Participant Praise for the RKC LEVEL II Workshop – September, 2013 – Saint Paul, MN

Luke Tipple, Marysville, OH, Collegiate strength and conditioning coach

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Luke Tipple, M.S., CSCS, USAWS, S.C.C.C has been a member of the strength and conditioning staff for The Ohio State Buckeyes since 2005. Prior to OSU, he worked in the private sector training college and professional athletes in the area of speed, agility, and strength development.

I have taken multiple certifications (CSCS, /USAW Senior, SCCC, TPI, Westside, Crossfit, TRX II). Dragon Door’s HKC, RKC Level I and II workshops really do a great job of making sure students leave with a high level of understanding of the subject covered and continuing to educate after the course with the newsletter, forum etc. Would certainly recommend the course.

Very positive. The instructors were knowledgeable, interactive, and had different ideas and experiences to fix issues. Hearing multiple ways to reach/teach was very helpful. Andrea Du Cane, Max Shank and Phil Ross all have a superior level of knowledge. Felt very comfortable with any of their coaching.

Great course. Really enjoyed the weekend and am leaving as a better strength and conditioning coach.

Anne Johnson, Tucson, AZ, Capitalist

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: 12 marathons, tons of triathlons, 5 years of kettlebells and CrossFit. RKC, CF Level 1, CF Endurance. Air Force reservist (18 yrs. Lt Col, still drilling) and PhD in operations research (systems & industrial engineering). Co-owner of DNA Personal Training/CrossFit 520, Tucson, AZ. Real Estate investor, mother of 2 elementary school kids.

The RKC Level II Instructor Certification seminar contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:
  1. I learned numerous progressions to help a range of clients build up to goal movements (e.g. pull up).
  2. Instructors helped me refine my own techniques so I can better teach others.
  3. I became acquainted with my t-spine!
  4. I learned how to include creativity/variations to add challenges and more fun for clients.
  5. I learned simple cues for teaching and correcting.
RKC II was physically and mentally challenging. My knowledge of kettlebell practice was exploded through practical, hands-on teaching, and my challenge now is to put my new arsenal of training options to work in my studio.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?
  1. T-spine movements – mine needs work!
  2. Simple and practical instructional segments followed by practice – audio/visual and active learning.
  3. Modifications/variations – plenty of options from which to choose.
  4. Attention given to range of client ability/discussion of practical application to different populations.
  5. Networking – learning about other practices.
Quality was outstanding – Andrea Du Cane, Phil Ross and Max Shank are an incredible team, and I relished the chance to learn so much so fast from true experts. They walk the talk, and never hesitated to share, help, correct as needed.

Quality: top 5%. Extremely practical and empirically based (which I find more useful then training based on research that measures irrelevant responses...)

The scope was good – enough info to be worth the investment, but not an unmanageable amount. I will be able to put it to work immediately!

Karen Kurtz, Haddonfield, NJ, Kettlebell & Functional Movement Instructor

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: HKC, RKC I, Active Isolated Stretching-Aaron Mattes Method, TRX, CK-FMS, Naked Warrior, et. al.

It was an all-encompassing workshop that covered level II skills, correctives, progressives and addressed programming design for the conditioned male or female athlete as well as the average "Jane or John" who is picking up bells of the first time.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?
  1. Max Shank offered very meaningful, simple, straightforward advice for stretches, progressives and corrective and kettlebell form that was easy to follow and learn.
  2. Andrea Du Cane did a very clear presentation of the windmill progressives that was very helpful.
  3. Phil Ross offered many options to make kettlebells challenging, incorporating super complex movements that engaged the core in an elite hard style execution.
  4. The choice of the presenters, who came from different training back grounds enriched the learning experience greatly
Overall – a great experience! Thank you!

Moritz Rammensee, Munich, Germany, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: RKC, FMS Lvl1, Primal Move Fundamentals Level 2 and Regeneration Instructor.

It was a great workshop in an awesome, relaxed learning atmosphere with nice people and very good instructors.

All instructors have a huge background knowledge and experience in what they’re doing and teaching and you could feel that throughout the whole weekend! It was great learning from you! Thanks a lot!

In comparison to the RKC by Pavel, I’ve been to, the whole atmosphere was much more relaxed and you could focus on the actual content rather then worrying about if you sit down correctly or not. It was an awesome learning environment and instructors gave you the feeling that they actually care about you and are there to help/assist you.

It was a great experience! Thanks a lot!

Lisa Kyte, Delray Beach, FL, Fitness Manager, The Polo Club of Boca Raton

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: RKC1, ACE Personal Trainer, Power Pilates, TPI, Previous Health Club owner, 17 years Personal Training

RKC Level 2 is an incredible experience! I worked hard, made new friends and had a lot of fun.

Excellent! I really enjoyed the knowledge and expertise from all three RKC Master Trainers. It’s interesting to learn from instructors with completely different backgrounds and philosophies but applying them to kettlebell training. Max Shank, Phil Ross and Andrea Du Cane, thank you!

The most thorough certification out there. You don’t just pay your money and get a piece of paper. You have to actually work at it, dedicate time to training and test out on the skills we learned in Level I and II.

Brady Jones McComb, MS, Teacher

The RKC Level II Instructor Certification seminar contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:
  1. Extreme detail for safe and effective progression for all types of clientele.
  2. Fixing the problems I had developed since my last cert.
  3. Stressing the proper style of teaching to get the most out of clients.
  4. How to simplify the movements I’ve been complicating with my clients.
  5. Programing programs for the individuals’ needs and wants.
The only weekend better than RKC I, was RKC II. I’m headed home stronger and better at instructing my clients. I feel l learned from the best this weekend.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?
  1. Assessment, fixing problems simply, re-assessing.
  2. Detail on how to make each progression better.
  3. Instructors were extremely hands-on rather than talking at us.
  4. Instructors didn’t try to break anything that wasn’t broken.
Quality was excellent in my opinion. Instruction had a lot of energy and kept us engaged throughout. The new manual is superb. I love the detailed progressions, which will only help my classes and myself become a better instructor.

I’ve only received topnotch instruction at my level 1 and 2. This style of teaching is the most efficient way to increase excellence in physical activity realms. I’ll be able to use this with all of my people.

Thank you for providing this service. I believe in learning form the best in the world, if possible. This style of workshop is appreciated.

Laura Robertson, Minneapolis, MN

Walking away from the RKC II, I feel empowered with knowledge and inspired again to push even further with myself and my clients.

Each instructor was very knowledgeable. Each instructor had their own way of teaching each movement/skill. So if I did not understand one I could learn from the other. Each instructor was professional and enjoyable.

For me the RKC II was the perfect blend of physical strength and mental strength. For example I remember feeling physically destroyed during my RKC I so much so I couldn’t consume all of the knowledge.

However, I have been to the opposite as well. All book and lecture not enough movement to keep me engaged.

The new manual is great, very easy to use as a reference. Also clear-cut.

Jeff Ehrike, Oshkosh, WI, Gym Owner

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: All-Conference, All-Area High School Athlete (Football, Baseball, Basketball), All-American Collegiate D3 Track Athlete (Sprints),
College Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science/Kinesiology, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, RKC & Power Plate Certified
  1. Reminded me and retooled my skills.
  2. Gave me different views from more perspectives.
  3. Enhanced my ability to properly teach my clients/members at a high level.
  4. Gave me additional methods to screen individuals for their strengths and weaknesses to ultimately be able to optimize their functionality and health.
  5. Allowed me to meet many very intelligent individuals in the field and share and bounce ideas off of them.
Overall, I really enjoyed my RKC II experience! The small group interaction was very insightful and beneficial. Not only to me but also to each and everyone of my members which will only lead to a more successful business.

I thought Andrea Du Cane, Max Shank and Phil Ross were very knowledgeable and helpful to my development. Not only as an instructor, but also as a business owner. Their three personalities and strengths really complemented each other. I felt that together they gave us all a very broad perspective that hit on everything. The opportunities they gave us to ask questions to them individually and get their feedback was priceless in my opinion.

What I liked about the RKC II material was it makes sure we’re physically sound, but it’s not overwhelming to the point where we break down. The manner at which this course was ran, really allowed me to absorb the material. I like how the RKC takes a more physically demanding approach to weed out the weak and unwilling. But once you show you’re capable of that, and show you’re serious about being a professional... then it’s more knowledge based (with some physical demand obviously). I think this was all perfected with my RKC I and RKC II experience.

Well done!

I also really enjoyed the fact that we also were able to have a little fun here also. The personalities of the instructors (Andrea, Max and Phil) really kept things light and enjoyable. We still learned a ton but making it fun and enjoyable allowed us to be a little more relaxed and also made the instructors appear more approachable. It wasn’t a goof off session or anything, just allowed work to be done with a little humor along the way. That’s a recipe for success in my opinion.

Daniel Ribeiro, Maui HI, personal trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Jiu-jitsu Physical Education degree

Forever, it made me a better instructor and ensured better service to my clients.

Really amazing, beyond my expectations. You guys are great!

Rob Exline, Houston, TX, Gym Owner

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: RKC, CrossFit Level I, USAW 1, Brown Belt in Chun do Kwan.

The RKC Level II Instructor Certification seminar contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:
  1. It contributes to deepen the level I skills as well as add on to them.
  2. Great reminder of full body tension and the importance core activation as well as lat recruitment and glute recruitment.
  3. It is also a good reminder of how much I don’t know as well as always be a student.
  4. Excellent transfer of the techniques learned into other movements and implements.
  5. Definitely a great environment to learn from the instructors as well as other students.
Very positive experience and definitely liked the small group atmosphere. It made for a much more intimate and student centered atmosphere.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?
  1. The new manual is well organized and useful.
  2. Wealth of knowledge amongst the instructor core.
  3. A good mix of simple corrections and complex movements.
  4. A nice non-militaristic atmosphere more conducive to learning.
  5. The module progressions and the layering.
A clear wealth of experience and knowledge. Clearly Andrea, Phil and Max have a deep understanding of the kettlebell movement as well as human movement.

Max – has a very keen eye to definitely get to a simple and effective solution to a movement issue.

Andrea – has a very deep understanding of this system as well as an understanding of how to apply the RKC system to special populations.

Phil – is very welcoming and eager to use his knowledge and experience to make people better!

As expected the training and material, are high quality, laser focused and very practical to sue. I am always impressed with the quality and practicality of these certifications.

Amanda Pezzullo Chicago, IL, Personal Training Manager

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: 4 Year Gymnastics Scholarship @ University of Missouri, NSCA-CSCS, SCCC-CSCCa, RKC L. 1, FMS L. 1, Powerplate L. 1, Pre/Post Natal Certified

It was great to review level I as many of us haven’t been watched by precise eyes in along time. RKC II was a great review of level I material and packed my "toolbox" with an enormous amount of additional moves and mobility work. It gave me an opportunity to refine my skills.

The RKC II Certifications surpasses any other type of certifications because you are learning how to coach. They won’t certify you unless you can coach someone through a movement and you shouldn’t be coaching someone through a movement unless you can do it yourself.

Carlton Brown, Etobicke, Ontario, Canada, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: CPTN Personal Trainer, ISSA-SPN, Pitness Kickboxing Canada – Level III Instructor, Russian Kettlebell Challenge – Level II Instructor.

The smaller group felt more intimate as opposed to the huge 100 plus that I’m accustomed to. Not better, different.

All instructors were great – very knowledgeable.

RKC has always been the best personal training course year after year.

Edward Maulhardt, Port Hueneme, CA, Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: High School football all league, JC football all WSC in Track all WSC.NASM PT, CEC, RKC

Nothing but professional and encouraging.

Coming in thought I was ready to re-cert but wasn’t the instructors never discouraged me. They really made me feel like they want me to succeed. I am so thankful for their time and encouragement. The best money I ever spent.

Very knowledgeable in the fact of training safely. The material was well covered never felt lost and there was always someone to help in a positive manner.

I just want to thank you guys for changing my life and motivating me to do more in the future.


Participant Praise for the RKC LEVEL II Workshop – April, 2012 – Saint Paul, MN

Valerie Hedlund, Denver, CO, Fitness Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CSCS, Iron Maiden

As always, it doesn’t get any better than the RKC when it comes to quality of instruction and sheer knowledge of the instruction. It blows everything out of the water. From the quantity and quality of the information in the manual to the instruction to the way the days are set up (i.e. learn, do, learn, do, etc…). It’s the best and really the ONLY way to truly learn and absorb this stuff.

Charles Bustos, Albuquerque, NM, Firefighter

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Served 6 years in US Air Force. Certified personal trainer and paramedic.

The amount of information you receive is amazing. The teaching by Pavel, the Master and Senior RKCs was awesome.

Alby Owens, Melbourne, Australia, Personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

10 years martial arts experience Shito Ryu

I’ve had a really good experience. In my mind the pull up and pistol section were worth their weight in gold. The windmill and bent press were like icing on the cake. Had an awesome time! Thank you!

I expected nothing less than awesome. All of the instructors have been every helpful. The way they explain everything is very easy to understand. It was definitely worth the trip from Australia.

Bryan Boyd, Fort Worth, TX, personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NCAA Basketball Athlete, Competitive Mountain Bike Racer, Karate enthusiast, Bachelor of Science, Texas Wesleyan, Cooper Institute Physical Fitness Specialist: Biomechanics Specialist, Older Adult Specialist, Nutrition Specialist, Special Populations Instructor

Absolutely mind-blowing experience of knowledge, skills and camaraderie. This kind of experience you can’t put a price tag on. Priceless...

The instructors from all teams were incredible from the team leaders, to the assistants instructors and Pavel. We were treated with great respect as RKCs by all.

The practical application and intensity of instruction and knowledge far exceeds any other training I have ever experienced.

Beth Andrews, Cartersville, GA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NETA certified, AFAA certified

It was incredible! I learned so much about myself. The more I learn these things I can filter to my clients. I feel I will come out a better kettlebell trainer!

Way above anything else! Practical info that you can use and I love that we are tested on our ability to perform exercises.

TC Lee, Perth, Western Australia, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BSc Exercise & Sports Science, ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist

I thought I had learnt a lot in RKC I but I was blown away with depth of knowledge I got in RKC workshop. It is certainly worth all the money I paid for and the time to come all the way from Australia.

It is by far most practical and applicable. It is not just theory with no real world application.

Kerry Swick, Pittsburgh, PA, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Trainer since 1994. RKC, CK-FMS. Group fitness, individual training, corporate fitness programs, corrective exercise, pre and post re-hab training.

Always useful information that I can immediately put into practice with clients. I learned ways to improve my own weak links.

I expected the quality of instruction to be excellent. This is my 4th trip to St Paul (3x as a participant and once as an assistant)

Excellent quality. Appropriate scope of material. Everything has practical use – either for myself or for my clients.

Bob Budai, Novi, MI, Physical Therapist/Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

APTA: OCS, IKFF: CKT, NASM: CPT, PES, CES, NSCA: CSCS Tacfit, CST, Battling Ropes Coach, Jumpstretch, USAW: Sports Performance Coach

The RKC is comprised of solid scientific knowledge and experience. They are the gold standard of the practice of kettlebells for strength progression.

I rarely have a chance to have my own issues identified and corrected by someone who knows how. Brett and Pavel pointed out important things that I was not able to see myself and can now start correcting/improving.

The RKC is among the top of organizations that 1) I trust, 2) chose to spend my money and time with.

Mark Snow, Omaha, NE, Co-Owner, SG Human Performance

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

3 sport athlete in high school, 4 year letterman in college football, Certified Athletic Trainer since 1996, NASM, CK-FMS, RKC Level I, FMS Instructor

Fantastic end to my journey of training for RKC II. Given the proper progressions and skills to teach my clients wonderful skills to enhance their strength.

Brad Middleton, Winston-Salem, NC, Group KB class leader; Personal Trainer/Nutrition Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former amateur bodybuilder. Current Triathlete and runner. Have been operating a personal training business for the past ten years using mostly body weight movements. Became RKC June 09 and love teaching kb and leading group classes. Most of my training clients now swing the bells. Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Massage Therapist.

I’ve always known kettlebells are very functional and the uses are so diverse. This course has ramped up these two items dramatically. The pace of this course was such that I could grasp new information and translate it into movement pattern I did not possess.

This course gave me deeper understanding of not only the tool, the kettlebell, but how to better maximize my benefits using it. Now I am equipped with the knowledge and practice to take my clients to new heights.

Pavel is truly masterful. He has a way of sharing complex information simplistically.

This beats all other training course hands down. No one else takes this much time to impart so much information.

Mario Carlomagno, Marietta, GA, Program Director - CrossFit on the Square

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, Krav Maga Black Belt Instructor, CrossFit Trainer, YA Registered Yoga Teacher, NESTA-MMACC, NASM-CPT, NASM-CES, FMS, USAW Sport Performance Coach, WKC Fitness Trainer

A real wealth of knowledge – I’m leaving with several immediately applicable tools for my own training, as well as a variety of skill progressions that will keep my clients busy developing technical proficiency for years to come.

The information, transfer of knowledge, and perspicacity of the instructors was beyond reproach. Everyone knows their stuff and can relate it in a accessible manner.

Alexandre Senart, Paris, France, Strength coach, business owner, Dragon Door distributor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


I feel utterly satisfied with the knowledge I’ve been offered with. I feel proud for what I’ve already accomplished. I feel humbled by the path that still lies in front of me. I feel privileged to be part of this community.

Tamara Mouras, Virginia Beach, VA, Professor

My experience has given me a better and more well rounded knowledge of KB movements and how to better benefit myself as an athlete but also the individuals who wish to train with results.

Meaghan Hennelly, Santa Fe, NM, Trainer/Designer

Comprehensive weekend course for the safe and practical application of kettlebell training for strength (or strength training with kettlebells).

SUPERB!!! No complaints here; everyone was professional, courteous and knowledgeable with material we were reviewing and were not afraid to say "I don’t know", or "look here for more information or help". Being humble and honest!!

Amanda Martinez, Cloquet, MN, Fitness Trainer

The RKC Level II course was a great experience. Professionally run, full of extremely valuable information that I can use in so many different ways.

The quality of training and knowledge is unlike any other training I’ve attended. The Masters, Seniors and Team Leaders are the best of the best and they are so willing to help you.

The manual alone is a goldmine of knowledge and ideas. It’s very complete and well rounded, all things we can actually use.

Ashleigh Kast, Clark, NJ, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USATFCCCA Sprint/Hurdle/Relay Specialist, FMS level 2, NASM PES, RKC I

I have enough to bring home and study for the next year.

Pavel’s lessons from day 1 were really groundbreaking to me. The principles that were presented, the way they were integrated, it was just several "aha" moments. My team leader (Mark Cheng) was awesome. He made sure to attend to everyone’s needs and really be whoever each of us individually needed him to be. My assistants were also great with offering up great correctives and different ways of perceiving each skill.

The training and principles we covered were extensive yet carefully presented in a simple, practical manner, relative not only to each other, but to practice outside of the RKC spectrum. Like Level I, every other basic training cert pales in comparison. And the RKC spectrum really is the basics.

Marshall Roy, Brooklyn, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM-CPT, FMS, Kickboxing black belt

Demands a level of personal competency in performance and coaching that ensures all graduates are prepared to succeed. Brutally maintains standards of excellence for the good of the RKC community. World-class coaching and intense practice = personal mastery.

Unparalleled. In terms of what I can immediately implement with clients, 2nd only to FMS.

