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10/10 Very Complete Package
By Michael Edwards / Gainesville, FL USA

Fight training is so appealing because of the all-around conditioning involved. Martial Power gives one that conditioning - from relaxation for flexibility and speed to muscle tension and power breathing for strength, these DVD's cover much of the best of Pavel's other works. One could keep themselves busy indefinitely with just these DVD's, but most, I'm sure, will find themselves eager to acquire everything this superb teacher has to offer.

10/10 A Must Have!!!
By Shane Flaglor / Chatham, Ontario Canada

This DVD set is a must have if you are in the Military, Special Ops, Tactical Response Unit, or a front line Police Officer. If you put your life on the line, the techniques in this DVD set, will help you get home "safe". The techniques in this Program, when practised, will make you stronger, faster, for longer! And if you are a Martial Artist, these techniques will, without a doubt, make you better! In my opinion, Pavel Tsatsouline is one of the most knowledgable, honest, and captivating fitness MASTER's of our time. Thank-you Pavel!

10/10 Excellent!!!
By John / North Bergen, NJ

Using the chain, scissor, and other tension techniques shown in this video by Pavel, I was suddenly able to press the 88lb kettlebell for 5 sets of 2 rung ladders whereas before I could barely press it once. Also, If you are into martial arts and want to improve your striking power then this series is a must. I cannot be more emphatic on that. The tension techniques that he breaks down, applies to different movements, and explains can apply to literally any functional movement whether it be in power lifting or martial arts striking. I highly recommend it!!

9/10 Added Bonus
By Kash Morrow / Kerrville, TX, United States

I bought the Martial Power DVD's to help me improve my striking power and because I'm a fan of Pavel's work. He delivers with these as well. An added bonus for me was being able to implement several of the techniques that Pavel teaches to hep improve my daughters volleyball game. My youngest daughter was having a problem with her overhand serve. She has worked this summer on creating high tension at the point of impact with the ball. That along with chaining and staying loose until impact has made a huge difference in her power and delivery. My oldest daughter, who started off the summer with a good serve, is now deadly. Her power and precision put her far above her peers. Overall, a great set of DVD's with numerous martial arts and sport applications.

10/10 Another hard-hitting success from Pavel and Dragondoor
By Gustavo Castilhos / Sao Paulo, Brazil

As always, Pavel transmits information with most clarity at highest standards. This is a great insight into what the human body can achieve with the right information and the perfect guidance. Once again, thank you all at Dragondoor for sharing this and to make the impossible possible... again.


7/10 Very helpful, BUT...
By Stefan Z. / Chicgo, Il. USA

I found the chapter on stretching most useful. The instructions were clear and to the point, but the camera work could have been better. All in all, I'm pleased with the product.

6/10 Dissapointed
By C.B. -MMA, Kendo, Kung Fu, Ju Juitsu / Bayside, Queens NY USA

I've always been happy with Pavel's products but this was a shame.
The techniques were great and very useful to work into your routines.
It will teach you alot of power forming moves and improve you all around, the problem is trying to watch the DVD's.
Half of the footage taken for these instructional DVD's were of the floor or the wall, occationally a foot or two. The run time of these DVD's could have been cut in half, but there was alot of nonsence.
I do not think that this footage was ever intended to be used as an at home instructional. It seems like it was raw film of a seminar that he gave.
Again the information found is pricless but the DVD's are stressfull to view.

6/10 So-so
By Federico Hong / San Jos Costa RIca

Maybe its because ive trained with a Cuban (who in turn studied with Russians) for a while now but there isnt a whole lot that i didnt already know. Then again, most people i know dont have an idea about the importance of some of the stuff Pavel mentions here. I think one of the biggest psychological dissapointments is that part of the marketing was based on people who were already really big and strong becoming even better. No disrespect to the attendees that appear on the DVD but i would hardly consider them elite atheltes or law enforcers.

10/10 Really Like It
By Jimmy Ramirez / Kingsville, TX, USA

Hi All,

Some of the camera work is really horrible in these videos. On the other hand, I don't know about all the other responsibilities the camera person had to deal with. I found it somewhat frustrating to not be able to see what Pavel or the workshop's attendees were doing during explanations. The camera work could have been planned better.

I found Pavel's teachings of muscular tension, initially, to be counter intuitive. It used to be my thought that you only need to involve those muscles that are needed to get the job done. Otherwise you tire yourself out too soon. No wonder I always found PT tests challengintg! Now I know better.

Pavel's command of English is wonderful. His explanations were easy for me to understand.

I also found the group of workshop attendees to be interesting. They were not all tactical operators. For the most part they looked like evveryday guys. Some really fit and some not. Elite operators have need for Pavel's teachings and so does everyone else. Life is a marathon.

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