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Nick Lynch


Phone: 414-477-2071
milwaukee, WI
United States 53207
9.95 out of 10 (62 reviews)

Nick’s professional foundation seems to have been the ideal training ground for the career he has chosen. He was raised in Montpelier, Vermont and is the son of Dr. James Lynch, a chiropractor at the center of holistic thinking in his community.

It is clear Nick’s passion for helping others understand their own potential was nurtured in his hometown, but experience played a part too.  After working as a personal trainer for six years in for-profit facilities that too often left people injured, Nick decided to follow his vision for how he could best facilitate the potential in others. It is this vision that inspired him to establish Superb Health in 2007.  

His credentials are diverse, he has completed coursework at UW-Superior in Exercise Science and following that, has sought out Kettlebell masters to train and obtain certification with. In the process, he acquired the title of  Senior Russian Kettlebell Master himself and become an Exercise Specialist, a Master Trainer, and is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for MSOE University Rowing Team.


 Nick is a seeker, a learner and a teacher, he enjoys life with Natalie and their two children, Weston and Vera. Together they strive to not only contribute professionally but also, to nurture a sense of authentic community.  "I see each client as an extension of my family and I love to watch each and every one grow and excel in their careers, sport and life."

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10/10 RKC training
By Luke Ardis / Milwaukee, Usa

I have been training with Nick at Superb Health for around 2 years and am currently working toward an RKC 1 certification. Nick does a great job breaking down and explaining the main six movements (squat,swing,get up, clean, press, snatch) involved in attaining this certification. He is an expert who has obviously spent thousands of hours practicing these skills himself. Nick has the ability to watch your performance and make subtle corrections that lead to great improvements in strength. I am stronger now at age 46 then I was in my 20s as a result of this training. Also Nick is a good guy and enjoyable to work with. I would recommend anyone traing for an RKC certification schedule a session with Nick.

10/10 I wish all my friends have Nick as instructor
By Nikolay Smeshko / Mequon, US

About a year ago when I was looking to get back to weight lifting exercises, my wife did an Internet search and found some very inspiring info about Superb Health and Nick Lynch. We decided to try kettlebells together. I can tell today that it was a one of the best decisions we ever made. Classes are always have different and very challenging routine, people in our group are super enthusiastic and friendly. Nick has a bright and positive personality, endless knowledge about fitness and kettlebells and everything related to healthy lifestyle. After first few months of taking classes I realized that I am getting stronger, I am moving better and easier, and my whole body has learned some better ways to perform everyday tasks. I can tell you that, if you really want to be in the better shape, if you want to learn how to be strong and efficient, Superb Health just the right place for that. Once you try the power of kettlebells, it will stay with forever.

10/10 Nick is in it for the your own long haul
By Mata Kartsonas / Milwaukee, USA

I was referred to Nick by my chiropractor, John Duris, for what was starting to become a chronic back issue. I'm 45 and when I started to work with him I knew he was someone who wasn't interested in a quick result, tough love type training or quantity vs. quality relationships with his students/clients. This is refreshing and really made me feel like I was learning how to retrain my health for the long haul. The sessions with him never feel rushed or generic. I catch bits of conversation from the folks before or after me sometimes and there is a connection he is making for the sake of health and happiness. He is an expert as well, Nick absolutely knows what he is doing and appears to thrive in it...which can only inspire you. I am only at the start of my work with Nick but relative to my long haul I already feel prepared and healthier because of it.

10/10 What are your Goals?
By Will Mattison / Milwaukee, United States

Over the last 3 year I have had the pleasure of training with Nick Lynch. He is a personable, insightful, and dedicated trainer. Nick strives to truly understand his athletes goals, then pushes them towards success. He practices what he preaches. His physical prowess alone is clear indicator that what he does is highly effective. You will learn how to move your body correctly and confidently. As a collegiate athlete, this cannot be overrated. Nick Lynch has the technical skills and dedication to get you to your goals, regardless of scope. The only questions are: do you have the drive to get there, and when will you start?

