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10/10 Fantastic coach!
By Jason Boyer / Tallahassee, USA

I had the pleasure of taking a kettlebell class with Laurel recently and I cannot recommend her enough. She was extremely knowledgeable and gave me several tips on how to train without aggravating previous injuries. Even though I've trained kettlebells for a few years, I learned a great deal from that session and had a blast. If you get the chance, train with her.

10/10 Good instruction
By Mark C / Tallahassee, Usa

I had found Laurel while searching for kettlebell instructors locally. I dropped by for a private session to ensure my technique and plan was good for my goals. She helped adjust my form and gave me lots of other tips and tricks for strengthening my posture. Id definitely recommend, very knowledgeable and does a good job of giving the info in a clear easy to understand way.

10/10 Kettlebell Coach
By Jason O / Tallahassee, USA

I booked a private lesson with Laurel and couldn't be more pleased. She coached me through all the basic kettlebell movements and provided clear, helpful cues. SHe clearly knows her stuff. Highly recommended!

10/10 Fitness Instructor
By Steve Epps / Panama City, United States

I was interested in learning basic movements with kettlebells to improve my health. I contacted Laurel after not being able to find anyone locally that would respond to my inquires. She took the time answer my questions, meet with me and show me a circuit that I can do at home, at my own pace. Laurel is a fantastic instructor and I highly recommend her.

10/10 Laurel Blackburn
By Levi Dickey / Panama City, USA

She is a great instructor, she was able to answer all the questions I had immediately whether they were about kettlebells or grip strength. She was also able to show me many things regarding perfect form with the kettlebell which is something that I have found many instructors cannot do. I will most definitely be going back for more training for not only kettlebells, but also things like strength training.

10/10 Amazing coach!!
By Gabby Dickey / Panama City, USA

The whole gym space itself is amazing. Lauren is a wonderful, incredibly knowledgeable woman and I learned a lot in just one session. I LOVE THIS WOMAN!! I was with my mom and my brother for a training session, and we are at all different levels, and she didn’t skip a beat. Had so much fun! It’s really one of the nicest gym spaces I’ve ever been to. We will be back! Cannot wait!

10/10 So knowledgeable! So professional! So cool!
By Kim Dickey / Panama City, USA

Laurel is a very knowledgeable instructor. We asked her to train 3 of us — all of us on different fitness levels and she rocked it! We all got personal attention on the details. We were neither bored, nor overworked — perfectly challenged! (Well worth the 2 hour drive to get to her.) I have specific back problems that she was able to work with and around. I was able to achieve goals without being injured. We had a fantastic day! Thanks again Laurel!

10/10 Quality Coaching
By Jenny M / Arlington, USA

My spouse and I recently participated in a virtual session with Laurel for coaching on our kettlebell form - swings and cleans. I had been coached by other trainers but was worried about my form causing lower back issues. Laurel helped me adjust my stance and swings so that my form was correct and I was getting more power from my movements. She does an amazing job of describing what the movements should look like and feel like. Several years ago I received weight lifting coaching from Laurel at her gym in Tallahassee and loved how she really focused on my form. I walked away knowing I was lifting safely and that I was getting the more power when lifting. The quality of her online coaching was just as good as her in person coaching.

10/10 Great Virtual Instructor
By Linda J / Arlington, United States

I wanted to brush up on my swings and kettlebell exercises since I've been doing so much virtual exercise during the pandemic, and booked Laurel for a virtual training session for my spouse and I. I took her classes when I still lived in Tallahassee and remember her awesome teaching style, and it translated well into a virtual video session! She was very helpful in not only giving us much-needed verbal cues, but also was friendly, warm and engaging. I'd definitely recommend her virtually for both newbies and seasoned kettlebell exercisers who want to check their form.

10/10 Wonderful Experience
By Joi Savery / Tallahass, United States

I had a wonderful experience with Laurel.  From our initial correspondence and forward she was kind, professional, and responsive. I was a little intimidated due to my lack of experience with kettlebells, but Laurel has patience of the saints ?? and did a great job of setting me up step-by-step with each move. The gym is well very maintained, orderly, and each bit of equipment was thoroughly wiped down as we completed our work. I highly recommend Blackburn Fitness. Laurel's expertise makes her a great instructor for both the highly fit and the novice. ????????

10/10 Super awesome and real!
By Clara Blitch / Tallahassee, USA

I joined Laurels gym a month ago. From the moment I walked in with my Groupon in hand, she was warm and welcoming. She knew I had prior experience but was several years out of shape - Laurel took the time to watch my form carefully and make sure I was ready to get started again. What I love about her personality most is how warm she is. Laurel wants what’s best for her clients and it shows. She has a passion for fitness, top notch expertise in Kettlebells and a super fun sense of humor. Laurel is also incredibly skilled in muscular issues and has helped me a great deal with my sore or locked up muscles, a result of several years of limited mobility. I can already get up off the floor more quickly and I’m only a month in! Everyone there is friendly and welcoming. I’m looking forward to finding my former self with this group and have zero doubt it’s just around the corner with this amazing lady’s help.

10/10 Seriously awesome
By Kirstin H / Tallahassee, USA

Starting classes with Laurel was my first experience with any kind of personal training, and I was expecting to be nervous and a little uncomfortable while I learned. So I was pretty surprised when I realized how comfortable I felt, and how quickly I was excited to do more. Laurel is extremely knowledgeable and conveys her knowledge in a very accessible way that makes workouts fun and satisfying. Training with her is highly recommended!

10/10 Great Instructor
By Chris Maddox / Crawfordville, US

Laurel is an awesome instructor. She really knows her stuff, focuses on proper technique and is very patient. My husband and I were both very pleased with her instruction. She helped us learn the basics and also spent time teaching us moves that would be beneficial for our other activities (martial arts and running). Would definitely recommend her to anyone thinking about kettle bell training.

10/10 Killer Kettlebell
By rachael pampinella / tallahassee, usa

I can't say enough about Laurel and her kettlebell classes! I've taken many classes that involve kettlebells and she is the most knowledgeable and does an amazing job at teaching proper technique. Not to mention, i'm the most sore I've ever been after her classes! If you haven't done it yet, do it!!!

10/10 most excellent experience
By Deb Delk / Newton, United States

Laurel was incredible and took a lot of time to make sure that I would not injure myself while learning to use the Russian kettlebells. She explained everything in ways that was easy to understand and remember. She check my form ever step of the way and showed how to correct it. I am looking forward to the next session!

10/10 Life changing!
By Sarah Heath / Tallahassee, United States

I suffer from several conditions that cause widespread chronic pain. This time last year my pain level was escalated to the point that I was unable to take out the trash or carry in groceries. Simple household tasks left me exhausted and in pain for days. Pain medication gave me very limited relief and my doctor recommended that I find some type of exercise to build strength. After months of working to build up stamina and get cleared to exercise I started taking kettlebell classes with Laurel. At that time I was participating in a chronic pain research study. Data collected after I started kettlebell class showed my pain tolerance, daily pain level, and general physical discomfort had dramatically improved. After a few months of classes my doctors were pleasantly surprised that my sciatica, SI joint dysfunction, and fibromyalgia pain were significantly reduced with fewer instances of flare-ups. My posture is better, I am more mobile, and I'm a lot less grumpy since I'm not in constant horrible pain! I'm stronger than I ever imagined I would be, and my strength continues to grow. Kettlebell classes have improved my quality of life in so many ways and I am so thankful I found a teacher like Laurel. Her enthusiasm, focus on proper technique, and passion for what she does has changed my body & life for the better.

10/10 Mind. Blown
By Tom Wiegleb / Valdosta, USA

Laurel is amazing. I drive about 80 miles from south Georgia to train with her in Florida and it is WORTH IT. I learned more in my first hour than I had in a year elsewhere (the other place was good but Laurel's knowledge is staggering. More than that, she is FUN to work with. She has a great eye for form and technique and while she doesn't let me get away with sloppy training (appreciated) she also keeps things enjoyable and positive (also appreciated.) If you are in the Tallahassee area and want an amazing workout, contact this woman!

