Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — New York City, NY, February 2018

Riley Nadoroznick, Regina, Saskatchewan, Coach

Incredible three days learning from the best. The community was amazing.

Dan John was everything I hoped for. When all is said and done, I will have invested about $5,000 in this weekend. And, again, I feel like I’m stealing.

The instruction I received from everyone was awesome. I can’t say enough great things about it. Professional, genuine, and knowledgeable. Hands down the best coaching I’ve gotten in my life.

This certification was top notch. I believe this is my 7th certification and it doesn’t even compare. The combination of knowledge and hard work was great. It gave us an opportunity to test if we really understood what we learned.

Can’t wait to start training for RKC Level 2!

Michelle Infante, Cold Springs, KY, Director and Coach

Skills based, safe training for people of all ages, fitness levels, and athletic pursuits. All the skills can be regressed or progressed appropriately for your client.

The team was great! I came for Dan John and Annie Vo and was pleased to meet so many talented and knowledgeable assistants during the weekend! Each person had a new perspective or cue they could add from their experience with their clients.

Very in-depth and more take away than any other. Manual is great, extra programming units are wonderful. You will get the perfect blend of hands-on work, lecture, active workshop, and ways to improve movement.

Christopher Moore, New York, NY, Personal Trainer

Dan John is awesome and a great teacher which led to an amazing experience that laid a concrete foundation of conceptual understanding and practical use of kettlebell movements and skill.

Absolute Gold standard (highest) instruction and ease of information delivery by the head instructor. Kept everyone engaged from start to finish. All assistants were extremely knowledgeable and friendly making it a pleasant experience. I received way more quality information outside the basic kettlebell movement than I bargained for.

I’ve had another kettlebell certification which was all over the place. I like how streamlined the information and workouts are delivered.

Rodney Lozier, Brooklyn, NY, Teacher

Extremely educational! It puts any doubts you had about using KBs at ease. Instructors were phenomenal. I had a blast learning as well as meeting tons of colleagues from the industry. There was a fine balance between lectures and practicals.

Aghilas Hocine

Very well instructed indeed by Dan John. The whole team was very professional. I have never learned so much about training as I did in these three days. Very good experience.  Very good ambiance. Very educational.

Carlos Guillen, Bayshore, NY, Fitness Professional

It definitely exposed my weakness. Incorporating KB in your overall training is a must. The RKC sticks to the basics of functional training. It enhances hypertrophy and it is a must in a training program. It kicked my butt as well.

Scott Roberts, Galloway, OH, Manager

Detailed and practical. Intense yet beneficial.

  1. Dan John is why I came here, and I was not disappointed. Amazing breadth and depth of knowledge. The real deal!
  2. Didn’t know what to expect from the team. I was impressed. They walk the walk.

Sean Kuechenmeister, Staten Island, NY, Certified Athletic Trainer

It was an amazing experience in that it was physically, socially, mentally, and philosophically enriching each day. I learned a great deal about my own willpower in the process of preparing for the tests.

The instructors and team at RKC are truly world class. It’s obvious they have accumulated lifetimes’ worth of knowledge but are also capable of sharing that knowledge with general pop/novice trainers.

It’s obvious that there is a devoted, talented team at the RKC/Dragon Door.

Matt Maher: has tons of knowledge and helpful tips and cures. He helped address several weaknesses in my kinetic linking I was unaware of, and gave me tremendous confidence in my snatch test.

Noriko: Her passion, energy, and enthusiasm is obvious and contagious. She’s an amazing teacher – who clearly practices what she preaches. Her cues and tips helped me with my body awareness more than any coach I’ve had previously.

Becky Codl: is an amazing mover and teacher who practices what she preaches. She helped me tremendously with my body control this weekend.

Tyler Woodman: brought great energy, obvious passion, and enthusiasm each day with each student. He is a tremendous teacher and asset to the RKC community.

Yul Ruiz, New York, NY

Best weekend experience, especially since Noriko was teaching. And of course the Master Tyler, Sensei Marlon, and all the other amazing leaders. And most importantly meeting the Great Dan John himself. Incredible!!!!

The quality was second to none. Incredibly comprehensive and fun. Will take RKC 2 when it comes around.

Martin Guy, Jr., New York, NY, Fitness Manager

Athletic Achievements US Air Force vet. Former NCAA football player.

RKC is a beast. A fantastic coaching team with an immense amount of knowledge and passion. The experience was unforgettable and inspiring.

Immense! Many different styles and approaches, but all the same mission. I was impressed and in tune all weekend.

RKC was qualitative without the overkill. Timing was appropriate and order of exercises made sense. RKC was fun and challenging, but very educational, too.

