Praise for the RKC Kettlebell Certification — NYC, NY, June 2022

Esme Hovekamp, Marketing professional

An inspiring experience. Learned a lot about identifying and trouble shooting. Excellent community. All instructors were amazing, clean, strong, solid clear feedback, really caring.

Ellen Charalambous, Coach/PT

RKC looks at training in a holistic approach to movement. It teaches you how to coach people, how to move better and how to be a sharp coach on not only kettlebell skills but the mindset behind movement.

The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, the way they spoke with ease, shared how we can build a business and just the way that they were able to work with people.

Mary Allen, Coach/PT

Fantastic experience. I’m humbled but very happy to be validated in my training and understanding of kettlebell skills. I’ll take away confidence in what I’m teaching and putting effort into my business.

Everybody was super helpful and understanding. I appreciate the encouragement and their shared stories.

Amy Hughes, Physical Therapist

This weekend was incredible. I think it all comes down to what coach Darius said: learn from people that have done it and have done it well. I was here to learn from the best and that’s exactly what I did.

A1 training. Every instructor was on point. These people you can tell have skin in the game and have the skills and knowledge that is expected of RKC instructors.

This information was straight to the point, easy and practical. No fillers or information that can’t be applied immediately. Rigorous, helped me learn about myself and made me stronger.

Maria Manrique, Fitness coach/PT

A life changing experience, full of knowledge and progress.

Great quality. Each coach has so much knowledge and experience! Together they set the highest standards of the industry.

Valerie Ceglio, MMA/Fitness instructor and Owner

This was an amazing learning experience and honor to learn from all of these great, professional coaches in the kettlebell world.

Fantastic! So concrete in their craft and make it “digestible” for all practitioners.

This was so awesome and I will definitely be back for RKC II.

Ghassen Tabbel, MMA Fighter

It was a great experience. I would definitely recommend to people and coaches to do it and help their clients and themselves.

I loved the way they broke the exercises down. I can’t wait to learn from them in the future.

It was challenging in a good way. Very high-quality trainers.

Teisha Covino, Attorney

Empowering, Enlightening, Confidence building.

Plenty of coaches always surveying room. Top notch instruction. Lots of adjustments and helpful cues provided.

Bertram Arthur, Performance coach

Honored to come learn from the gold standard of kettlebell training and coaches.

Thank you for a great weekend of learning.

Emma Bonoli, Personal Trainer

All the coaches who presented/ demoed were fantastic and highly knowledgeable.

Joslin Vezeau, Dancer

Amazing! A lot of information shared and got to meet a new community. Also, challenging!

All the instructors were really helpful and it was nice that everyone seemed to connect to one or two. A lot of applicable information and I liked how Darius didn’t make anyone feel unwelcome.

Michelle Berke, Fitness Instructor/gym owner

This training is unlike any other training, a wealth of knowledge that is all practical and what one needs to be an awesome kettlebell instructor.

Isaiah Skinner, Personal Trainer

The attention to detail here is otherworldly. All the coaches possess a vast amount of info that will be paramount in furthering my journey as well as my career.

This entire team was extremely professional, passionate, and knowledgeable.

The best training I’ve done. Not only can this info be used for bells, but it translates to everything.

DeVaughn Gibson

Athletic Achievements Fitness coach

Valuable information not only kettlebell-related, but for my personal growth mentally, professionally, financially, and spiritually.

The years of experience was evident behind their words. I’m thankful.

Detailed breakdown of the skills and their application, athletes, rehab and quality of life.

Kevin Leung, Physical Therapist

Be prepared to train, move and learn. It was more intense than I intended for. Definitely need to have a high fitness level to attend this course.

Jessica Chang, Physical Therapist

I definitely drank the kool-aid. Instructors were phenomenal, thorough, and encouraging. I learned a lot for not only my own training but for my clients.

The entire leadership team was phenomenal.