10/10 Fantastic RKC Cert With a Fantastic Coach!
By Angela Clark / Alachua, USA

I had a wonderful RKC certification in October 2015! Laurel is a professional in every way. She cares about every clientele, her business, and colleagues. Her knowledge of kettlebells and strength is top notch! If you are looking to get fit, strong, and build community with other people at All levels- go see Laurel! She has been where you are and knows how to get you where you want to be! I would definitley train at her facility if I lived closer. But wait...that would mean I would have to live in Tally! Go Gators!!! ;)

10/10 Knows her stuff!
By Samantha L / Tallahassee, USA

I've gone through both an HKC and an RKC certification weekend with Laurel and she is definitely knowledgeable about kettlebells and how to instruct using them. A great fitness resource in Tallahassee

By Suzanne C / Niceville, USA

Been only thinking about exercising lately? Need to discover your inner athlete again? Tallahassee Kettlebells is definitely the place to begin your journey - Just make an appointment!! My intention was to learn only about correct form for kettlebell training and I came away with soooo much more than I'd ever expected from an initial private session!! Laurel completed a gait assessment and a health history before we started and was completely focused on my particular needs and current abilities. Gradual progressive steps were taken along the path to actually swinging the kettlebell - including clear, demonstrative instruction. Laurel is a pro -- encouraging, supportive, and able to tune in to how you learn best - a true teacher in every sense & an absolutely fantastic trainer!! Thank you for all you do - and for all you are, Laurel!! I'm on track to a healthier, stronger me because of you...

10/10 Excellent Instructor, Motivator, and Educator
By Robert Blick / Tallahassee, USA

Laurel is an excellent kettlebell instructor because she has an innate understanding of how to motivate each one of her students, even when there are a number of students training together. You don't feel like a number in her class...she's so good at what she does that you feel like you're the only person training with her...and the other students feel the same way. It's easy to see Laurel has a natural gift for teaching and that she loves what she's doing. I honestly believe Laurel could teach any subject she wanted lucky for us she loves to teach kettlebells! She knows how to motivate each student in the class and makes sure each student knows how to perform the particular exercise she's teaching. I never felt like a "beginner" in her class; she made me feel like I belonged the first time I came to the gym. She has an amazing knowledge about kettlebells and other forms of exercise and she has an excellent understanding of physiology, nutrition, and how to get the most out of your workout program. And she has a wonderful sense of humor which makes all the hard work she puts you through a lot easier! Laurel and her staff have created a wonderful place to work out and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get stronger, lose weight, and be more active. I am a 58 year old, Type II diabetic and I feel better than I have in a very long time and a large part of the credit and thanks belongs to Laurel Blackburn!

10/10 Awesome Instructor
By Letecia Blick / Tallahassee, USA

Laurel is the best at making a workout challenging and fun. She's a patient instructor that works with you to accommodate your fitness level and gives you confidence that makes you push yourself!

10/10 Excellant instructor
By Heather Cottrell / Tallahassee, USA

I absolutely love Boot Camps to Go! The staff is fabulous. Laurel is very patient and wants to see you succeed in reaching your goals. Before starting boot camp and Kettlebells, I have to admit I was nervous and wasn't sure I would be able to keep up. But Laurel and the rest of the staff treat you like family and support your goals to succeed.

By Georgia Dowell / Tallahassee, USA

Laurel is very inspiring and a motivated instructor. i realized i had muscles that i've never used before. i enjoyed the kettlebell classes that i took with Laurel. She is Great!!!!

10/10 She knows her craft and knows how to teach.
By Bill Kociaba / hollywood, USA

Laurel was an assistant instructor at the HKC I took recently. As there were an odd number of students and everyone was paired off I ended up working with Laurel through most of the workshop. She obviously knows her craft and is very passionate about shairing her knowledge.Her teaching style is very relaxed and fun and you almost don't realize how much you are learning. She had no hesitations about working with me and showed no concerns about dealing with my blindness. In fact she seemed to welcome the challenge of doing something she had never done before...teaching a blind person proper KB tecniqueThat being said she cut me no slack and was a stickler for perfect form in everything. I couldn't recommend her more highly Bill Kociaba HKC

10/10 Great Instructor / Great Results
By Michael Hollowell / Tallahassee, USA

I've been training with Laurel now for a couple of months and I couldn't be happier with the results. Laurel's knowledge of kettlebells is vast and she does an excellent job of conveying that knowledge to her clients. Laurel also is very motivational and knows when to push you and when to have you hold back. (The past two times we've done deadlifts I've set new PRs!) I've had gains in both strength and mobility in the short time I've trained with Laurel. In addition to her skills as an instructor Laurel is also very personable and fun to be around. She makes training hard fun!

10/10 The Best Ever!
By Ruth Chase / Tallahassee, US

Laurel is a wonderful person, above all else. But professionally, she took a great deal of time to examine my abilities before enrolling me. She's very hands-on and competent, focused. I'm not her only loyal customer; the gym is full of returning enthusiasts, working hard.

10/10 Outstanding , professional , patient ,proficient !
By Tencia Sanchez / San Francisco, Marin

I attended a RKC workshop recently . Laurel was the Teamleader .
Laurel was by far one of the best trainers I have met!
She is a natural .She has patience ,insight , and great skill in her ability to describe technique/ proper form in accessing where a client is and where they can improve .Add to that had it not been for Laurels continued attentiveness and patience with my challenges I might not have completed my Rkc training . She continued to motivate and correct the components I was struggling with in my form allowing me a successful attendance completion of the RKC training . Although I was humbled by my inexperience with kettle bells she made this a Fun experience and I can now continue more confident in this area of training .
I am grateful to had the exposure & experience training with a pro!
Thank You Laurel you Rock !!


10/10 Patient Teacher
By Doug Gorton / Tallahassee, U.S.

Laurel is not only very fit and very knowledgeable, she has a gift for passing on her knowledge in a patient and understanding way, which was important to me since I knew nothing about kettle bells before joining her class. She quickly spotted my weak links and focused on strengthening those things and improving my flexibility and posture, both of which are prerequisites for effective kettle bell training. Her attention to detail and individualized instruction was very much appreciated.

10/10 Visionary, Mentor and Kick-A#* Motivator
By Kelly Eierhart / Tallahassee, USA

Several months ago I began kettlebell training with Laurel. I can say with the utmost confidence it is her motivation and training program that has lead me to perform in the best shape of my life both mentally and physically.
The initial goal was to aid in my prep for a physical abilities test required by all law enforcement, I'm happy to report I nailed the test in 4 minutes, 2 minutes under the required time.
Laurel is passionate about life and supporting others to achieve their goals. She is a visionary, a mentor and.a kiss-a#* motivator. With the PAT test behind us I've chosen to continue my training and look forward to our next success!!!!

10/10 Excellent Instructor
By Megan T / Tallahassee, USA

Laurel is, hands down, the best trainer I have ever worked with. Her instruction is spot on, and she is very accommodating for people at all levels of physical fitness. She instills confidence in her clients, and knows when to push us harder. I always walk out of Laurel's gym feeling like I got a great workout, and learned something new/improved my technique. It is apparent to everyone who attends a class with Laurel that she is passionate about fitness, and her clients. I would (and have) recommend Laurel to ANYONE interested in a great gym and trainer.

10/10 High quality instructor
By Mona LIsa / Tallahassee, USA

Laurel and Mike at Boot Camps to go are the best. They are always aware of your limitations (if any) and they push everyone to excel. You feel the one on one training even when you are in a group. They are instructors of the highest quality. The develop relationships with their clients that make you feel welcome and part of a team.

10/10 Kettlebell $50, Laurel Blackburn priceless!!
By Thomas Larson, MPT, CSCS, FMS, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer / Tallahassee, USA

Laurel Blackburn is the ultimate professional and truly an elite in her field. As a physical therapist, CSCS, FMS, and Crossfit Level 1 Trainer with over 20 years of weight lifting experience, I was humbled by her knowledge and expertise. If you are looking for instruction on the safe, proper and correct use of a kettlebell, look no further than Laurel!!

