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Matt Fideler


Phone: 978-302-0312
Hilliard, OH
United States 43026
10 out of 10 (5 reviews)
Matt Fideler is an RKC Level 1 instructor located in Hilliard, OH.
Kettlebells are a (big!) part of his holistic approach to health and wellness.  When paired with proper nutrition and rest/recovery, he believes that kettlebells offer the most bang for your buck in terms of physical well-being.  They are a one-stop-shop for mobility, flexibility, conditioning and strength!
Matt's journey with kettlebells began after injuring his back during a CrossFit workout.  His recovery with chiropractor Dr. Justin Rabinowitz involved isolating and improving his hip hinge using kettlebells.  After moving to Ohio, Matt continued his rehabilitation with chiropractor Dr. Ben Kraft who introduced Matt to Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and also RKC Team Leader Lori Crock.  Matt began training with Lori in May of 2018, and exactly one year later he completed his RKC Level 1 with RKC Master Instructor Andrea Du Cane.
Come check him out at Six One Four Barbell, the Hilliard/Ray Patch YMCA, or email him for more information on developing a customized kettlebell program to meet your fitness needs.
Swing long and prosper!
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10/10 Very Encouraging Trainer
By Carmel Elmer / Hilliard, United States

Matt has been training my 17 year-old daughter for a few months. E-learning and spending time at home during the stay at home order was difficult for her on so many levels. She really lost motivation to go to the gym or do exercise of any kind. Since she started training with Matt she's been much more motivated to exercise and she looks forward to her training sessions. She's eating better and, as a bonus, has lost some weight. Matt really encourages her to push herself and get the most out of her workouts.

10/10 Great instruction and motivation!
By Jake H. / Dublin, United States

Wow!  Since joining Matt for workouts I've gotten world class individualized instruction.  I'm loving my energy levels and the clear progress I've made.  I'm constantly impressed with how perceptive he is in guiding me toward doing movements correctly and for the max benefits.  He is also an incredible motivator whose upbeat personal touch makes our workouts pass by like a breeze!  Highly recommended!

10/10 1yr Training with Matt
By Austin Trees / Lima, United States

I've been Training with Matt now for over a year and have had many movement corrections that have fixed my understanding of how to do it, decreasing the minor muscle spasms and soreness I would get from mimicking moves incorrectly. I was with a previous trainer for over a year who was nice and helpful, but was always telling me I was doing it right even though I would say the mechanics felt off. I'm a difficult person to explain certain things to, and movements are one if of them. I see something, then mimic what I think I'm seeing. That works well enough, until it doesn't. If I've told him "I'm this kinda person, I need you to be this way so I get it" he's not had an issue adapting to my ways of understanding. Besides the Kettlebells, he's shown me a number of stretches and warm up exercises to help my feel the correct movements and muscles I should be using which has been helpful for me to connect the dots on setting up and following thru correctly.

10/10 Great Motivator
By Braden Penny / Hilliard, USA

I am new to kettlebell training and Matt was very patient and thorough as he introduced me to the core movements. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about the benefits of Russian Kettlebell training. Matt is a great motivator and pushed me further than I could push myself.

10/10 Excellent
By Casey P / Columbus, USA

Matt is an excellent instructor and a great guy to boot. His high level of technical knowledge and keen eye for body mechanics are matched only by his innate teaching ability. He has a genuine passion for kettlebell training and pushes his students hard while respecting & understanding injuries and limits. I would 100% recommend Matt to trainees of any level.

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