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Jason Kapnick


Phone: 201-317-3160
New York, NY
United States 10018
10 out of 10 (10 reviews)
Hi, I’m Jason Kapnick. I’m a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach based out of New York City. I'm passionate about helping people move better, be stronger, and look great while doing it. I use kettlebells, powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, TRX suspension training, and bodyweight exercises to help my clients achieve their goals. My own athletic achievements include Taming the Beast as well as multiple Raw Elite powerlifting totals (my best lifts are 545lb squat, 355lb bench press, and 650lb deadlift, all in the 198lb weight class). I am an RKC kettlebell instructor, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, and TRX Level I instructor. I am available for 1:1 and Semi-Private Training at Catalyst SPORT, located on 39th and Broadway in Manhattan.
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10/10 top notch
By Becky Codi / Verona, USA

I had the chance to assist Jason at the most recent RKCII workshop in NYC. He's an unbelievably smart guy, brilliant coaching, and lead the entire course wearing a mask. Didn't flinch. The depth of knowledge is inspiring, and he does it all with a sense of humor that makes everyone feel comfortable. Highly recommend!

10/10 Strong and Smart
By William Sturgeon / Marshall, United States

I had the pleasure of being an assistant at Jason's RKC 2 and it was an absolute pleasure to have met and worked with him. Jason is an awesome person to meet, he is very welcoming and very nice. He is a very strong individual with a good head on his shoulders. Throughout the weekend Jason would drop knowledge bombs on certain techniques. Jason has been around for sometime and has a lot of knowledge to share with you. I highly recommend seeking out Jason at Catalyst Sport!

10/10 Knowledge, Strength. Heart
By Coach Fury / BROOKLYN, USA

Jason is an excellent coach, wonderful human and great friend. Jason has assisted me 0n several occasions and each time I know that the candidates and myself are going to learn from him. Aside from being a Beast Tamer and Elite Powerkifter, Jason is fantastic at programming and has a solid hea don business. He's one of the guys I look to for advice. I can't say enough honest praise for him and the whole Catalyst crew. -Fury

10/10 Great kettlebell coach
By Kirk Adams / New York, USA

I've had the pleasure of attending 2 RKC courses with Jason. One where he was an instructor and one that we took together. Jason is a first class kettlebell instructor and practitioner. He runs a great facility and gets people results. If you're looking for a trainer, go see Jason!

10/10 Strong and Funny
By Chris Cardinali / Bayshore, usa

Jason was an assistant at my recertification of the RKC this past weekend. When he performed the technique you could see the strength and how he used his body as one unit. When we were in a group each of us would perform the exercise and he would ask us if there was anything the person could improve on. This would help us in seeing any corrections that needed to be made and what a good swing or press would look like. When he spoke he had a love for training and wanting to guide others. He is a beast tamer and inspires me to become one as well.

10/10 The Ultimate Strong Man
By Melanie Lisby / New York, United States

I had the pleasure of having Jason as an Asst. Instructor for my RKC Level 1 Cert - and he is rock solid! Not only in physique (literally one of the strongest men I know) but also as a teacher and coach. He gives great cues and breaks down movement with ease. He is approachable, personable, relatable, and truly cares about each individual in the room. He wants you to succeed and knows when to push you a little harder to greatness.

10/10 Solid and sensible
By Nora Dwyer / Muscatine, USA

Jason was an assistant at my recent RKC in NYC. He provided very specific instruction and took a personal interest in each of the participants to be sure we were successful. He has a definite strongman presence with his personal achievements, yet served as a considerate and watchful teacher to everyone in the seminar. Jason would be my pick for a trainer if I lived anywhere near NYC or was visiting and was looking for a trainer while in town.

10/10 Amazing strength and knowledge
By Kaori Tani / Minato-ku, Japan

Jason is a very enthusiastic inspiring coach with amazing strength. The depth of his knowledge with training in general and also his spot on cues helped us all to learn so much from our experience with RKC. He is a great instructor.

10/10 Great Instructor
By Jimmy Lopez / Staten Island New York, USA

Jason strength is impressive. However more impressive is the depth of his knowledge in using the kettlebell. I thought he was spot on with his theory and philosophy on training and more than once found myself trying to write down things he said. If you have the opportunity to train with him don't pass on it.

10/10 The Best
By James Newman / Guilford, USA

I was fortunate enough to have Jason be an instructor at both my HKC and RKC certifications and I can say it was a great privilege to have the chance to be coached by Jason! His mere presence makes you want to work harder and inspires you to become stronger. Combined with his attention to detail and concise coaching cues and you have an instructor almost without peer! Honored to have worked with this Beast Tamer!!

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