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Isochain Isometrics eBook
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Isochain Isometrics eBook
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Isochain Isometrics

How to Measure and Master Tension Generation for Dramatic New Gains in Strength and Power

By Dragon Door

eBook, 119 pages


The single biggest factor for gaining greater strength is our ability to generate tension. It’s quite simple: the more tension we can generate in our muscles, the more strength we can exert. But if we are not scientifically measuring our ACTUAL tension generation, we are flying blind in the strength game. We will undoubtedly be operating at far less than our potential and we are therefore much weaker than we deserve to be…

Does this sound like you? Well, you are not alone! And this is why Paul Wade and the Dragon Door team developed the Isochain. Because it automatically helps you measure the exact amount of tension you are generating on any strength lift. And it’s brutally honest.

So, no more guessing games about how to get stronger for real — day after day, week after week, month after month… The solution is finally here…Wanting to get stronger sooner and more safely but wondering if the Isochain is right for you? Then get this masterly new Isochain Isometrics e-book that details the history of isometrics, explains the key science and provides a treasure of pointers on how to optimize your strength gains.

Isochain Isometrics (eBook) - $2.99
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  • Isometrics: Bodybuilding’s “Cheat Code”
  • How I Increased My Strength by 65% in 30 Days—And Reduced My Pain—Using the Isochain
  • Isochain Training Tips and Hacks
  • The Static Dragon! Bruce Lee’s Isometrics
  • How to Work on Your Weaknesses and Build Sustained Strength
  • Isometrics: Black Belt Tension Training
  • Power Legs with the Isochain
  • Isochain Plus the Weights? The Best of Both Worlds!
  • How the Isochain Can Help Women Athletes Meet and Exceed Their Goals
  • How Isochain Training Can Make Your Combatives More Lethal
  • Autogenic Anoxia: Isometrics’ Dirty Trick for Muscle and Strength Gains
  • The Third Law of Strength
  • Build Your Strengths and Weaknesses with the Isochain
  • Why the Isochain? Unlocking Superhuman Strength—Fast
  • The Isochain 4-Week Strength Challenge
  • Isometrics, Prison Training and Bodyweight: A Match Made in Valhalla
  • The Great Isochain Health Lift
Isochain Isometrics Ebook
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