Praise for the RKC II — Chicago, IL, June 2019

Ashley Starr

This course really took my understanding of bells and dug so much deeper. I have a lot more tools to use for all types of clients, including myself.

The level of knowledge Andrea, Rob and Katie have is incredible. They are a great team as they all see and move differently which complements each other perfectly. I feel very confident after this course!

I love the hands-on mixed with talking, questions, partner work, program design, etc. It also builds such a cool community.

Steven Peterson

Very good training and information. Katie and Rob have put much of this program into practice and Andrea was a clear, organized presenter.

More in-depth explanations of movements. Having the ability to teach what you’ve learned is top priority. More mentally demanding and physically demanding than all other certs.

Jeanette Haslett

Overall, it was an excellent opportunity to learn from three extremely knowledgeable instructors. Gaining a greater understanding of RKC I movements and learning fundamentals of RKC II.

Andrea Du Cane has a thorough knowledge of kettlebells, the human body, and movement. She is a great instructor and teaches in a way that is easy to comprehend.

Rob’s knowledge – he’s a great instructor and has a great eye for slight imperfections.

Katie’s instruction - she has a great understanding of the human body.

The knowledge they were able to provide was invaluable.

Nick Johnson

Innovative! Much more practical than other workshops. We perform and coach. That is what it is all about.