill.

Kyoshi Ernest Hyman III, New York, NY, Certified Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements 40yrs Exp. in Martial Arts (GoJu-Ryu Karate Do), 15yrs Exp. Juvenile Corrections NYC

I have only one sentence “Life Changing”!! The Instructors were awesome. Great energy and well versed on the program. Outstanding well-rounded workshop. A wonderful learning experience.

Grace Kavadlo, New York, NY, PCC Team Leader

It was a world class certification program taught by knowledgeable, encouraging +inspiring coaches that would make anyone who attends a better training practitioner and human being.

My head has exploded from all the knowledge “bombs” dropped this weekend by each instructor! It was an honor working with the legendary Dan John. He makes the course so fun. If I could repeat this weekend over, I would!

Every Dragon Door certification is WORLD CLASS!! I am always impressed by the high-end coaching, classiness and knowledge displayed by all the DD instructors.

Patrick Walsh, New York

Dan John was my team leader, I was captivated and motivated by the energy and enthusiasm of his entrance which was surprisingly sustained throughout 3 days of “GO”. .The focus of training in the world of Kettlebell was taken out of its frame and applied to the bigger picture of human performance. The rest of the team was non-stop helpful and willing to assist in an open and nurturing manner.

The Kettlebell has been liberated by the RKC to be the best it can be without trying to be something that it is not.

Marlon Taduran, Jersey City, NJ, Personal Trainer

If I were asked to summarize my experience of the Russian Kettlebell Certification Training in a couple of sentences, I would say: The whole 3-day weekend seminar was a great coaching experience. Collectively as a team, the delivery of information regarding the use of kettlebells in one’s training was top notch.

The RKC emphasize more on the safety of using the kettlebell in training and training other people. Also, way more emphasis on coaching, something I appreciate.

Richard Borgatti, Winchester, MA, Gym Owner

Athletic Achievements High School Cross Country & track and Field, ISSA CPT, Crossfit L2, CrossFit Endurance, MovNat L2, Spartan SGX Coach L2, Spartan Obstacle Specialist, Black Belt in Budo Taijitsu.

Excellent certification for proper usage of the Kettlebell, not only for performance but for general population clients.

Dan John is an excellent presenter and leader. He and his team seemed very comfortable and committed. Both quality and knowledge were top notch as well as entertaining.

This level 1 cert is as good or better than most level 2 certs I have attended. This is truly an instructor course.

Occelan Etienne, Hempstead, NY, Fitness Manager

Athletic Achievements Bachelors in Exercise Science, Certified in FMS, strongfirst kettlebells

It was really good, I learned A LOT! The instructors were very knowledgeable and friendly. The quality was great.

Anthony Cracchiolo, Howard Beach, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements College Football, StrongFirst Kettlbell Level 1

RKC is the gold Standard! The quality of training displayed over the weekend was excellent. Every movement was explained thoroughly and when any questions were added the instructors did not hesitate to have an answer.

John Thompson, New York, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements ACE-CPT, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, PCC, TRX

This is an amazing Cert. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. ANYONE can benefit from taking this course.

Top of the line instructors. Dan John and Coach Fury are two of the best. Their instruction and their general professionalism and light-hearted personalities made for a great learning environment.

This course is a must for anyone who is serious about applying KB training.

Alisa Fairbanks, Portland, OR, Personal trainer and health coach

Athletic Achievements DVRT level 1 certified, Animal Flow level 1 coach, Yoga Tune Up® level 1 teacher, Neurokinetic Therapy level 1, Precision Nutrition level 1 certified Strength & conditioning training background for the past several years

My experience was humbling, rich and challenging. It reinforced a lot of what I know, but taught me so much of what I did not know.

I thought the training and instruction was impeccable. Demonstration, real-life examples and scenarios, practice, learning how to troubleshoot and time for Q&A made it top notch! The material and expectations were presented clearly and feedback was professionally and constructively given.

I’m really picky about what trainings I do and truly seek out the best. I also want to be challenged and have to go out of my comfort zone because it’s a powerful and effective way to learn. RKC did not disappoint.

Carissa S. Cromwell, Brooklyn, NY, Fitness Manager at Crunch Greenpoint

Athletic Achievements TRX Rip Trainer and Suspension trainer certified, Pre and Postnatal Certified, Bulgarian Bag certified with a BS Degree in Physical Education

My experience at RKC Cert training was amazing. Great energy, anyone instructors, and all candidates were supportive and helpful! I learned from each person.