10/10 Awesome Class!!
By Artesa Anderson / Tallahassee, US

Phenomenal teacher! I never thought that when I started kettlebell training that I would find my true strength! Laurel is truly gifted in showing clients how to find their strength and continue to push past that perceived limit! This class has not only made me a stronger runner but an overall strong athlete!

10/10 Enjoy the Pain with Laurel!
By Mike Westerdal / Clearwater, USA

Laurel is a great coach and resource for kettlebell training. Her gym in Tallahassee is amazing. If you're able to pay a visit I highly recommend it. Her slogan is enjoy the pain and she is happy when she is training hard. She has really made a dramatic positive impact on the community she serves. I highly recommend hiring or working with Laurel if you are lucky enough to get the opportunity. I enjoyed visiting, learning and training with her. Oh by the way she looks 15 years younger than she is and has superb mobility.
Mike -

10/10 The Best!
By Nastasya Rose Aracena / Miami, FL, United States

Not only has she applied all she has learned through Dragon Door, she knows how to continuously apply it in her everyday life through her own live business. She is an honor to train with, learn from, and grow with. She is the definition of what it is like to apply discipline and dedication to see true results in obedience of the fundamentals in Russian Kettlebell Training.

10/10 What back surgery?
By Karen A. / Tallahassee, U.S.

I had back surgery last fall and was afraid I would never be free from pain, or regain any strength or agility. Then I saw Lauel's blog in the paper and emailed her, and nothing has been the same since! She has empowered me to try new things, even though I was completely intimidated at first. She was very sensitive to my history, and is the best instructor. She breaks everything down and watches your form so carefully, that you really learn without getting hurt. I feel stronger after every session, and have no pain. She should be "prescribed" by every doctor. Thanks Laurel!

10/10 No More Lower Back Pain
By Tanya Patton / Tallahassee, United States

Kettlebells has helped me so much with my lower back pain. I am a long distance runner and through the course of time have done some damage to my lower back. Laurel took the time to give me one on one training to make sure that I was doing the kettlebell exercises correctly. She assured me that by strenthening my core that my back would feel so much better. Sure enough!!!! I no longer have pain when I run!

10/10 Skillz!
By Madeline Parra / Tallahassee, USA

Laurel is an amazing trainer / instructor. She's highly knowledgeable about proper movement of all kinds (not just limited to kettlebells), proper form etc. Laurel is very caring and sincerely concerned with the well-being of her clients / students and encourages people to set attainable goals, and then set new ones and keep going. She is an inspiration! I recommend Laurel to anyone, without hesitation.

10/10 Laurel was Born To Teach Kettlebells!
By Carrie Kukuda / Tampa, USA

I feel Laurel was born to teach kettlebells. Knowing her the last 5 years, she continues to grow and improve herself and her training. She is one of the best in describing technique. I would HIGHLY recommend her if you are looking to learn kettlebells and for those looking to advance and challenge themselves as well.

10/10 Laurel is awesome!
By Jessica McCawley / Tallahassee, USA

Laurel takes a special interest in helping everyone achieve their fitness goals. During class she makes sure folks are using the correct form as well as shows people how to make modifications if they have an injury. She won't leave anyone behind! Her workouts are always fun and challenging. Her class rocks. Who would think you could make this kind of progress physically in a class that lasts about 30 minutes. She is there to help all fitness levels from the beginner to the expert level, all have a place in her classes and all are challenged. If you are looking for a way to begin exercising or spice up your routine, this is the class and this is the instructor for you.

8/10 Dedicated to her craft!
By Kris Hoover / Tallahassee, FL, USA

Laurel isn't content to follow fads or trends; nor does she dole out the same tired workouts, week after week. What makes Laurel a great trainer is that she does her homework, she does the heavy lifting, and she comes prepared to offer a great workout that is physically challenging and sound. I know with Laurel I'm being trained to use the correct form and do my best each time. She practices what she preaches and her heart is always in the right place. Couldn't ask for a better trainer!

10/10 Laurel Rocks!
By Joe Patton / Monticello, Florida, USA

Since joining Laurel's kettlebell class, I've gotten tons stronger and my flexibility has improved tremendously. Laurel makes sure everyone uses correct form, and she develops interesting workouts to keep things fun. She's also great at helping class members individually with specific physical issues and/or training goals. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to get fit, strong, and flexible!

10/10 Great Instructor--Great Program
By Fran Gilbert / Tallahassee, USA

I've been attending Boot Camp Fitness and Training since the very beginning--the very first class! Laurel is first rate in everything she does including (especially) Kettlebells. Taking care to make sure your form is correct, that you are getting all the benefits of the workout while staying safe is the hallmark of Laurel and all the trainers at Boot Camp. She feels certification is very important and she is committed to getting and maintaing the certifications that allow her to be the best trainer ever!
After more than 7 years I still recommend Laurel and Boot Camp to anyone who wants to become healthier and fit. Boot Camp and Kettlebell Class keep getting better and better and that is a testament to the quality and professional training that Laurel and her team insist upon. If you are looking for a Kettlebell workout that is safe and effective, try Laurel's Kettlebell class. You will see results!

10/10 Great classes and great results
By Rachel Caplan / Tallahassee, USA

I started taking Laurel's bootcamp classes 3 months ago and within a couple weeks I saw results and had increased my strength noticeably. No two classes are the same, so not only will you never get bored but your whole body will be worked out each and every time. I highly recommend these classes!

By charlotte garcia / tallahassee, USA

I have been training at Boot Camps to Go for the past 4 weeks. I have seen amazing results. In only 4 weeks I have gotten stronger, improved endurance, and increased energy. I recommend this exercise routine to anybody that wants to have fun and get in shape. Laurel is a great person and incredibly knowledgeable. Try it!

10/10 Great instructor
By Shane England / McKinney, TX, USA

Laurel has been both an instructor and a colleague of mine and I can say I am better for both. She truly walks the walk and is constantly bettering herself. She is able to help every level of client and will take you to the next level

10/10 Excellent teacher for all levels!
By Julia A / Tallahassee, USA

I have been taking classes from Laurel for over 3 years now and I continue to learn new things about strength training with kettlebells (new exercises AND how to perfect the ones I already know). She is a patient and knowledgeable teacher and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn KB, regardless of your level. We are lucky to have her here in Tallahassee!

10/10 Very Encouraging!!
By Jamie Pitts / Talahassee, USA

Laurel is awesome!!! She gives patient, caring instruction with an eye on safety and form. She gives you the confidence you need to push yourself further. She is a great instructor and I always leave her boot camp class exhausted and sore, but ready for what she may have next session. Laurel's boot camp classes are the absolutely best thing I do M, W, and F at 5:30am. There aren't many things I am willing to get up that early for! Thank you Laurel for your patience, kindness, encouragement, and always pushing me to go one step further!!

10/10 Top-notch Instructor!!
By Andrea Du Cane / St Paul, USA

As Master RKC, I had the opportunity to work with Laurel Blackburn for an RKC-Re-Cert and HKC. She demonstrated the skill and hard work that is required to reach this high level of instructor training. Not only was the weekend professionally organized down to the smallest detail, she also lived up to her reputation as a first class instructor. She was hands on and attentive to all the participants and was able to demonstrate anything I asked her with excellent form and expertise.

The bottom line is that Laurel Blackburn is professional, lives whats he preaches, is a compassionate and intuitive instructor as well as an admirable athlete in her own right. I fully recommend Laurel Blackburn as an RKC instructor.

10/10 Great way to get your motivation off the ground
By Katoria Westbrook / Tallahassee, USA

This was my first experience in a kettlebell workout, and with much practice and patience, it has quickly become one of my more better things to do. Laurel helped to make sure that I had the correct form to ensure I was getting the most from the exercise, without putting any strain in the wrong areas. Overall, her patience and dedication to her craft, makes her one of the best, if not the best!

