Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — Roseville, California, May 2022

Javier Garcia Bravo

I have taken 5 international fitness related certifications. RKC has been the best one hands down.

The format of the cert is perfectly balanced between theory and practice. The information is organized in a way that allows students to group concepts, ideas and details all the way through. The testing is very well thought out, it is challenging but doable. Progressions and programming are immediately applicable to coaching. Safety cues are a game changer.

Don’t want to sound like a fan too much, but Dan John is the best coach I have ever studied from. The staff are all knowledgeable and eager to help. Awesome teachers all of them.

Gave me a deep understanding of KB techniques. Changed the way I see programming. Allowed me to learn from a world class coach directly. Gave me the chance to practice teaching and learning from great level peers. Convinced me for sure to pursue a career as a professional kb coach.

Scott Allen

Exhilarating yet very challenging. You may think you know a lot but might not really know squat!

I haven’t learned this much in two days since I learned how to walk. This was the most comprehensive course I’ve ever attended. If the military taught this way, we would have far fewer injuries.

Jeremy Froley

It was one of the best certification courses I’ve ever taken.

I’ve waited for years to take this course from the legendary Dan John. It did not disappoint. I would recommend everyone take a Dan John RKC course if given the opportunity.

Quality was outstanding. Scope of material packed in as much as you possibly could in two days. The practical use is clear and can be implemented immediately.

Zuley Deleon

Always the best, this was my 3rd time doing this certification and it was the best.

Dan John was the best training I ever had; his explanation was unbelievable very satisfied with the training. Very knowledgeable.

Mitchell Cook

Dan structured the certification weekend in a highly fluid way which was efficient and effective. His guidance & expertise in the material helped us all grasp the concepts in a thorough way. I loved how we progressed from learning and absorbing the material to collaborating and coaching it within a few hours.

The quality was of the highest professionalism. Dan & Eddie were there to instruct, guide and develop us. We all left better than when we walked in.

It was of the highest standard. The concepts will apply to all aspects of my life which is what really shows me it’s value. Quality – 10/10, Scope – 10/10, Practical use – 10/10.

Continue to have the instructors ready to teach & coach, not motivate and yell. I love that every movement was teaching and coaching. That is what sticks.

Karin Jeffery

Dan John and his assistants were fantastic- by far my best RKC experience ever.

Greatest of all time. Super knowledgeable about all aspects of coaching and multiple sports and able to show how they all relate. Great info on the fundamentals.

Lucas Dunham

I am grateful to be immersed in a hungry group of professionals from a variety of backgrounds. The movements we practiced transcend different disciplines, and I enjoyed seeing many “ah-hah” moments.  Top quality instruction, presentation, and coaching skills. Tons of practical wisdom and real-world context.

Significantly more practical (vs theory), solid blend of experiential movement/learning vs lecture. I appreciated the snatch test. I feel elevated sense of accomplishment.

Cody Johnson

Very fun weekend reinforcing the importance of foundational movements. Dan incredible teacher, great delivery explains things in a very relatable way.

Kendel Gilbert

So much good information. I really enjoyed the warmup sequence and the slow breakdown of movement. Our instructor was very thorough and full of knowledge. Wonderful experience.

Dan John is my new favorite instructor and mentor. Love his energy his easy-going nature pared with his thorough teaching and coaching drills. His “fixes” for poor form were all invaluable. I would take another cert with him in a heartbeat. This cert is very well rounded, smart and pays great attention to the details. Clearly, this is a cert for people who can perform well under intensity. No one gets an easy “pass” and I appreciate that.

Keaton Lynn

Two packed days of master instructors training that covered the fundamentals. We spoke hinge, squat, press, pull through stories and real-world examples. Excellent on all fronts. Between knowledge, helpfulness, expertise, engagement, and coordination.

Joshua Long

Perfect. The years of coaching and simplification coach John went over was priceless.

Cari Satre

Dan John is both inspirational and knowledgeable. I want to do an RKC II with him. His breakdowns are simple and in depth. The valuable part is that it is clear he cares.

I think this is the best kettlebell certification out there.

Lyle Mitchell

The training provided a safe and informative environment to learn ways to best instruct the kb movements to a variety of populations. I feel more confident in presenting the material now.

Incredibly knowledgeable approachable instructors! The instructors did a great job of talking to each participant rather than “at” everyone.