Loved my instructor Fury! Thank you for helping me learn so much in 3 days. It’s crazy what your attention to detail and cueing can do.

Terrence Lawrence, New York, NY, Fitness Manager

Athletic Achievements B.S. Exercise Science

I had an amazing time learning from and coaching others. The environment that Dan and Fury created was welcoming and promoted learning. I would recommend, highly to everyone.

They provided a ton of knowledge along with clear clarification. The best part to me was I never felt like I was being judged or talked at, it was more conversational which helped me learn and stay engaged.

Emiliano Tramontozzi, Long Island City, NY, Trainer

Athletic Achievements BS, CSCS, SFG II , BEAST TAMER

Very educational. The quality of the instructor was excellent. Dan John has been a pleasure to work with and learn from. He is a true Master.

The quality, scope of material was beyond what was expected.

Steve Ellis, New York, NY, Crunch Fitness Professional

Athletic Achievements ACE, SFG KB Workshop, SFG BW Workshop, Former D1 Rugby athlete

Empowering with great coaching and availability to help outside of certification. The instructors were able to chime in all the time and give 1 on 1 advice to help correct form or coaching. 10/10

Wasn’t just a workout cert where you were trying to break us down then test out. I found this cert very useful for our everyday client, not just strength and conditioning.

Additional comments & suggestions: Great working and learning from Dan John and the whole RKC staff.

Brittany Ruscitto, New York, NY, Personal Trainer - Crunch

Athletic Achievements NASM CPT , NASM CES , TRX Level 1 , Annette Lang Pre/Post Natal

Great overall experience that not only improved my personal technique but made me a better more confident coach.

The leadership team is awesome and clearly knows their stuff. Everything was presented very clearly and their feedback was crucial. They have a high standard of professionalism and expected everyone to be the same.

Freddy Sanchez, Hoboken, NJ, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements Nasm, Ces, Csfc, Npti, Fms 1 and 2, Pre/post natal, Sfg 1, Sfg 2, PN1, Pcc

Teamwork, community and safety. The level 1 Cert changed the way I train clients even though I train with KB already. The way they emphasize teamwork, community and safety is phenomenal. This cert will make you stronger in every way, shape or form.

Brian McMaster, Fairfield, CT, Personal trainer/Gym owner

Athletic Achievements Have been a personal trainer for about 15 years. I hold certifications in: NSCA-CPT, DVRT 1, TRX, SFG 1, FMS 2, TFW 2, Animal Flow, among others.

An incredible learning environment that saw all get better. It was great to see the difference in swings etc, from Day 1 to Day 3.

Highest quality training and knowledge of any conference I have attended. Dan John and Coach Fury were great Master Instructors who clearly see eye to eye on how to dispense knowledge and how to take great care with students.

Best of the Best!!

Sugen Ramos, New York, NY, Fitness Manager

Athletic Achievements NCSF

This certification was more extensive than any other cert that I have taken. Having Dan John here was good as well the amount of drills that I learned this past weekend will help me be a better trainer.

Julip Guombana

Extremely informational and the program planning was the best part.

All the instructors were super knowledgeable and were able to help on a one-to-one basis, Instructors had their unique way to cue to fix certain problems.

So far this is my favorite cert (KB), not only because of the amount of knowledge in the team, but also because they were able to make thing fun.

Gregory Hawryluk, New York, NY

Athletic Achievements NASM CPT, FMS L1, FMS L2, SF Body Weight Course, SF Kettlebell Course

The RKC Workshop is a must to attend for fitness professional to learn about kettlebells. For the most point they were able to help pin point your problem area and give helpful drills to correct.

More detailed oriented than other workshops, very organized.

Joshua Teves, Jersey City, NJ, Strength Coach / Trainer / Entrepreneur

Athletic Achievements Founder & Gym Owner, Ironbound Performance Athletics in Jersey City, NJ

Invaluable learning experience with great, knowledgeable, instruction. An awesome community. With down to earth coaches!

The RKC is more than just kettlebells. It’s a system built on sound strength principles and intelligent program design. Dan John’s coaching experience and dad jokes are worth the price of admission. The simplicity of how effective training is explained is something that the fitness industry needs right now. There are too many gimmicks out there in the fitness world and it is the RKC that does the service to provide good information.