10/10 Encouragement and Confidence
By Lori Clemmons / Tallahassee, United States

Laurel is terrific!!! She gives patient, caring instruction with an eye on safety and form. She gives you the confidence you need to push yourself further. She is a great instructor. I feel lucky to have her in my world.!!!

10/10 Laurel is Awesome!
By Lynne Brazille / Tallahassee, USA

Laurel is a top notch fitness instructor. She comes up with an endless variety of ways to work out every muscle in your body, You could not possibly get bored in Boot Camp! If you happen to have a medical condition or injury, Laurel is very knowledgeable about specific exercises for your physical issues. She is very patient in demonstrating exercises and explaining things even if you've asked her the same thing five times already! She gives a lot of positive reinforcement while you are working out and encourages you to push yourself. Coming to Boot Camp is one of the best things I have done for myself and Laurel makes it a fun, challenging and overall positive experience. She is just awesome!

10/10 Hardest Workout and I loved it!
By Kayla Preston / Tallahassee, U.S.

Before attempting the class I had my mind made up that by appearance kettle bells looked some what easy and that it would be just like any other typical weight training class I had done before. After my personal one on one introductory session I was exhausted but it was definitely necessary, there is way more to kettle bells than meets the eye and it was definitely worth it. I thought that my hour long session I had to prepare me was going to be harder than the actual workout which is only 30 minutes. I was wrong again. I didn't think that in 30 min I could have gotten a full body workout. I sweat and worked more muscles in my body than I had in any other personal training session or weight lifting class I had ever taken. Laurel made the class fun and kept encouraging everyone throughout the work out. The 30 minutes was over before you know it. I would highly recommend taking this class to anyone at any skill level. Definitely the most fun I've had in a workout and the best instructor! Can't wait for more kettle bell classes!!

10/10 Working Out is Fun!!
By Christy Preston / Tallahassee, United States

Laurel is not only a great instructor and very patient with everyone, but she makes working out fun - even if it is killing you! Seriously, the workouts are engaging, diverse and will kick your butt! Laurel is also very upbeat, always positive and encouraging. If she knows you have an issue (injury, back problem), she takes extra time to help you either rehab the problem or give you modifications until you heal. It may be 5:30 a.m. in the morning and you might not be awake, but Laurel's workouts will have you feeling great in just a few minutes and it lasts all day.

10/10 Great Coach!
By Mason Runge / Tallahassee, United States

I have been using kettlebells for 5 years. Ive read numerous books and watch countless videos all with a feeling I wasn't preforming the moves exactly right. I sought out professional help and Laurel was willing to help. She was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and just fun to learn from. She has a passion for her craft that comes through in her no nonsense approach to the kettlebell. Laurel teaches kettlebell by relating the movements we use in everyday life, making it easy to understand and easier to cut to the chase and start sweating. I can honestly say I enjoyed my lessons with Laurel and cant wait for my next session.

10/10 Emphasis on form
By Susan Tillman / Gainesville, USA

Laurel did a great job of teaching a group of physical therapists how to use basic Kettlebell techniques for our patient population. She emphasized proper form and showed many cues to use to promote good form. Not only was my brain challenged but so were my hamstrings and gluts! I would definitely recommend Laurel to others.

10/10 Quality Hands On Instruction
By Art Waters / Gainesville, USA

I really enjoyed learning the proper way to use Kettlebells. I think there is a lot of misinformation regarding the proper use of Kettlebells. This course addresses these issues and teaches you detailed techniques to create proper movement patterns.

Go Gators!

9/10 Great hands on experience
By Scott Greenberg / Gainesville, US

She did a great job. It was a great learn by doing session. She was very knowledgeable on the topic

10/10 Great class!
By Tim Shay / Gainesville, USA

The course was informative and well organized. I appreciated the instruction and focus on teaching and form instruction. I would highly recommend this to anyone needing/wanting to learn more about kettle bell training.

10/10 Excellent teacher
By Derek Miles / Gainesville, FL, USA

Laurel did a phenomenal job running a kettlebell course at our facility. She was able to cater to the striated background the clinicians had. It was a very educational experience in which she not only showed proper form but how to teach and cue as well. She was open to dialogue and went out of her way to make sure that everyone was competent by the end of the day. I would happily have her as an instructor again and highly recommend her to anyone wishing to learn.

10/10 Very Helpful
By Claire Rhodes / Lynn Haven, Florida

We live two hours away from Laurel, and she was very flexible, and helpful in working around our schedule. My husband and I met with her to improve our technique on basic swing and get up skills, and start learning clean and snatch skills. Laurel was very encouraging and great at breaking it down for us. She is obviously very passionate about what she does, wish we lived closer so we could spend more time at her facility.

10/10 Terrific Instruction!
By Adam Brady / Orlando, Florida, USA

I attended an HKC workshop in Orlando Florida last month in which Laurel was once of the RCK instructors assisting in the training. I was immediately impressed with her skill as an instructor and representative of the RKC. She provided me with friendly hands-on instruction and recommendations to help me both understand the techniques and refine my execution. She also demonstrated several additional exercises to help me better experience the appropriate body mechanics to allow me to get the most from the movements. Her skills were top-notch and her teaching technique was outstanding. Laurel is clearly a great teacher and I can't recommend her enough. If I’m ever in the Tallahassee area, I’ll be visiting her gym for some training.

10/10 Life Changing!
By David Knight HKC / Tallahassee, USA

As a triathlete and a life long athlete, I thought I was fit. Wrong! I must tell you I was afraid of Laurel's workouts when I first trained with her, but it was like a bad crash that I couldn't stop looking at. She's an awesome trainer and KNOWS her craft and has great skills at working with clients in a way that are easily comprehended and maximum results are acheieved.

10/10 Bryan E.
By Bryan Edwards / Tallahassee, FL, USA

Laurel is a great instructor! She makes sure everyone in class is engaged and using correct form. The classes are always different and challenging. I would recommend Kettlebell for any fitness level.

10/10 Knowledgeable, Attentive and Creative
By Megan Mays / Tallahassee, US

Laurel is a fantastic Kettlebell instructor! She knows her stuff, pays strict attention to form and varies the workouts so that I never get bored. I love how tuned in she is to each person in the class and keeps us working hard all session long. Laurel = highly recommended!!

10/10 Meets individual needs
By J B / Tallahassee, FL, USA

I now am confident that anyone can work with kettle bells because I can do it! Laurel excels at meeting me where I am and then moving me forward without overwhelming me during the process. There is lots of positive feedback but even more important, Laurel teaches and reteaches constantly to solidify technique and keep students safe. I highly recommend training with Laurel.

10/10 Loves A Challenge
By Jennifer Bryan, RKC / Lake City, FL, USA

Just because one is an RKC doesn't mean she won't occasionally need a tune up, and I certainly needed one when I showed up to see Laurel. For months I had been fighting an asymmetry that I knew in my gut would eventually lead to pain or injury. I had been falling back to my CK-FMS knowledge and had seen a movement specialist that I had tripped upon in Canada (naturally failing to fully implement his recommendations), but the asymmetry remained. The pain did come, finally prompting me to make a visit to someone I KNEW could make a difference.
Laurel made concessions in her schedule for my crazy schedule and laid aside some time. I drove the 2 hours to her in giddy anticipation, and we finally got to work. Having spent so much time inside the wonky movement (yes, that's the technical term), Laurel had to bring out all of her tricks. My squat looked not unlike a "Z"--when viewed from the FRONT. Using her full repertoire of Z health and FMS, Laurel found some key issues and then some movements to help me fix them. By the time I left, my squats were straighter, my swings stronger and my wonky hips and knees much happier. The process of fully repairing my movement will be an ongoing one, but I am confident that I will get there with a few more trips to Laurel.

10/10 Excellent Trainer
By Dan C / Tallahassee, Fl, USA

This is a great work out. Laurel really know how to help you get the most out of your time. Anyone who wants to raise their fitness level is well served working with Laurel.

