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10/10 Inspirational
By Angelo Grinceri / NYC, NY, USA

I've had the pleasure of watching Jon Bruney challenge Phil Ross to perform multiple amazing feats of strength and coordination at the Dragon Door Health and Strength conference this past year. If you are looking for strength, power, and motivation/empowerment Phil Ross does just that. He is a living classic underdog story, it could be a movie! Ferocious Fitness covers a lot of my favorite bodyweight and kettlebell exercises and I can attest they will make you strong and powerful (as if Phil isn't enough proof of that), now mix that with Phil's "ALL YOU GOT" mentality and you have a killer regimen! It is clear that he lives what he speaks, making him a truly inspirational human, as an athlete and a father.

9/10 Explosive. Power. That Lasts...
By Russ Burnham / East Meredith, NY, USA

Honestly, I bought the book because I thought Phil was someone else! That's the best mistake I've made in a long time. I read Ferocious Fitness and loved the stories. Great stories with purpose, too. Best fighters? It's in there. What's fighting boil down to? What's the essence? Man, it's in there. But really, what has this book done for me? Now, that's where this gets fun. I'm not a fighter. I've fought, not professionally, but I've fought. I have most of the Dragon Door books, too, in one form or another. Every book that has useful info, I try to incorporate it to help make me more usefully explosive and powerful. What's lasted is kettlebells, bodyweight, sprinting... And I'll be damned if Phil didn't blow me away with his applications of those, plus the jump rope. It's there! I use the training now and my bag is much worse for the wear because my punching power and kicks have taken on a new life after about 4 months of lesser versions of Phil's workouts because I can't do everything just right.
I've got a long way to go, and I don't fight professionally, or at all any more if I can avoid it - but I feel more unshakeable physically now than I did before I incorporated any of Phil's workouts. I jump higher for some reason. I have my kids adding in the cool neck training and some KB basics that Phil does so they're more prepared for (peewee) football next season. Ferocious Fitness is not a long read, but it's entertaining, got lots of useful information, and the workouts just flat out produce results - Explosive Results. Powerful Results. And applied to everything I do.
Can you imagine that there are no real disadvantages to being stronger with more stamina, and being more explosive - even after a year following Coach's CC3 and over 3 years on CC1 & 2? I'm really finding that out, and more every week. I definitely recommend Ferocious Fitness to anyone who wants raw, explosive power that lasts and lasts. Why 9 stars? Why not 10? I wish there was a little bit more definite structure on sequences of workouts. I've had to work out when I do which workout based on how I feel, but I can't pass that directly on to my kids. I know that's picky, and I know almost everyone at Dragon Door knows their body well enough to put together a deadly effective training regimen for themselves based on some general guidance.
So the lack of one star is only for those who don't know their own body well enough to take the guidelines and apply them when they'd best be useful for themselves. Still, if you have any ability to accept that you have to think a bit, the feeling is worth it. The results are real. After just 4 months, damn. I hope it never happens, but I almost pity anyone who gives me no choice to back out. It's a good feeling.

10/10 Fun Read very Motivating
By Don Berry / Frederick, MD, USA

I have really enjoyed this book great stories of hard training. I have had the pleasure of meeting Phil a few times and even know one of his Martial Arts Instructors very well. Because of this familiarity I thought I knew Phil. I was wrong! This book blew me away. His passion for the fight, his work ethic is very motivating. The next time he puts on a seminar for martial artists I will be there. Awesome stuff! Thank you for putting it in Print.

9/10 Excellent read
By G. Coleman / Cincinnati, OH, United States

Highly recommend.

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