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RKCI hkc

Lee Bacchi


Phone: 773 754 7007
Naperville, IL
United States 60540
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66-year-young KB enthusiast.  HKC Feb. 8, 2015 in Chicago.  RKC in May of 2017, HKC in March of 2020.
I worked out for 30+ years with free weights and machines.  How many triceps kickbacks can one person do?  I found that kettlebells give one a whole new perspective  on fitness training.  Kettlebell training provides real-life functional strength, balance, flexibility and mobility, especially which men and women of a "more mature" age need in order to prevent injury, gain endurance and maintain strength to keep up with their grandkids!  Of course men and women of all ages need these physical attributes.  Kettlebells are a superior way to train for these goals, no matter what age you are.
The kettlebell -- an entire gym in the palm of your hand.  Kettlebells are terrific tools for building both strength and endurance.  A new appreciation of what fitness really means.

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