10/10 A good change of pace
By Corey H / Tallahassee, USA

I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Laurel's kettlebell training classes. Laurel provided excellent instruction and displayed the knowledge of a true fitness professional. She provided me with proper form and technique on a weight training system I was not too familiar with. I have since incorporated kettlebell swings into my weight training regiment. Thanks Laurel!

10/10 Great Results!
By Vinny B / Tallahassee, FL, Unite States

I have been working out at Laurel's place for the past two months. Going from strickly free weights to crossfit has been a big change. It was made easier with Laurel's instruction and with healing a lower back, her techniques has made my workouts give me great results with no discomfort! Everyone needs to try Bootcampstogo!

10/10 Amazing
By Jordan L / Tallahassee, USA

Laurel does a great job at instructing. The kettlebell workout she gave us made me feel muscles I never knew I had!!

10/10 Great Instructor
By J Wheeloid / Tallahassee, FL, US

She is a great instructor and is not afraid to tell you if you are doing something incorrect in form or otherwise. She continued to stay up-beat with relevant information throughout the course. Thanks for the instruction.

10/10 Pro Athlete
By David Ross / Tallahassee, U.S.A

I play professional sports and I am always looking to find new, fun ways to get in shape and gain strength. Bootcamp is it! It's a great mix and you never get bored. Laura teaches great technic and is low impact which really benefited me. If you want a great workout thats safe, fun, different, this is the lady to go see!!

10/10 Excellent instructor
By Kevin B / Tallahassee, USA

Great instructor. Demonstrates deep understanding of the subject matter and has the ability to actually teach it.

10/10 Laurel Rocks
By Jeff M / Tallahassee, USA

I have been training at Laurel's gym for the past 4 weeks. I have seen great results. I recommend this Bootcamp to anybody that wants to have fun and get in shape.

10/10 Good course
By Mike T / Tallahassee, US

The instructors were personable, welcoming and seemed knowledgeable. Additionally, they were not just talkers, they could perform everything they were teaching us to do. Despite the fact their abilities exceeded ours, they pushed us at a pace that was appropriate for beginners learning new movements (kettlebells) and were concerned with injury prevention. Even at the level we were practicing, I could clearly see that a full workout would be challenging and would test my endurance in a way that I was not used to. Thanks for the course.

10/10 Tactical Team trusts her.
By Sgt. James Fairfield / Tallahassee, USA

Laurel has been a trusted and contributing fitness specialist in Tallahassee for several years. Recently she provided a basic users course to myself and members of the City's tactical team. Despite the training scars from years of traditional weightlifting and conditioning she was able to get us moving functionally and expose some serious deficiencies in our flexibility.

Based on the level of soreness reported by many of the students I expect they have had that fitness epiphany where you realize that what you were doing is not doing yourself the benefit you thought it was.

I own several kettle bells and can tell you that what I was doing with them was only vaguely similar to what she has us doing with them. Suddenly, with proper form then got a lot less painful and a heck of lot heavier.....

10/10 Laurel: A Life Changer
By Gerri Seay / Tallahassee, USA

Being 60 years old is new to me, and some of the conditions I was beginning to experience were a little scary. I was losing my balance just walking, and my legs were so weak, especially my left leg where I had knee surgery, that I could hardly get in and out of the car. I was completely stupefied and as a former Judo Player, Dancer and avid aerobics student, I could literally feel my body deteriorating. I just couldn't find an exercise class that wouldn't require my jumping up and down or twisting my knee. Then I found Laurel's web site!


First she embraced the challenge of me being the oldest person in the class without ever verbalizing it. So I felt she wouldn't let me hurt myself, yet she wouldn't let me leave without addressing my issues. She, and her staff, have gone out of their way to make sure that I have the workout that is perfect for me. HOW RARE IS THAT!
But the most wonderful thing is the absolute improvement in my musculature. I could feel the difference immediately. My legs are stronger, and I feel more stable on my feet. It is hard to explain how thankful I am for this improvement in my health. I feel confident that after a time I can even get back some of my flexibility in my knee; that I will be able to get up from a chair without a struggle and most importantly, I won't have to worry about falling anymore.

Thanks, Laurel!! You're going to make my 60s as much fun as my thirties . . . and they were way fun!!

10/10 Kettle Bells ROCK with Laurel Blackburn
By Leisa McCullion / Tallahassee, USA

I recently started the kettle bell classes with Laurel and let me tell you...WOW it is a great overall workout. I knew it would be challenging and it is, but its a great way to get in shape. I had some concerns as I am recovering from a motorcycle accident, but Laurel reassured me that with her experience and training, I would always have excellent supervision and personal attention should I need it. Laurel is the best at what she does and expects the best from her clients and she gets it! Thanks Laurel!

10/10 She pushes & pulls!
By Dawn Jones / Tallahassee, USA

She pushes, she pulls, she tweaks, she encourages, she is the trainer I always want with me when my kettle bell leaves the ground.

Laurel does an amazing kettle bell express class that kicks my a** twice a week & I love every minute of it.
When i try to take it easy, she pushes me to go heavier.
When I feel i can't go on, she pulls me up by my proverbial boot straps.
When I think my form is finally perfect, she tweaks it one more time.
When it's over, she compliments me & reminds of how far I've come.

Laurel knows how to coach & get the best out each one of her clients.

She amazes me constantly & I can't wait for Thursday's class!

10/10 Laurel Knows her Stuff
By Becca Hartzer, Good Friends Group Fitness / Tallahassee, FL

I recently completed a month of twice-weekly Kettlebell classes with Laurel at Boot Camps To Go. I was looking for a weightlifting class that was different from my normal routine. I really enjoyed my month of classes and the workouts. Each session was a different workout that built upon the previous session. I was impressed with the variety of exercises and the challenging routines. Laurel herself is a knowledgeable and attentive fitness professional--anyone would be in good hands with her. Thanks for the great experience, Laurel!

10/10 Awesome Results!
By William S. / Tallahassee, FL

I have worked out for almost 10 years and wanted a new challenge. I found Laurel's gym my last semester in college and immediately knew I would love it. Kettlebells brought a new type of challenge to me and with the direction and teaching from Laurel I was able to see amazing results in as little as one month. I had not lifted a traditional weight in over three months and then tried the bench press, and did the most I ever have. I was now the strongest I have ever been in my life! I owe it all to Laurel and kettlebells! Amazing trainer and an amazing workout! I HIGHLY recommend her! Thank you!

10/10 Awesome instructor!
By Jennifer E. / Tallahassee, Florida

I have been going to boot camp to go for several years, just recently added the kettlebell express class. I learned a lot from Laurel, and as always there for you the whole time. She is an amazing instructor, she has changed many peoples lives. I know she has mine.

10/10 Unbelievable workout with fantastic people!
By Lee Eng Tan / Tallahassee, Fl

It?s only 30 minutes. But it?s the most effective and invigorating 30 minutes of your life. Swinging that kettlebell will effectively change your life. Laurel teaches you how to swing safely and for maximum effect. The core building you achieve is astounding but even better is the atmosphere that Laurel creates. You will look forward to class. At the end of each class, you will be exhausted, but thrilled. You?ll look back and say ?I never knew I could do this.? This is the best workout ever and Laurel makes it happen.

I believe.

10/10 Need your hands taped? Call Laurel... :))
By Jorge I. Cruz, RKC / Fort Lauderdale, FL

Of course the headline is just an inside joke.... ;)

I met Laurel at the 2010 Orlando RKC. She was one of my team's Assistants. Throughout the weekend, Laurel's tips, encouragement and motivation helped me stay focused at a point when your body is just asking you to stop. She's definitely the type of person who lives what she preaches.

Thanks Laurel for helping me so much. If it wasn't for you, I would have ripped my hands apart... :)

10/10 "Johnny On The Spot"
By Chris Davis / Saint Cloud, FL

In the military we had the expression "Johnny on the spot" which meant they were always ready for any situation. This perfectly describes Laurel. The night I met her she was already willing to work with me to correct muscle imbalances and during our RKC she was always ready with medical supplies, we had no need to go see the trainer provided. She did an excellent job.

