Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — St. Paul, MN, September 2018

Michael Mueller, Osseo, MN, Strength Coach and personal training

Athletic Achievements Ex-paratrooper US Army, 2015 MN state weightlifting champion, 94 kg

By far this is the best certification I have ever attended. The culture that Master RKC Andrea Du Cane and assistants  created was very supportive and led to a great experience with other participants. I will feel it a great honor holding the title of RKC.

I think the knowledge of the RKC team was invaluable to all of our success. RKC is more than just kettlebells. It extends beyond that into coaching and training others in other modalities of physical activities.

Jim Mathis

One of the most amazing certifications. I am a personal trainer, Cross Fit coach, and endurance coach. RKC is an awesome way to improve on my other activities.

I was very impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and ability to not only provide instruction but to offer exercises or things to work on to improve my swing and lead me to the next level.

RKC was well organized. I felt like I learned much more than in any other certification. Not only did I learn technique, but learned how to breathe, how to generate power and was able to PR even though we had done a full workout.

The most effective and best certification I have ever received. The team was awesome.

Kurt J. Etchison, Eden Prairie, MN, Registered Nurse

Athletic Achievements Tae Kwon Do 1st degree black belt, BJJ blue belt, active duty US Army Sniper for 4 years, Army Reservist Psych. Oper. 7 years.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to incorporate kettlebells into their training to seek out the knowledge and wisdom that RKC provides. It was well worth it!

The knowledge seems unmatched as well as the willingness to share knowledge. Instructors are respectful of the diverse backgrounds people have and adjust styles and approaches to coaching as necessary.

This is the highest level of training I’ve done in a 2-day period. It exceeds the military and martial arts training I’ve had in terms of knowledge, purpose, and practicality.

Chris Mackey-Natz, Eau Claire, WI, Science Teacher

Open mouth and drink form the fire hose of kettlebell knowledge. Great instructors leading us on a physical and mental journey.

Andrea – This is my second time training with her. She is approachable, willing to help, demanding of excellence. She is top notch!

Eric – Love his directness and ability/gift to pick the one thing needed to most improve on a technique.

William – Great correctives, great support, always there when help was needed.

Quality – the best I have experienced

Scope – very thorough

Practical – will be using much of it tomorrow morning with 24 students

Wow, once again. I am humbled and astonished by the quality of the people who put on the workshop – Thank you!

Angelica Fjerkenstad, St. Paul, MN, Recovery Coach

RKC has been both fun and challenging. It has brought me in contact with some amazing humans I can continue to learn with in the future.

Andrea’s teaching style suited me very well. It has a great mix of explanation along with demonstration. I especially liked cues and exercises that increased body awareness. Also the stretching was great.

Excellent, jam-packed session. I’m not experienced in this type of certification. However, I have been a kettlebell user for some time, and this training has been thorough with the right amount of information.

Ruth Maleski, Circle Pines, MN, Personal Trainer

One of the most challenging (both physically and mentally) practical courses that I have ever had the honor of taking. It has given me valuable tools to make me both a better athlete and coach.

Andrea was awesome. So knowledgeable and such a good teacher. William was the most help to me practically – I appreciate his insight and coaching.

The most in depth, hands-on to date.

Eddie Couch, Mead, NE

I’ve enjoyed this learning and growth experience. This weekend has planted a ton of ideas and grown me as a student, trainer, and gave me ‘a lot’ as a person. Lots of wins mentally.

The learning booklet is extremely complete and correction phase and transitions are wonderful.

I had a fulfilling experience. This was more than I imagined or expected.

Brian Kolb

A weekend filled with meticulous and dense instructions to participants eager to learn from the best professionals in the industry.

Andrea, William and Eric were awesome! All of them exuded professionalism, patience and lots of enthusiasm throughout the course. I’m walking away with so many new tools to take back to the gym to help clients lift safer and stronger.

This was the highest quality course I’ve taken, along with the HKC two years ago. The material we were taught over the weekend will keep me and my clients functioning at our very best for the foreseeable future.

Had an amazing experience and am grateful I had the opportunity to come out and learn from a great group of instructors.

Brian Nation, Boone, IA, Draftsman

Top notch. Andrea’s knowledge is vast. I love how there is more teaching than beat-down workouts.

It dives deep on the movements where the other certifications gloss over important things.

Daryl Jelle, Prior Lake, MN, Metabolic Specialist

Athletic Achievements BS in exercise science from Iowa State University USA-W level 1, Crossfit level 1

Phenomenal detail and instruction from all leaders, who created an amazing learning atmosphere and a positive and encouraging community!

Super supportive and great attention to every detail even if repetitions were up to standards!

-Much more thorough and more attention to every detail trying to achieve the perfect rep.

-Being able to physically perform, teach and program all reps instead of a written test is what sets this apart!

Jared Liston, Shoreview, MN, Personal Trainer

Knowledge-packed, fun certification that definitely enhances one’s ability to execute, teach, and program kettlebell movements.

Knowledge and quality were great. Although the weekend went fast, I learned a significant amount and gained confidence thanks to the great instructors. I enjoyed how it wasn’t just a cert. on how to perform KB moves. It incorporated knowledge on why each move was important to how it related to possible clients, while also providing ideas on how to incorporate it into programming.

Quality was great. As I have mentioned, the relationship built between moves to programming was very helpful. The scope was great as it included moves I haven’t done and the rationale behind them. Practical use info was great--it relates to classes I frequently coach and now I have a much better understanding of KBs and can coach better.

Leanne Woodward

The RKC is the most challenging thing I have done. I am not finished yet. Learning all that I did this weekend has made me eager to continue my education and perfect my technique.

He quality of the training was excellent. Andrea, Eric, and William all had valuable insights, good cues, and were demanding while still being encouraging.

I am excited about everything I learned that I will immediately be able to share with clients. I have already made notes for specific clients who will benefit.

Tyler Larson, St. Louis Park, MN, Group Fitness Instructor

RKC training was a very organized and very functional weekend. Smaller groups, with multiple coaches helping you to feel successful all weekend long.

I liked the progression of the weekend. At no point did I feel like I was ill-prepared to do what they were about to put me through.

Emmanuel Venice C Paul, Rosemount, MN, IT Professional

From the 2 days of training I am way more confident in using kettlebells. I was not comfortable teaching other people prior to this weekend. Thanks to RKC I am comfortable teaching people how to perform kettlebell exercises. This could be only possible because of RKC.

Very approachable, Very knowledgeable, Very experienced in teaching, Very hands on, Right amount of correction

Thanks to all instructors. I will recommend this to every PT I come across and meet.

Penny Danks, Lino Lakes, MN, Personal Trainer

It was extremely informative. I learned many things about movement patterns that will help immensely when training clients. It prepares me with tips and tricks that can be applied immediately for immediate results. I feel educated to be able to communicate with clients on the how’s, why’s and what’s. I also learned that I personally have a lot of stuff to work on as a trainer (mentally and physically).

Leaders were great and very informative. I like that I was critiqued on the ‘little things’. Now I understand how important they really are.

Thank you. The leaders were very dedicated to us and our success, even when we struggled. :)