Pete Karp, Wenatchee, WA, Glass Installer

This event has been fantastic in taking any training knowledge to the next level.

This is a great professional team; quite possibly the best talent I have ever been exposed to. The amount of info from Pavel to my team leader and his assistants was absolutely inspiring.

Paul Hafner, Manahawkin NJ, Police Officer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Law Enforcement Officer, Physical Training Police Academy Instructor, Defensive Tactics Police Academy Instructor, Edged Weapon Instructor, Mixed Martial Artist training for 11 years

Even though we were all RKCs I felt frustrations with my lifts on day 1 but really made tremendous gains by day 3. The input of the Team Leader, assistants and fellow students was extremely valuable.

As I previously stated, it is always good to hear the methodology of Pavel, Brett, Jeff O’Connor and others. My philosophy on the windmill and bent press has changed and there is something to be said for surrounding yourself with like-minded motivated individuals...

Very advanced, first day was a physical killer. Second day not as bad but a lot of information. Third day practice with corrections. I like the format and I already plan to incorporate some things into my own training.

Bryan Gomez Millbrae, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Fitness Trainer, Owner: Precision Fitness

Bar none best educational experience money can pay for. Instructors carry a wealth of knowledge and explain it so anyone can understand.

Almost too much knowledge in one room… almost. Awesome to say the least.

Todd Stebleton, Minneapolis, MN, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Invaluable experience that every RKC should attend!

Very thoughtful, well-planned out. Each skill taught served the next skill learned. This helped with keeping us fresh and learning our strength skills.

I’ll make this very clear. RKC takes complex information and makes it simple that starts because of Pavel’s style. Most other certs make easy stuff complex.

Jason Nold, Omaha, NE, Fitness Manager

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Invaluable experience that every RKC should attend!

Very thoughtful, well-planned out. Each skill taught served the next skill learned. This helped with keeping us fresh and learning our strength skills.

The RKC system does not compare in scope or practice. It far exceeds anything else in the field. I have become a better professional and person because of it.

Artemis Scantalides, Boston, MA, Principal & Co-Owner, Iron Body Studios

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, NASM-CPT, Black Belt, Kung Fu

The RKC certification training of any level is an invaluable experience. The knowledge learned is tremendous. There is no other certification training currently out there that compares to the high standard of knowledge and skill that is delivered in these trainings.

Tremendous knowledge and skill. I am honored to be instructed by every instructor present at the RKC level II. Everyone bring something different to the table.

There is no comparison. The RKC trainings supersede any other. I still refer back to my level I manual frequently and I expect to do the same with to my level II manual.

Ellen Middleton

Excellent way to sharpen skills and become a better trainer. Because your team leader and assistants do such an awesome job teaching, demonstrating and keeping it simple.

I consider it a blessing that these people have taken so much time and effort to get educated themselves and then share that knowledge in a way that will benefit the community of kettlebell trainers and their clients.

Enjoyed it more than Level I because of the instruction and focus on the movements was more detailed.

Jimmy Yuan - Phoenix, AZ, Chiropractic Physician

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Chiropractic Physician, Medical Acupuncture

Great insights, thoughts, cues and attention to detail.

With regards to physical exercise, nothing has compared or matched in terms of quality, scope and practical use.

Barb Lass, Andover, MN, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I have been training high school athletes with kettlebells for the past 3-years. My personal training clients range in age from 21 to 70 years old.

The course was full of helpful information. Team Leaders were great!! The years of experience definitely show! It was nice to be taught all of the different variations throughout the workshop!

Matthew Flaherty, New York, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NSCA-CPT, CSCS, RKC, CICS, USAW, TPI, 4th degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do

Amazing. RKC is forcing me to get another toolbox for my tricks.

O’Connor is a genius. When anyone teaching in the RKC is speaking, I listen. The constant progression within the school keeps me growing as a trainer.

RKC is one of few certs I can implement with all my clients.

Dave Clancy, New Albany, OH, Strength Coach/Gym Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Black Belt Hap Ki Do, Tae Kwon Do, Cyclist

Scope of material is unmatched. Very hands-on and useful.

DD runs a smooth ship.

Bob Uguccioni, Colrain, MA, Health and Fitness Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NCAA division 3 ice hockey and golf Scars level 1&2 RKC CK-FMS

The C = Challenging. Tons of information.

Full support from everyone. The collection of quality instructors was excellent. The RKC changes as it is always trying to improve.

Much more depth. The people instructing walk the walk. No getting by with just a physical test. You have to train long and hard before you show up and there are no guarantees.

Leslie Branham, St. Paul, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor, CK-FMS Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist, USATF Certified LV1 Running Coach, Wellcoaches Certified Wellness Coach, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, ACE/NASM Certified Personal Trainer

The certification encompasses all of the skills of the level I cert, but brings them to a higher level with more difficult skills. With the higher level skills, you find that the basic skills are even more important because they build the foundation for everything you do going forward.

Top Notch! Extremely high-level instruction by all involved. Good team work during lectures – instructors build upon each other’s points, everyone worked and taught together well.

No comparison – So far ahead of anything I have even done in the fitness industry.

Linda Mertens, Plymouth, MN, personal trainer/kettlebell instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM certified personal trainer. RKC kettlebell instructor, CK-FMS certified, Battling Ropes level 1 instructor

  1. Deepened my level I skills TREMENDOUSLY.
  2. I am able to troubleshoot level I skills MUCH BETTER .
  3. Came full circle on how level I skills mastery is required for the more advanced movements of level II. RKC Certifications are an over the top, outstanding Way to really understand human movement and bring your training to another level.

Outstanding… No other certification compares. I love the system as it’s about movement and not just "exercises".

Doesn’t compare. This is so well organized and the quality of the material presented. I feel confident in going home and knowing what to do.

Martine Kerr, Dubai, UAE, Owner & Chief Instructor, kerrFIT

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Group fitness instructor and personal trainer with over 17 years of experience specializing in small group kettlebell practice and bootcamp style bodyweight training. HKC 2010. RKC 2011. TRX 2011. Precision Nutrition Certified 2012. MBA in Marketing, Finance and Strategy. Fitness Business and Strategy consultant for trainers and instructors looking to develop their brand and business.

Intense and brain intensive with phenomenal instruction.

Best fitness/strength related training in my career.

Mark Bixby, Santa Fe, NM, Teacher

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, Bodyweight Workshop, Z-Health R and I Certifications

I got injured early on day 2, but I still had an exceptional experience. I was able to take lots of notes and observe all the team practice. Hopefully, I will be able to assimilate all of the information in my own work. Team Leaders, Pavel, Dr. Hartle all helped me with my back issue. Lots of support all around.

I thought Jeff’s hour or two of instruction on the bent press and windmill was some of the clearest, most helpful instruction I’ve ever received. Great job of breaking down a complex set of moves with clear and safe progressions. Prentiss Rhodes gave very specific and helpful cues as an assistant throughout the weekend. He delivers his feedback in an extremely quiet and constructive manner. He did an outstanding job.

Max Belpulsi Padova, Italy, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Trainer, RKC, CK-FMS, owner of Guerrilla Fitness Athletic Performance, Padova - ITALY

Intense weekend spent to learn and discover weaknesses that can make me grow.

Instruction given was efficient and quality driven. Team leaders were nice and available at any time to help.

It did satisfy my expectations, especially because of the teaching team which was the main thing that has driven me to come to this RKC II in the US.

Deserie Bustos, Albuquerque, NM, Personal Trainer

The course layout will help the RKC I instructor grow, strengthen, and learn new tips. Quality of instructors was planned extremely well, as far as layouts in the daily teaching lessons.

Brian Wright, Ashburn, VA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

MS Exercise Science, CSCS, RKC, NSCA-CPT

RKC II not only deepens my understanding as a kettlebell guy, but more importantly gives me tools and thought processes to be a better instructor.

Pavel and his team do great. In large part, the reason why I signed up was to take advantage of the opportunity to hear all present. I am proud to consider myself a member of this community and emulate such great instructors.

Reneta Potts, Mansfield, OH, Kettlebell and Martial Arts Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

1st Dan Karate, 2nd Dan Tae Kwon Do

Once again it has been an eye opening experience for my training and for my instructing skills.

All of the instructors were very helpful in assisting me. I felt as if I had the personal instruction I needed.

I have not done anything else. Although, being a karate instructor, I do feel that it bleeds into my teaching and my own personal training. I am so much stronger in Kata, Kicks and punches. Which makes me feel like a more confident Martial Artist.

Nick Hendrick, Garland, TX, Parts Specialist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

HKC (Jan '10), CICS (Apr '10), Summit of Strength (Aug '10, Jul '11), RKC (Sep '10), Hardstyle Ventura (Nov '10, '11), Putting it All Together w/ Jack Reape & Dan John (Apr '11), MovNat One Day Workshop (Mar '12)

Super fun-tastic. Great group of instructors and students (as always) one of the best learning experiences and weekends of my life!

Top notch. These folks are the best of the best of the best yet very approachable, helpful and humble. No egos.

Gibson Hein, Canby, OR, Student

More strength – based learning of fundamental movements.

All are very articulate and well versed. Broken down to be easily understood. Extremely knowledgeable, inspires confidence, and effective.

Vickie Quast, Garrison, MN, RN, Volunteer Firefighter

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Martial Arts: Tae-Kwon-Do, Member of Engum's Academy Sparring Team since 2007, 2009 Senior National TKD Champion Women's Blue Belt Division, various 1st-3rd place medals in other tournaments, Kettlebell: Training at Engum's Academy since 2007, Completed 280 snatches in 10-minute Secret Service Snatch test with 12kg kettlebell, Runner: 5K & 10K races, 1/2 Marathon (x1), Placed 1st-3rd in many races, Volunteer Firefighter: Currently working on Firefighter I, Nursing: Variety of nursing certifications.

High quality training with instructors that excel in understanding and application of kettlebells.

Excellent. If one technique didn’t help you another instructor had another that would. Instructors were quick to help or provide feedback in techniques that needed improvement. As always, Pavel is a wealth of knowledge and accentuated what other instructors were teaching.

Participant Praise for the RKC LEVEL II Workshop – July, 2011 – Saint Paul, MN

Terrence Robertson, New Zealand

Pavel is undeniably the best communicator I have come across in this field. What would seemingly be complicated subjects is broken down into a format, which is easy to digest. He most definitely walks the talk. His team of instructors are exceptionally talented individuals with a knowledge and understanding that obviously come from a background deep in experience. I expect the best and it never falls short. Hoorah! For the RKC, I would not be who I am today without you. Many, many thanks.

I wouldn’t even compare the RKC with any other form of training I have been involved in. the RKC is where its at and I have full confidence the association is only going to grow from strength to strength. I am extremely blessed to be a part of such a fantastic family.

Brian Bannan, Toronto, Ontario, strength coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, CK-FMS, TPI level 1 golf fitness

A phenomenal experience! Well organized, excellent coaching. Humbling to be in the same room as so many of the best.

Wow! Pavel is quite simply a genius. The staff he assembles are knowledgeable, well-trained and excellent teachers. Every time you leave an RKC cert you feel better for the experience. Quite simply the best doing what they do best.

Practical use is off the charts. One of the best certs I have ever attended. *I say that after every RKC event!

Jerome Anderson, Bergenfield, NJ, Fitness Professional

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Personal trainer (ACSM), Former NFL player

A weekend in which you will be reminded of the difference between a KB trainer and an RKC.

RKC II drills you into the next level of strength and skill to make you and those whom you train better.

I always feel the education is five stars at any Dragon Door event. Once again they/ you have exceeded my expectations.

Shannon O'Neil, Seattle, WA, Personal trainer/Studio owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

University of Washington B.A., CK-FMS

An amazing experience! I left stronger and smarter as a trainer. The people at the level II cert are inspiring to be around.

RKC Level II is the only cert I know of that provides so much useful information, supports healthy movement and gets such a great standard of strength for its instructors.

Adam Eckart, Tinton Falls, NJ, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

National Student Athlete Award 2002, Vince Lombardi Award 2002, 2008 World Natural Powerlifting Federation New Jersey State Open Champion- Deadlift/198 lbs weight class, Aikido 2 years, Mixed Martial Arts 1 year, M.S. Exercise Science, B.A. Physical Education/Adult Fitness, RKC I, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach (USAW), FMS I-II

I consider the RKC II the best course for developing strength out there. This course immediately made me stronger and more powerful.

Pavel has brought together the best information from the most revolutionary research and individuals out there.

The training, knowledge and atmosphere has been the most inspirational course I have ever taken. It has been some of the most useful information for my personal development and the development for my clients.

Steve Milles, New York City, NY, Muay Thai coach,kettlebell instructor, training facility owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certifications: RKC, RKC II, CICS, CK-FMS, Kru (teacher) under Grandmaster Thosaphon "Toddy" Sitiwatjana and Muay Thai International Association, Arjan (master) under Grandmaster Chansadeth "Cheetah" Chantanao and Cheetah Muay Thai Association in affiliation with the International Muay Thai School, Bangkok Thailand. Competition: Retired Professional Muay Thai Fighter: Top ten ranked, WKA US Champion, ISKA US Champion, USMTA Intercontinental Champion, Bronze Medal IAMTF World Championships. Teaching: Trainer to 13 members of US national teams to World Muay Thai Championships. Trainer to multiple amateur and professional champions at national and international level, including current women's WKA World Champion at 118.8 lb max.

Worth every penny. Genius everywhere, being shared openly and willingly.

This cert continues my streak at RKC/DD events. I learn at least one truly useful thing each time. And I get to pick the brains of real leaders in the field.

Paul McIlroy, Belfast, OT, United Kingdom

The RKC Level II opens up the eon of super strong worms that is Pavel’s head even wider! Just when you think you’ve heard all the man has to say on strength you find out your wrong!

The warrior sage and his band of crack commando’s does it again!!!! I didn’t think the first RKC could be topped… it was!!

Only Level I RKC compares to this cert!! Nothing I’ve ever done including a degree in Sport Science or CSCS compared to level I RKC in terms of pragmatic application… Level II topped it!!

Brandon Serwe, Campbellsport, WI, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Ironman Wisconsin Finisher 2009, Bachelors of Science Degree in Kinesiology Exercise & Movement Science

It gave me the opportunity to have my core level I techniques critiqued as well as learn new level II techniques. It gave me the chance to learn from/ share ideas/ network with some of the top kettlebell trainers.

The knowledge was top notch. It was great to have instructors from so many different backgrounds/ disciplines. Everyone was able to add their own personal spin/cue on the techniques. Everyone had an excellent attitude towards teaching and making sure we understood. All staff was very professional.

As far as training, the only other cert. training that comes close is RKC I. Dragon Door does an excellent job with their workshops. I have learned more from these two weekends than I have during an entire semester in classes required for my Kinesiology exercise and movement science bachelor’s degree.

Great instructors, great networking, great weekend!

Forest Vance, Sacramento, CA, Personal Trainer/Fitness Boot Camp Instructor/ Training Studio Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Master’s degree in Human Movement, Personal training certifications through the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Instructor, Experience in the industry includes working as a personal trainer, fitness manager, and general manager at several health clubs over the last 5+ years, Serviced nearly 10,000 career training sessions, Three time college football All-American (UC Davis), On opening day training camp roster of Green Bay Packers (2004) and Kansas City Chiefs (2005)

Great continuing education and advanced-level instruction in Hardstyle Kettlebell training/school of strength.

Always an amazing experience and collection of so many knowledgeable minds in one place, unparalleled in any other training certification I’ve gotten (NASM CPT, PES, CES, AESM).

Hands down best collection of knowledge of any certification/ workshop l have attended.

Very professionally done – great job with organizing the workshop and making everything run smoothly.

Jessica Hofman, Albuquerque, NM, RKC

The RKC II seminar was an exciting experience that challenged us both physically and instructionally. It taught us new techniques, which can be used for individuals of all levels.

I have attended RKC I and CK FMS. Both of which were fantastic learning experiences. I was a gymnast for 12 years and crave the Hard-Style type of training. RKC II was a weekend, which challenged us physically and instructionally. It is by far one of the best workshops I have ever been to. The RKC community has such quality individuals. It is an honor to be a part of it.

Sean Greeley, Orlando, FL

The RKC II is a tremendous ‘advanced’ skills workshop that brings it all together. If you’ve read any materials or been to other Dragon Door workshops, this really brings it all together. Not to be missed!

Excellent instruction on mastering the advanced skills of strength. The entire team of instructors is incredibly impressive and each of them added tremendous valve to the workshop. From Pavel, to Dan John, to Dave Whitley, and others … they each bring something to the table that I appreciated. Collectively, I think the Dragon Door instructor team is unmatched in the fitness industry.

The RKC II is a first class workshop. Not only are the instructors great, but the quality of students attending the course is at such a high level that you’re being challenged and learning the entire time. This was my favorite RKC workshop to date.

Excellent training and I look forward to continue learning from and enjoying the journey with this community for years to come. Thank you!

Danny Sawaya, Tucson, AZ, Gym Owner, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

B.S. Nutritional Sciences, CSCS, RKC, FMS.

A definite must for those that take kettlebells seriously. The challenge and training process to achieve level II is a test of dedication to the art of training.

Pavel, Dan John, and Whitley are amazing. Very knowledgeable and just being around them makes you more aware and a better instructor.

Suleiman Al-Sabah, Leeds, UK, Assistant Professor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

3rd Dan Shotokan Karate (KUGB)

A serious course for the athlete or trainer who wants to refine and wake their strength training more effective.

Excellent. Pavel and his team are all very professional in their presentation and incredibly knowledgeable in the subject and their ability to communicate to the class.

In all honesty this is the best training course I have ever taken in physical exercise. Obviously it builds on Level I but I found the attention to detail more useful on this course. Also the development of level I skills were of great practical use.

Adrienne Harvey, Winter Park, FL, Entrepreneur, RKC Instructor

The RKC II brings a higher level/ bigger picture perspective to Russian Kettlebell training. Also how to further scale up or scale down exercises and drills.

Extremely high quality, personalized (which is amazing considering the number of participants) instruction. Really enjoy seeing the real-life examples of how mobility drills, placement, timing can almost instantly transform a failed lift into a successful one. Or if not, we know what to work on. As with the RKC I the troubleshooting sessions were positively valuable since it seems that trainers and strength coaches spend a lot of time doing these things (or should be) on a day to day basis. Pavel’s unique perspective and sense of humor are always appreciated.

Above and beyond in all aspects, to include the extremely advanced and sophisticated attendees – we all learned from each other as well as from the scheduled lessons and practices. I really enjoyed working with our team leader, David Whitley and our assistants all were very approachable, knowledgeable and quick with answering questions. They were patient when I asked for multiple clarifications, then thought enough to quiz me on it later. Definitely pushed to my mental and nearly to my physical limits this weekend. Everyone was so inspiring, positive and supportive as well – leaders, Dragon Door employees and attendees alike.

In all seriousness, being part of this amazing group of people has further helped to boost my confidence at a time that I’ve really needed it. So many amazing role models, examples. Fantastic!

Tim Spencer, St Paul, MN

Respectful group, professional instructors, top quality instruction, fun, challenging.

Still better than everything else I’ve done or seen and even beats level I in terms of how much you learn. I like the more relaxed and informational format of this workshop. I honestly don’t feel its worth explaining how much better this workshop is than my A.A. in exercise science.

Shannon Scullin, Bentleigh East, VIC, Personal Trainer - Dragon Door Australia

Every RKC event I attend gets better and better every time. The in depth instruction and trouble shooting are second to none.