Laurel is on of the most passionate trainers I have ever come across and knows how to motivate people as well as correct their mistakes. She has an undying thirst for knowledge in her field. Laurel, and her coaching and understanding of the kettlebell movements, were integral to my success at the RKC. I look forward to working with her in the future.

USAW Club Coach

10/10 Laurel is GREAT!
By Carrie Kukuda / Tampa, FL USA

I had the opportunity to work with Laurel at the RKC in Orlando. She and I assisted together. I couldn't of asked for a better team player. Her professionalism and knowledge of kettlebell training was top notch. I'm looking forward to working again with her in the future!

10/10 Laurel is a fantastic instructor.
By Sherry Lake / Tallahassee, Florida

Laurel pays attention to her clients form throughout class, works to remediate any issues and takes time to follow up with continuing instruction and guidance. She also provides group sessions with a dietitian and extra activities to improve her clients health. I've made a lot of progress in reaching my fitness goals with Laurel and Boot Camps Fitness and Training over the past couple of years.

10/10 She really cares!!
By Christine frazer / SLC, Utah

Laurel really cares about her clients and that makes all the difference. I've had many trainers that really have no interest in you as a person. Laurel is quite the opposite. I've been in Tallahassee on an extended business trip and she has worked with my travel schedule to ensure I am able to get a workout in as regularly as possible. She knows her stuff and is careful to ensure her clients are doing everything correctly. Kettlebell is the greatest workout ever thanks to Laurel!!

10/10 Feeling great over 30
By Janice / Tallahassee, FL

I have more strength and energy than I ever have before, and I owe it all to Laurel and her kettlebell classes!!

10/10 Kettlebells rev up your workouts!
By Sheena Jones / Tallahassee, FL

Adding kettlebells to your workout really increases strength and stabilty. They are also great for cardio! Laurel Blackburn and her Bootcamps To Go program is the best place to learn how to use kettlebells. She teaches you the correct way to use them so you get the most out of your workout without injury. Its amazing the difference you will see. Laurel's the best!

10/10 Great Instructor
By Katie / Tallahassee, Florida

Laurel is a fantastic kettle bell instructor. Before joining her bootcamp classes I had never even seen or heard of them. Our first class she was fantastic at demonstrating the correct form and usage, and I enjoy each class that we incorporate them into our workouts.

10/10 Very Competent Instructor
By Pamela Hansard / Tallahassee, Florida

Laurel definitely knows her stuff and she also brings great enthusiasm and a personable approach to her class. The workshop was challenging and informative. I definitely recommend Laurel as an instructor for kettleball and fitness programs.

10/10 First timers welcome
By Troy Spencer / Tallahassee, Florida

Having never even seen a kettlebell before looking at Boot Camps To Go's website, I was very intrigued and eager to give it a try, but I've been to gyms before and I've had a few sessions with their personal trainers so I had my doubts about getting the attention I thought I would need to really learn what I was doing.
Laurel Blackburn and her staff erased all my worries from the get-go. No shouting, no embarrassment. Nothing but positive encouragement and personal guidance on form and function. They pushed without being pushy and made sure each person in the whole class of twenty or so got the individual instruction they needed for their level of fitness and capability. If you are looking for knowledgable professionals who keep it real - this is the place to go!

10/10 The Best Place to Get in Shape
By Cheryl / Tallahasse, FL

I am going on my 4th year with Bootcamp program and wanted to increase my strength and added the Kettlebell class for that purpose. This is the most encouraging program I have found. Laurel wants everyone to achieve their goals and will work with you as you go through the program. With participating in their program and encouragement from all the staff I completed my first triathlon at age 53 last September and looking forward to my next one in September with a half marathon and a Muddy Buddy to follow. This is the best physical condition I have been in since College.
Thank You Laurel and the staff at Bootcamps to go!!!

10/10 semi-pro athlete getting pushed hard!
By Rhoddy McKown, 31 / Tallahassee, FL

I am a semi-pro adventure race and mixed martial arts athlete. I train with Laurel to get ready for racing competitions. She is always structuring great workouts and motivating me to work hard! She is also very attentive to helping me improve my Kettlebell technique to maximize efficiency. I have seen great improvements in my strength, stamina, and performance on race day thanks to the time she has put in to training me.
Thanks Laurel!

Rhoddy McKown,
World Vibe Elementals Adventure Race Team

10/10 Recognized, not recruited
By Dave Whitley, Master RKC / Nashville TN USA

Those of us who have been a part of the RKCfor a while sometimes run into a situation where we meet an RKC who doesn't know it yet. Laurel had all the characteristics that make an RKC candidate- strength, passion, loyalty, communication skills. I encouraged her to join us and she has never let me down. I am proud to have been a part of Laurel's decision to join the ranks and spread the RKC message of strength and movement.

10/10 The kettlebell authority
By Doug Nepodal, Senior RKC / Santa Barbara, CA

I have had several occasions to work with Laurel, and each instance has been an absolute pleasure. First, she was a RKC candidate on my team when she went through the certification, which she passed with flying colors. I also had the privilege of having Laurel as my assistant at the first-ever HKC certification. Because of Laurel's knowledge and expertise with kettlebells, she was among the very first that I contacted when it came time to teach the HKC certifications over the country.

Laurel is an extremely knowledgeable kettlebell instructor that deserves a great deal of respect, and runs a top-notch facility. If you were to pass up the opportunity to work with Laurel, it would be your huge loss.

10/10 Great Instructor
By Kelly Hensley / Tallahassee, FL USA

Laurel Blackburn is a fantastic fitness trainer and successfully integrates kettlebells into her training repertoire. Laurel focuses on proper form throughout training, not only maintaining a safe environment but also enabling each individual to fully benefit from training with kettlebells. Laurel also is great at assessing each individual's ability level and safely pushing them to excel but utilizing different weights for different exercises.

10/10 Killing with Kindness & Kettlebells
By Elise Batchelor / Tallahassee, FL

Laurel Blackburn epitomizes everything one should seek in a trainer. She is extremely professional and puts her clients' health and safety first. While she pushes everyone to their individual limit, she is always mindful of one's technique; she wants you to do things *correctly.* I really appreciate her friendly demeanor and encouragement, it makes every training session a personal success. However, Laurel's no softie...she's tough and will NOT let you cheat yourself out of a hardcore workout.

10/10 Taking Workout to a Whole New Level!
By Katy Z / Tallahassee, FL

Laurel is a great instructor. I came to her as part of a weightloss/fitness competition, and am now addicted! I'd never even heard of a kettlebell until attending her classes, but I love what they bring to a workout. While she's quick to correct my poor (very poor) form when doing swings or get ups, she's also great at letting me know when I'm doing it properly. I can tell Laurel is really passionate when it comes to the kettlebells, and her training in general, and I certainly can't think of a better all-around workout.

If you're looking for a tough workout with a tough tough instructor, this is the way to go! A no-frills workout that will kick your butt into shape!!

10/10 No More Gyms For Me!
By Penni Griffith / Tallahassee, FL

This is by far the best workout I have ever had. Laurel is not only an experienced instructor but also cares about your success. No matter what your fitness level this is the place you need to be to get results.

10/10 Laurel Black(BURN THOSE CALORIES!)
By Hope AKA DIABEATU, 54 / Tallahassee, FL

What an appropriate name Laurel has! It has been a God Send for me to have the opportunity to train with Laurel and Boot Camps to Go. My team and I are in the 2010 Well Quest Challenge (biggest loser) and we were very lucky, no scratch that...very blessed to draw their name out of the hat to train us during this competition. At first I was scared to death about getting Boot Camp, but now that I am in it I have realized the workouts for two hours that I have done in the past are nothing compared to 45 minutes of Kettle Bell Training with Laurel! The first two weeks I could barely walk but the pain is well worth it! If you really want to see results and get the weight off, build muscle or just tone up I would definitely recommend you to try it out! You will be hooked and it has been one of the best ways to get my heart rate up very quickly. Keep up the excellent work Laurel and I know when people visit once they will have the desire to make it a lifetime commitment! I am so happy to have the pleasure to train with you!