10/10 Feeling strong, thanks to Superb Health
By Justin Corcoran / Milwaukee, USA

"Are you feeling strong tonight?" This is a question that Nick (the owner and lead trainer) asks at the beginning of many of his classes. My honest answer (which I keep to myself) is usually "no." I am feeling tired after a long day at work, stiff after sitting at my desk and in my car, maybe stressed out, distracted, hungry, who knows. Rarely do I start class feeling strong. However, I also know that is about to change. I've been training at Superb Health for just over a year. Prior to that, I had never been to a gym or worked out in any real way. I was nervous to start, but that was quickly dispelled. Nick walked my wife and I through the basic movements, fixing and adjusting our form, but never making me feel bad for not knowing what I was doing. In class, there is never a competition between people - it doesn't matter how much weight I can lift, all that matters is that I'm trying. Everyone is happy to help if asked, and to provide encouragement. At the beginning, Nick encourages students to come to class a minimum of twice a week. Considering that prior to starting with Superb Health, I was basically a couch potato, twice a week seemed like a lot. But I followed Nick’s recommendation, and after just a few weeks, I found myself wanting to go more often. Now, a week where I only work out twice feels like an off week. No two classes at Superb Health are exactly alike, so I never get bored. We're always told to pick our own weights, so I never feel out of my element, or worse, at risk of hurting myself. Often, class seems to fly by. I’m usually tired and sweaty by the end, but I also feel great. In fact, I think Nick should start asking his question at the end of class, because almost without fail, I leave every class feeling better about myself, healthier, and, yes, strong.

9/10 Nick is awesome!
By Stacey Roberts / Milwaukee, Usa

My son is an athlete so is now being pursued for a div 1 scholarship but he needed to separate himself from the rest of the pack. At this level very small things make a difference. After working with Nick his fitness and strength improved immensely and was getting more out of his other workouts. I am a physical therapist and strongly recommended Nick to move you to the next level.

10/10 Back to Pull-Ups
By J Stuhmiller / Milwaukee, USA

Nick's positivity is infectious. He really believes that anything is possible, and he gets you to believe it, too. I'm in decent shape but banged up from injuries; what I don't need is a trainer who pushes me to hurt myself, because I already managed to do that myself. I need someone with a sensitive understanding of how the body works and how to fix it when some part of it breaks. I am back to being able to do a single pull-up, which is nowhere near what I used to be able to do, but worlds away from where I was even six months ago. Rock on.

10/10 Great Trainer
By Gunnar Wilhelm / Milwaukee, USA

Nick is a great trainer who has been an enormous help in reaching my goals. Above all else, Nick has been a wonderful teacher in demonstrating proper technique to properly target muscles and prevent injury. Nick is a really positive, friendly trainer who will get you to achieve your goals.

10/10 Amazing Instructor
By Ryan Boatright / Milwaukee, America

Nick is a great instructor. He knows his stuff when it comes to working out. He'll fix any bad habits that a person has developed over their life saving them from getting injured. He quite literally can fix your body for life saving you from the aches and pains of getting older. He's a great instructor but an even better guy.

10/10 Life Saver
By Lisa Reyes / Greenfield, USA

Continuing to gain weight and a slipped disc that made it hard to workout, I had finally had enough. I was referred to Nick by my Chiropractor. Meeting Nick, I laid it all out on the line. He made me feel at ease and reassured me that together we will reach any goal I want to set. I love to eat and dislike working out. But I hated the way my body felt more than anything. Sure losing weight was important but feeling better and being healthy meant even more. Starting Nick's personal meal plan and his ever changing core building strengthening movements, I was able to get off pain meds. I felt healthier fast and of course started to lose weight. After 2 months of feeling better and 29 pounds down I knew my goals were attainable. Life happens and I was set back by double foot surgery. Nick is very understanding and accepts your life's road blocks. He is adaptable to change and will customize movements to help you. He never once grilled me or made me feel bad for falling off the wagon. We start again on January 9th and I know 2017 will be healthy and happy. Thank you Nick for your support and always helping me to be the best version of me.

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