Marshall B. Lucas, MD , Spring, TX, Physician

Athletic Achievements HKC, Board Certified Adult, Adolescent, Child and Addiction Psychiatrist, Half Marathon Completer, Pilates, Yoga, Hot yoga

Well balanced curriculum, presented by charismatic and wise presenters. Very detail oriented. Dan is Dan John. Awesome Chemistry

James Cappola, Queens, NY, Fitness Manager

Athletic Achievements B.S Exercise science, ACSM CPT, pre/post natal, bulgarian bag, college athlete (wrestling 189lbs)

A very large review with a ton of added/extra/valuable info. Very knowledgeable- both were very attentive and knew exactly how to answer my questions.

Geoffrey Hemingway, New York, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements SFG Level 2, NASM personal trainer, Training Manager, Mark Fisher Fitness

Concise, expert coaching in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Best instructors ever. So useful. It has been my favorite certification, and I have done several. Amazing.

Alanna Bradley, Harrison, NJ, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science, Rutgers University. FMS L1 certified. Precision Nutrition L1 certified.

This organization does an outstanding job creating a professional, safe, yet fun environment to learn, master and retain technique for kettlebell training.

The instructors were incredibly educated and talented AND personable. They all shared genuine interest in our well-being + success. They weren’t “fake”. Although they were personal, they insisted on proper form at all times and worked with us individually.

Quality is really high compared to other certifications! Especially the lecture component by Dan John + Fury.

Lee Glenney, New York, NY, Trainer

Athletic Achievements A.C.E., HKC

Rooted in the foundations of human movement, the RKC utilizes the kettlebell brilliantly in allowing individuals to explore the ways we, as humans, should move.

Steve and Dan played off of each other beautifully. I really appreciated the depth of knowledge each instructor shared.

I’ve done other KB certs and none have spent as much time on the fundamentals – which was great! So it proved to be incredibly practical and useful.

Patrick Barry, Rutherford, NJ, Personal trainer

Athletic Achievements Kettlebell, TRX, PCC, FMS, NASM, USAW

Provides a great understanding of the body and the best tools for strength, conditioning and mobility. Outstanding group of instructors. All are very knowledgeable and experience.

I have taken many certs and I use RKC principles for most of my training programs. This cert as well as the PCC have been the most useful certs.

Crunch did a great job facilitating this workshop

Christina “CC” Wells, New York, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements NCSF, graduated with BFA in Musical Theatre and Dance

Coming into this workshop as a “green” kettlebell athlete I was intimidated because there were so many people who had seemed to master it, however I was guided and pushed at my own rate and level and I feel like I gained the most knowledge and experience.

Everything was amazing! I learned so much and grew so much in a little bit of time. I loved getting everyone’s opinion and I definitely treasured every trick or little side note.

Maria Mahbob, Stamford, CT, Fitness Professional

Athletic Achievements Usa Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Crossfit Strongman Trainer, Crossfit Gymnastics Trainer ACE Group Fitness Instructor, NETA Specialty Certification In Kettlebell

One of the best certification training I have participated in. The knowledge and instruction that Dan John and Fury imparted were peerless.

John and Joe are professional and nurturing as instructors. Dan, John and Joe went beyond expectations in terms of guidance, feedback and knowledge.

Aris Martinez, Union City, NJ, Crunch Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements NASM CPT, CES, and Dotfit.

One of the best workshops I ever took. I will without a doubt let other trainers know that this is the best workshop to take for kettlebells.

No one else can compare. Everyone cared and gave time and thought into every question.

Thomas M LaFera, Rosendale, NY, Trainer / coach

Athletic Achievements Semi pro cyclist in 90s, Training for and coaching since 1999

A nourishing environment where people want you to be successful. Instructors are approachable and encouraging.

Dan John was my team leader, he was a well spring of Information. John Arena and Joe Boffi were great assistants. Everyone was very approachable.

I always find this cert the most applicable to all other and over all other certs.

Tyler Woodman

Overall I enjoyed the weekend. Was great to see Dan John in person, he is an amazing persona as well as a world class coach.

It was amazing being on Dan’s team. On top of that every assistant was 100% committed to improving our skills. Joe and John did a great job of teaching and listening to our concerns. Very impressive for there to be no egos in the room.

Quality was through the roof, 100% professional. Material was much better than I thought it would be. This weekend will have a direct impact on my training.