10/10 Laurel is Tallahassee's Resource For All Things Kettlebell
By Carrie Venclauskas / Tallahassee, FL

Laurel is a sensational Kettlebell instructor. She provides comprehensive and concise training, and is committed to ensuring that we understand and implement the proper form when using the bells. Her instruction and encouragement have enabled me to continuously improve my performance, increase the amount of weight I can use, and her classes are incredibly fun, challenging and rewarding. She has introduced me to a life long fitness tool and how to incorporate it into my workouts at home as well. Thank you Laurel!

10/10 One HeCK of an Instructor
By John Fox / Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Laurel hosted and instructed at the Tallahassee HKC. Laurel was all over the gym and, like most moms, seems to have eyes in the back of her head!! Seriously, she was able to monitor several candidates at the same time, catching flaws and INSTANTLY offering valid corrections that were simple and easy to understand. Laurel is dynamic, professional, and obviously passionate about kettlebell training. Her attention to detail, expertise, and enthusiasm helped make this HKC FANTASTIC! If you have the opportunity to train with Laurel at her Boot Camps to Go facility then you honestly owe it to yourself to do so. Laurel is not only a fantastic person, she gets REAL results!!

10/10 Laurel Blackburn + Kettlebell = Live Saver
By Susan S / Tallahassee, FL

I was very overweight when I started Boot Camp. The first night there Laurel introduced me to the Kettlebell. I was hooked from the very beginning. Now more than 100 lbs lost later, I'm still very much in love with the Kettlebell. Laurel has taught me so much and continues to introduce new and exciting ways to workout with them. My heart rate shoots up in a matter of seconds making that fat burn away. My muscles are getting stronger and stronger. My recovery time is getting so much better.
Laurel is a great trainer because she listens to you and works with you and your abilities. Then she pushes when the time is right. With her use of the Kettlebell she has added years to my life!

10/10 Competent and Compassionate
By Mike Munroe / Tallahassee, Florida

I have been training with Laurel Blackburn for almost two years. My original goal was to lose 50 pounds. Through Bootcamps To Go's emphasis on kettlebell training, I was able to accomplish this goal within the first year. I chose to continue with Laurel to enhance my physical fitness. Six months ago I added the Kettlebell class. Through Laurel's competent and compassionate training, I am now in the best shape I have ever been in. And I feel great! Laurel's emphasis on form and technique prevents injuries. Kettlebell training is very cardio which has also improved my running. Laurel is a great instructor and a great person. I highly recommend her.

10/10 Saved By The Bell
By Frances Christopher / Tallahassee, FL

I have been training with Laural for two going on three months now at Bootcamp and can not believe the changes I have seen in such a short time. Two months ago I felt fat, sad and depressed and then I was introduced to Bootcamp and was instantly hooked. Most importantly the Kettlebells. For the first couple weeks I struggled, not being able to get my form just right but I kept trying. I even went out during the third week and bought my very first bell because I enjoyed it so much. I practiced so much I literally tore my shoulder. Right after Laurel heard that she spend a enter session with me making sure I prefected my swings. Now I train on them everyday and within the two months with her have lost 22 inches, gained endurance, bettered my balance, and gained a hell of alot of self esteem. Thank you Laurel! You are the BEST!!!

10/10 Wonderful Instructor
By Lisa R. / Crawfordville, FL

Well, just getting through my first month with Laurel. I can honestly say that she's the best at what she does. Laurel is very compassionate and really takes (one on one) time to make sure proper technique is used as to avoid injury etc. I've never experienced workouts such as these before, especially, workouts with kettlebells. Laurel is great. I highly recommend her.

10/10 Hooked after only one month
By Catie / Tallahassee, FL

I had never even heard of a kettlebell before I met Laurel and now working with them seems like second nature. I'm already seeing improvements after only a few weeks! Laurel is a great instructor...she makes sure we always use proper technique so there are no injuries and she doesn't let you get away with anything! I look forward to becoming a Boot Camps To Go lifer!

10/10 Total Professional!
By Nicole H. / Tallahassee, FL

Laurel introduced me to kettlebells three months ago. Her kind and compassionate manner have made her a joy to work with. She is very patient and helpful and wants everyone to be the best that they can. I highly recommend Laurel as a kettlebell and workout trainer. She has done wonders for me in just a short amount of time. By far the nicest trainer I have seen and she truly cares about each of her clients. She keeps workouts fun and enjoyable while challenging at the same time. You will not be disappointed!

10/10 An intensifying fun challenge
By Jennifer / Tallahassee, FL

This is a terrific class for those who want to add strength training into their workout regiment. Laurel is an unrelenting perfectionist when it comes to proper form and technique. She is extremely encouraging and genuinely cares about her students and their fitness goals. Laurel taught me to incorporate our class lessons into improving my posture and my running. She is a hands on instructor and pushes your abilities to the ultimate limits. Laurel's kettlebell class is probably the most difficult exercise class I have experienced, but also the most enjoyable.

10/10 Compassionate Instructor
By Anthony K. (Tony) Roberts / Tallahassee, FL

I decided not to train with kettlebells after attempting to teach myself. However, when Boot Camps To Go offered a kettlebell training class in my city, I decided to enroll in the class. The training is much more difficult than I expected. The emphasis is on technique rather than brute strength or stamina, so a good instructor is needed to properly guide those of us new to the training. Laurel is great at what she does, and that is train by example, while motivating and encouraging us to perform better - even taking the time to deconstruct every exercise so that we can perform the movements correctly. Those in the Tallahassee area interested in kettlebell training should enroll in her class. Space is limited, so enroll early.
This workout will get you in shape!

10/10 Motivating and great at what she does!
By Darielle / Tallahassee, FL

Laurel is an extremely professional knowledgable trainer! I take her kettlebell classes and she really knows so much about everything Ive wanted to learn about kettlebells, I already see a difference in my strength and cardio! I would recommend Laurel to anyone and I already have, she is definitly worth bragging about!! AWESOME trainer!!

10/10 Best atmosphere for your workout!!!
By Lori S. / Tallahassee, FL

Laurel is a great instructor and businesswoman. She is compassionate and truly motivated to help make peoples lives better. I have been in Tallahassee for 2 years on a contract and did not know anyone and she welcomed me in to the Bootcamps to Go family with open arms. I was nervous and scared at first but she is so nice I felt at home right away. I don't feel like I am going to a workout when I go to Bootcamp I feel like I am going to spend time with my friends. I know she does not ask us to do anything she has not already done and has worked hard at just like she is expecting us to do. I went from hating getting in shape to loving it and signed up for the Kettlebell class. After my first 4 week Kettlebell class I have a great deal more strength in my abs and have now moved to a higher weight kettlebell. I have more confidence then ever that I will reach my goals and this will really work for real! I would recommend any person in any shape to Laurel because I know she can take anyone anywhere they want to go as long as they follow through with what she teaches

10/10 All About Proper Technique
By Tricia E / Tallahassee, FL

Laurel takes the time to make sure each class member is using the proper Kettlebell techniques. She even has an introductory session for newbies. She is a great motivator and fosters a nice environment for a tough but fun workout.

10/10 Dedicated, professional and tough.
By J Thomas / Florida Panhandle

You can run, but you can't hide......and then you can run some more.

In all my years of taking organized classes and doing personal training sessions, have I ever come across an instructor that was so focused on technique. Laurel will work with you one on one until it is perfect....but watch out, because once it is, you'll have ample opportunity to "practice".

She can back up all the certifications hanging on the wall with talk and ACTION.

10/10 Passionate, tailored instruction
By Lori Clemmons / Tallahassee, FL

Laurel obviously loves what she does and takes the time to explain the details of the moves. She makes sure each person 'gets it'. The workouts are fun and challenging.