Jessica Gumora, New York, NY, Teacher

I learned more than just how to properly use the KB. I learned a lot from the lectures and stories. I gained knowledge for ‘my toolbox’ and look forward to finding ways to implement it—using kettlebells but also modifying exercises and programming.

Dan John—words can’t be used to explain how informative, funny, and honest he is. I learned a lot without even realizing it. I will continue to learn as I process everything over the next few weeks.

Natasha Natraj, New York, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements professional dancer

The amount of information is mind-blowingly useful for all populations. While kettlebells may have been used to strengthen athletes, I can train my clients to be athletes in their activities of daily living.

Like obviously Dan John is a total boss. I appreciated everything he presented in and outside of the manual as it all seemed beneficial to our training/lives.

Tyler, Noriko, Annie and Matt were awesome. I really appreciated the discussions we were able to have about training and application with clients and how specific they were about what I needed to do better.

This is one of the most challenging and rewarding certifications I have ever taken/may ever take. I feel accomplished because I was physically held to a standard.

Robert Myers IV, Valley Stream, NY

Life changing. I learned so much about myself, others, fitness in general, and life. I now have a lot of good things to think about.

Incredible. All the assistants, Dan, and the team leaders helped me build that pirate map on how to become the fitness professional I want to be.

The main difference was the testing. This is the first time I had to pass a physical test to gain a cert, and as a result, I not only have to comprehend the material on a mental level (the easy part), but I have to also teach my body the concepts (not so easy).

Thanks for the experience. You guys have me feeling like a new man !!

Sean Gilmore, Elmwood, NJ

GO! Very informative, very helpful, very fun, very challenging certification but you’ll love it. Fine tune problems you may have. The best way to learn if you are serious about learning kettlebells.

THANK YOU for EVERYTHING. I loved every second of the class.

Francisco Santos, New York, NY, Fitness Manager

Prepare before entry, however, the learning curve is not great. You can be a  seasoned or newbie with KB-RKC and still gain a lot.

Dan John is a master at making complex principles digestible and enjoyable so that we can translate the concepts to training clients.

Assistants/seniors very good at helping make movements click and improve quickly.

Adaeze Merenini, Valley Stream, NY

It was extremely informative. You are given a ton of information to not only understand the movements, but the coaches relate to trouble areas and help you improve. By the end of the 3 days you have improved your technique.

They bring various skill sets from different backgrounds, but they are all extremely knowledgeable. They all explain in great detail what can improve our techniques.

Chris Lagasse, West Harrison, Finance

Athletic Achievements Division 1 College Athlete

I learned so much from all the staff. Dan’s knowledge is unmeasurable. The team leaders were great and very helpful.

Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — Pleasant Hill, CA, February 2018

Alexander Dunn, Tracy, CA

Truly life changing. A once in a lifetime experience. Truly fun & educational. The best workshop experience I have had. The quality of knowledge provided was beyond anything I thought I knew. There is no comparison to any other. This is in its own class.

Rami Jada, Belmont, CA, Trainer

Best workshop in my 15 years of experience. Best coaches. I would rank RKC Number 1.

Ben Greenfield, Spokane, WA

Chris’s ability to teach with love and also hard strictness is a rare & valuable combo. He’s amazing.

Terry Joel, Martinez, CA, Personal Trainer

My intentions going in were to improve my technique in the lifts and come away a better coach as far as teaching clients. The RKC met and exceeded my expectations.

The head instructor brought the level of the physical practice to another realm. Adding the mindset of attention to detail and success was amazing.

The RKC coaches were excellent in demonstrating, correcting form and encouraging us. I took the HKC 2 years ago and the quality equaled and enhanced previous workshop.

Coach Holder was the right coach at the right time and will influence and make my life better in more ways than just the RKC.

Jenna Buss, Martinez, CA, Personal Trainer

Best learning experience. It’s an intense course that teaches a lot of helpful advice. I feel more competent with kettlebells and instructing others.

Amazing. The instructors were knowledgeable, passionate, and friendly. They helped make me passionate about kettlebells and they were extremely supportive. When I didn’t think I was getting something, they provided the advice and support I needed.

By far surpassed all other courses. Because it’s hands on and interactive, I will retain the information I’ve learned and be able to pass it on to my clients.

Nicholas Irwin, El Cerrito, CA, Rugby Coach, Personal Trainer

A fantastic 3 days of kettlebell education, exertion and camaraderie with the Dragon Door coaches and students. RKC exceeded my expectations.

All 3 instructors were wonderful. Funny, knowledgeable, approachable. They made an effort to get to know everyone.

Best presentation of a course I have attended. Clear, articulate coaches with no fluff/filler. I can apply what I learned over 3 day weekend on Monday.