As usual all instructors were fantastic. In particular Dan John and Fawn Friday. Dan and Fawn were extremely thorough on every topic throughout the entire weekend. They were always available for assistance and advice when needed and made the entire weekend an extremely fun and informative event to attend. (if I could I would pack them both in my suitcase and take them back to Australian with me – AMAZING instructors!) My head is exploding with all of the wonderful drills and extensive information they taught us during team practice/ over the duration of the weekend.

Danyelle Berger, Columbia, MD, Martial Arts School Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I am a black belt in Modern Kung-Fu with extensive experience in Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Kung-Fu. I am a CSCS as of December 2010. My husband Gary and I own a martial arts school in Catonsville, MD with over 300 students.

A black belt test in kettlebell training! Invaluable experience and amazing instructors. No matter what your skill level is, you will leave as a better instructor.

Without a doubt, this is the highest caliber instruction available for kettlebells. Pavel, the team leaders, and assistants, demonstrated a very high level of knowledge, expertise, and professionalism.

Joe Sansalone, Columbia, MD, Owner, OPTI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NSCA-CPT, ACSM-CPT, ACE-CPT, CK-FMS, USAW-Level 1, Athletes Performance Institute Phase-4 graduate

Best community/camaraderie of any strength and conditioning professionals crowd. One very caring, supportive extended family.

Excellent group of instructors at RKC II. Extremely helpful, humble, genuine, caring group that did everything possible to help you be your best and be sure you were fully understanding and prepared. Even the assistants were fantastic and of the quality and level that they could have run the teams. As usual a fantastic, top of the fitness industry experience.

At the very top in our industry. One of the groups in the industry leading the way to better fitness application through applying human movement and performance principals at the top level.

My team leader Brad Nelson was absolutely fantastic. Very intelligent and very thoughtful. Couldn’t have been happier with his instruction and attitude.

Jennifer McGowan, Chicago, IL, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Chicago Marathon, 2001, 2003p>

Outstanding! The quality of instruction was top notch.

My experience was challenging, enlightening and humbling. I feel I’ve increased the depth and breadth of the practice of kettlebell training. More importantly RKC II reinforced that I can never stop learning from coaches, peers and students.

Without exception, I found all the instructors of RKC II to be fantastic. They were informative, insightful, engaging and inspiring – yet all very approachable. Pavel is phenomenal. He is the "glue" that holds everything together. Dan John also stands out as a highlight of the weekend.

Level II was better than any other training experience I’ve had so far. It ever exceeded my experience at Level I. I’m especially impressed at the practical use of the material.

Chris Newton, Miami, FL, Gym Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

MS Exercise Physiology, CSCS NSCA, RKC I, II, Blackbelt American Kenpo, Former Muay Thai Competitor, Kali and JKD instructor, Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) Jumpstart Certified

Excellent experience as always. This was a recertification for me, so much of this was review, but was interesting and challenging as always. Not to mention great people to network with.

As always: Passionate, thorough, insightful, fun, and in depth. This is my third workshop, and the lectures keep getting better. What I really admire is that Pavel never stops researching and improving upon himself. He sites many, many resources in which he derives his information from, and speaks of with humility and respect. He obviously surrounds himself with an amazing group of researchers and professionals.

Far and above the best in the scope of kettlebells, strength training, and all around fitness protocols. I improve as an instructor and trainer every workshop.

You’re the best! And Dan John, my team leader was amazing. What a great instructor, coach, and human being. A true asset to your organization. Thanks for having him. Very unique man!

Scott Iardella, Parkland, FL, Clinical Specialist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

MPT, CSCS, CISSN, RKC, CK-FMS, PN-L1. Former Sports Physical Therapist & Competitive Bodybuilder with 3 decades of experience. Current Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Sports Nutritionist, & CK-FMS. Passionate about teaching kettlebells, corrective exercise, and performance training.

Absolutely did not disappoint! The level of instruction and knowledge is absolutely superior to anything else out there, loved every minute of it.

Simply outstanding group of instructors at RKC II. From my own team to all workshop segments, very professional and a wealth of knowledge. Brad Nelson’s team and assistant instructors were extremely knowledgeable, helpful and offered many great tips and appropriate feedback.

It just keeps getting better! I don’t believe there is a better training system out there than the RKC training standard. It sets the bar very high. There is no comparison, in my experience.

"A Deep Dive into the RKC System" loved the course, exceeded expectations. A real honor to watch, listen and learn from such a high level of instructors. Privileged to be a part of the RKC community.

Matt McBryde, Nashville, TN, Owner Tennessee Kettlebell

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former triathlete and marathoner. RKC, CK-FMS Instructor and owner of Tennessee Kettlebell in Brentwood, TN.

Another top-notch certification hosted by Dragon door. The level of knowledge and professionalism from the Instructors continues to amaze me.

I have only done Dragon Door hosted certs. This one rates right up there with them all. I know for a fact this will make me a better RKC and will increase my revenue in my business. Thanks, Dragon Door!

I am thankful to be surrounded by so many professionals that have helped me in my kettlebell training. Not only has it made me a healthier person and a better man, I have benefitted financially from it. If I can help out in any way in the future, I would be glad to do that.

Michael Rendle, Minneapolis, MN, Owner/N.E. Kettlebells, LLC, CPT, RN-Medical Intensive Care Unit

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

WestPac U.S. Marine Corps Power lifting team. AAU/Golden Gloves Boxing-Multi Tourney Champ. Shoto-kan Karate, Gymnast.

For those of us that have fallen in love with the kettlebell, it is by far the best evolving kettlebell think tank on the planet!

I came out of this weekend with two massive impressions. One: "Tamer!" Perfect presentation and delivery of bent press. My understanding of it was limited at best. I am much more prepared now. (Thank you Tamer!) Dan John, the only thing greater than coach Dan John is the man himself. Wow. I feel like I have been exposed to the best RKC training possible. (Outside Pavel, of course.) Pavel – well he stands alone.

This level II was different in score but just as informative than my last level II. I would repeat it again next month (need time to recover). The integrity of the RKC is high, very high. Nobody is a walk on.

Thank you for delivering the best dedicated KB training on the planet. MORE power to us!

Jim Henson, Mt. Lebanon PA, Physical Therapist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC,CSCS, Shotokan Karate of America Shodan

Excellent weekend of instruction. Deepened my knowledge and technical skill.

Fantastic job of presenting new information, progressively practice a skill until one is able to complete the full exercise. Pavel’s communication skills/observational skills and ability to make corrections are excellent. My Team Leader and assistants were excellent, accessible, observant, and helpful in every way.

Nothing compares to the excellence of the seminar. Everyone interested in kettlebells will leave more knowledgeable and competent than they were when they arrived.

Annie Vo, New York, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

B.A. in Philosophy, NCSF-CPT

RKC II was both incredibly challenging and rewarding both physically and intellectually.

The quality of the course is only rivaled by RKC Level I. The RKC school is by far the most rigorous and attentive to detail in the realm of athletic training.

Yoshitomo Ashitate, Boston, MA, Researcher

It was so great. They could expand my knowledge. All RKC Level I instructors should attend to Level II course.

Melissa Schmidt, Fond du Lac, WI, Academic Advisor and Recruiter, UW Oshkosh

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

UW Madison Women's Crew Team 1992-1995, RKC Level I

My RKC II experience was extremely positive. My mind was exercised and my body was somewhat taxed but not so much as Level I. I felt I was given a level of respect given. I had accomplished Level I already.

I am always impressed with the breadth and depth of knowledge within the RKC organization. I feel fortunate that the RKC has been my only certification, because it is so high quality, I know from others experiences that I fell upon the best system out there, luckily and didn’t waste my money on something of less caliber.

Thank you! I am indebted. Kettlebells have changed my life and ended the cycle of overweight/ obesity in my family! I have lost 20 lbs and about 15% body fat since Feb 2009 with kettlebells as my primary tool.

Paul Lyngso, Burr Ridge, IL, Paul

The perfect follow up for RKC, it will make all your fundamentals better, and give your advanced exercises a boost.

As always, I thoroughly enjoy listening to Pavel. His instructions are knowledgeable; some could use a little work on being more polite and general bedside manner, but overall I enjoy RKC leadership. I will say this, my team leader, Dan John (and Fawn), is phenomenal with everything.

As always, Dragon Door is top-notch, I don’t currently hold any other certs because their fees and CEUS are a waste of time/money compared to the precise, applicable knowledge and great community that DD provides.

Steve Rowe, West Haven, CT, Gym Owner/RKC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The RKC leadership is the best in the industry. The willingness to share skills and knowledge – even "secrets" – is unmarred. These men and women want all of us to go forth and spread the RKC school of strength. That said they take great pride in insuring the students go forth with "armed" with knowledge.

I will say this again – no certification can compare. The RKC, my affiliation with, and knowledge gained from has absolutely changed my life; both the business and personal sides! My clients get results – period. My business has grown from garages, basements, parks and pavilions (nothing wrong with those) into a successful studio in less than two years from my level I cert. My personal life has grown and expanded with it. I work harder with dedicated clients and am now "living the dream".

Eric Sommers, Hudson, WI, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Pass or fail, you are still going to take a load of great and helpful information home with you.

Very "next level" instruction. DVD’s and books cannot compare. The ability for the instruction to go off the beaten path to bring about answers and results.

RKC tried to beat the knowledge into me; I learned and got very sore. RKC II tried to verbally teach me how to work towards mastery with much less physical tough love. I learned and still got very sore.

Rhonda Fuller, San Diego CA, Yoga/Kettlebell Instructor Massage Therapist, H.H.P.

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

California certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Certified Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher.

This was great expansion on more advanced exercises and a great refresher of hardstyle basics.

I really LOVED the way this level II was presented. I was glad that it wasn’t about "Kicking the shit" out of everyone. It’s evident that all who came had a great dedication to KBs. Its not easy to learn information when body and mind is fried. I felt it to be the perfect amount of exercise (I am very, very sore!) And an equal amount of intellect. (was glad lunch was served on premises too!)

My team leader (Tomas Phillips) did a great job. He is very smart into correcting movements almost instantly. Very impressed.

Dale Armstrong, Ventura, CA, Laboratory Supervisor

Tremendous knowledge that is dispensed without ego and in extraordinarily clear fashion. I have been honored to spend time with someone who has taught so much. I wish there were 3 more days.

Every question was answered to my absolute satisfaction. I got great feedback from an incredibly talented group of instructors and I only wish we could do this for a greater duration. Although Pavel and my team instructors/leaders were always helpful I also got tips and advice from EVERYONE. My team was composed of incredibly insightful RKCs and I cannot express my delight at being surrounded by so many good educators.

TOP level. You want to grow? Come and train with these instructors.

Justo Bernechea, Queens, NY, Personal Trainer/Boxing Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

In boxing as a coach/boxer for over 16yrs. I am FMS-ACSM HFS-USA Boxing Coach-RKC.

Just when you think you know it all the coaches always "cut the fat off" and put things as simple as possible for us as a whole to learn all we can absorb.

It has no comparison. Dave’s break down of the bent press is a prefect example. His teaching skill is simply impressive.

RKC does an amazing job with how the whole weekend of training. The planning is strong and keeps me focused and engaged.

Kristen McBryde, Nashville, TN, RKC

Superb instruction from Pavel and Master Level instructors, specifically great instruction from Phil Scarito, Doug Nepodal, Dan John and Brad Nelson.

Put simply, I could listen to Pavel all day. His instruction and ability to relate to a diverse crowd of many backgrounds is impeccable. Worth more the price of admission!!

Lora Sierschula, Dublin, Ohio, Speech Language Pathologist

The team leaders were top notch and the level of sportsmanship and support amongst teammates and candidates was impressive.

The depth of knowledge Pavel possesses of different sports, exercise disciplines, and research to back them up is incredible.

As with Level I, the information was broken down and presented in easy to use segments. I appreciated that there was more intensive instruction for more of the involved lifts, and that great attempts were made to pair instructors with lifts they taught (ie: Dan John and the Jerk, Dave Whitley and the Bent Press, etc.)

Michael Perry, Tyngsboro, MA, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, NSCA-CPT, USA-W coach, USATF coach, FMS cert, Z health R, I

Packed with information that is easy to use, apply than teach. The progressions used helped reverse engineer the complicated lifts.

RKC II was a great addition to my toolbox. The progressions I learned this weekend will greatly influence my own teaching style.

Katherine Lavanga, Alexandria, VA, Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Instructor, Functional Movement Specialist

Comprehensive course of advanced level skills. In many ways more demanding than Level I and requires a very firm grasp of level I skills.

Clark Leaders, Plymouth, MN

Best certification I have gone to yet put on by Dragon Door. RKC I is a very close second.

Great as allows most times very precise with explaining each move so that we understand what is expected. Very encouraging. Willing to take the time to help when they see you struggling with the exercises to get it done right. The team leaders are all top-notch and very knowledgeable.

As always I come away with great knowledge I can apply immediately to my clients.

Great experience and cert. I feel that I have improved greatly as a personal trainer in the fitness/ wellness industry..

Kavon Atabaki, Falls Church, VA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

American Council on Exercise, Certified Personal Trainer, National Strength Professionals Association, Certified Personal Trainer, HKC, National Capital Area Parkinsons Foundation, Certified Trainer.

Every time I think of how this seminar helped my understanding the same thing pops into my mind. Deeper. A truly deeper knowledge of how the body works to create tension, power, strength and mobility. The immense knowledge imparted in the Level I cert has been expanded on greatly here. The concept of the body being tied together, and their movements linking and relating to each can’t be spoken to enough by me. The RKC II has taken a skill set I thought to be top-notch (RKC I) and broken it into a whole other level of understanding.

Eye opening, and bridging the gap to producing total body tension in all movements.

Carolyn Hakes, Naperville, IL, Studio Owner/Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


I always realize how little I know when I am taught by such knowledgeable Masters and Senior RKCs. My skills have greatly improved.

I’ve been an RKC since 2007 and the level of teaching continues to get better and I always learn something new. Pavel and Dragon Door always maintain high standards from the smallest details to the depth of the instruction and the knowledge of the instructors.

Wayne English

The best. This was my fourth class and to my amazement each class the bar has been raised. Cutting edge information that combines knowledge from history and todays research. My team leader, Phil Scarito, was excellent as were his assistants, Katie and Steve. Each of the team leader presenting are knowledgeable and can disseminate the information.

Kim Vigsbo, Douglassville, PA, Web Designer, Professional Bodyguard, Krav Maga Instructor, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

25 years of being a professional Bodyguard, 20+ years of teaching Krav Maga, owner of B2 Gym (hard-style kettlebell and body-weight training studio)

I feel stronger and more motivated to get back to my clients and start to share my updated knowledge.

Steve Holiner, Brooklyn, NY, Strength Coach/Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, CICS, L.I.F.T., I also study Muay Thai kickboxing.

This was a great experience. At this level, everyone means business and has something to offer.

Top-notch as always. Everyone had their own approach and they all got the info across. This was an excellent team.

An excellent experience. It has a different tone than the RKC I (in a good way). Everyone here has earned the right to come and takes it more seriously. At the same time, the mood is lighter because we all love what we’re doing.

Jason Therrien, author of The Iron Warrior

An exceptional learning and training experience. Unsurpassed!

Norm Schilder, Ottawa, Canada, Contractor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Having attended RKC II in San Jose last year I am very impressed by the refinements made and the improvement in the presentation. While the course outline is very similar the progressions and details are much better and I have here actually absorbing the knowledge this time.

Rocky Steele, Henderson NV, Public Administrator

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

College Baseball

The ultimate in iron meeting intellect. I was saturated but it all started coming together at the end.

Excellent, always mesmerizing.

Emily Bearden, New York, NY, personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

professional muay thai fighter 2x WKA World Champion, BFA in Dance and choreography, RKC I

I love the different views but same ending to some exercises. You can take different roads as long as they lead to the same destination.

I have been fortunate enough to have experienced Phil Scarito at all three of my certs.. Phil is a wonderful instructor. Very balanced in his teaching style. Serious enough that makes me nervous to get it perfect. He looks and sees every detail yet he was approachable and easy to ask questions and he will make sure he answers them clearly. I saw him really dive in to a kid who couldn’t get the VPP, and he finally got it before the end of the course. I also really respect him and his knowledge and he made me want to show him how much I learned from him and I tried to do everything perfect.

It is important Pavel is around and approachable. Other workshops never have the founder on site.

Firmen Sowers, San Diego, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Personal Trainer, Martial Artist

Fulfilled to have gained more knowledge from a field of highly elite strength professionals and coaches. Happy I came.

Absolutely fantastic! The RKC system on methodology has given my business a short boost in a "tough times" economy, because it gives people results by making them stronger in other aspects of their lives.

Thank you all for your instruction, guidance, and ass kicking. It not only helps my business and family life, but is greatly appreciated! Go Spacebo!

Alex Verdugo, RKC, CICS, San Diego, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Owner of Extreme Fitness in San Diego, Ca. I love to train with Kettlebells, TRX Suspension, BOSU, and Indian Clubs.

An intense and enjoyable experience. One of the best hands-on strength certifications of all time.

Pavel and Dan John delivered great workouts. All team leaders were exceptional. Brad Nelson was very thorough with his team. Nikki Shlosser was very helpful.

Quality: The large amount of information given at this certification doesn’t compare to any other.

Material: Is very focused and in-depth practical use. The methods will be used on my clients every time a situation calls for it.

Michael Barbato

Absolutely beneficial for those who want to further not only your personal goals but business goals as well.

Every time I come to a cert its something new. Yes, the same drills but always a newer way to teach and learn the movement. More knowledge is brought to the table every time. I think this is huge in this kind of training.

Molly Bird, Omaha, NE, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Priceless. I learned in-depth knowledge of the 6 skills that can be applied to all other lifts as well. My instructors are just as good at teaching and speaking as they are at performing the skills.

My instructors are the best in the country. They make difficult and complex principals easier to understand through words, drills and practice.

No comparison. I no longer waste my time and money on other organizations.

Thomas Phillips was amazing. I appreciate his straight forward, no bull shit attitude. But he also has a sense of humor. I learned so much from him about senses, spinal alignment, etc. He goes above and beyond to make sure we understand things and are able to teach them correctly. I hope to have the privilege of learning from him in the future.

Krystal Robens, Denver, CO

It was the best workout I have ever been to. Helped broaden my understanding and ability 200 fold.

Pavel has extraordinary knowledge and passion for the art. The instructors were all very helpful and knowledgeable as well.

Quality was through the roof! Material was just enough so you weren’t overwhelmed but so much helpful information at the same time. Practical use was literally that, practical. After every demonstration we got the chance to practice the new skill set we were just taught.

Gabby Eborall, San Clemente CA, North Beach Kettlebell, Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Level II has helped me to grow not only in my own Kettlebell practice, but will ultimately help my clients as well. Level II is no joke; I trained very hard for this and once again was as challenged as expected.

This is my third Dragon Door certification and it just keeps getting better. I was particularly impressed with how my team leader, Brad Nelson challenged me to be as strong as he knew I was, resulting in 50 PR’s for me.

There is no comparison. With RKC certs you have to have done the work, mental or physical. Or you won’t last.

Taikei Matsushita Tokyo Japan, Trainer, Dragon Door Distributor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Krav Maga Blue Belt, Former American football player/coach, RKC CK-FMS, Kettlebell instructor

Thank you! Worth the time traveling. Hopefully make a trip at least once a year.

