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Jay Pretzel Mobility

Jay Armstrong


Phone: 281-332-0999
League City, TX
United States 77573
10 out of 10 (23 reviews)

Mobility Expert

Senior RKC Jay Armstrong is a World Tae Kwon Do Federation Master instructor with a 6th Degree rank. He is a full-time instructor at The Kettlebell Club in Houston, Texas promoting this amazing fitness tool and system. Jay actively promotes kettlebell training via classes, articles, and videos.
Jay has studied the "Unlock" system under Pavel Tsatsouline and Steve Maxwell, is CK-FMS certified under Gray Cook and Brett Jones, and is Z-Health Level IV (RIST) Certfied under Dr. Eric Cobb.  This training and his Tae Kwon Do experience makes Jay a Mobility Expert.
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By Mary E Jacobs / Houston, Texas

I started Kettlebell class in May 2007, I have been a gym rat for years and in just two months of classes with Jay I have seen a big difference in my body and balance which I never achieved at the gym.
Jay's knowledge of Kettlebells, flexibility and fitness in general is amazing. I haven't been able to do squats for over 20 years due to a leg injury, he had me doing them my first day training with him.
His classes are always challenging, fun, and rewarding. Jay's teaching technique is always helpful my technique improves with every class he teaches.

10/10 A True Girevik
By David Schlehuber / Friendswood, TX

I travel alot, so when I discovered kettlebells it was the best thing that happened to me. I got the kettlebell and the DVD and went to work. I could see some progress but knew there was more to it and fortunately stumbled across Jay's beginner class. Jay explained and demonstrated everything then went on to help me with the smallest of details that really made the big difference that you can't get from watching a DVD. He's patient and you can really see that he does this because he truly enjoys it. If you want to get into kettlebells and you want to do it properly then this is the place to be and Jay is most definately the man to see.

By Terri Campbell / Houston, Texas

What I like most about Jay is his innate ability to know when his students are ready to step it up a notch. When he sees that you are moving into a comfort zone, he will plant seed of encouragement that will make you push through the discomfort to a place of pride that only fellow KBer's can understand. That's what makes this so special is everyone starts out as beginners, and as you progress with all your blood, sweat and tears, everyone is right there with you and the camaraderie amongst the members is something you will not find at a gym. Wait, there's more.......the results I've seen in the mirror are truly amazing. I've been lifting weights and doing cardio for 15 years and within 2 months of working out at the KB Club, I'm finally getting back to my fighting weight without looking bulky. If you REALLY want to make improvements in your body composition and health, come join us at the K.B. Club and Jay will put you on the fast track to becoming the BEST THAT YOU CAN BE!!!

10/10 Enjoy!
By Tom Healy / Cypress, TX

Jay has everything you want in an instructor: Knowledge, Patience and the willingness to share. I've leanrned from a lot of teachers in the past 3 years. All have been darn good. What seperates Jay from the pack is his ability to take what I say and what I do and formulate feedback so I can correct myself.
He also has an awesome extreme streching segment after a workout that will highlight some of your mobility issues.

10/10 A true teacher
By Josh Street / Houston, United States

I recently attended and completed an HKC certification taught by Jay. I have previously completed other certifications from both USAW and Crossfit. The HKC certification was the simplest of the three (we only went into depth on three movements); however, the HKC was the best of the three. By best, I mean I got the most out of the class. The reason, in my opinion, was Jay. Jay is a teacher. He is a teacher in the purest sense of the word. He knows how to take a concept and explain it in such a way that his audience can understand it. In other words, he is not just reading off a cue card or repeating some script that the corporate office gave him. He understands kettlebells and fitness from his years of experience and research. He possesses the communication skills and repertoire of coaching demos to explain the concepts in many different ways. If someone in the class didn't quite get the lesson. He would stop the class and explain it in a different way. Our individual comprehension of the principles of the kettlebells was his number one goal. He would force you to understand it. Jay has a passion for sharing his knowledge. He doesn't just go through the motions. This is in direct contrast to other certifications I've done where the instructor would give you enough information to pick out the correct answer on the multiple choice test. You pass the test, and you're certified. You will not leave a lesson with Jay without a deep and thorough understanding of the lesson he is teaching. I highly recommend Jay. He is a tremendous instructor. While Jay is in great shape, he may not have the biceps and lats of some Crossfit instructors or the quads of some USAW coaches, but if you are interested in LEARNING about kettlebells and fitness, there is no one better.

10/10 Jay Armstrong is the best
By Bob Rakowski / Houston, USA

Jay Armstrong is a phenomenally talented instructor. He is incredibly talented at breaking down all of the kettlebell moves and then synthesizing them poetry in motion. I highly recommend Jay to EVERYONE who wants to learn kettlebells!

10/10 Kettlebell Mindfulness
By Alejandro Sanoja / Houston, United States

Jay's passion for kettlebells fills the room! He takes the time to communicate and share his knowledge and experiences in such an easy and simple way so that everyone can understand it, enjoy it and most importantly use and apply that knowledge to be healthier and help people get healthier. By spending time with Jay you will learn, you will get better and you will have fun while playing with kettlebells.

10/10 Jay was a great instructor and had a blast!!!
By Hai Nguyen / Houston, USA

Jay like many great instructors made the difficult extremely easy and fun. I was doing the HKC Kettlebell certification and the little details made all the difference in the world with the different lifts we did. I've been involved in martial arts and weight training for over 20 years and I would highly recommend him and his services.

10/10 Knowledge is power
By Francie Vance / League City, USA

It is said there is power in knowledge. Training with Jay makes this statement so true on so many levels. I have been so fortunate to have Jay as my teacher, trainer, and mentor. It is rare in life to have someone cross your path that instills in you knowledge in such a way as to empower you both physically and mentally. If someone would have told me a year ago I would be attending kettlebell classes and loving it, I would have said, “What is a kettlebell?” Where I am today compared to where I began my journey some time ago, is amazing to me. I now know that there is nothing that I cannot accomplish. That accomplishment comes with training, and of course, practice. I have been in Jay’s HKC training classes where the abilities of the students are vast, from exceptional knowledge of the specific training to none at all. Jay has the unique ability to be able to teach everyone in the class something new without making it boring to those who have more knowledge or overwhelming to those that do not. That is quite a feat!! It is so incredible to know, without a doubt in your mind, that anything you wish to do is within your power. Jay has shown me that by breaking down the movements, and with practice, anything is within my grasp.

10/10 Outstanding Instructor
By Carisse Lowy / College Station, USA

I attended Jay's HKC Kettlebell Certification this past weekend. It was outstanding! The course not only vastly improved my personal kettlebells skills, it provided me with tools and exercises to properly teach the movements. It has made me much more confident in coaching and it will help so many people at my gym improve their skills as well. Highly recommend.

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