Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — St. Paul, MN, September 2017

Lance Leach, Ramsey, MN, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements U.S. Navy, 4 years, ACE

It was fantastic. Even if you’re not going for the cert, the stuff you learn is incredibly useful. Plus, the workouts were intense, in a good way.

The instructors were great. They knew exactly where my hold-ups were and how to get me to move past them.

It was above and beyond better. I didn’t just read from a book and take a test. Everything was put to practice, and it was very physical.

Rob Finlayson, St. Louis Park, MN, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements CPT- NETA, Amateur Kickboxing

Andrea’s exacting standards for her students makes it clear how the RKC can consistently turn out great coaches.

The instruction received this weekend was thorough and detailed. Instructors high standards ensured no trainee was “let off easy” and that we all can demonstrate and execute excellent programming.

RKC is far beyond other trainings I’ve taken.

Lee Anne Haar, Bloomington, MN, Personal Trainer/Pilates Instructor

Athletic Achievements 1st Degree Black Belt - Tae Kwon Do, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1

I learned more about myself than I thought I would. It wasn’t just about working out, but owning the exercise and going deeper within myself physically – deeper hinge, power hips and mentally stay focused.

Andrea’s knowledge is endless. The intensity with which she taught and demonstrated to us definitely set the tone.  Ben and John were also very knowledgeable and their coaching and tips were very helpful.  They genuinely watched us.  All three made me feel that they truly cared about me and wanted to help and see me succeed, in the right way.

This training was much more serious and intense than anything I have taken. We were able to learn through demonstration but more importantly from doing the exercises ourselves.

Andrea Hinds

It was the hardest experience I have done thus far, but it was well worth it! I won’t forget the experience and the connections I have made this weekend.

Andrea Du Cane is the most knowledgeable and approachable trainer I have ever had at this level.  Instructions were clear, concise and overall encouraging without coddling. I was pushed beyond what I thought were my limits safely.  Both assistants were equally as knowledgeable and were able to bring even more to the table, in regards to form correction.

Laura Williams, Minneapolis, MN, RKC, Financial Analyst

Athletic Achievements Several triathlons, 5k's, 10k's, half marathon

An informative experience that broadened my understanding of the basic kettlebell movements.

Quality & level of instructors was excellent. Andrea’s breakdown of movements is the clearest I’ve heard.

It was a fantastic workshop and set up. I feel I got more out of this recert than I did the first time around.

Nick Grundei, St. Paul, MN, Police Officer

Athletic Achievements Krav Maga Instructor civilian/police, BJJ blue belt, HKC

Andrea showed a strong knowledge of her craft and was efficiently able to decipher strengths and weaknesses on an individual basis.

Very high practical use.

Thane Taylor, Maple Lake, MN, Restaurant Owner

Athletic Achievements Wrestling background

It’s an excellent summary of core kettlebell movements taught in a safe, challenging and thought provoking manner.

Great, every question was answered in a detailed and knowledge manner. Instructors were aware of deviations in correct form and ways to correct it.

Overall great experience, thanks for being knowledgeable and for teaching us this weekend. Nice job!

Jeff LeMonds

Instructors were great and provided constructive feedback for all exercises. They provided great detailed explanations for the more technical movements like the TGU.

This was a good course with the right mix of book work, instruction and hands on training.

Great course with tons of valuable teaching of the HardStyle system.

Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — Gaithersburg, MD, September 2017

Denise Schulz

This weekend was very informative and useful to the work I do in the gym, both in my own practice and with clients. Mike Krivka is extremely knowledgeable. He spends time not only giving the demo and technique cues, but also explains why these techniques work. These explanations and cues are very useful to know and have when working with clients.

I am certified through Crossfit and the USAW. The RKC continues to be the most practical and useful certification I have attended. I am able to take back everything I have learned over the weekend and use it immediately. This is my second RKC (recertification) and I do like how it continually refines technique.

David De Salle

Superior to anything else I’ve experienced. Insightful training by Master RKC Mike Krivka followed best instruction principles (say, show, do) to ensure that workshop participants actually understood, can emulate, and can teach the techniques he learned.

Mike Krivka, is outstanding in every way. This was really excellent, high-level training made totally accessible.  Fantastic training experience.

Karen Shepherd

This workshop was organized, detailed and life-changing. No better way to restart the learning process. This training has redefined my training goals and helped to change my perception of KB training for clients. We were given additional tools to help us assess clients and to help guide our training.

The RKC was much more hands-on. Feedback was amazing. The material was detailed yet precise.

Joseph Castro

The RKC training experience was helpful in expanding my knowledge of strength and conditioning. The kettlebell is an excellent training tool to exploit weaknesses in your current training program. The training will transfer to all disciplines of strength and conditioning.

Mike Krivka: Great enthusiasm, humor, knowledge, experience, and feedback.

The training emphasized practical use more than most certifications. The material presented was great and contained lots of personal experiences. The scope was clearly stated. The quality was good.

Jeffrey Oakley

A powerful learning experience with amazing instructors that helped me as a beginner to understand the concepts of kettlebell training. The knowledge and understanding on how to do all the major exercises could not have been better.

The best in-depth understanding of how to properly use a kettlebell. As a beginner, I feel confident teaching kettlebells to anyone and with proper form.

Antonio Rosa

This was a hands-on, highly professional and thorough learning experience.

The quality was beyond what I expected. Knowledge-wise, the instructors provided exceptional advice, recommendations, and support throughout the weekend.

Above and beyond. Everything taught has practical application to the real world.

Denise Hughes

This is a comprehensive review of foundational movements that are key to living a healthy later life. Do you want to be as self-sufficient and active as possible as you age, and help others do the same? This is the course and Mike Krivka, is the teacher.

Mike Krivka has complete mastery of the material, but the humility to always keep learning, tweaking, incorporating new material. He focuses on what is functional for real world/life, not just ‘learn this book material.” His thirst for knowledge is unmatched -- he’s never satisfied that there’s nothing more to learn. Out–friggin-standing, superb instructor.

Anthony Leon

The class was an awesome experience. Even if you feel as though you are average with a kettlebell, you are brought back to reality. I have enjoyed working with not only the instructors, but also the people that attended the class. There is plenty of knowledge given and discussed in a three-day period.

Aliveza Aletaha

Awesome course that at end of the day reinforce my knowledge and technique for training on my own and with clients.

This course really helped me to upgrade my knowledge to train in a different way to reach great results on my own and with clients.

This course is really practical, hands-on and demonstrative compared to other courses that I’ve been in so far.