Laurel Blackburn, RKC II, CK-FMS, Dragon Door Dealer, Tallahassee, FL

It is beyond any certification I have ever done.

There is no comparison to the level of instruction we receive. Not only are we learning but our team leaders make sure we understand and can perform. I felt they had a vested interest in my success.

I hold and have held many certs that pass you or reward you just for showing up. RKC makes me prepare. I signed up a year ago and have worked and prepared since then. I like that we either pass or fail. I love that not everyone can do this. It’s hardcore and so am I.

Nathan Flores, San Carlos, CA, Personal Trainer

The top rate instructors each improved my ability to execute each lift more precisely and effectively. I would recommend the course for anyone who wants to further their skills as an instructor.

Pavel as always shares his excellent knowledge of kettlebell training with quality and relevancy because everything he said applies to the exercises and training. Dave Whitley, my team leader, was proficient in getting me to understand what I needed to work on in my problem areas. Within 5 min, it was fixed. Our assistants, Angelo and Kim, were always there to help and correct in a safe, effective manner. Nepodal had a perfect refresher of the Level I skills. Scarito’s presentation on the windmill was so good, I improved my technique quickly.

Noah Maxwell, Wynnewood, PA, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

3rd degree Black belt traditional Norther Praying Mantis Kung-fu, B.S. exercise science, Temple University, CSCS, FMS, Battling ropes coach level 1

A course for experienced professionals to have clear education at an advanced level and clear open direction for training and teaching principles.

As expected and as usual the instruction met the highest standards. I appreciate having different team leaders teach different skills. It allows for a variety of different perspectives

The RKC was superior in all aspects due to the large amount of hands on.

Andrew Lyons, Columbus, OH, Physical Therapist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Licensed Physical Therapist, RKC 2, CK-FMS, Brazialian Jiu Jitsu

RKC II has been a certification in the nuances of strength. It empowers instructors to go beyond proficient performance of Level I and II lifts and come closer to mastery of them.

Anto FERNANDES, Valence, FRANCE, Conditioning & Rugby Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former weightlifter and rugbyplayer, Master of weightlifting and sport

Instructors take care of students – they give tips, advises training. They try to find solutions when it doesn’t work (in term of techniques), especially instructor Kim.

It’s more efficient and useful than any form of training. If you want to improve your strength, you can train it. If you want to improve only your endurance, you can do it. If you want to improve your mobility, you can train it also. You work all the physical qualities that the human body can do. And also the mind quality. It’s a multi system of training.

Angelo Gala III, RKC II, CK-FMS, Boston, MA

The updated course content dove much more in depth in the core lifts. I am ecstatic to walk away with more progressive and remedial drills to help my clients.

Every time I come, I am blown away by the depth of knowledge by every team leader and senior.

Joe Wright, Hudson, WI, Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, Nidan in Shorin Ryu Karate, Nidan in Matayoshi Kobudo (weapons), 13 Marathons, 50k, 50 mile finisher

RKC II really is a "school of strength". After reviewing and testing our RKC I skills the focus changed to the details of strength training. Highest quality! I did not come across anyone who didn’t belong here.

Cecilia Tom, San Francisco, CA, Athletic Performance Coach & Tai Chi Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC II, CK-FMS, CICS, Z Health Performance Solutions Level 4 Movement Specialist, Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Traditional Chinese Kung Fu, Qigong & Tai Chi Practitioner since 1996

The clarity of the teaching plus each instructor’s ability to tie in each technique to our system as a whole greatly contributed to students’ understanding and appreciation of the superiority of Hardstyle training, because it is a complete system that encompasses strength and mobility, and it works.

Brandon Hetzler, Nixa, MO

Great course that built off of the foundation of level I skills. Addressing the subtleties of the skill of strength was very beneficial.

Top-notch. Not only were the skills taught, but I liked the "why" portion of each skill – why you might teach someone the individual skill. All the instructors were knowledgeable and did a good job of instructing within the group.

Just like all other DD events – a model for other organizations. Quality instruction, quality information, and overall a top-notch weekend. If you came here and can’t practically apply what was taught then there is no chance of you ever being able to apply it – the fault is yours, not the courses.

Larry Brun, Windsor, Canada, CSCS

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Professional Wrestler, RKC1, CSCS, BHK, RMT

Best system out there; more so with the addition of CK-FMS.


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

College Basketball, Figure Competing

Quality of the training is top-notch. Everyone is equally knowledgeable.

John "Scott" Stevens, RKCII, CK-FMS in Omaha, Nebraska

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Proud to represent the RKC School of Strength in Omaha, NE since 2008. Workshops, Personal & Group Training. HKC & RKC prep. Corrective Exercise, Fat-loss, Strength & Performance. Youth training.

In depth understanding of how and why. It was like putting the basics and advanced movement under a microscope.

I learned a lot. I enjoyed the experience. I’m honored to be part of such a fine community. What you’ve created is wonderful!

Carlton Brown, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Canadian Perfessional Trainers Network: Certified Personal Trainer, International Sports & Science Association: Specialist in Performance Nutrition, Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Level 1 Instructor, Fitness Kickboxing Canada: Level 2 instructor

Perfect balance of training and instruction. RKC is the authority on Kettlebells!

Over the last 12 years of being a personal trainer I’ve always left workshops thinking "I should have just bought the book or DVD for $39.95" RKC I, June 2010 was the workshop that changed my life and perspective.

I’m just thankful I was exposed to RKC.

Katie Bigelow, Raleigh, NC, Student & Movement Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Neuroscientist, Z-Health Master Trainer

Professionalism. Always evolving and improving for the benefit of students/ instructors. Great community and learning environment.

Scott Herman, Lenoir, NC

It was one of the best weekends of my life. I came last year as an attendee and this year as an assistant and was still able to learn a lot more and in greater detail.

As I’ve said before, the quality of the instructors and their depth of knowledge are second to none in the RKC.

I truly love being a member of the RKC family. I’m so thankful that I got to attend this weekend as an assistant and would love to be able to be one again in the future. Thanks again for all you do and provide.

Andrew Pantke, Belleville MI, Engineer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Battling Ropes level 1 Instructor

Top-level instruction with attention to detail in an organized and understandable way of presentation.

The level of detail and in particular the ability of the instructors to break a drill down. Other training I’ve taken typically showed you the drills then said "you try, ok" then the instruction was over.

Participant Praise for the RKC LEVEL II Workshop – July, 2010 – Saint Paul, MN

Danny Clark Sandpoint, ID, Kettlebell/Martial Arts Gym Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Purple Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Brown Belt Sambo. Former Division 1 Wrestler (UVa). All American Grappler (4th at World Team Trials) MMA record 1-0

It reinforced and added to everything I have learned from top level strength coaches and personal experience as a D. 1 athlete. Nothing was contradictory which was very impressive.

I was most impressed by the knowledge of Pavel and Kenneth Jay. Kenneth's attention to the body as a system beyond muscle groups was really profound. Pavel, of course, never disappoints. His enthusiasm for the art of strength training is extremely contagious. I find myself re-thinking my goals every workshop I take with him.

The RKC level II makes 4 years of Division I strength training for wrestling seem like trying to do surgery with a dull knife. The scope of the material and practical use is unmatched and I always find myself wishing I had kettlebells and Pavel's coaching earlier. Luckily for me, I still compete and am not shy about letting my downed opponent know what my secret weapon is.

Neghar Fonooni, Ellicott City, MD, Performance Training Specialist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certifications: NASM, ACE, FMS, , Education: AA Arabic, Athlete's Performance Mentorship Program, Currently pursuing BS Psychology, Experience: Air Force Veteran, 10 years as a personal trainer, general manager and co-owner of Optimum Performance Training Institute, 10 years of competitive softball

RKC II was an amazing, humbling and inspiring weekend. I am walking away from this experience a better athlete and a better instructor with an even larger RKC family.

As always, the instructors are not only a wealth of knowledge, but present the knowledge with clarity, humility and efficiency. All instructors were warm, energetic, and incredibly experienced.

The RKC system is second to none as far as physical requirements and attention to detail with regards to movement quality. The level II certification takes it to the next level, and enhances the basics. The only other comparable training I have attended is the mentorship at Athlete's Performance Institute.

James F. Thomas, La Grande, OR, Martial Arts Instructor, Kettlebell trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

United States Navy, BS exercise science, Heath & Wellness studies, Amateur Mauy Thai Boxer, undefeated

A weekend in which you will be reminded of the difference between a KB trainer and an RKC.

This training is the most in depth I have ever been through but what stands out is the trainers' ability to relay the information in a simple and applicable manner.

Second to none, I've been through boot camp for the USN and it doesn't compare to the effort needed to pass the RKC II or the RKC.

Amanda Sullivan, Minneapolis, MN, Personal Trainer

It was a great experience. I learned a lot more on how to control my body, to tense my body and to be more explosive in all of the kettlebell exercises.

3 full days is a long time to learn. Most certifications I have had in the past are the kind where you purchase a textbook, read it and take a test. Actually practicing and coaching others in the material you will use with your clients is really the best way to learn.

Dr. Michael Hartle

The material taught was outstanding! Great preparation and attention to detail was evident, not just in the set-up, but throughout the weekend. The lectures, the drills, the instructors were all top-notch.

Again, the quality of training was super! Nothing beats this. Also, the approachability of Pavel is also excellent.

Quality: excellent! Nothing to compare to. Out of this world.

Scope of Material: Voluminous, but in a good way. So much material, which gives the students an everlasting reference.

Practical Use: For the trainer, the practical use is immeasurable! For their client, the practical use is helping improve their life!

Carolyn Brumfield, Cardiff, CA, Studio Owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Postural Therapy Expert, RKC II

Since this is my recert from 2007, it deepened my understanding of the advanced kettlebell techniques.

My absolute favorite way to spend a weekend. Great instructors, great information, awesome new friends and worth every minute!

High quality as usual. They all are clearly passionate about helping us so that we can then help our clients. Even though they teach this information over and over each year they really offer new prospective, new techniques and keep it fresh and exciting.

Andrea Chang, RKCTL, Seattle WA, Kettlebell Instructor and Movement Coach

Level II is not only a way to step up your understanding of the "practice" of kettlebells, but it is an incredible opportunity to meet and work with the cream of the crop – from head instructor Pavel T., Master, Senior and RKC Team Leaders, put all the attending RKCs who are committed to the practice and the skill of strength and fitness in a totally new paradigm.

As always, Pavel has a great ability to convey complex information in key simple ways with high impact. He is truly a gifted synthesizer and communicator.

Kenneth Jay did a fabulous section on teaching the windmill – very well done and easily translatable – will definitely be using cues and sequencing immediately upon return.

Robyn Smith, Aurora, Colorado, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Secondary Teaching Certificate, NCSF, AFFA, Club Rugby Player

The combination of practice and lecture is a perfect mix to become more proficient in the KB way. Breaking down the different skills lets you improve on your performance.

This is the only certification that did not simply repeat what I learned in my degree at college. It is exciting to learn new info and get to practice it. This course is good for many different learning styles.

Max Shank, Del Mar, CA, Gym Owner, Health/Performance Coach

I had fun and got a different perspective on many known things. Pavel and Geoff were outstanding as always and brought great information.

Dragon Door is top notch and puts on a great event, RKC, CK-FMS, Level 2… all good.

Stephen Nepa, Charlotte, NC, Technical Analyst

RKC II helped me connect fundamental natural movement patterns that should occur across all kettlebell exercises. The puzzle pieces are coming together.

Pavel and the RKC team are very, very knowledgeable in terms of how the body is put together, how the body should move in its normal state and how to bring all the systems of the body together to maximize strength and power in an orthopedically sound way. Their training methods promote moving well and exposing dysfunction in a safe way.

RKC II training is very thorough and in depth. It reinforces everything learned in RKC I and teaches new skills that broaden and deepen the system. The right step after RKC to keep the instructor honest and engaged in the evolution of the RKC system.

Robert Budd, Encinitas, Ca, Kettlebell Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Nevada State Powerlifting record holder in Deadlift, Special Olympics Powerlifting Coach, Martial Arts practitioner, RKCII

My experience at the RKC is always humbling. The quality is always very high and almost impossible to match. If an attendee comes away without having all questions answered – they did not take advantage of the knowledge brought by the instructors.

RKC II instructions fill the gaps where other certifications leave out. Instruction here is clear and precise but allows for all types of personalities to instruct their way. The quality of instruction at the RKC is very high and very consistent as other certifications have not been this way.

Joe Thimmesh, St. Paul, MN, Kettlebell instructor; Landscaper

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Navy Reserves, RKC; CK-FMS, Basketball

I thought the quality of training was superb. If you had a hard time with a certain lift, it was broken down for you in several different ways until you figured it out – much appreciated! They know their stuff!

Fantastic – everything I came for and more. The RKC and related CK-FMS are the golden standard. Awesome experience! I enjoyed it immensely.

James Ratcliff, Northbrook, IL, RKC, Fitness Instructor

A totally unique experience that definitely takes you to a deeper understanding of training principals learned at RKC. A natural learning progression from Level I to Level II.

I don't know of a better group of instructors anywhere. They may exist but I would guess that they can't be better than Pavel and the RKC Instructors.

There is no other program that compares to RKC II, other than RKC I. The entire RKC program covers so much more than just the Kettlebell. Example after example is given and shown as to how the principles learned here can translate into almost any physical aspect of life itself.

Jill Stroud, Lynchburg, VA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

BS in Sports Medicine NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

I learned how capable I am of challenging lifts and how they will contribute to my overall performance and that of my clients.

Superb! I expect no less from the RKC! I always learn something new and find new and better ways of instructing. I love how they are always willing to change what isn't working and make it better.

The best by Far! Northing compares and that is why it is worth the cost.

I learn practical applications and real-file scenarios.

Alisa A. Brzek, Las Vegas NV, First Sergeant, USAF

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC Level I, Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

Intensive and detailed instruction. Focus on safety and translatable skills for clients.

There is no comparison to any other course RKC is superior. I love how organized everything is, this is very important to me.

Tim Shuman, Orlando, Fl, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

'95 B.S. Springfield College Ma. C.S.C.S., USAW. '00 AFL. Championship (Strength Coach) 15 yrs Training concentration on Olympic Weight Training

Outstanding weekend of education, camaraderie and networking.

Pavel as always outstanding. Seniors/Masters were great. Our RKC standards seem to be broadening. Everyone teaches the same standard. Continue to use this weekends format. It was outstanding.

James Sjostrom, Murray UT, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USMC 97-2001, Gym owner, CrossFit level 1

I was humbled again at the RKC II, not just by the high level of exercises but the professionalism and level of instruction. RKC is hands down the best.

Pavel is only getting better! It's nice to have such a great team. Neupert and Riff and Doc offering years of insight.

All questions get answered with legit backed answers instead of simple "because" or "that how I was taught" without a real knowing.

There is no comparison to the RKC!! RKC is getting better every year, I am proud to be a student of this school of strength.

Adam Signoretta, Bayonne NJ, Owner of Kettlebell Studio

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM, NASM PES, NASM CES, RKC LEVEL 1, 2 Best lifter Awards for Powerlifting, Competed in 10 Bodybuilding Shows, with 6, top 3 finishes.

When I come to the RKC, it reminds me of how much there is to learn, practice, and experience, not just in kettlebell, but every aspect of movement.

All presentations were delivered with great knowledge and made each drill understandable.

Andrea Du Cane especially helped me, along with her assistants Ryan and Lance. Learned a great deal of things I will work on.

RKC does a lot more hands on, and gives a lot more personal attention. Also they don't just pass you because you showed up and survived. You must not just do that work, but do it right and be able to teach it.

No one comes close to the RKC experience.

Cortez Hull, St Paul, MN, Police Officer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

10 year law enforcement officer, Use of Force/ Defensive Tactics Instructor

Outstanding! The quality of instruction was top notch.

Pavel, Geoff, Kenneth and Andrea are top notch instructors. I reawakened muscles and learned more about my body than in years. Thank you, keep it coming!

Christopher Lindquist, East Fallowfield, PA, Veterinarian

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Academic All-American in Football, Patriot League Scholar Athlete in Track, Practice Krav Maga

More rewarding than RKC Level I.

As always, the quality and knowledge were top notch.

This was the most demanding training course that I have been a part of. It was physically, mentally and neurologically daring.


Wynne Conklin, Northbrook IL, personal trainer

That I am very happy that I would let myself be challenged this way! Sweat, pain and 3 bad hair days; I've been put through the mill and came out refined and inspired.

10 years ago I tool the Pavel Chek Corrective Exercise Level I and II. It was very scientific and they didn't want to give you the "answers" to solving program design. But here everyone wants to help you as much as possible.

Brian Lawson, Red Hook, New York, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

active in sprint distance triathalons, ACE certified pt, attended AOS kb cert course May 09, TRX instructor, Owner of Body Architecture, a privately owned personal training studio specializing in functional training and working the hell out of clients, 4 yrs active duty ARMY 93-97

The RKC II was an enlightening experience! It was as good as Level I. And all the little nuances that accompany each exercise were mind blowing.


Pavel never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge and his simple way of conveying it to the group. The assistant instructors were also very good as always.

Andrea Du Cane is awesome! She has so much attention to detail and when you are doing something not quite right she will correct you and help you to get it right! The best RKC instructor out there next to Pavel himself! Thanks for a great weekend!

Chris Erickson, Durham NC, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Police Officer and Defensive Tactics Instructor

Broad knowledge of instructors simplified difficult techniques. DVD's won't cut it.

Wish I had another day to sit down with instructors. Their knowledge base is so broad; much time is needed to discover questions.

Quality: Best ever attended. The combination of practical and lecture was perfect.

Scope: Broad topics narrowed to understandable chunks.

Practical: Lessons learned will easily translate to other sport endeavors for clients and myself.

Scott Herman, Lenoir, N.C, Physical Education Teacher

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

College Baseball Player

It was amazing. Pavel and the Master and Senior RKC's have once again shown their knowledge and the importance of RKC principles.

Again the instruction and teaching that was presented at the Level II this weekend was simply amazing and second to none. They broke the lifts down step by step and dissected each part as if it were a single piece of a puzzle. They tell what to do by describing and then they will demonstrate it. Have you practice, give you cues, practice some more and get feedback. Troubleshoot, give you some more cues and practice once again. They simply don't say, "Hey, go practice this". It is a process.

I really and truly love being a part of this organization and a member of the RKC family.

Tom Heafey, Chanhassen, MN, IT Analyst

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, CK-FMS candidate

Great instruction and instructors/assistants. I learned a lot of techniques that I can use to benefit my clients and myself.

Top notch. I really don't know how you could expect more. Every team had a great leader and all the assistants were excellent. More knowledge was transferred than you could absorb, but the manual will serve as a great reference.

The quality was as good as Level 1. The course built on top of Level 1 skills, the net result is I came away with a much greater understanding of movement, strength and technique.

Rick Rick III, Columbus, OH, Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Premier at Sawmill Athletic club.

Review and reinforced level one focus, key and vital training on level II movements.

Jeff and Zar gave me some excellent feedback on the Jerk and bent press. Pavel did a great job getting around to our team as well.

Very strong, a lot of work for sure, but that's part of the appeal. Long weekend certainly makes you focus on the material while physically taxed.

Kelly Cassidy, Boston, MA, Personal Trainer & Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE Personal Trainer; Assistant Coach @ Boston Performance Coaching; USA-T Level 1; 2009 Boston Marathon; 1/2 Marathons: Miami, Hyannis, Boston's Run to Remember

RKC II focused the attention to detail that we learned at Level I and brought it to a new level. Newfound recruitment of strength allowed for more advanced exercises.

