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10/10 Achievement, confidence, and a tight booty!
By Dana A / New YorkCity, USA

Grace has been my trainer for a year now, and in that year I went from being average-New-Yorker-former-athlete-fit to holy-cow-look-at-her-go fit. Through Grace's careful and thoughtful planning, we've pushed my physical limits, tested my endurance, and tackled new moves IN EVERY SESSION. Dips! Pistol squats! Walkovers! I never thought I could do any of that stuff. Now, I always leave my workouts feeling accomplished, whether it be from adding one more rep in my pull-up practice or from achieving a move I previously thought impossible---we are currently working on my human flags, and even though I'm a little clumsy right now, every time we do them together, I get better and better. She even took a picture of my first successful "flag" for me to remind me that I can do anything! Training with Grace is the best gift I ever gave myself, and not just because her workouts helped me trim up my figure. Grace's training has rebuilt my confidence, gotten me back into my favorite jeans, and has become a much-needed form of active meditation. People have started to give me compliments on my lean muscles (and my tight booty), and I regularly share Grace's info with my colleagues. Everyone wants to feel fit and fabulous, and I'm walking proof that Grace's training is a key element towards anyone's fitness goals.

10/10 The best!
By Sarah Martis / Powell, United States

Grace is the best trainer ever! Not only does she keep you motivated but she makes it fun! I have been doing her workouts for over a year and along with advice she has given me about my diet I have lost a total of 16lbs!!! I thank her for giving me my 20 yr old body back!!!

10/10 motivational, knowledgeable, great instructor
By Rachel Phillips / new york, usa

Grace is inspiring and fun. Moreover, she is able to impart her knowledge in a practical manner. I love doing calisthenics, kettle bells and yoga with Grace; she is able to customize our time together depending on my goals and how my body feels. I recommend Grace to EVERYONE that I know.

10/10 Grace is the BEST
By Larkin K / NYC, USA

I'm so happy I trained with Grace to get ready for my wedding. She kicked my butt during our sessions, but was always extremely encouraging and positive. Highly recommend!

10/10 Great Coach!
By Elaine Wah / New York City, USA

Training with Grace was some of most fun I've ever had working out! She's so incredibly upbeat and encouraging, plus she designs each session to be different with a ton of variety. I'm still amazed at how much progress she helped me make in just a matter of weeks! And I never thought I could ever learn to enjoy strength training, but workouts with Grace were just such a blast -- now when given the choice between an elliptical machine and kettlebells, I'd definitely pick the kettlebells, any day!

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