Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — Los Angeles, California, February 2022

Hayley Kavelak, Critical Care Pharmacist

This course made me realize just how much I didn’t know after practicing kettlebells for 12 years. It made me confident in transitioning from an athlete to a coach. This course has something for everyone.

Every coach has unique experiences and specialties that tie in all different kinds of athletic backgrounds. It was amazing to see the combined knowledge from years of experience. Chris Holder has nearly perfected his teaching methods. Bubba provided excellent insight and personal experience. Giana was a perfect example of the moves that are able to fix subtle mistakes to help me fix my form.

The detail and break down of “why” we are doing the moves is unmatched. The examples of improper form were also enlightening to feel and will allow for better coaching.

Maya Irigoyen, Personal Trainer, Student

It has been one of the best experiences of my life. Gianna & Holder have been great teachers. Their passion makes learning the technique so engaging. I came into this course completely uninterested in kettlebells, and now all I want to do is kettlebell training.

Stellar quality. They are obviously experts in the field. Their passion is infectious.

Arguably the best training I’ve been to. I can’t wait to practice and master what I learned so I can do RKC 2.

Mikaela Talbot, Coach at Blueprint LA

My experience of the RKC Kettlebell cert training was very eye opening. I was taught with such clean language that I was able to connect my body and my mind in ways that were so clear and just made sense.

This quality of training exceeded my expectations. Every analogy and story just made sense and connected to each movement.

Daniel Giacomini, Personal Trainer

Great coaches, very structured and organized training. Good to learn technique for exercises but also how to coach people.

I like how they weren’t just coaches but also great movers (lead by example). Good combination of friendliness and toughness were able to answer all questions in a way we can understand.

Brittani Ikemoto, Physical Ed Teacher

This certification is very informative & detail oriented. Along with great practice & working with others from all over and different backgrounds.

This by far is the best certification training I have taken. It is overall all that, but even a fun learning experience.

Kelli Forester, Personal Trainer

This experience has been great! The information is valuable and presented in an effective way. Good mix of coaching cues/help and personal improvement.

All the instructors throughout the weekend were fantastic. Very helpful to hear different approaches and see different bodies.

The best training I’ve been a part of. The manual and all the info will be very helpful.

Nicholas Wong, Martial Arts Instructor

The RKC training was thorough and informative. Coaches Holder, Gianna and Bubba were knowledgeable and helpful throughout. The exercise portions were demanding without being exhausting.

In terms of quality of instruction and “plug and play” practical use, the RKC felt very high tier. The scope of material was second to none, the book helps a lot.

Kenji Mashiko, Retired

The course gave me a great understanding on the use of kettlebells, with hands-on learning as opposed to YouTube learning, where there is no foundation of feedback.

The course was designed to educate and understand the material as opposed to break a person.

Harris Choe, P.T.

It was a course that provided thorough knowledge of the staple kettlebell movements. It provided insight on common faulty patterns as well as proper cues.

Angelica Medeiros, Manager, implementation (software)

It was great, amazing, and informative. I loved learning from the perspective of a coach.

I had fun!

Quality is great. Knowledge is also great. The coaches show that they have years of study behind RKC. I felt like I could trust them. This was my first training (physical Training) I was pleased. There was instruction and action. It was laid out to where one piece of action was foreshadowing the next thing we would learn.

Charleen Meyer, Psychotherapist, somatic therapist

As a non-fitness professional, it provided me with confidence and knowledge to improve my form, gain skills, and motivation to pursue further education about fitness.

Brilliant instructors. Appreciate how they broke down each exercise so precisely.

Melissa McGoldrick

Athletic Achievements Trainer Coach & yoga instructor at BluePrint LA

Highly efficient. Relaxed environment but diligent too. Fortunately, I was guided a bit beforehand by RKC coaches at BPLA but I honestly feel I’d have been fully engaged and able to comprehend if not.

I loved this team. So in sync, so efficient, bounce right off of each other as far as complementing the wording/teachings. Funny and easy to ask/ approach.