Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — NYC, NY, June 2021

Charles Rico

One of the best learning experiences I’ve had — and as a Naturopathic Doctor I’ve been in school many years. Dan John cares about our understanding of concepts and applications. I am very satisfied beyond expectations. I’m ready to coach. This was the Ivy League course for instructors of kettlebells. This should be the standard.

Melika Behrooz

I came into the training expecting to be lectured, work out and test, however I was thoroughly inspired, motivated to push my own kettlebell records and learned about coaching for health and longevity, rather than just fitness.

I appreciated that we began with the core, basic movements and cues that determine all of the success of the KB movements. I learned better ways to coach clients who are new to kettlebells as well as those who have experience and need more fine tuning. Finally, I appreciated learning through doing the utility of the KB drills.

I had some knowledge of dan John, my Master RKC instructor prior to attending but following his coaching I could understand why my colleagues were so excited to be trained by him. He brough incredible energy throughout, had great attention to detail when coaching and led the senior instructors well. I liked that there were senior instructors floating around also giving bits of feedback.

This far exceeded any expectations I had of what a KB cert would be, and I doubt future certs I go to will be able to compare.

Irwyn Ince

This RKC cert weekend exceeded my expectations. The quality of the master trainer and assistant trainers was evident, particularly in their ability to offer helpful cues and points of performance.

Dan John, Marco, Ayalur, Geoff and Hunter are some of the most prepared, qualified, passionate and caring trainers I have ever experienced and I’m 52. They also worked very well together.

I also have a CrossFit level 1 cert, which like the RKC was 2 days. The instructional quality of the RKC weekend was superior. I came away much more equipped and competent as a trainer.

Dan John’s wholistic focus on health, fitness, longevity and performance on the first day set a very helpful tone for the whole weekend.

Matthew La Grice

Incredibly useful information both for my training and clients, but for my overall motivation throughout life.

Dan John is incredibly authentic which helps me to connect to the workouts and to become a better trainer. The assistants were incredibly knowledgeable and were serious but friendly and approachable.

Amanda Swiger

The RKC was challenging, knowledgeable and enjoyable. I learned so much from the instructors and watching everyone else’s technique. I had an incredible time and plan to come back in the future.

It was excellent! Dan John was absolutely outstanding. Everyone knows exactly what to say and what to show so that we could get the most out of the weekend.

Quality was top notch with a wide variety of information. I learned so much more than I knew before and I know that everything included in this certification I will be using for years to come.

Jennifer Are-Cruz

This was an amazing cert in multiple ways. We had a great balance between lecture, practice and coaching skills, I didn’t feel destroyed in a bad way and I felt like I improved my KB skills drastically.

The staff was A+ and everyone knew their stuff from top to bottom. I want to specifically call out Dan John, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed taking a course this much. He made it fun, informative, and gave us a perfect mix of concept, philosophy, practice and feedback.

Vitaly Dvoskin

Truly powerful and informative stuff, very detailed and paced well. Dan John is extremely impressive and humble and know how to lead the course with ease. Marco, Rekha, Hunter, were very helpful and available throughout the whole class.

This is my first physical cert and I’m extremely impressed. The material was really broken down and practical enough that it gave you a great sense of what you were doing.

Mona Tsutsui

Loved the amount of knowledge, expertise and applicable information the instructors provided. I’ve learned so much from just the first few hours of the weekend, and already see myself applying what I learned tomorrow with my clients.

Daniel Mahoney

Very positive, informative and educational. With the breadth of experience with the master instructor and assistants it made the experience much more memorable.

The quality was no BS/cookie-cutter quality. From a veteran himself with decades of experience, I was able to not only get a grasp on physical training, but a crucial healthy standard and goals outside of training as well as which is just as important. The assistants were awesome.

Courtney Nader

It was educational and fun. I would highly recommend it. All the members and coaches were friendly and made it a great weekend.

I felt that all the master RKC and senior instructors were extremely knowledgeable about each movement as well as very helpful in improving and correcting my form.

Robert Le Dentu

A positive experience in terms of discovering my strength and weaknesses with the kettlebell and my kettlebell technique. The training was well paced and left room for introspection. It gave me tons of information I will use well into the future.

High level of coaching and cueing. Added a lot of information I was deficient in my personal understanding of how to use a kettlebell.

It was physically challenging without going too far into the extreme. The training laid down a system…. Repeatable system that can be scaled up or down for multiple uses.

Megan LaCognata

This was my first cert, but I’ve been to many fitness summits before and this was the most real and informative one I’ve been a part of. It was eye-opening and really re-ignited my fire to the point where I can’t wait to get to coaching tomorrow.

The real-life, real-time feedback is a game changer. All of the instructors were great at identifying and correcting technique. The best thing for me is to experience how they coach so I can bring that back to my clients.

I love how vulnerable and real the whole weekend was. Focusing on overall health and how we can truly help our clients, rather than seeing what we ourselves can do was refreshing.

Jose Araujo

The crew were fantastic. It was very nice how they explained fundamentals and why good technique and coaching matters.

Marsha Regis

Great workshop! Dan John was thorough, kind and had a great sense of humor. I learned a lot and I have tools I can use right away in my clients.

This was one of the best. Emphasis was placed on safety, which is tremendous.

Linda Detanico

It was an amazing weekend! Faculty was great and instructors were knowledgeable. They were all phenomenal and knowledgeable.

Tina Tang

I prefer coach Dan John’s style. I like that the focus isn’t on military or rigidity of rules yet still taught with discipline and thorough attention.

Amy Lieberman

The instructor and supporting staff were the most professional, well educated, enthusiastic team. They were prepared, friendly and highly engaging with all class participants. All made this experience extremely educational and enjoyable. It was an honor to learn from each of them this weekend.  

Ryan Nowakowski

Worth it just for the networking, also for the get-up corrections. Dan John is one of a kind. The assistant instructors were friendly and knowledgeable. Worth the trip.