Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — NYC, NY, January 2022

Igor Plotkin, Physician

This was a transformative experience. Though I thought I had all the Kettlebell topics internalized, I learned so many new and important details that improved my techniques in two short days.

The team was fabulous. Every instructor had something important to contribute. Everyone was very knowledgeable and could explain the purpose of every move or every correction to the truest detail. Also, all very highly motivating.

To me, the most important things is to understand why I am doing something. I got as much detail here as I needed. No question was too small or unimportant. Fantastic training.

Paul Lapine, Teacher / Gym Owner

Amazing & informative experience. I was exposed to concepts that I was unfamiliar with, despite training people for 6 years.

I was extremely impressed with all the instructors. Very informative and professional.

This training was miles ahead of anything else I’ve taken.

Lexa Henwood, Personal Trainer

It was the most eye-opening experience. It showed me we are all athletes and should all train like one. It was absolutely unbelievable. It was elegantly put, and then executed. It helped me understand my body and movement in ways I didn’t think I could. These coaches/ senior instructors and Darius make me strive to be the best I can.

It went above and beyond. Quality was absolutely top tier and the rest all followed.

This pushed me as a coach and athlete to be and show up in ways I never did before. It made me want to improve my skills and give all of this information to anyone I can.

Amber Edwards, Occupational Therapist

My RKC experience was worth every penny. I have learned valuable information that I can use to better help patients and clients in my field of OT and fitness. Each coach presented their expertise and skill, and all participants were supportive, open-minded, and easy to get along with.

I truly enjoyed the variety of coaches that were represented this weekend. Using their personal experiences (personal & training) made the quality of the training and teaching more effective. All coaches were energetic, knowledge, humorous, and most importantly are passionate about kettlebell training.

Thank you so much for this weekend! The RKC weekend has taught me that I have found my passion that matches my passion when I did track & field. I am leaving this RKC with so much knowledge to digest and use to be a better athlete and coach and OT. I hope down the line that I can give back to this community. RKC has given so much that it’s an experience that can’t be compared to anything I have felt in any cert.

Jonathan Morales, Personal Trainer

It was a great experience. I was nervous coming into the workshop because I was having left shoulder issues, but after all the arm bars & get up it all cleared up.

They were all extremely helpful and super knowledgeable and really helped me understand motion more and what I need to work on moving forward.

This is something applicable to sport athletes and general pop. I really enjoyed this and how tough the workshop was.

Zack Zweifel, S & C Coach

Great instruction with attention to detail. This is a fantastic course for anyone looking to improve their movement quality and strength athletes.

Extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in their craft. They can take complex movements and break them into bite sized pieces.

Amanda Hudock, Teacher & Personal Trainer

This experience was not just the weekend but the 3 months prior preparing for it. It taught me dedication, discipline, grit, and challenged me mentally. As someone who was never “good” with sports it taught me confidence in moving my body. I am grateful to have learned from the best this weekend.

Extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and helpful learning different cues, technique, form.

Style of learning was helpful – talk & troubleshoot, do/feel exercise in practice vs. lecture. 

Jamie Schartner, CPA

A great weekend full of amazingly knowledgeable people. My fellow participants are all so welcoming and supportive.

All the instructors shared valuable information that I will be able to elevate my own instructing abilities. Each brought different tips and skills.

Quality, simple, and practical use of the information was very high in comparison to other trainings of similar timeframe.

Chanele Caza-Faulkner, Personal Trainer

The best learning and challenging experience you can get! Best coaches with their knowledge showing their skills.

They made this learning experience the craziest opportunity to learn and challenge ourselves through exercise and their knowledge. Thank you!

This was my first in person workshop that I attended, and I want to say, I want to come back and refine my skills.  Thank you for everything, you guys are amazing.

Katharine Edwards, Personal Trainer

In depth training as to how kettlebells relate to athletic performance and how to achieve and utilize foundational movements.

Excellent – broad range of knowledge, incredibly kind, supportive, and helpful instructors.

