Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — St. Paul, MN, October 2019

Jody Wilson

This is my 4th time. Unbelievable. Andrea was awesome. I feel like I’ve gained so much more with the intimate group. Thank you! The entire team was great. Encouraging, knowledgeable, made it fun, too. Loved it. Best ever! Hands down.

Jason Crowe

It was a phenomenal experience with great trainers. The atmosphere was very welcoming and inviting. The instructors were very knowledgeable and patient.

The only thing I really have to compare this to is CrossFit. The Level I certification in CF is merely a written test. This hands-on, putting into practice what we have learned, is a much better, more comprehensive format.

Ruth Johnson

RKC is humbling and enriching – it breaks down any bad habits or routines I had with it but builds up correct technique.

Exceptional. Andrea is direct and thorough in demonstrating and communicating each skill progression. She gave the background reasons and good instruction on how to do it. Leaders helped explain everything in different ways, communication styles, and gave great hands-on feedback and ideas.  And added helpful humor, encouragement, and emotional support.

Jen Turdik

Amazing, fatigue-ful, rewarding, challenging-emotional, but I felt very strong and safe. They all were so concerned with my safety and wanted me to achieve. The continued reassurance that I needed was very helpful.

Aundrea Linn

Challenging yet rewarding. Mentally and physically challenging. Andrea is knowledgeable about everything. Such a good resource. 

Katee Lupkes

Pulls together strength moves and teaches you how to generate power using whole body. Very helpful to have several helpers. Always felt like there was someone able to assist and help.

Yeng Xiong

It is the best kettlebell training course I’ve ever had. They were all extremely detailed and very helpful. The knowledge that they brought here were very important for us to learn every technique in a detailed fashion. Everything was super organized, went on time.

Joe Ransick

Clarifying proper use, technique, and dispelling of myths and improper usage.

Yonit Arthur

Very thorough and extremely detailed instruction on fundamental hardstyle kettlebell technique and training. Congenial atmosphere with instructors who clearly wanted us to succeed. Spectacular assistant instructors. They made the weekend for me.

Very dense, very thorough, very actionable. This course could not have been more thorough and helpful in refining my kettlebell movement skills.

Michelle Madich

Very detailed with movement breakdowns and the cues necessary to teach each step.

Amy Irving

My overall experience tested my current knowledge, improved my form in all aspects, and taught me to refocus/stay focused on what I should be aiming for while training.

Each trainer and assistant brought in a different perspective which opened my eyes more to the complexity of what we are doing. They all know what they’re doing and taught VERY well.

It will definitely expand in terms of explosion specifically during power movements. I already use a lot of KBs, so it obviously will carry over there as well.