Amazed yet again! Pavel and the team of instructors have brought Kettlebell training to the next level. The dedication and pride taken at RKC II is unparalleled. A system that will continually evolve and progress.

Scope of material has always set RKC apart from any other cert I have come across. Quality instruction has enabled many participants, including myself, to push physical limits that were once unattainable. Personal and professionally I will use Level II materials daily.

Andrew Read, Melbourne, Australia, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

4 years 2 Commando Company, 1st Commando Regiment. Member Olympic Taekwondo team 1988, 28 years martial arts experience, 18 years PT experience, Former S&C coach at Victorian Institute of Sport, Contributor for UltraFit and Blitz magazines, Speaker at national fitness conferences

Amazing detail given in new exercises. Who knew the pull-up had so many variables, remedial drills or uses and applications? Like level I isn't about the Kettlebell, Level II is about so much more than the exercises shown.

Outstanding. RKC sets the bar very high. CK-FMS is unmatched. RKCII is on terms with those two.

Mike Capper, Auckland New Zealand, Management Accountant

High quality instruction, very detailed focus.

More focus on technique and exercise performance. I have previously done IFFK certification, which was more just 1 big workout.

Hiromi Yokoi, Minneapolis, MN, RKC Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Brown Belt at National Karate

Great experience to be spending a weekend with professionals.


It was excellent. As always, I'm impressed and appreciate how friendly the instructors are. They are strict, yet very helpful.

This is the only fitness anything I continue to want to keep up with. I am amazed at myself everyday about my strength – how far I've come. 3 years ago I couldn't carry 20 lb dog food bag out of my car – now I'm here at the RKC. This is truly amazing.

Kristine Gill, Seattle, WA, Firefighter

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, PFT (Peer Fitness Trainer -ACE) for Seattle Fire Dept, Z-Health Practitioner

Great communication on correction, always available for questions, gave advice on increasing mobility and great form question on changes.


Dave Fujita, Federal Way, WA, Personal trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The Level II RKC is an advanced exercise technique course which stresses and reinforces the fundamentals of level I.

I was impressed, as usual with the detail of information presented.

The ability and willingness to troubleshoot and to answer questions is appreciated.

The RKC II program is very well structured, as is evident by the level of detail and breadth of information presented. Not only did the instructors present information, but also they demonstrated and broke down exercises to a rudimentary level. All the exercises have practical applications to sports, performance, postural considerations, and even daily life. Amazing.

Participant Praise for the RKC LEVEL II Workshop – February, 2010 – San Jose, CA

Daniel John, Murray, UT, Strength Coach, Professor of Religious Studies

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Two time Pleasanton Highland Games Champ, American Record Holder in the Weight Pent, National Champ in discus and Olympic Lifting (Masters)

I learned more about my body in three days than in the past twenty years.

As a "school of strength" it is amazing to watch the dynamics as one thing builds on another. It is difficult to keep up with, that's for sure.

It is and remains so for ahead of anything else I have ever witnessed, it saddens me to think about what I could have been, if I had this training sooner.

K.C. Reiter, Chico CA, Fitness Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Recon. Marine, security contractor, winner of the Sept. 2007 TSC, successfully challenged the Beast

Very worthwhile and very educational. This is professional training for professionals. The instruction is the best I have ever had and the content unsurpassed.

The RKC training and especially the RKC II level of instruction have made me forget that I actually have other certifications. The information conveyed is the cutting edge of science and experience boiled down to the most practical and useable level of application.

Claire Booth, Bracknell, Berkshire, Training studio owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Successful bodybuilding career since 1997. Won 19 titles including Miss Great Britain, Miss UK, Miss Wales & Miss International. Also competed internationally, placing 3rd in the world. Most recently, 6th at the British championships in 2008.

Very informative and interesting – it has made me want to improve & perfect my techniques – it also has shown me that when I thought I had it right I was still needing a lot more work.

Fantastic quality of training – it really helps when victims are brought out and corrective drills are shown on them to improve techniques.

John Devitt, Santa Clarita, CA, Kettlebell Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM OPT, SFS, PES Certified, Started DanZan Ryu Jujitsu this past year

Hands down better than any other course I've taken in my career as a personal trainer. The first half of the first day was better than anything I'd gone to before.

This being my first RKC Level II, I was blown away by the staff. I've been to Level I twice, once as a student and once as an assistant and each time I leave RKC my body feels more alive. I was especially impressed with Jeff O'Connor and many off the strategies for Bent Press. I did gather GREAT information from all the team leaders.

Hands down better than any other cert I've done. I've been a personal trainer for eleven years and have had over a dozen certs… NONE compare to RKC Level II. The quality, material, and practical use is far superior to any course I've come across. Thank you RKC!

You all ROCK!

Nikki Shlosser, Santa Monica, CA,

A luxury vacation for serious students of strength. Incredible material, Instructors, setting, people, and format. (if only I could to this every weekend!)

This is serious, top-level stuff. Very in-depth, and explained and demonstrated beautifully. The RKC has chosen fantastic representatives in its master and senior instructors, and I am in awe of each of them: expertise, professionalism, intelligence, wit, and teaching ability.

Craig Gilkes, Coventry, England, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Owner of Sparta Fitness. Former Boxer and Kickboxer, competitive ultra-distance runner. Strength & Conditining Coach to 2 National League Rugby Union Clubs. Trainer to National and International level athletes, a Hall Of Fame Martial Artist and celebrity bodyguard, National Kickboxing champion, and a member of the British Winter Olympic Squad. REPS - Register Of Exercise Professionals - Level 3 Advanced Instructor IFI (Inclusive Fitness Initiative) Fitness For The Disabled Instructor

A massive jump in information from Level I, but all presented in a logical a easy to understand format.

As always, the in depth knowledge of Pavel and the instructors is obvious.

This knowledge is apparent in both pre-planned presentations and "off the cuff" Q&A sessions. The attention to detail on "minor' points (I know there are really no such thing as "small details') is one of the things that sets the RKC above and beyond other courses and individuals training systems.

Unlike other courses, everything taught has functional and practical applications, varying from strength building to easing every day activities for "normal' people. The scope of material of face value may seem small, but is explored in such depth that it becomes massive! "an inch wide but a mile deep"

Rick Garrigan, New York, NY, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

All-State Soccer Player (continued in South America 1yr), CSCS, RKC, FMS, US Army Veteran, Contract Diver and Safety Officer) US Navy

One of the most educational courses I have ever experienced. The attention to detail and in depth discussion and explanations are priceless.

The professionalism and knowledge base of the instructors surpasses that of any other experience I have enjoyed. I have learned more as an RKC than I did in 4 years of college for exercise science and 10 yrs of coaching experience.

I hold a BS in Ex Science and several certification in the field of exercise/physical/personal training to include my CSCS. The Level II course along with the RKC I instructor course have given me more than all of them combined. The quality of the instruction and the practical applications of the material covered surpasses that of any other course I have attended.

Jeff McCombs, Los Angeles, CA, Chiropractor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Doctor of Chiropractic, FMS, SFMA I

A phenomenal evolution of the art & science of kettlebells. Detailed, in-depth instruction that pushes the limits of mind and body. Enough tools and tips to work with for the next 10 years and more. Great instructors and instruction. If you want to elevate your skills, ability to teach, fitness, and levels of health, this is the place to be. Keep returning to the RKCs and you'll keep growing and learning.

Keith Godfrey, Alexandria VA, Yoga Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Bikram certified yoga instructor

Great. Professional, thorough training. To quote Pavel "…an inch wide and a mile deep"

Pavel is the most professional trainer/educator. He made contact with each and every student. Also he made himself accessible to the student, always welcoming questions and humbling when he didn't know the answer.

Tremendous scope and depth. Material was well put together but most importantly without Pavel, Brent, Reifkind O'Connor the course would not be the same. All were extremely well versed and great presenters.

Angela Craig, U.K, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Level 2 Gym instructor, 2 x womens tactical strength challenge winner

The depth of knowledge was incredible and it was great that several instructors would chip in to answer questions rather than it just being one persons view.

I have only attended one KB workshop in the UK and there was no comparison – this was off the scale better in every way.

Renee Spriggs, Houston, TX, Kettlebell Instructor/Personal Trainer/Pilates Director

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CK-FMS, MsFitness USA finalist 2001, ACSM HFI, Peak Pilates, Spinning and Resist-a-Ball Master Instructor. B.S. Health Fitness/Physical Education.

Attending the RKC 3 day Level II was like taking a semester long graduate level college course on movement, mechanics from a strong science/physiology stand point. There was no wasting of time on memorization or "choreography" but a full out hands on application with/during lectures.

I would be redundant sharing the amazing level of knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and passion as well as compassion of the team of instructors. Their firm approach, yet gentle when necessary seemed to keep everyone engaged yet at ease.

Any RKC certification is leaps and bounds above college courses and certifications I have attended. I leave feeling good about my skills as a girevik as well as a teacher. The immersion approach works well.

Seth Burford, Oakdale, CA, Estimator/Project Manager Athletic Achievements:College Football/NFL

The information available is some of the best out there. The RKC II will be something that will never be forgotten and always applied.

Pavel and his team are very informative and explain everything in a way that can be applied very quickly. They do a good job of explaining the info if asked. All instructors were very personable and very approachable.

The information is abundant with the senior and master instructors. The quality of information given is second to none and the instructors are quick to help. The scope applied immediately. The toolbox given is something that can be applied to many, and everything ends up correlating one way or another.

Erik Traeger, Clovis, CA, Gym owner/Sports Performance Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

M.A. Kinesiology, Exercise Science option, Fresno State, 2000, B.S Physical Education, Exercise Science option, Biomechanics emphasis, Fresno State, 1996, RKC Level I Kettlebell Instructor Certification 2008, CrossFit Level I Certification 2008, CSCS, NSCA 1996-present, USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach, 1995-present, USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach Certification SPARQ Certified Trainer, 2006-present, Speed Agility Conditioning CAN/USA Level 1 Certification, Velocity Sports Performance Certification, 2005, NCAA Div. I S&C Coach 9 years

It brought my understanding of the Level I and Level II skills to a much higher level, but is also made me aware that I still have a lot to learn. It also brought an awareness of my own technique flaws so I can work on correcting them.

The quality of training and knowledge of the RKC staff is the best I've ever seen. Hands down.

I learned more the first day of RKC training than I have during a 3-day national conference put on by any other organization. The quality is unsurpassed. The scope of the material is almost too far-reaching. The best part is that everything is about practical application.

Thank you Dragon Door, John Du Cane, Pavel and all of the DD staff and instructors. In the strength and conditioning profession, I have run into all too many people who are very conceited, full of themselves, cocky, arrogant, are experts in their own minds, and think they are too good to associate with the "no bodies" like me. People who take themselves way too seriously. The RKC community is very serious, but has just enough humor mixed in to keep it fun. The staff and instructors are very humble, down to earth, friendly, open to suggestions, open-minded, always evolving, never resting and ready to give you tough love when you need it. Thank you!

Dan Joos, Los Altos, CA, Personal Trainer

Most comprehensive training by the best instructors in the world.

Pavel and his team leaders are some of the best coaches in the world. When they explain things they are always right and I always get it.

This is lights years beyond anything else I have ever attended except Level I Cert.

Derek Toshner, Fond du Lac, WI, Gym Owner and Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

10x All-American, 5x National Champion, 400m hurdles '03 and '05 World Trials '04 Olympic Trials, 297 snatches in 10min 24kg, 207 snatches in 10min 32kg, 1000 uninterrupted snatches in 33:47 16kg, CSCS, CK-FMS, State Runner-Up Wrestling, Rock climbing hobby

Good experience. The depth of their understanding of muscles, muscle recruitment and body positioning is phenomenal. It is clear that the body is thoroughly studied.

This was a better workshop to improve my value as a trainer for my athletes, and adults looking for improved body function and strength. This workshop helped me understand that this is a school of strength and not a school that teaches us how to smoke people.

Paul Daniels, Foothill Ranch CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, 2nd Degree Black Belt, 8yrs Marine Corp

Once again I am humbled by the level of knowledge and expertise that is being passed on to us.

Far and away the most knowledgeable group of instructors I have had the privilege of learning from.

Asha Wagner, Oakland, CA, Firefighter

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Cal Poly Volleyball Team, US Forest Service Helicopter Rapeller, San Jose Fire Department Firefighter

There was an incredible wealth of knowledge assembled in one room, but at the same time I was struck by the humility and openness of the instructors.

Sergei Karaliou, Ocean, NJ, personal trainer

A lot of useful tools to make my strength and conditioning level more improved. I got the highest quality of instructions of kettlebell drills available now a days.

RKC II higher in all above than any other workshops I ever took.

Rocky Steele, Henderson NV. Public Administrator

Tremendous. Just listening to the master instructors converse was worth the price. Superior quality – never was time that there wasn't answer or reasonable response.

Audrey Evans, Mar Vista, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I've run 24 marathons. I have a CPT and PES from NASM. Also a Crossfit Kettlebell Instructor as well as RKC. I also have systemic Lupus Erythematosus and have been medication free since training with the kettlebells.

More than worth the price of admission essential for the serous kettlebell enthusiast.

Pavel is wonderful. He is very knowledgeable, approachable and encouraging.

It is the best. I started with Crossfit. It was a waste of time. I love the emphasis on technique. It will help me and my clients. The standard is high – as it should be.

Doug Fioranelli, San Bruno CA, Strength Coach

One of the most in depth, humbling, and rewarding certifications out there. I went in and realized how much I had forgotten and I walked away with more confidence as a trainer.

RKC II was great in comparison to all other certifications I have taken. There is no other certification that offers as much exercise description and safety. You really come away a better trainer.

Mike Contreras, Mission Viejo CA, Fire Captain/Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Fire Captain, Recruit Academy Instructor, USAW Performance Coach, FMS Instructor, ACE facility member, ACE Peer Fitness Trainer, National Strength and Conditioning CSCS

Positive experience, I thought I was squared away, obviously not. As a Fire Department Training Officer who has trained hundreds of recruit firefighters. Kettlebells should be a part of every firefighter training program in the country.

Gene Sanders, Rockville, MD, Personal Trainer

An overwhelming amount of knowledge and practical information to be used with my clients as well as my own workouts.

Phenomenal in depth dissection of the 5 new exercises introduced in Level II, as well as review of all the Level I exercises. I also enjoyed all the FMS corrective demonstrations.

I love the fine balance between physical and cognitive stimulation. Sure the seminars were great but if we didn't drill the exercises, it'd be boring and so much harder to comprehend.

Riz Dean, London, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Poliquin Strength & Conditioning

A great course that always goes back to basic drills to understand more complex drills. The knowledge that was passed on was very effective, easy to digest and apply.

Jeremy Layport, San Jose, CA, Performance Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Collegiate Football Player, Amatuer Weight Lifter, Assistant Strength Coach

The next step towards mastery of movement.

The knowledge is overwhelming. Their knowledge is definitely based off their experience, which makes it real and extremely valuable.

The best. There is no other physical training course I've ever taken that can compare. The depth and practicality are limitless.

Wayne English, Huntington, MA, Quality Engineer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Co-Captain High School Track Team 1971, Member U Mass Olympic Style Weight Lifting Club 1973. Engaged in weight training since I was 12.

I reach a greater level of understanding of all the level I drills and was humbled regarding my own level. I thought I was good on level II drills but was made aware of all my faults and how to correct them.

Ivan Atkinson, London, UK, Personal Trainer

Very different to RKC I and still maintained the "doing" rather than talking about doing which I find most practical.

The knowledge of instructors and team leasers is fantastic and displayed with compete modesty, and they are very helpful even with other aspects that are not RKC strength related.

Raul Lopez Elko, Nevada, gym owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

gym owner, personal trainer, level one kb instructor

Intense and excellent learning experience.

Frankie Mecono, Santa Barbara, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Professional Motocross

This is my first time attending Level II and you just know and feel the staff, chief, masters, seniors, assistants are all striving to better the system.

It only gets better. Instructor certifications DVDs or manuals, always better.

Norm Schilder, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Contractor

An abundance of information that will take days to incorporate and a lifetime to assimilate.

The knowledge and attention to detail is of unsurpassed quality. I have no background in physical training and I feel confident passing on what I have learned here because the depth of knowledge of Pavel and the instructors is so obvious.

Dan Peven, Berkeley, CA, Personal Trainer, Pension Plan Consultant

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Chicago Public League All City Baseball, Aikido Shodan, Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Instructor, Level IV Z-Health Movement Coach

The depth of knowledge allows for simple explanations. As simple explanations are the most helpful, they allow the process of learning to start.

AJ Lee, Redwood City, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACSM HFI, NASM-CPT, NSCA CSCS, RKC, Titleist Performance Institute Trainer.

Awesome learning experience and very fun and challenging.

As always the RKC exceed my expectations with the instruction and knowledge of its instructors. The RKC has renewed my enthusiasm and passion as a personal trainer.

Nothing else has come close.

Alan Floresca, Fresno, CA, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Placed Top 10 in WAC decathlon 2003-3004, 2005-2006, Placed 5th in 110 hurdles in Alaska State Meet 2001-2002, 1st Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, Wing Chun Practioner, Crossfit Level 1 Instructor, Weightlifting club coach, NSCA-CPT, NSCA-CSCS, Upcoming Massage Therapist

RKC Level II was an eye opener for me and increased my knowledge and understanding of basic lifts and advanced lifts.

I was surprised by the in depth discussion of each individual exercise. I once thought it was a basic lift turned out to be a more complex left. After fine tuning and connecting the subtle techniques that make the lift much more effective, my lifts were much more easier and stronger than I began this course.

A lot of engagement, such as hand on training, and in depth discussion to examine the lifts carefully, safely, and effective. Most seminars would cover the extremes, like a lot of discussion and no hands on or vice verse. I felt there was a balance of both in this course.

Roger McCarthy, Berkshire, United Kingdom, Training studio owner

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Corrective exercise therapist

A year's trail and error plus a shelf of books and DVDs compressed into 3 days. World class as ever.

Courtney Mizuhara-Cheng, Physician, Los Angeles, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Doctor of Osteopathy, Family Practice Physician with a Sports Medicine background. Masters in Health Science. Research physician for Cal Poly Pomona Athletics. Team physician for Charter Oak High School football.

RKC Level II Instructor Certification training is an ever-evolving, always improving. Life-changing experience that helps to improve body fitness as well as body awareness.

Pavel and his team of instructors continue to impress with their knowledge of physiology and fitness training.

Having taken RKC Level II Instructor Certification Training Seminar 3 years ago when it first started, I was pleasantly impressed by the changes and evolution of the course. It is better than ever with an exceptional quality of safety-minded instruction, challenging material and information that can be incorporated with all levels of clients.

Brett Joerger, Yuba City, CA, HVAC Contractor/ Kettlebell Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Martial Artist, Athletic Development Instructor

Extremely thorough instruction was given. I'll need at least a year to assimilate the knowledge. It's very obvious that Pavel and the instructors have a thorough understanding of the kettlebell science. They all communicated and taught at a professional level.

By far the most thorough and professional grade training I have taken.

Sara Gurka, Menlo Park, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


My neuromuscular system is fried, compared to the RKC I where my muscles were fried. I like that feeling.

Gretchen Torres, Oakland CA, Lab assistant

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Muay Thai

Dragon Door just keeps getting better and more effective.

