Praise for the RKC II — Chicago, IL, November 2016

Mike Klaus, Fitness professional

RKC II cert in Chicago has been the most powerful, informational and impactful I have ever attended. I love RKC because it not only makes me a better coach but also a better business owner.

The RKC II is such a fantastic next level jump from Level One. I am extremely satisfied with the knowledge gained.

Jennifer McGowan, Trainer

It added another layer to the foundations of Kettlebell skills. While I may not directly use the level II skills with all my clients, I came away with concrete skills I can apply to almost all my clients.

I was so impressed with the whole team. Each team member made a significant contributor to my experience. There seemed to be great chemistry/respect among the instructor team; this also contributed to the learning environment.

This was excellent on all fronts. Compared other RKC and SFG certifications I have taken in the past, this was superior. Dan John and Andrea DuCane worked really well together and really helped me improve my kettlebell technique and, hopefully, my quality as a kettlebell professional.

Taylor Lewis, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Great coaches and a must if you’re a Kettlebell enthusiast.

Dan John always comes with powerful content. I signed up because he was the lead instructor. I thought the coaches supplemented everything he was teaching.

Mike Davidov

An incredibly thoughtful and challenging protooll was designed and implemented and having gone through it my training and career is forever heightened

World Class. If we as applicants are now in the top 5% of practitioners, the teachers are in the top 1% of the game.

Blair Rockoff, Gym Owner / Trainer

RKC level 2 was a weekend full of the best education taught by a few of the best minds in the industry. It was challenging, inspiring, hands on and personal. I learned things I’ll have for life.

The team of instruction was top notch. It was awesome to have both Andrea Du Cane and Dan John as the heads. Both with such a valuable knowledge and life experiences who complimented each other’s teaching.

Also a great team of master and volunteers who were very knowledgeable and helpful

Michael Rupert, Personal Trainer

The professionalism and presentation are second to none. Also, the level of the participants here raises my own bar for myself.

Second to none! It’s always great to have someone new present that I haven’t heard before. The coaching cues I got from Kavon was helpful on my pistol. Dan John’s programming and how he broke it down into quadrants is a great help to me. Andrea, Rob & Katie, I have worked with in the past and they always provide quality info and cues. I enjoyed each of their presentations.

Thomas Sullivan

Great weekend of diving into the guts of each movement, and develop an understanding of why each stage of each movement is so important.

Jon Tenuta, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Level 2 is about mastery of the fundamentals and the progression to advanced movements to further understand better ways to think and train when there an athlete or not.

All of the instructors walk the walk. They live by example and show it. All were very approachable and really want to help make us better coaches.

Level II was similar to level I in that it was very well planned and thought out. There aren’t any skills that are not addressed. I can use what I have learned through this to teach anyone from sedentary to an elite athlete.

Casia Allen, Personal Trainer

I love learning different ways to cue others, new ways to teach the moves and programming. The community within Dragon Door is very inspiring, warm and friendly.

I always love having Andrea at my workshops! She does an amazing job of teaching and is so pleasant to be around. The Instructors in this workshop have been so helpful and nice. It’s always amazing to me that this community has warm, inviting instructors who are willing to help and are not arrogant or grumpy.

This is my third workshop with Dragon Door and all three have been above expectation. Plus, I finally got to meet Dan John!