Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — Los Angeles (Torrance), CA, August 2019

Leslie Chomicz

The RKC was a life-changing experience. I learned not just how to do kettlebells, but how to do life better. Invaluable. Dan John is incredibly generous with his time, knowledge, spirit and kindness. I wish more people were like Dan John.

Phenomenal! Excellent training and unsurpassed knowledge by the guy who invented the goblet squat, the waiter’s walk, and the suitcase carry. It couldn’t have been any better. I also loved how accessible and approachable all the coaches were. I appreciated being able to have dinners with the coaches and get to know them outside of the course. Fun!

More all-encompassing and more practical knowledge than other programs.

Leah Borgie

I’m not sure if it’s every RKC training or just with Dan John, but I’m walking away from this weekend with a renewed inspiration to seek quality not only in my movements but in my life. The class took me through the forest to study all the trees and ended in a clearing where I could better see the whole forest.

I’ve been “working out” for years. I can’t believe how much I learned this weekend! Dan, Jason and Joe were very confident in their teaching and coaching. This made me feel safe. All three leaders gave me very effective cues that helped me become a better KB practitioner.

I have taken two other training certifications. I felt that I paid to attend those courses to then receive a certificate. The courses were on info that could be found in the book. This was truly a training experience. I learned constantly and truly appreciated the humor and personalities of the leaders…..which makes learning more fun.

Robert Eckhert

A great experience. I learned a lot and corrected many mistakes and had a great time in the process. I also found it helpful to move with the other candidates and learn how different bodies excel or are hindered for different moves. I feel the challenge of the certification helped me improve my techniques and general proficiency with a kettlebell.

Master Instructor Dan John is a great teacher of strength training and kettlebells in particular. He is great at teaching corrections for improper movements that seem to work in real time so that noticeable improvement is apparent after only generally a brief intro to the move. He is smart, kind, fun and funny, and perhaps more importantly knows how to program for results. Excellent.

David Shen

Attending a workshop with Dan John is like opening the encyclopedia of training. In the two days of this workshop I got not only the latest in kettlebell training, but the latest in effective programming strategies and a history lesson in fitness and training – All in one shot!

Dan John – Very personable, humorous, 100’s of anecdotes, not boring, amazing experiences.

Jason Hidalgo – Amazing host, so generous, supportive, fun guy, tons of experience.

Joe Distefano – Super experienced, supportive, enjoyed talking to him about other aspects of his coaching business.

Michael Lao

A humbling experience that should be taken by every athlete that wants to utilize kettlebells.

All three instructors:  Exemplified professional coaching, integrity, respect, and love for the craft and passing it on.

Very intense yet very deep in knowledge. I love the challenges and the attention to safety.

Anthony Paredes

It was an awesome experience. I learned a lot and got inspiration. I’m excited to bring these skills to make my fitness level and my students’ better.

The knowledge they shared was a lot and very useful. I’m very pleased with this course.

I’m a martial artist and a martial arts instructor, so the kettlebell training translates really well into that. It was hard at times but doable if you come ready. For the most part all of the physical and mental work was quality.

Jessica Tung

It was challenging but enriched my understanding and expertise of and appreciation for kettlebells so much! I met so many wonderful people and the physical aspect of it was a game changer. Loved how immersive and involved the program was.

Dan John was amazing. So knowledgeable and funny!

Joe Hidalgo was wonderful and so helpful

Better quality than other workshops:  You can tell Dan is passionate about what he does. Jason and Joe were so generally helpful and seemed to care. Super engaged.

Group:  We went over so much – mind explosion! A lot more than most certifications.

Tons of personalized advice – programming, programming, programming! Professional, Professional, Professional – Loved it all!

Dustin Ducree

It was a great training experience as well as a coaching workshop. All of the instructors were amazing humans and were helpful during the entire process.

The quality of training was outstanding. Thank you Coach Dan, Coach Joe, and Coach Jason.

This certification was the most physically challenging certification by far. It’s practical use will carry over tremendously for my coaching.

Elizabeth Coronado-Ledenich

Enlightening. I gained confidence in my ability to program, coach and work with kettlebells.

Dan John is amazing. He has a way to make you feel relaxed as well as get you to turn on to meet the task at hand. I absolutely enjoyed learning from him.

The RKC has practical application portion with coaches that help cue what is needed.

Kim Shebel

Amazing. Top notch! Relatable and want you to succeed.

Most other physical exercise programs focus on individual movement patterns as stand-alone exercise …. Not an interconnected single unit of several movements and breathing patterns as they are (highlighted by RKC training).

I felt the flow went very well for our group. Flexibility and using real life situations and scenarios added to overall understanding of concepts.

Karnell Matthews

The RKC is completely unmatched and superior in teaching quality movement with sound and safe practices while maintaining longevity.  Everyone was aces …. 10’s all around.

Absolutely the best.

Matthew Nelta

It was informative, especially outside the kettlebell realm. I learned a lot.

I thought Dan was very informative. I saw a few things this weekend that will stay with me for life and for that I am grateful.

It was very hands on. I enjoyed going through the process. It’s a tough workout. Very functional too!