I love you guys, all of you. Thank you for making me have a healthier life! I love kettlebells.

Jordan Vezina, Palo Alto, CA, Trainer

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Marine Corps/ 0311.

Flawlessly executed brain overload.

Right there with Level I and in some ways better. There is no "useless" information. Everything is applicable.

Junior Nartea, Lakewood, CA, NDS Athletics: Owner/Instructor

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NATABOC Certified Athletic Trainer, NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor, over 10+ years professional experience working within the Sports Medicine, Injury Rehabilitation and Strength & Conditioning fields at the youth, collegiate and professional levels.

Informative, educational, practical and fun.

RKC is in a league of its own. Many others things can also make it better. (CK-FMS, Z-Health etc). It is the only cert. where you learn to teach, you must do.

Monique Cordukes, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA, Executive Assistant

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC Level 1, Agatsu Level 1

This was a great experience with professional knowledgeable Seniors and Chief Instructor. This is the best invested course very professional with an agenda. Best instructors for teaching and good material to refer to. I've learned lots and have lots to practice.

David O'Donnell, Burbank, CA, Personal Trainer

Very humbling. Quality of the training is awesome.

Michel Castrogiovanni, Campbell CA, Fitness, Health and Wellness specialist

Well organized information dense weekend of high quality people and techniques.

Everyone was spot on. I like how everyone has a different background and how the different individuals show how the principles apply across the board in a broad spectrum of activities.

Steve Albright, Creede, CO, Carpenter, Home Builder

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Wrestling (extreme Traditional Bow Hunter)

The difference in peoples lives all seem to merge at the RKC. Very informative, a lot to digest.


Very empowering -> inspirational! Andrea Rocks. I have finished feeling confident about my abilities.

June 2009 RKC Level II Certification Workshop — Participant Praise

Prentiss Rhodes, Owner of Rhodes Fusion Fitness Kettlebell and Self Defense Studio, Chicago, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Collegiate Taekwondo Heavyweight Medalist in sparring 1994, Former NAGA Illinois Silver Medalist in no-GI Masters division 2006, Kettlebell Sport Competition 24 kg Long Cycle Clean and Jerk, 4th Degree Black Belt Taekwondo, 1st Degree Black Belt Hapkido, Certified F.I.G.H.T. instructor in the Haganah System, Doctor of Chiropractic, NSCA CSCS

This is a course that MUST be attended by everyone who is committed to becoming better. The level of knowledge and instruction will only help coaches, trainers and other specialists rise to the top of the fitness and wellness industry.

Some courses focus too much on beating attendees up with "cool" routines. These don't accomplish anything but developing fatigue. At any RKC course the "whys" of strength training and conditioning are thoroughly explained. The instructors are also humble which is sometimes rare in fitness industry.

Everything exceeded my expectations.

Rob Miller, personal trainer, Chicago, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE CPT, Former U.S. Naval Search and Rescue Swimmer

The Sr. Instructors are amazing training minds; the knowledge that I received not only shows my own skills were lacking but the course shows the necessary steps to correct and perfect the skills. I look forward to teaching these advanced moves to my most skilled clients.

Amazing and life altering.

Amy Dudley, Co-owner Better Bodies of Medina, Medina, OH

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

15 years in the fitness industry. AFAA Primary and Step certified, Maddogg Athletic certified, CycleOps certified, Yogafit certified

The most challenging certification training yet rewarding experience. Challenging because of the exercises rewarding due to knowledge gained. I learned more here in 3 days than in all of my other certification achieved in 15 years.

As stated earlier, this course provided more information than all of my certifications achieved in the last 15 years. It is a complete package.

Cecilia Tom, The Boss, San Francisco, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, Z Health Levels 1-3, Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Dance, Taiko, Tai Chi, Qigong, Shaolin Kung Fu

I trained very hard to get here, and I will walk out a stronger person and better instructor. I loved the physical challenge and am grateful to the instructors and organizers for making this happen. Learned a lot. I always ask myself if I had 3 months to live, would I spend time doing this? And the answer is absolutely yes.

The best yet in terms of personal enrichment.

Katie Bigelow, Student, Z-Health Master Trainer, RKC Instructor, Seattle, WA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC Instructor, Z-Health, Master Trainer, 2-Time State Champion Soccer NCISAA, State Champion Basketball NCISAA

This certification was a HUGE step up in the demands required for efficient kettlebell lifting. It contained the nation's top instructors, which further separates the RKC system apart form every other system in the nation/world.

Top notch certification! One of the best in the industry. I would not keep coming back if the information and research was not cutting edge and/or applicable to my own training and profession.

I thoroughly enjoyed this certification. Thank you again for a wonderful certification and learning environment.

Dennis Frisch, Trainer, Copenhagen, Demark

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Danish Army Officer, commando and airborne, exercise physiology, full contact karate, krav maga, military sports

If you want to go to the next level, and are willing to do the work/practice RKC II is the place for you.

Steve Milles, Muay Thai Instructor, Gym Owner, New York City, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Owner, Head Muay Thai Instructor at Five Points Academy in NYC -- one of the most well known, internationally respected muay thai camps in the US. Certifications: Arjan (Master) under Grandmaster Chansadeth "Cheetah" Chantanao, Cheetah Muay Thai Assoc. in affiliation with the International Muay Thai School, Bangkok Thailand, Kru (Teacher) under Grandmaster Thosaphon "Toddy" Sitiwatjana, Muay Thai International Assoc. RKC Level I, Instructor Achievements: Trainer to 9 members of US national teams to World Muay Thai Championships. Trainer to multiple amateur and professional champions at national and international level, including current women's WKA World Champion at 118.8 lb max.

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Retired Professional Thai boxer (15 years). Top ten ranked fighter for most of my career, USMTA Welterweight Intercontinental Champion, WKA Jr. Middleweight US Champion, WKA and ISKA Welterweight US Champion, Bronze Medal, IAMTF World Championships in Bangkok, Thailand

It makes the RKC Level I seem easy. Not just the physical aspect, but the information presented, is unbelievable.

At Level I, I said it was far and away the best training I'd ever received, in any subject. The RKC II blows it away. You guys are brilliant, motivating and unmatched.

Scott Hines Sr., Performance Trainer/Business Owner, Rome, GA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former College Football Player, 25 years of training and coaching experience, NSCA, C.S.C.S certified, We work with the general population, youth, middle and high school athletes as well as college and professional athletes. I have coached at the high school level, as well as college and professional level.

Educational, informative, challenging, organized, fun. Taking your kettlebell knowledge to the next level.

The quality, scope of material and practical use of what I learned at the RKC II is unmatched. No other course I have ever taken can compare.

Dustin Miller, Personal Trainer, Chicago, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

1999 and 2000 IL State Powerlifting Champion, 1999 National and World Powerlifting Champion. 18-19 100kg weight class. Won Best Lifter Award at National and World Championships. Sept 2008 Beast Tamer. NSCA certified as CSCS. NASM certified as CES. RKC Certified

I learned a lot more on fine-tuning exercises/lifts and how to connect them to their lifts/exercises. Some of the break downs really helped turn the "light bulb" on. Many "ah-ha" moments.

Only thing that compares is Level I. Very physically demanding and mentally challenging too.

Rich Kocher, Personal Trainer, Poughkeepsie, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ace personal trainer, NASM personal trainer, NYSC master trainer, RKC, JKD 4th level.

I was expecting an awesome weekend. But just as in the Level I certification, which far exceeded my expectation, the level 2 far exceeded what I expected to learn

RKC Level II training far exceeds any other training there is. Except of course for the RKC Level I. The RKC's set a different standard then any other training. It also gives you drills and skills you can immediately apply to your life, training and clients. It was great to be here and great to be around all the RKCs.

Mike Barbato, Automotive Tech, Malvern, PA

Brilliant! I believe RKC II and DD present themselves with full knowledge of all related concepts. No one else can present the material that DD has.

RKC and the Hard Style method is fabulous. It's a total honor to train and be instructed by Pavel and the RKC team.

Gary J. Berenbroick, Personal Trainer/Fitness Director, Bryn Mawr, PA

The amount of information presented was more overwhelming than the workload. I have not only learned how to perform and teach the core RKC II drills but I've also gained a deeper understanding of the RKC I drills. I have learned a lot about my body and how it moves this weekend.

Jason Therrien, Personal Trainer, Colorado Springs, Co

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The RKC Level II is challenging to the point of being a catalyst for personal growth. Level II makes you consider the long term consequences of your movement and mobility patterns. I will be striving for perfection knowing I will never reach it.

David Cogswell, Chemical Operator / Co Owner of Kettlebell Club, Houston, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Co Owner Houston Kettlebell Club, 5th Dan Tae Kwon Do, 2 Times National Champion WTF, Former Para-rescue Specialist USAF

Extremely informative and the additional attention to details of techniques are over top, with exceptional expertise. A must for all level I RKC's.

It's priceless what you have offered us. And I know you will continue to grow as an organization. All my best.

Delaine Ross, Kettlebell Instructor, Atlanta, GA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

4th in Fitness America – Southern CA 2007, Competed in Fitness Universe 2008

The RKC II was a weekend of learning and applying new techniques and revisiting the foundation exercise. The instructors gave tons of useful information that I look forward to putting into practice.

Kim Vigsbo, Krav Maga Instructor, Professional Bodyguard, Douglassville, PA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

25+ years as a Professional Bodyguard, 20+ years as a Krav Maga instructor

Great collection of experienced instructors, really good level of information presented in a clear manner!

Phil Scarito, Owner of DV8Fitness, LLC, Wayne, PA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I have been an RKC since September 07. I am CK-FMS certified and have assisted in 2 Russian Kettlebell Challenges. I own and operate DV8Fitness, a Kettlebell company outside of Pennsylvania. I also teach Kettlebell classes with SRKC Will Williams.

If you are serious about expanding your education and making yourself a better instructor this is a requirement! If you think you are great at the basics, attend Level II and you will see what you were missing as a Level I instructor.

The bottom line on this question always is: there is no other comparison around. This is the highest standard, hands down.

Jason Burch, Restaurant Owner, Columbus, Ohio

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC certification FEB '08, AKC certification DEC '07

A wealth of knowledge from approachable professional instructors as well as great opportunity to learn and improve various kettlebell lifting levels.

I think that Dragon Door is by far the most professional, most organized, and best marketed group of its type. I appreciate how precisely everyone at the DD executes. It is frustrating when other kb/fitness groups don't meet up to the standard DD has set. Thank you again to all with DD!

Tommy Blom, Owner of Tenacity - Tactical Strength, Global Krav Maga Instructor (IKMF), RKC Kettlebell Instructor, Gothenburg, Sweden

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

10 years of Handball, 15 years of Krav Maga (IKMF), Krav Maga Expert 4, RKC since 2006.

Anyone that is an RKC and wants to broaden their perspective, more understanding, deeper knowledge and more skills/techniques, in KB and functional training, needs to do this!

Karen Smith, Owner and Trainer - Kettlebell Elite, Virginia Beach, VA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

April 09 - Opened Kettlebell Elite, first Kettlebell training facility in Virginia Beach. Currently prepping 3 clients for RKC. Training SWAT, USN SEALs, Professional & Amateur MMA fighters. Assistant Instructor for SEAL RKC. Personal Trainer (AFAA '00, ACE '01, RKC '08)

RKC Level II was a great experience, I am always amazed by the knowledge and passion from the senior, master and chief RKC. I am honored to be a part of this community and hope to continue to grow and advance within the group.

RKC is always top notch. The quality of the instructors is always impressive. I really enjoy that this is a certification about physical; mental test, not a paper test. We are always encouraged to push ourselves harder than we thought possible.

Alison Kenyon, Clown, Colfax, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

training in contortion, Chinese acrobatics, dance, power lifting, and pro-wrestling (and of course kettlebells)

RKC is so different from the other kinds of training I've done wrestling, acrobatics, contortion, etc, that it's hard to compare… but!... I can say that after a few years of my Chinese Acro instructor hitting my legs because I had no vertical jump, I still couldn't jump. But after a few months of HS swings, I gained about a foot of height.

Leslie Keehn, Attorney, San Diego, CA

The course was a rare opportunity to hone and develop skills with the best instructors in the world, while also motivating me to delve deeper into my training because the weekend very clearly showed me how little I know, and how much more there is to learn and achieve.

I have not attended any other certification courses pertaining to physical exercise. The RKC system is the only one that has gotten the attention of my inner athlete.

Eric Braren, Personal Trainer, Glendale, AZ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM-CPT, Yoga Alliance-RYT, RKC

It was equal physically only to RKC I. The physical training is light years beyond any other training I have gone through. Tons and tons of practical uses for the information that was given to us. I do not feel that scope of material allowed me to digests it fully; meaning there was so much material that it will take months, maybe years to fully understand the education I received this weekend.

Jim Skislak, Systems Architect, McLean, VA

An excellent and logical extension of Level I concepts that presented a vast/detailed amount of new material (incorporating Z-Health and CK-FMS concepts). The material presented in regard to the application of tension was worth the rice of the course. This was the most thorough, comprehensive well presented and demanding training I have ever attended.

I have only taken the RKC I, II training courses, (not a personal trainer) it is hard to imagine attending training that is not affiliated with Dragon Door.

You did a fabulous job as always. I look forward to returning to the RKC I in 2 years with my son. Thanks again!

David White

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


RKC continues to be a leader and is second to none because of its high standards. Only top knowledge people will be RKC II.

Eric Kenyon, RKC Instructor, Colfax, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Ten years professional trainer, seven years Hardstyle/kettlebell student and teacher, three years college level judo, Scottish Highland Games competitor, instructor at U.S Marine Corps RKC, ex- Army paratrooper, sniper and combat vet.

The RKC II was extremely challenging and extremely educational. I was reminded what an incredibly intelligent and generous group of people make up the RKC. I was very impressed by the international composition of students and instructors.

There is no comparison anywhere. The RKC II is unique.

Harinder Sabharwal, Strategic Business Development Manager, Semi Conductors, San Jose, California

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Instructor Jeet Kune Do Concepts and Filipino Martial Arts - Under Sifu Paul Vunak Instructor Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do - Under Sifu Larry Hartsell. 2nd Degree BlackBelt Okinawan Karate. NCAA Tennis for UC Davis. International Junior Rugby for Canada

A fantastic experience, anyone serious about strength must attend! Very educational and functional training!. You guys are the most prepared and well organized seminars I have ever attended.

Keep on doing what you are doing! RKC has helped me to be come a stronger, more flexible and more educated on training high level athletes to house moms.

Ryan Toshner, Gym owner/strength & conditioning specialist, Waukesha, WI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, Avid rock climber, NCAA Scholar All-American wrestler

Great experience! Combined with CK-FMS and added on top of the level I cert, the RKC II cert has given me the tools to better help my clients (and myself) achieve their goals. It also served to wet my appetite to learn even more…

Practical application of tension techniques will benefit both athletes and the average Joe/Jane.

Application of the specific exercises will definitely help the more advanced.

Tobias Matyas, Budapest, Hungary

It was very useful. I recognized many small things and understood many details. I learned many nice and extra detail. Nice updating.

Holger Prahm, Head of department of Nature and Environment, Hojslev, Denmark

So well founded knowledge and so old and so new knowledge I love logic thinking on body exercise.

Matthew Seki

As expected by now for the RKC program, Level II went far above and beyond what I thought we would be covering and once again I find myself leaving an RKC workshop thinking in a different manner. Awesome.

George Samuelson, Personal Trainer/Marketing Consultant, Chesterfield, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Train in Israeli Krav Maga

RKC II was a great workshop! A continuation of the RKC I principles, plus many new "a-ha" moments with the RKC II skills. A must attend workshop for any RKC!

As good as RKC I/CK-FMS. Many great training and business applications, that can be applied.

Jason Marshall, Owner - Lone Star Kettlebell, Lubbock, Texas

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Jason is the owner of Lone Star Kettlebell in Lubbock, Texas...West Texas' premiere kettlebell strength and conditioning facility. Jason is a 2001 graduate of Texas Tech University with a B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science. He earned his Level I RKC in October 2007 and has since attended the first ever CK-FMS workshop in August 2008 and the Level I RKC certification in October 2008 as an Assistant Instructor. Along with a passion for picking up heavy stuff, Jason competes in power lifting as an unequipped lifter and aspires to achieve his Elite status in the near future.

A phenomenal expansion of the RKC system continuously growing and evolving which simultaneously raises the bar and integrity of its students. Highly recommended!

I haven't earned any other certifications in the past other than RKC. However, since becoming and expanding my knowledge of the RKC system, I can say it goes above and beyond my formal academic background in Exercise Science.

Thanks so much for such a high-quality presentation and experience!

Kristi Nicol, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Georgetown, Texas

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, Round Rock Volunteer Fire Department: Rookie of the Year (2004), Firefighter of the Year (2005), Training Award (2005)

It has taken my kb training to a whole new level. Always breaking down each one not just going for it.

Nothing holds a candle to it. RKC gives me the confidence that I'm not wasting my clients' money.

Antonio Cordova, Personal Trainer, New York, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CrossFit Level I, Navy Veteran 2003.

The RKC II instructors course has added indefinite knowledge and tools to my arsenal. I had many AHA moments. Not only does it teach you new drills and exercises but it reinforces the core that I've learn at level I.

Highest quality of trainers, material and practical use by far. The RKC community is for me the window for a new physical fitness revolution and I'm proud to be part of this family. I've never taken any thing close to this level of preparedness, and instructional knowledge.

Kristen McLaughlin, Attorney, Denver, CO

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Z-Health R and I Phase certified; Do some part time training with the goal of doing more in the next few years.

It was harder than I was expecting but I'm glad for that. I know that a Level II RKC really has earned that title. I was not as prepared as I should have been which I regret but even so I learned more in 3 days than I ever have. This weekend has really motivated me to keep up my training, take some weight off and get to that athletic level where I want to be. Thank you.

Steve Wright, Academic, part-time martial arts and kettlebell instructor, London

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Associate Instructor, Breen Instructor Group Instructor, Integrated Arts (under Terry Barnett). Associate Instructor, International Inosanto Martial Arts Instructors Association Associate Instructor, JKD-Jun Fan Grappling Association Instructor, Minnesota Kali Group International

Be prepared! This means more then knowing the drills. Then have fun. Think again if you think you are ready after just one year as a RKC. Better yet, get advice.

Quality, scope of material, and practical applicability were all superlative.

Matthew Franco

Another great weekend of a lot of hard work and even more great, valuable information. Many of the drills we covered this weekend are directly applicable and will be used.

Once again one of the only worthwhile certifications around. Far and away above the rest! Great job RKC and Dragon Door.

Tim Shuman, Strength Coach, Orlando, Fl

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

'95 B.S. Springfield College, MA, C.S.C.S., USAW.
'00 AFL. Championship (Strength Coach), 15 yrs Training concentration on Olympic Weight Training

Riddled with "a ha" moments tips and tricks to enhance my workouts and those of my students.

Tera L Mathis, Kettlebell Studio and Nutrition Training, Harpers Ferry, IA

Excellent! So much information given to us that I can apply to my own training and my client training.

Christine Bagiotti, Personal Trainer, Dania Beach, FL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

*RKC Certified Instructor, *CrossFit Certified Kettlebell Instructor, *NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer, *Associates of Science Degree in Fashion Illustration/ Commercial Art, *Co-Owner of a personal training company, ATP-Advanced Training and Performance LLC. ATP specializes in functional training, instructs kettlebell classes / workshops for all ages and athletic ability.