Thank you! I really appreciate the opportunity to learn from the best. I will be applying everything to my -Bootcamp members -1-on-1 clients -Rugby team

Glen Beckham, Stockton, CA, Correctional Officer

Informative, infectiously energetic, and a life bettering and changing experience. It was unparalleled. I learned more this weekend than I have in the past ten years of kettlebell training.

The quality of the training was super high! Some of the best information I’ve heard in regards to fitness.

Andres Calzada, San Diego, CA, Personal Trainer

It is by far the most education and detailed certification I’ve attended. Gave me the extra tools needed to properly train and successfully imply them to my clients.

They were all exceptional coaches. Very well educated with many tools in their toolbox. I feel that I know half of their knowledge due to them being very well educated. I know that I can now share their same knowledge.

Jennifer Grijalva, Martinez, CA, Regional Director

The most informative, easy to comprehend & sync with real life activity. By far the most exhilarating certification weekend course intellectually, physically, and emotionally, 100%!

Chris Holder, Gianna, and Steven are exceptional! They have an extremely effective coaching technique, people skills and are just amazing humans! I am blessed to have had these 3 for this course! And I would refer everyone to RKC based off their teaching!

I have been through a few certs none of which have been this FUN! Informative and supportive! The RKC is absolutely remarkable!

Chris Holder is a stud! Gianna is pure elegance! Steve is a rock star!

Edward Deedon, Vallejo, CA, Personal Trainer

Now I’ve had the time of my life

No I’ve never felt this way before

Yes I swear it’s the truth

And I owe it all to you    ♫                                                   

‘Cause I’ve had the time of my life        ♪ ♫

and I owe it all to you.

Above and beyond. I can’t imagine how any of them could have done a better job. Everything I learned here is something I can immediately apply to my program design for my clients.

Rick Esparaza, Sunnyvale, CA, Teacher/Coach

Anyone who wants to be a better athlete, trainer, coach, etc. should take this course. You will expand your knowledge and understanding of kettlebells & beyond.

Holder, Gianna, and Steven Thayer were vastly knowledgeable w/their training & teaching of knowledge. I will be a better coach for sure.

The practical use is out of this world. There is not simply some written test to take, but rather hours of student hands on learning.

Nick Terranova, Oakland, CA

Efficient, well organized, experienced instructors. Good vibes!

All around awesome -- Giana, Steven, and Holder. Loved their energy and kindness. They are beautiful humans.

Greg Watkins, Stanford, CA, Lecturer

Excellent introduction to the full RKC approach. Left motivated, inspired, and better at kettlebells. I’ve done CF Level 1 & 2. CF classes are very good, but I preferred this. Just felt fresher, more relaxed, and more responsive to the actual people in the room.

Natalie Talbert

The RKC was in depth, informative, & relevant. It highlighted so much more than the few movements we learned, and instead helped me understand the human body as an explosive force.

They were extremely knowledgeable, caring, and professional.

It was more in depth, explanatory, & thought out. I feel prepared.

Coach Holder is literally a saint and this course would have been nothing without his care.

Kostja Mirkovic, Sausalito, CA, Sales

Head instructor Holder –extremely knowledgeable with approach to dial into every student’s context. Entire team made themselves available to answer questions and was all around here and present.

Ryan Eckert, San Francisco, CA, Personal Trainer

Holder was great. His diverse background brings a unique knowledge to the study of KBs.

Much more organized & extensive than other workshop s I have taken.  Great emphasis on the importance of each movement & how important the form is.

Guilherme Rosin, San Francisco, CA, Trainer

I am perfectly satisfied with the knowledge base of all instructors. No questions were left without a proper answer.

Very practical. Emphasis on the swing and getup which can benefit the vast majority of my personal training clients as well as myself. Certainly the most physically demanding cert. Much harder than PCC. I feel that I received the highest quality education in kettlebells, and as versatile a tool as it is, that goes a long way.

Paige Sousa, San Jose, CA, Crossfit Coach

Holder, Gionna & Steven were so fun and helpful. Their dynamic together put the environment in a safe, energetic & friendly place.

I love that this course required PHYSCIAL testing, not written. It made every lecture & practice be important, knowing you’d have to do it, not just talk about it.

Dylan Phillipy

It’s an awesome comprehensive breakdown of how KB’s are properly used and why they are so important. From newcomers of fitness, to athletes, to even elderly (with proper prep), I can now advance anyone’s functional fitness levels with confidence.

I could not envision a better coaching staff. Undeniable experts of their craft.

Scope of material was enough to digest in 3 days. Everything else was very exceptional.

Tiffany Shinoda

My experience was the most valuable & challenging certification training I have received thus far. Excited/inspired to grow in my kettlebell knowledge & ability.

Coach Holder, Gianni & Steven were an amazing team. They were beyond knowledgeable in the craft & led me through the weekend feeling confident that I could master the movement & kettlebell practice. Can not say enough about how GOOD their coaching style was.