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Mick Headshot

Mickey Pesek


Phone: 515-419-9530
Des Moines, IA
United States 50325
10 out of 10 (12 reviews)
Mickey has the experience, education and dedication necessary to help you reach your fitness goals. His programs have helped clients of all ability ranging from age 13-89.  He believes that in addition to building great strength and conditioning, the kettlebell serves as an excellent tool to achieve stability, flexibility and balance.
NASM CES | RKC | FMS Level 1 & 2
BS, Kinesiology
Personal Training- private and group since 2005
Coaching- High School Rugby
Competitive Power Lifting
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By Amy S / Cumming, US

This was my first time working with a trainer in a group setting & it was an excellent experience! Mickey was very knowledgeable & fun to work with. The class size was perfect & Mickey was able to offer one on one instruction when needed.
When I started having trouble with my piriformis muscle towards the end of the class, Mickey was able to tell me exactly what stretches & exercises to do & even helped to modify the exercises in class. I have been very happy with my results so far!
I would highly recommend Mickey as a trainer!!

10/10 Hands Down Best Class/ Trainer/Location/People
By Tiffany C / WDM, US

If you are wondering if you should take this class with this instructor, let me stop all your thinking. The answer is YES!
Mickey is awesome in ever since of the word. Professional, knowledgeable, Impressive, and cares about you as a person not just for your cash.
I have taken kettle bell class before and really enjoy the workout and the strength and power I get.
It takes time for me to lose weight for some odd reason for a while, but this class gives me the boast I need and eventually the weight will fall off!
Kettle bells if really fun and with a trainer like Mickey you will not be sorry!! You will not be injured in this class – He won’t allow you to go to far to injurer yourself.
I came into this first session with an injury from a previous trainer and I can say now I am on my way back to my old self thanks to Mickey!
This class is effective and the people are great! I look forward to the next few sessions to really lose weight, tone and become stronger and leaner.
This class also taught me the REAL techniques and proper form of KB, how to swing, squat, stretch, and snatch, Turkish getup just to name a few.
I am excited very excited for the next session!

10/10 I lost 7 Lbs and 4% bodyfat in his class
By Christian Comito / Urbandale, USA

The results speak for themselves. Taking Mickey's kettlebells class got me in great shape. It's hard work, but he is very good at helping you avoid injury. I lost weight and got lean all while having a good time. You wouldn't think you would laugh when you are sweating your pants off, but Mickey makes the workout fun too.

10/10 Outstanding trainer
By Robert B / Des Moines, United States

Mickey is a heck of a trainer, and a heck of a guy. He is very knowledgeable, and excellent at program design. He has a lot to teach, and I highly recommend making the time for him to do so. You won't be disappointed.

10/10 Fun Class!
By C Harrington / West Des Moines, United States

I had never done kettlebells before taking this class and wasn't really sure what to expect. My strength, balance, and flexibility all increased noticeably in the first 6 week class and then even more so in the next 10 week course. I was able to keep progressing through the classes because he was always challenging us to push harder and perform more complex moves once we were ready. He really knew the correct form and made sure we did it correctly to prevent injury. Great way to have fun and get a great workout!

10/10 Impressive!!!
By Kami Petitgoue / Urbandale, USA

I'm a tough critic and didn't think anyone could compare to my former kettleball instructor. Needless to say, Mickey was going to have to work really hard to impress me. Not only did he do that, but I can say with confidence he's the best trainer I've ever worked with before. I had a broken foot the first time I took the class and he was able to modify the entire class so I could still participate. And it was very challenging. Mickey has the ability to work with all skill levels and adapt a class to help each individual reach his/her personal goals. He works hard on learning new techniques and I can't wait for the next class. I would highly recommend taking this class with Mickey---whether your interested in weight loss, gaining muscle mass or learning something new---this is the class for you.

10/10 Challenging and educational
By K VH / Urbandale, United States

Mickey has been a personal trainer for many years, although his class was the first opportunity I have had to train with him. The kettle bell class and his style of instruction worked really well for me. He took the time to ensure good technique and was able to offer feedback without sounding critical. He is a patient, easy going trainer who offers personal attention even in a class environment. I have worked out with kettle bells for several years; mainly through taking other kettle bell classes. This technique combined with Mickey's delivery took the training to the next level. It was challenging, fun, and I recommend it to anyone looking to work out with kettle bells. Whether you have no experience or you are very experienced, you will benefit from working with Mickey.

10/10 The Best!
By Rob Best / Cumming, IA, United States

I have had the opportunity to train with Mickey from the beginning of his career so I have grown with him as a client and have witnessed his work with others including my wife. He always has the best interest of his clients in mind when designing a fitness program to meet defined goals. A holistic approach is consistently applied starting with nutrition, cardio, flexibility, balance and strength building. Assessments are important to measure progress against goals. Mickey is never satisfied with the status quo. His commitment to fitness excellence is evident through his constant learning and research he applies to his profession. Obtaining a master certification in Kettlebell is a recent example of constant improvement he expects of himself so he can pass on to his clients. Correct form / technique, stretching and appropriate sequence progression are consistently applied by Mickey to prevent injury. In summary Mickey is the BEST!

10/10 First Class all the way!
By Erin P / Des Moines, USA

Mickey is an incredible instructor and trainer. I have taken several classes based on KB ussage and Mickey's class has been a very influencial class for me. He is constantly educating himself and giving his class more knowledge on how to better increase strength, endurance, and form. He not only cares how you are doing in class but out of class as well, helping with nutrition, hydration, and supplementation. I was unable to attend a few classes during the 10 weeks and he even sent me workouts and adapted them to what I had access to while I was away. He is always enthusiastic and urges us to strive for our very best. I saw a vast improvement throughout the course and set personal records by the end. Mickey really is a first class trainer and instructor!

10/10 Great Class
By a batch / urbandale, us

This is a great class. The classes are small enough that you still get individual attention. Mickey is great at showing you the correct way to do the drills and pushing you to do more. it is a good workout and a very good value, and you can see changes in just a few weeks. try this class out, you wont regret it.

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