Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — NYC, NY, May 2021

Dr. Samuel Hodous

An awesome, empowering, & motivational weekend with terrific coaches, clinicians and trainers that all pushed themselves and one another. This weekend has a lit a fire under me and makes me even more excited to go to work Monday. Material and practical use is unparalleled for me in my career as a rehab clinician and strength coach.

Christina Jensen

Thank you everyone for the life changing experience and feeding my curiosity, expanding my training knowledge and giving me the tools to be the best kb coach and leader I can be. 100% lived up to and exceeded expectations.

Julian Devine

An experience I’ll never forget. Nothing compares. The trainers made it everything and I felt so welcomed in by something that scared me at first.

Abigail Schwartz

This certification is the most satisfying experience. At first, I was nervous and thought I needed another month of training, but after going through it I feel super confident and strong in my training. Each team leader knows EXACTLY what they’re talking about. You can tell they’ve been training for years. They know exactly how to relay perfect form and cues to everyone. And the energy is contagious. I’ve never learned from sharper coaches.

Ashlee Partin

Incredible community of driven individuals. The energy and support was incredible and the coaches and knowledge shared was crucial to helping me learn. Loved how warm, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful each coach was. So inspiring! Loved the intensity and depth of instruction given.

Margaret Gao

It was a great group of people, the instructors were focused and worked amazingly under the circumstances. I loved the energy too, and learned a lot. I learned more about the nuances of each movement, and connected me to a group of strong, like-minded people who love kettlebells as much as I do.

Thomas McKiver

Extremely informative weekend, surrounded by kind, humble and inspiring people. I feel like the instructors really helped me refine technique. By far and away the best and most informative experience I’ve had.

Charles Rico

This has been transformational in a great way. The coaches/instructors are great at encouraging and empowering. The people I’ve met here are all welcoming. I’ve learned so much about kettlebells, coaching and working with others.

I feel blessed to be here with such an experienced team.  I got many pointers on technique and troubleshooting for many issues with their combined decades of experience. I could not have asked for a better combination of instructors. I will recommend the RKC to anyone that wants to learn proper technique, how to coach, how to empower others and how to build community.

Lena Placzek

It was great to return to learning and working out with a big group of strong and ambitious people again after covid. Lots of great information was presented and all the coaches were very supportive. All the coaching was amazing and it was so great to learn from this team.  Much more focused on practical skill and technique. All the information/skills in RKC training is easily applicable to all people from kids to elderly, beginner to advanced.

Eric Thibault

Most comprehensive learning experience and physically challenging event while also being the most rewarding thing I’ve done. Wealth of knowledge and practical application immediately. Nothing else come close.

Samantha Butts

Everything I hoped for and more. This community is unlike any I’ve ever been a part of before. So much growth in so many ways. The best coaches I have had the privilege to work with. Learned something new every interaction.  Largely incomparable, especially practical application in everyday life.  Everyone should be training with kettlebells. Hell of a trip to get down for this weekend, and I’d do it again on a dime.

Thomas Baluk

Professional and disciplined yet criticism is constructive to allow for instant growth. The camaraderie of the coaches was outstanding allowing for all to feed upon the lesson in different ways. There is no comparison. RKC is focused on proper movements with an emphasis on the mental, physical.

Incredible community of people. RKC is “Best in Class” culture, which participants take seriously and came prepared. This level of preparedness is infectious and feeds each individual no matter the level of knowledge to excel. I truly believe this cert will provide so much benefit not only for me, but for those in need of a better way to develop foundational principles.

Eric Munoz

Positive experience with high energy instructors that are passionate about their craft. High level instructors with a focus on key performance details. Very practical info that can be immediately applied.

Carl Counts

Beyond excellent. Darius Gilbert is a huge influence on me and part of the reason I am increasing my kettlebell skills and knowledge. Immediately applicable for practical use.  Very real world feel, especially discussions of key coaching points for real clients.

Nicholas Rozborski

All instructors were extremely knowledgeable and helpful during the entire seminar.

Top notch. Can’t wait to incorporate what I learned tomorrow with patients.

Roy Lambert

Great attention to detail and correct technique. Awesome atmosphere.

Jenna Langhans

Great energy, lots of amazingly cool trainers and clinicians, great support. Instruction were super supportive, knowledgeable.