10/10 Laurel's Kettlebell Program Best Thing I Ever Did For Myself!!
By Carrie V. / Tallahassee, FL

I joined Laurel's Boot Camp/Kettlebell program approx 2 months ago, and I will be a lifetime member for certain. She is a caring and knowedgeable instructor who is able to motivate everyone in the class to push themselves and to try things we never would have believed we were capable of. In the short time I've been involved with her programs, I am measurably stronger, have more endurance, have improved muscle tone and weight loss to the point that I'm wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear for over a year. I am healthier overall, and have significantly more energy daily. It's amazing how she's taught us to use the kettlebells to work out our entire body, using several muslce groups at once for maximum effect. I feel incredibly blessed to have an instructor who is so knowledgeable and talented in her field.

10/10 Warning: Kettlebells are addictive
By Nicholas Mack, 25 / Tallahassee, FL USA

Laurel, her Boot Camps To Go program, and her use of kettlebells have transformed me in ways I had never thought possible. When I first started out with Laurel 11 months ago, I wanted to get back into my active lifestyle that I had when I was in high school. I had been trying to get back into it on my own by working out at the local Globo Gym for about 6 months using some of their classes as well as the machines and weights offered. With little to show for it as far as results and with no gain in endurance either, I was considering getting a personal trainer. But then I found Laurel and Boot Camps To Go. That is when I regained my active lifestyle and my perception of working out was changed. Laurel isn't like any other trainer or instructor. She is constantly adding to her collection of certifications and is passing that knowledge on to us, making each session at Boot Camp a new challenge and giving you a new barrier to break. After just a few weeks of working out with Laurel, not only did I start to see results, but my friends also started to take notice. I have lost fat and gained muscle and definition without much more than my own body weight, resistance bands and, of course, kettlebells. No miracle pill needed for a hard gainer like me. Laurel and kettlebells have given me much more than just a better built body though. In fact, that was just a side effect. I am now living a healthier, more active lifestyle, have more endurance and energy. I have taken up bouldering at the rock gym, 5k's and Muddy Buddies, and, after a 7 year hiatus, I am back to participating in triathlons! Without Laurel and kettlebells, I don't think I'd be doing all the healthy and active things that I am today!

I strongly recommend Laurel and kettlebells to anyone who wants to get in shape and have a great time doing it.

10/10 Getting the Most out of your Workout
By Beth Ryan / Tallahassee, FL

Getting the most out of your workout and for great results, you can depend on Laurel for insisting on proper form and technique in kettlebell instruction and any other exercise. Swinging kettlebells is hard work, and as in any other sport, to get the proper results, you need to know how to do the exercise properly.

10/10 Getting stronger every day....
By Karen Daily / Tallahassee, Florida

Before starting to workout at Bootcamps To Go, I was nervous and intimidated...I had never even heard of a "kettle bell". Thankfully, I have found Laurel's supportive teaching methods to be very thorough and helpful. She is great at demontrating to the entire group what we will be doing, as well as giving individual help to fine-tune our technique. She has a gift- the ability to inspire, motivate,and support ALL ability levels to meet their goals.

I have continued coming to Laurel's classes for more almost 3 years now because every class is different. The classes are not easy, but the workouts are challenging enough to make me stronger and to keep me coming back for more!

The hard work that you put in results in superior conditioning of your heart, body, and mind! I love every moment of it and I'll never stop swinging (...and squatting... and pressing and snatching and TGU-ing...)- I think my HR just went up just thinking about it!

But this isn't about me...This is about the outstanding trainer that got me to this point. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with such an awesome personal trainer! I wish everyone had the opportunity to meet and work with Laurel. She has genuine enthusiasm for what she is doing and it shows.

I would highly recommend Laurel Blackburn to anyone in the area that is interested in FINALLY seeing the changes they want to see.

10/10 Skilled, personal, and encouraging
By Chris P / Tallahassee, FL

I've been seeing Laurel for her Boot Camps To Go sessions for nearly a year now. I have lost more than ten pounds, but, more importantly, I have gained incredible strength, muscle, endurance, and confidence following her lessons. She is constantly hitting the books, looking for new techniques, searching for ways to help our group reach our goals, and keeping in personal touch with us to make sure we are getting the results we seek. Laurel doesn't stand watching us; instead, she goes to each person as we exercise, meticulously inspecting every aspect of our form as we exercise. She encourages the beginners and veterans alike to push themselves to try more difficult variations of exercises than we think we can attempt. I cannot think of any single person or program that has had a greater positive impact on my health than Laurel and her boot camp.

10/10 Best personal trainer ever
By Jamie / Tallahassee, FL

I came to Laurel for personal training after many many attempts at losing weight. She is, hands down, the best fitness professional I have ever met or worked with. I was (and still am) very overweight, but Laurel listened to me, helped me set goals, and worked with me. She didn't judge me or make assumptions based on my size, and that is rare. I've lost 35 pounds, lots of inches, and I am stronger than I have ever been. I have lost this much weight before, but I have never seen the changes in my body that I've seen since I've been working with Laurel. She's a great motivator and always changes things up to keep it interesting and challenging. She incorporates kettlebells and other types of unique exercises into our workouts. She understands how my body moves, and my strengths and weaknesses, and is able to create workouts that are helping me to reach my goals in the most efficient manner possible. Her technique is impeccable and she is very good at demonstrating and explaining both form and function to me--I like to know not just how to do an exercise, but how and why it works, and she can explain it to me. She is understanding but doesn't let me make excuses. She pushes me to do things that I didn't know that I could do, and she celebrates my successes with me and helps me move on from my..umm..not-so-successes. Basically, she is the total package, and everything you'd want in an instructor/personal trainer.

10/10 Laurel is awesomme!
By umi / Tallahassee, Fl

When I first met Laurel she asked me what my goals were - and I didn't know the answer to that. I started working out with her, not knowing what to expect. She's great at what she does - teach and push you and make you do things you never thought you could - everyone will say she's a great instructor, and that she is. But what I love is her quiet sense of humor and the understanding she has of me and my strengths and weaknesses. And at the end of only a few weeks, apart from being fitter and stronger, I know the answer to that question of goals - I want to be like Laurel!

10/10 Laurel has helped re-shape my body and confidence
By Meghan Lisson / Tallahassee, FL

I would highly recommend Laurel Blackburn's kettlebell instruction and the Boot Camps to Go fitness program to anyone who is looking to be in the best shape of their life. Laurel keeps her knowledge base & workouts fresh by constantly brushing up with continuing education, and her students reap the benefits. When I started Boot Camp & kettlebell training, I was your typical lumpy and frumpy mom trying to get off the rest of my baby weight. With Laurel's help, I have gone from a size 10 to a size 6, and everyone comments on how fantastic I look now. I am stronger and more confident than I have ever been in my life. Thanks to Laurel and the other Boot Camp instructors, I have gone from flab to fab!

10/10 Laurel is the BEST!!!
By Bret C. / Tallahassee, FL

Laurel is not only a great kettlebell instructor, she is also one of the best people I know.
The fun yet intense atmosphere at her workouts are what keep me coming back again and again.
If you are looking for a new way to work out, then work out with the best kettlebell instructor in Tallahassee!!!

10/10 Good instructor
By Rebeccah Cantley / Tallahassee, FL USA

Laurel knows her stuff and works very hard to stay up on the latest information that she in turn passes on to her clients. She is a stickler for technique and ensures her clients use kettlebells safely and effectively. Her coaching style combines the right amount of toughness and encouragement. I've definitely noticed a great deal of improvement in my strength level since working with her.

10/10 Motivated to Teach
By E. Sanchez / Tallahassee, Fl USA

Laurel has compiled a wealth of training knowledge into her Bootcamp sessions. She is a stickler for technique and has very effective ways of incorporating kettle bells into her classes. She comes across as someone who enjoys sharing what she's learned over the years and it shows in her enthusiasm for her students.

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