My experience at Level II was extremely educational and challenging. The instructors are top notched and it was an honor to learn from them again.

This is by far the most educational, well organized, professional, and hand on certification I have ever attended.

Patrick Jernigan, Personal Trainer, San Francisco, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

AAAI/ISMI certified, Blue Belt, Ralph Gracie Jiu-jitsu

It took a few months for all of the Level I stuff to sink in and it'll take twice as long for this to be fully absorbed.

Steve Strickman, Management Consultant / Kettlebell Trainer, New York, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Mixed Martial Arts, BJJ

An incredible download of information on proper movement, movement screening, and biomechanics for strength and conditioning. Demanding and rewarding.

I've taken several martial arts seminars, and the depth of instructors as well as the preparation and execution RKC provides is hard to beat. The instructors really help and provide the supervision necessary to "raise our games." This workshop pushes you to the limits, physically and mentally.

Adam Noble, actor, bar owner, trainer, Los Angeles, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NSCA, CSCS, formerly sponsored snowboarder, BJJ blue belt under Rey Diogo, CrossFit level 1

Overwhelming amount of great material. Almost not enough time to delve fully into everything.

The scope of material is phenomenal and its transfer into real world applications is great. One of the best I have been to.

Derek Miller, Personal Trainer, Fayetteville, AR

The RKC II training course was very mentally as well as physically exhausting, but by the end of it all I can walk a little fuller.

Colette Keno, Personal Trainer, CPR Instructor, FT. Lauderdale, FL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Top Female Duathlete and 1/2 marathon runner in state of Flordia. Triathlete as well. 5th in World in Women's Obstacle Racing (WTF), NSCA CPT, American Heart Association CPR Instructor. Have been a world and National Athlete my whole life.

Level II opened my eyes to a lot of body movement issues we all have and the importance to take your time on learning and "correction" first.

Lance F. Coffel, Fitness Coach, Lake Oswego, OR

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Category 1 Cyclist, Multiple, Sate Champion, National medalist. Olympic Style Boxing Coach. Iyengar Yoga Teacher. Z-Health Level 2.

As in RKC I, I was given cutting edge information but with more emphasis on the finer points of kettlebell training.

As always, the top training in the industry!

Robert Rimoczi, RKC, IT Consulting, Munich, Germany

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, Kyokushin Karate, Kick Box, Box

I feel me like version 1.0 software updated to 2.0. I have some new useful features and my basic functions are running more stable.

Peter Vieira, FIREFIGHTER, East Providence, RI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Firefighters Combat Challenge State Champion (over 40). I worked at the State Maximum Prison for two years before I became a firefighter, I also achieved a Blackbelt in Kenpo Karate in 1986.

I learned more about training in the weekend than I would ever learned on my own. It took my training to another level.

Brad Mallie, Personal Trainer, Woodland Hills California

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Lots of information from people with various backgrounds. Good experience with lots of info. Really sharpens level I skills.

Excellent quality and more than enough practical use.

Massimiliano Abbrescia, Physical Trainer, Milano, Italia

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Judo experience (green belt). Former Italian and European Champion with Frogs Legnano (american football). Triathlete and Ironman finisher. Physical trainer, personal trainer.

Definitely an experience to pass through, to tell about it and recommend.

Antonio Saccinto, Personal trainer, Milan, Italy

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, Issa (international sport science association) personal trainer, Martial arts student bjj and shaolin wushu.

It's intensity, very challenge. Isn't easy, study before!!

Is really, really different. RKC it's like university

For me is perfect.

Giovanna Pozza, Housewife, Roscoe IL

Very challenging. Everything has been treated in depth.

June 2008 RKC Level II Certification Workshop — Participant Praise


Philip Ross - Martial Arts and Personal Trainer; Ho Ho Kus, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

2005- Inducted to the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame
2000- Garden State Games Karate Black Belt Heavyweight Sparring Champion
1998 — Medalist in Weapons, Empty hand Forms and Freestyle Fighting at the Bando Nationals
1996 - United Kung Fu Federation - Competitor of the Year Award
1995 — Amateur National Heavyweight Freestyle Fighting Champion
1994 - World Martial Arts Hall of Fame - "Man of the Year"
1987 — Reebok Classic Power lifting Champion (1400 lbs. Lifted in the 181 lb class)
1982 — University of Maryland Olympic lifting Champion — 181 lbs.
1979 — AAU Junior Olympic Greco-Roman National Runner-up

Solid review and extension of knowledge — with a much deeper explanation then in Level I. Information, techniques and philosophies that may be applied immediately, the information is useful for a wide array of clientele.

Heidi Rothenberg — Russian Kettlebell Instructor/Massage Therapist; Albuquerque, NM

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Co-owner of FireBellz, Albuquerque's Premiere Russian Kettlebell Studio, 15 year certified personal fitness trainer.

RKC II not only gave me advanced skills but sharpened, refined and enhanced what I already had in my "tool box". RKC is hands down the most valuable certification course I have participated in.

Thomas Phillips - Owner of Fit for Life pt; Marlboro, NJ:

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

2002 Body-for-life Grand Master Champion
1st place National AAU deadlifter
Master Class Raw Powerlifter; National qualifier for the sport of kettlebell lifting

Extremely informative, quality material, practical information in every respect. The quality of instruction and scope of material is second to none.

A fantastic group of instructors and students. I enjoyed my time here very much!

Andrey Patenko - Personal Trainer; Lansdale, PA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Improved my skills. Very professional, well done. 10+ You are top notch!!

Cindy Glass — Analyst; Portola Valley, CA

The Level II cert was a great opportunity to clean my brain of useless bits of fitness information and misinformation — and fill it with high quality kettlebell insights and instruction I'll keep forever.

Willie Woods - Personal Trainer, Massage; Therapist Redmond, WA

The RKC Level II Training has provided me a more in-depth approach to my training as well as to my clients. The addition of Rif's length/tension, Andrea's special populations, Brett and Kenneth's presentation were all excellent information, that I can use in my business as well as to improve my well being.

Overall, by far the most intensive, knowledge and science based physical training that I have ever attended.

Angelo Gala - Personal Trainer; Boston, MA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

7 years experience personal training, NSCA-CPT, CSCS, RKC

The level II workshop added more drills to my arsenal necessary to maintain an elite fitness level.

RKC Level I was the best. Level II had so much more information that it blows Level I away.

Lauren Brooks — Fitness Coach and Clinical Nutritionist; Encinitas, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Clinical Nutritionist, B.S. in Kinesiology, Certified by American Council on Exercise. Personal Trainer for 9 years.

Took all the concepts that I know about training and opened it up to a deeper and more complex level. Introduced me to cutting edge training techniques.

RKC never lets me down. I learn more with this type of training that I did in my degree program of kinesiology or any personal training cert.

Zar Horton - Firefighter; Albuquerque, New Mexico

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC Team Leader
Division Commander Albuquerque Fire Department- Special Operations
Albuquerque Fire Department; Health and Wellness Program Co-founder
FireBellz Russian Kettlebell Studio Owner; Certified Paramedic -18 yrs
US DOE Certified Instructor Intermediate Force, Ground Control for Law Enforcement
Men's League competitive soccer 17 yrs; Youth soccer Coach 2000-2004
Track: 1993 World Firefighter Games 4x100 Gold medal

A 3-day — I mean full days of excellent, in depth instruction with information that will take my own and my clients training to the next level. This is the information and technique that set RKC organization part. The depth of knowledge and delivery ensure that those who earn their RKC II definitely have the fine tuning tolls and ability to take technique and programming up one very big notch!

I am spoiled now and expect a certain level from RKC/DD. RKC II delivered! A great weekend with challenging workouts and excellent in depth lectures with enough hands on to be usable with clients immediately!

Renee Woods — Personal Trainer; Encinitas, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified personal trainer, RKC certification, 3rd degree black belt and did body building training and contest in the 1990's

Packed full of great information by very, very good instructors.

The best I have ever been to! Scope of material great and practical use was very good. Very challenging. Everything was very organized as well.

John Heinz - Blacksmith, Martial Arts Instructor; Upper Black Eddy, PA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

25+ years Martial Arts Practice; shim Gum Do Kwanjang.

The Level II Cert is something all RKC Level I instructors should take, if they are serious about understanding the benefits of a "Hard Style" approach to kettlebell training.

In many ways, the best so far. Again, the presentation was geared appropriately. The class was likewise serious in their intent. For me the new info of rehab/eval. was paramount, though I appreciated the refinement of lifting skills that I have been practicing for years.

George Spears — Teacher of Yoga "Neuromuscular Performance Specialist"; Roswell, GA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I began my studies of yoga and martial art and Japanese-russo strength and conditioning methods under the tutelage of Tadashi Nakamura Sensei, Vladamir Lakota, Ivan Trypovic, Max Hasse, Tony Armento and last but not least Yul Brynner. Since 1979 I have taught athletes from all walks of life both amateur and professional most notably Walter Peyton and Scott Sisson. In 1989 I founded the Neuromuscular Performance Institute and my own form of yoga. "Ahimsa Virabhadrasana"(Nonviolent Warrior) a vinyasa form of yoga utilizing the dead lift, the pullup, the squat and the kettlebell as a foundation for spinal strength and flexibility

The RKC Level II instructor training proved to me that they have not rested on their laurels with the success o the kettlebell phenomenon. More information taught in a concise and understandable manner, taking complex physiological protocols and research and teaching it a way that is understandable for both me and my students. Knowledge, integrity, and sincerity of purpose.

I have spent in excess of 35k in 25 years of seminars helping me to be a better teacher of athletes and I still feel that in the best return I've received on my money as a matter of fact I feel guilty that the knowledge I've received is no way a fairly compensated for the checks I've written to Dragon door…Thank you or keeping it affordable… it is a pearl beyond price.

Matthew Godina - Personal Trainer; Brooklyn, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The RKC II was great. The hands on instruction of new techniques was excellent and thorough, in addition to learning new kettle bell techniques. Brett, Kenneth, Andrea and Mark's information sections broadened my understanding of how KBS can be used.

Phenomenal after the RKC this is the best workshop I have been to.

The entire Dragon Door team does a great job. Thank you for you attention to detail and professionalism.

Jeff Larson - Personal Trainer; Napa, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Personal Trainer

This has given me more tolls to take my strength, knowledge and skill to a higher level. All the instructor's level of expertise is mind boggling. It has been an honor to be part of the RKC.

There is no comparison!! RKC is top notch!! Everything taught can be applied immediately. I am honored to be a part of such a great program!!

Betsy Collie — Group Kettlebell Instructor, Rapid Results Fitness; Durham, NC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Attended NC School of the Arts for Dance. Numerous scholarships and awards for dance. Figure competitor instructor. Group certifications and personal trainer certs. Currently co-owner of Rapid Results Fitness, specializing in kettlebell training group classes.

It was well worth the time and money investment and makes me even more honored to be an RKC instructor.

RKC has always set the bar for me. The seniors and masters know their stuff. More importantly they are approachable and passionate about kb training and the importance of safety and technique.

Mark Erickson — Personal Trainer; Vinton, IA

The RKC Level II Instructor Certification Training will allow me to better serve my clients. The knowledge I gained from this weekend will be a direct reflection of the future results of everybody I train.

The best hands on training I've attended to date. The material presented can be applied as soon as I return with my clients.

Ron Farrington - Police Officer; East Hanover, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Member of the East Hanover Police Dept. ESU team, currently compete in MMA

It was an excellent opportunity to revisit why Level I principles and exercises are so important as well as expand on that knowledge and apply the principles to more advanced training.

I feel all the instructors have a tremendous amount of knowledge. What I like and appreciate the most is that every on of them will make the time and go out of their way to answer any question you have, not holding anything back. The most impressive aspect to me is that if they know another instructor is better suited to answer the question or give advice, they will defer to the other instructor.

I'm very happy with what was taught and the practical use. I like that even though I have a lot to learn on every topic covered I can still walk away and immediately apply many of the concepts.

Rolando Garcia, III - JKD Instructor; Guttenberg, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Full Instructor in JKD/FMA under Armando Basulto - Senior Full Instructor under Paul Vunak
- Phase I Instructor in JKD/FMA under Paul Vunak/Armando Basulto
- Initiateur in Boxe Francaise Savate under Armando Basulto, Moniteur under the French Federation of Boxe Francaise Savate
- Blue Belt in BJJ under Royler Gracie/David Adiv (8 years experience)
- Competitive experience in BJJ (gi/no-gi), boxe francaise savate, muay thai, stick and knife fighting

More in depth, more useful information. Blows the competition away.

JJ Blea — Contractor, Kettlebell studio owner; Albuquerque, NM

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Involved in many different sports throughout my lifetime. Enjoy Kettlebell training, basketball, and golf now days.

Extremely informative, and helped cement many of the philosophies set forth in RKC Level I.

As in RKC I, the entire program was informative, professional, educational and fun. The best program I have attended.

Kate Hawbaker — Teacher; Louisville, KY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Member of YMCA women's gymnastics team Mason-Dixon league champions 1980-1985. Practices Ashtanga yoga. Studied yoga with Ramanand Patel, David Swenson, Doug Keller.

A very valuable experience personally and professionally.

Excellent. Much deeper than others, with real time to practice and have qualified, hands on assistance with improving form in lifts.

Jule Albretsen - Mechanical Engineer; Hyrum, UT

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Ran Park City, UT Marathon 2004. 300 on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). 4 years in the Army.

I took the RKC two months ago. Afterwards, I still had questions and doubts about the basic exercises. I also wondered how to teach kbs to people with mobility issues and other problems. Level II gave me much more confidence in the basics and I feel more comfortable with clients.

Gayle Hunter — Fitness Trainer; Healdsburg, CA

It is empowering me to go forward in teaching others kettlebells skills. To be the sole person introducing the kettlebells invasion in my town felt a bit scary, but it reinforced my conviction of it's integrity.

Haven't taken many other courses — but it is beyond compare to anything else.

Tim McPhee — Plumber; Rochester, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Master plumber, HVAC technician, 4th degree Black Belt in TKD, Certified Instructor in TKD

This cert goes way beyond just lifting. In life, there are those who get in the car, turn the key and hit the gas. This course provides us with info on cornering, braking, aerodynamics, team management and more.

The scope of material far exceeds that of Level I, as it should. It helps those of us who really want to know just what is going in the body.

I would like to sincerely show my appreciation for the level of organization exhibited during RKC II 2008. John, Dennis, Nicole and those others I don't know made this weekend go by with ease.

Dustin Rippetoe — Gun Range Owner; Guthrie OK

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

4 years kettlebells; 2 years RKC
10+ years martial arts

The RKC Level II is an absolute must for any RKC who wishes to grow their knowledge of kettlebells.

Christian Lombardo — Personal Trainer, Performance Coach; Huntington, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Tier Three Personal Trainer at Equinox Fitness Club, International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Master Trainer, United States of America Weightlifting (USAW) Club Coach

A hardcore, intense, powerful and extremely educational! I loved how Pavel focused on perfection of techniques on all core exercises and how to utilize the body muscles to out perform the exercise.

Extreme and top quality education in teaching the bottom line principle to excel and out perform in kettlebells, strength, sport and all life activities. Excellent manual in guiding everything covered in the workshop.

Robert Harris - Fitness Coach; Nepean, Ont. Canada

This training is the best hands on I have ever had. Makes the XFit pale by comparison. I have never had sooooo much take home material, I can use tomorrow. Recommend to all Giryas.

Stefan Astrup Madsen — Student; Hilleroedgaade, Denmark

Like the RKC, very straightforward and useful. Manual described details very well for later use.

Chris Fournie — Martial Arts Fitness Gym Owner; Duluth, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Black belts in 2 disciplines; Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor; Past Bodyguard; past private investigator; 1000 Kettlebell Snatch Challenge.

Like the RKC I it is one of the best, most professionally conducted seminars I have ever been to. (I have been to many seminars!)

Jill Knipp — Personal Trainer; Escondido, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer; AAHFRP Post Rehab Specialist; AAHFRP Medical Exercise Specialist; RKC

The trainings provided by Dragon Door are always very organized and thorough. It's an efficient machine. The material is geared toward practical application and there is something for everyone. A lot of the basic exercise physiology is good review and then there are some new things to consider. Good scope of material.

Carolyn Hakes - Personal Trainer; Naperville, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The RKC II further expanded my knowledge beyond basic kb exercises. I now have a broader knowledge of how better to evaluate clients to prevent and recover from injury.

The information provided by Dragon Door is always excellent. I really feel like I am learning form real experts. There is a lot packed in to each day and I love this "no-nonsense" approach.

Kerry Timko, Canada

This is my 4th RKC program and I keep coming back for the latest cutting edge info.

Bob Orr - US Marine; Virginia Beach, VA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, US Marine, currently competing in ultra-marathon cycling events.

The Level 2 certification course is essential for all RKCs. The skills learned in this course go beyond the kettlebell and focus on the well physical well being of a victim.

This course is by far the most informative course on physical training I've attended.

Fred Killian - self employed trainer; MANASQUAN, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Varied career including military, police and protection.

The confidence of amateurs is the envy of professionals.

Above and beyond.

Robbie Williams - Personal trainer/ Gym owner; Cork, Ireland

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

long distance running, biking, crossfitting

A very good weekend, a reminder that basics are key exercises and I will focus more on them with clients, rather than teach exercises that they are perhaps not technically capable of.

I try to make a point of coming to RKC, this is the 2nd time being here and I must say that I learn more here in 3 days than I do in 2 years at home in Ireland.

Aaron Larmore - Owner/Director of Performance - Fit2Live; Iowa City, IA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Youth Conditioning Specialist — IYCA, Strength and Conditioning Specialist - NSCA

I felt I expanded my knowledge and understanding through learning more exercises, better ways to trouble shooting, expansion of knowledge to further asset and correct movements patterns.

The RKC sets a standard for other certification bodies. Great knowledge and, as importantly, application. If you can't do the training yourself, how can you transfer it to your clients?

Jason Von — Personal Trainer; Livermore, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Chek Level I, Poligquin Level 2, Back Rehab and preventative injuries, training athletes.

Don't think you know it all because you saw a kettlebell exercise on YouTube or read an article…. Come to the RKC II to learn and truly understand the purpose of the kettlebell and how to use it correctly!

Everything we learn has practical use… which is essential. I really like how the certification is ran on a schedule and sticks to the schedule. You know what to expect and prep for.

Keep up the good work. You guys have done an excellent job in promoting the more and more popularized kettlebell.

Christine Staunch - Personal Trainer; Bayonne, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

World/International Baton Twirling Competitor, State, Regional and National Champion; Personal Trainer; Group Fitness Instructor; USTA Judge

It has exceeded my expectations as far as content the cert has inspired me with insightful feed back for my clients and in my own training.

RKC II blows everything else away with the exception of the RKC I. Material is perfect. It is very practical including VO2 Max.

Andrew Freeman - Personal Trainer; S St Paul, MN

Great learning experience with no time wasted. If we weren't learning something new we were swinging. Awesome weekend.

Not as intense as Level I but much more great material taught in this one.

George Gomola - Asst. Fire Chief; Fairfield, CT

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

IAAI Firefighter Peer Fitness Trainer, SAQS Strength and Conditioning Coach
Sacred Heart University Men's Soccer

The softer side on the hard style. But soft is not meant to be weak, rather a gateway to greater strength and longevity.