Felt more specific and niche in terms of kettlebells in relation to athletes and sports rather than just a broad overview of kettlebells for the general population.

Aaron Thomas Phillips, Personal Trainer

Definitely eye opening and fundamentally sound. Deepened my understanding of not just kettlebell training but movement in general.

All-stars that know their stuff to a T!

Tommy Carter, Gym Owner

One of the BEST hands-on movement seminars I have ever taken.

The best coaching I have ever received.

Catherine Catabran, Operations Finance, Part-time trainer

An amazing opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and meet others who share a deep passion for kettlebells, fitness and wellness.

The course was extremely powerful because of the entire team that showed up to instruct. The master RKCs, senior instructor, TL have different backgrounds and provided different perspectives.

Very hands on. Taught how to actually apply to the general population as well as athletes.

Really enjoyed the parts that focused on athletes, landing mechanics/explosiveness.

Rachel Andrews, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Inspiring is the word I would use. The instructors/coaches are passionate and incredibly knowledgeable. This has been my favorite certification thus far of my career, and what I learned I can use tomorrow to help my clients.

Excellent, it was great to have multiple coaches in the room to add different perspectives and cues.

This was very practical and hands on. The interactive aspect was helpful right after reviewing an exercise in-depth. Also, the endurance and conditioning for the snatch test required training and planning, which showed how serious everyone was before showing up.

Vanessa Marion, Personal Trainer/ Advertising Consultant

Informative, integrated, inspirational and engaging.

The team had a wide range of instructors that provided many different insights and backgrounds. This helped show many different ways of teaching kettlebell skills.

RKC was more integrated and hands on. It also showed practical use of the bells with lifestyle clients or athletes.

Monica Jonas, Tech Executive

A solid experience that solidified my past 1 year of work to get here. Strong education. I wish I could have brought my son along who is 17. All young athletes should do this workshop.

I really enjoyed listening to the leaders their education and knowledge came through very clearly. Lots of great cues that will stick with me. Overall, strong training.

Isabella De Sendi, Finance

Challenging but not impossible. I like the mélange of coaches because we get a variety of tips and cues from different experiences.

Anastasia Aslanidi Tirmizi, Personal Trainer

It was very informative and super fun! We didn’t notice how hours passed by because everyone was so engaged and totally loved it. All the coaches were super helpful. I highly recommend.

Excellent! A very professional team of instructors and team leaders. We were watched and corrected, our questions were answered, and it was a very friendly environment to be in. Thank you.

Taylor Beebe, Office Manager

One of the most dynamic and engaging trainings I’ve attended. Loved the emphasis on athletics and sports training.

Dana Clarfield, Personal Trainer

Incredibly educational, motivating, humbling, and exciting. Top notch!

This course covered not just kettlebell skills but the application of skills. Instructors made an intimidating experience inviting and comfortable amazing quality in coaching and content. The that stood out differently was the collaboration of multiple coaches in one room vs other courses lead by one coach only.

Joshua Stephens Krantz, Teacher, Business Owner

A great overall experience. It was amazing to be a part of such talented and knowledgeable fitness professionals. The course absolutely met my expectations.

The best of the best!

Michelle Young, Personal Trainer / Group Fitness Instructor

An unmatched experience! I learned more in two days from so many different experts. It was a blessing to be surrounded by other kettlebell athletes who also wanted to learn.

The RKC training is unparalleled. From the amount of knowledge gained to the new-found community, this certification has been amazing.

Clifton Means, RN, CPT

I don’t care where you are. I care where you can get. I felt so blessed to learn from some amazing coaches this weekend. My eyes were not only opened to my entire host of deficits, but also my vast potential. The cues, the patience, the clarity, so much to be honest.

There was a strong emphasis on kinetic training, having multiple trainers so you weren’t learning on one person. The community is unmatched. The business advice and attention to that was extremely valuable. And as I stated the community was so empowering. This is going to revolutionize my own programming and my own body. Thanks to coach Darius and the entire team.