Excellent program — injury and mobility restrictions preventions. Full enjoyment and participation, but the corrective strategies helped tremendously. I could never have learned windmill, bent press or pistol without corrective assessment and strategies.

Jonathan Barber - Landlord, Personal Trainer; Nottingham, United Kingdom

This has given me so many new skills on top of RKC I to now use with you training.

Quality — excellent. Well organized, good communication of expectations and organized both before and during. Scope — much more in depth than Level I. Had simply expected to run through more exercises but instead learnt so much more. The information to the side of the new skills seemed more valuable. Practical — explained at all points.

Luis Martinez — Businessman; Guadalajara, MEXICO

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Football 10 years, some martial arts.

It definitely would help me I my training as well as with my trainees. Now I know many things more!

Definitely the best workshop I have taken, great new materials and detailed instruction.

Keira Newton - Feldenkrais Practitoner; Santa Fe, NM

It was an intense 3 day introduction to the numerous ways kettlebell can be used an applied.

RKC for me provides nothing but the best, it's that simple.

Michael House - Fitness Director; Houston, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former professional and amateur boxer; Master's exercise physiology, USA Weightlifting / Club Coach; CSCS

Even more in depth then Level I. Everyone was so helpful and knowledgeable.

Far superior to ANY and EVERYTHING I have done in the past.

Kori Bliffert - Respiratory Therapist, Personal Trainer; Frisco, TX

Very good instruction and knowledge by the instructors.

Christopher Newton - Personal Trainer; Miami, FL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Masters Degree: Exercise Physiology; NCSA; CSCS; 2nd degree Blackbelt Kempo; MMA Instructor.

It was once again a great experience. The best part of it was the attention to detail in the skills.

Very good. Love the philosophies of the kb training. I am CSCS so it fits right into my thought process. The Level II was obviously not as demanding as Level I, and not as challenging, but I understand the purpose.

John Rock - Personal Trainer; Arden Hills, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

1992,1994 US Olympic Trials participant XC ski; NSCA- CSCS; ACSM- HF/I; ACE- Personal Trainer; NASM- PES; AFFA- Group Fitness Instructor; Professional Ski Instructors of America- Nordic Track & Skate level 3, Alpine level 1

A great way to enhance your kettlebell skills and gain greater awareness of how to improve your skills and improve on your weaknesses.

It is greater on scope and depth of knowledge. It assumes some prior knowledge with amateur and physiology and current training strategies, which is great.

John J Slattery IV — Firefighter; Egg harbor Township, NJ

Very informative.

Maurizio Maddaloni — Trainer; Milano ITALY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

European champion bjj blu belt 2006, functional trainer, Parachutist, fitness advisor



June 2007 RKC Level II Certification Workshop — Participant Praise

Prentiss Rhodes, Trainer/Chiropractor part time, Chicago, IL.

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Collegiate taekwondo silver medalist sparring 1994,
State of Illinois multi medalist in sparring Taekwondo
2nd degree Black belt Taekwondo; 5th degree black belt USMA Karate
American Board of Chiropractic Sports Physicians: Certified Sports Practitioner; NSCA CSCS

The RKC II instructor training is a powerful tool because it has again bridged the gap between the science and the perfect practice of the kettlebell. It is evident that the knowledge every instructor teacher is not theoretical. It is clearly practical and can be reproduced in all of the attendees.

I believe that in some organizations the tendency is to recycle information and teach it with bad attitude. RKC instruction is at the head of the field.

Mark Cheng, Doctor (Chinese Orthopedic Medicine); Contributing Editor (Black Belt Magazine); Martial arts kettlebell rehab research, Los Angeles, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified instructor "Sifu" Los Angeles branch holder - Gee Yung Sil Lum Fut Ga Kung-Fu Association / Certified Black Belt Los Angeles representative - American Combat Shuai-Chiao Association / Co-author of Hwa Rang Do: Defend, Takedown, Submit / Kettlebell instructor - Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts / Licensed Acupuncturist (CA) / Ph.D. - Acupuncture Oriental Medicine / Faculty member (Tui-Na: Chinese orthopedic manual therapeutics instructor) - Yosan University of TCM

Priceless info for any trainer, athletics professional, or pain/orthopedics medicine practitioner! No instructor of any movement science or bodywork therapy should lack this level of education.

Stewart Carroll, Strength Coach / Acupuncturist, New York, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NSCA-CSCS; RKC; USAW-Sports Performance Coach
NYS Licensed Acupuncturist; NCAA College Basketball Player
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Muay Thai; Western Boxing

Pavel and the crew definitely took it to the next level. They offered a wide range of invaluable information that I can put to use immediately.

As advertised — this weekend really did take me to the next level as an RKC. I don't know anywhere else that I could have found so much valuable information and had such a great, practical strength training experience — and I have looked.

Glenn E. Cruz, Niceville, FL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Retired Air Force Veteran of 23 years

Above reproach! Instructors were always going above and beyond in ensuring attendees fully grasped the attention to details. Outstanding communicative skills. We are now leaving with more tools, experience and knowledge. Better, more prepared and better role models.

RKC Level II training sets the standard of training. Great balance and focus, it has provided an immediate, positive impact! I believe you all continue to mold and shape this program through previous experiences. Great balance of training. Academics, demonstrations, performance and team building.

J Wilford Boyce, Student, Strength Coach, Bartlesville, OK

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Competitive football track at the high school collegiate levels; Physical Fitness Specialist certified through the Cooper Aerobics Institute in Dallas, TX

If the RKC I was an ocean of wisdom, knowledge, and expert information, then the RKC II cert was a tidal wave! The sheer volume and quality of info that was presented was overwhelming. I'll be chewing on this stuff for a year — easy!

Andy Alexander, IT and personal training, Parker, CO

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I have trained for over 30 years as a martial artist, competing very successfully in the 1980s. 10 years in the Army. Personal trainer, teaching martial arts, and conditioning for martial arts, kettlebells.

The training was excellent. We went into a lot more detail in many areas than I expected. And I am glad the course was more "cerebral" as it more signifies a Level II course.

Susan J. Finley, Gym Manager, Personal Trainer, Columbia, SC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Small powerlifting meets

This has been an incredibly informative certification where everything correlated and led to a heightened understanding, not only in the practice and function of kettlebell training, but also I the reality of bringing these skills back to all of my clients — athletes to de-conditioned housewives.

Heads and tails above any other certification. The depth of knowledge of the presenters was enough to make it far more worthwhile than other courses. The hands on work and the personal exercise work is what really puts it over the top.

Shaun Cairns, Businessman, Johannesburg, South Africa

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

100m and 200m Breast stroke swimmer (schools, and provincial schools), School and Club Rugby (flank, eighth man, lock); RKC; The first Beast Tamer; SSST score of 240; UST score of 140

More in depth information on why kettlebells work so well that will enhance my ability to teach it. Great fun. 2007 quality has outstripped all previous years! Always practical! Wish I lived in the US for only one reason, so that I could attend more RKCs. You guys would be begging me to stay away!

Dietrich Dejean, Reno, NV

This experience was the best possible education that I have received in fitness training. It helped to improve my knowledge and teaching ability towards victims.

On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 12 in my book. Plenty of practical and technical information to utilize. Superb workshop and presentation.

Kevin Jodrey, Kettlebell Instructor, Miranda, CA

I had hoped for exactly what was delivered, concepts and skills above the RKC I level. Pavel and his staff put on a tremendous certification and I would highly recommend it to all RKCs.

Will Williams, Strength Trainer, Malvern, PA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

USMC 1998-2002; RKC 2005; RKC/CAS 2005; RKC Assistant Instructor 2006; RKC Team Leader 2007; NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
Owner/operator Main Line Kettlebells, Inc.

My expectations were met and then surpassed as the "simplexity" of the RKC system was introduced in new forma sand new methods.

Unfortunately all other schools of thought are second to the training I receive here.

Kerry Timko, Personal Trainer/Strength Coach, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CSCS, HBPE, RKC, - 6TH. place 1999 Navy Seal Super Fitness Challenge. Former NFL assistant Strength Coach.Trainer of numerous Olympic and Professional athletes.

This is my 2nd Level II Course I have taken. Learning is never ending. I get more and more out of each course the more times I attend.

Great hands on and theoretical info. The intensity and focus on the improvement of each individual is a main priority among the Senior RKC Instructors.

I will continue to educate myself with at least once a year attending the RKC programs.

Cole Summers, Strength Coach, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada

Comprehensive. Superb instructors who complement each other perfectly. The instructor's great enthusiasm to share their knowledge and provide all encompassing help was obvious to improving the lives of many.

RKC Level II Training picks up where Level I left off. The Level I basics are repeatedly stressed, while more advanced physical techniques were added. The cutting edge of state of the art training material was presented. All of the information presented was immediately accessible and practical. Ready for use now. I've taken many high level clinics/seminars. None compare with ÔUnlock', RKC I, and RKC II.

Samantha Young, Student, Shoreline, WA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Karate, RKC1, Combat Training

Even with the time restraint, I noticed and was impressed with the amount of patience coming from the instructors and attendees in order to find perfection or at least progression in each person. This was an incredible learning experience.

Kettlebell training in general has always been the most practical fitness program I have done. Coming to this certification simply broadened my scope of this great tool in (as always) a high quality manner.

I really enjoy the crowd here and rarely get to hang out with a group this diverse in their knowledge base. Always come out of them so motivated.

Tim Anderson, Firefighter, Fuquay-Varina, NC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Firefighter, Lifetime fitness enthusiast, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

It's not about kettlebells; it's about movement. RKC is to movement what Harvard is to Law School.

Again, there is no comparison. RKC II raises the bar on everything. Best people, best community, best material. Completely useful.

Marty Larson, Trainer, Lake Elmo, MN

I really enjoyed the learning and applicability aspect of Level II. Even though we did have workouts, they were appropriate to what was being taught, and not there just to kill us.

Karen Hamilton, Software Engineer, Forest Lake, MN

My expectations were high based on my experience with RKC I and it exceeded those! My head is spinning with all the useful and amazing things I learned. I'm more excited than ever to continue pursuing my goal of becoming a great trainer — this has given me more confidence in my abilities.

Jim Talo, Letter Carrier, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Look forward to attending an RKC event each year to further gleam skills that I may share with friends and clients. DD and Pavel always exceed my expectations with the content of these events.

To date one of the best trainings I've taken. Best RKC II to date.

Paul Daniels, Personal Trainer, Foothill Ranch CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

(30+yrs) 2nd degree Black Belt
8yrs U.S Marine Corp
Personal Trainer

Definitely worth doing a second time.

No other training in practical exercise scope and use has come even close. You don't just feel empowered but obligated to share this information with your clients. To be better at what you do and to reflect the quality of this instruction.

Ricardo Nieves, Physician, Carlsbad, NM

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

3rd dan black belt Judo, (Judo, Jujitsu, Sambo practitioner)
Previous member of the Puerto Rico Judo National Team.
US Judo Team Physician, USA Sambo National Champion 1993

Extremely useful program to be able to train not only athletes but also people with injuries or dysfunctions.

Mark Toomey, Bottle Washer, Reno, NV

More cerebral than physical, but just as practical as a Level I RKC.

There was so much material in this cert, there has hardly been enough time to get through it all.

Andrea U-Shi Chang, personal trainer/real estate agent, Seattle, WA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

State Select Team Highschool Soccer, Varsity Soccer team, UT@Austin
some taichi and qigong. Associate Broker's Real Estate license

Amazing. I've been training for just about a year now and I know I have so many more tools in my tool kit to help my students. Also, the emphasis on screening and corrective strategies was perfect for what I want to do with my movement training.

Steve Freides, Computer Consultant, Musican, Trainer, Ridgewood, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Multi-time AAU Raw Deadlifting World Champion and World Record Holder, M45-49 and M50-54, 67.5 kg category; NSCA-CPT, YMCA Lifeguard Instructor

The instruction was interesting, the presentations well-researched, the balance between listening and doing was just right.

Theresa Nesbitt, Physician, St Charles, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC Level One Certification, Z Health R-Phase Certification

There was a lot of very detailed information given in a very short time. It is going to take a while to absorb and integrate it. I came to RKC II knowing that KBs work. I now understand better HOW and WHY.

Vladimir Dubal, Technical Account Manager, San Francisco, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Machine Gunner, Swiss Army
- Used to rock climb
- Various sports

The course took a holistic approach by focusing on movement and posture in addition to strength. Techniques on how to release tension were also applied within that context. While Pilates and yoga have its uses it will be kettlebells that will dominate the next decade by giving "core" a whole new meaning.

Doug Nepodal, Trainer, Medina OH

Once again Dragon Door has provided great info in a painful and constructive way.

Marvin King, Engineer, Bowie, Maryland

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Mechanical Engineer; 3 Time Marathon Finisher; Black Belt Shaolin Hung Fut Kung Fu; Black Belt Shuai Chiao Kung Fu; Black Belt Northern Shaolin Kung Fu; RKC; NCSF / NARS Certified Personal Trainer

The lectures were outstanding. Learned most from the lectures and will be able to give more to my clients.

RKC II is better put together than I. Which is very hard to do. More knowledge then anything I've experienced. Excellent work.

Steve Gould, Fitness Club Owner, Morton IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

High School Head Varsity Basketball Track Coach
Full Instructor Escrima\ Kali, Thai Boxing, JKD; Brazilian Jujitsu Blue belt

Level II RKC delves deeper into the underlying principles of kettlebell training and fitness. It provides a greatly knowledge basis for training and teaching.

Material presented can be incorporated into training oneself and others immediately. Material was highly informative and clearly presented.

Lynda Angelis, artist, karate and kettlebell instructor, Minneapolis MN

This training has offered a veritable gold mine of tips, training and information brilliantly presented by extraordinarily knowledgeable and caring instructors.

This training and the RKC I training offer so much more valuable and useful information from undisputed leaders in kettlebell training. It doesn't get better than that.

Steve Rakes, Vinton VA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

The first RKC!!! I have worked as a personal trainer certified through NEDITA (long ago)

I had a great time, and the amount of information covered was amazing.

I have taken the NEDITA and ACSN certifications, there is just no comparison!

Courtney Mizuhara-Cheng, Los Angeles, CA

The broad scope of material focused on rehabilitation was more than I had ever anticipated. Each of the corrective drills can be easily applied to all types of clients.

Laura McCabe, personal trainer, Mpls, MN

Better! Often times I learn an assessment protocol, but "then what" is what always comes to mind. We were given more tools and exercises to enable tight muscles and joints.

This was a dramatically different experience than my RKC I cert. The senior RKC were all very down to earth and helpful.

Sam Robards, Actor, New York, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC (08/06)

It advanced my understanding of not just kettlebells training but also of client/trainer relations. Joint mobility/stability and physiological elements in the body.

Not as grueling as the RKC, obviously, but it has pushed me up against the edge of my strength, and knowledge.

Thank you all!! As usual, this has far exceeded any training I've had in the past.

Jessica Brock, Middle School Teacher, Roseboro, NC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, CHA certified Trainer

I really enjoyed this level of training. It was great to have such a wide variety of qualified participants. The instruction was, as always, above par! A great next step for the Sr. RKC.

Danielle Cook, Sales manager, Chatham, VA

Level I was a great experience for me because there was a lot more activity involved, however the education in Level II has been excellent, and gives people a lot to take home with them for their money.

Expectations are clear, very well organized, nice range of education, and lost of material to bring with you to go back and reference.

I think your have a top notch organization, and staff, and do a terrific job of giving people a variety of information that keeps them hungry for more. Keep up the Great Job!!!

Mike Ottaway, Student, pre-chiropractic, Bloomington, ID

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former Air Force Tactical Response Force, EMT, ACE certified personal trainer

Humbling and expanding in strength, understanding, and business relationships.

Surpasses most any single certification seminar in scope and depth and understanding.

Michael Rendle, Registered Nurse-Medical Intensive Care Unit, Minneapolis, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

AAU/Golden Gloves Boxing; United States Marine Corp-Boxing/Power lifting; Shotokan Karate

Top shelf! The level of information and its immediate uses is very impressive.

RKC takes you out of your comfort zone re-tools you, corrects you, then delivers you back to your clients at 150%.

Bring on the bad guys!! I keep losing size and gaining strength. I can buy my shirt on the rack and press the rack at the same time. RKC redefines strength!! Power the right way.

Donna Hughes, RN, Critical Care, Seattle, WA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Track-high school, State meet, runner for 20 yrs., 10K races,
xcountry skier for 20+yrs.,snowboarder for past 8yrs.
Scuba sport diver, in-line skater marathon, weight lifter for 20+yrs.
Road and mountain biking, canoeing, swimming, horseback riding and jumping(English), RN, BSN, CCRN, published author in Neurological Nursing, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Shamanic Healing Practitioner
RKC in 2005,Kettlebell Trainer, Combat Application Specialist in 2005, Unlock Seminar in 2006

It was beyond my expectations. I only hope that I can truly live up to the II standards as I will certainly aspire toward.

No comparison, its principle is so sound — many "sacred cows" have been falling by the wayside. If the bulk of the populace knew they'd all collectively scream.

I was "humbled" and thrilled by the info presented.

I really felt like I was a part of this alive, inquisitive, and proactive group. I really like that; it feels good to be an RKC (level not included)

Carolyn Brumfield, Fitness Instructor, Encinitas, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer; Muscle Balance and Function Development Practitioner

I enjoyed all of the presented material and learned more than I was expecting too. I feel confident in the techniques that were presented. I now have great information and tools that I know will make a difference with my clients.

As with level I, it is more than I have ever paid for a cert further than I have ever traveled and worth every penny.

Carol Young, Shoreline, WA

I felt the material that was presented was very functional and applicable. I'm leaving feeling like a much more informed coach, and I will be able to pass this information on to my customers/clients.

I felt the RKC I and combat training was a lot more physical and that this course offered a background to help our clients with different assessments.

Robert Budd, Personal Trainer/ Gym owner, Reno, NV

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ISSA certified CPT, SPN; RKC; powerlifter, competitive swimmer
Special Olympics Powerlifting Coach

I was made aware of weaknesses and muscle imbalance that I did not know I had. Then taught how to strengthen and fix the problem areas for myself and others that I teach.

After going to the RKC Level I and then going to another workshop — there is no comparison. Once again, I came here with the thought that I am prepared but shown otherwise. I attended another workshop for a comparison but realize now not to waste any time or money.

Spencer Bradford, personal trainer, Minneapolis, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

muay thai, JKD, boxing

The highest level of exercise performance that I've yet to come across.

This level II was much better organized and expectation were more clearly defined than the previous advanced KB courses.

Chris Hall, personal trainer/nutritionist, New York, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Blue belt BJJ - Renzo Gracie Academy, NY

I came away with both what I expected (to work hard) and what I found very helpful (training aids/cues and a scientific support for the exercises).

Kettlebells and their application are awesome. Even though I do use other modalities in my training, the concepts I have learned are applicable. The scope of application is much greater than anything else (cert) I have taken.

Marlise Cairns, Kettlebells Instructor, Johannesburg, South Africa

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I am a qualified junior school teacher, business analyst and now kettlebell trainer. I have always been interested in sport. Now my focus is kettlebells. Shaun and myself run a Kettlebell studio in Johannesburg.

Once again Dragon Door has provided a very professional workshop. The instructors were always available if we needed extra help or answers.

I have enjoyed every aspect of the course because it has direct relevance to my situation. I feel that I can apply what I have learnt immediately with my clients.