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10/10 Captivating RKC workshop with Coach Fury
By Carl Gauthier / Montreal, Canada

I recently attended an RKC workshop in NY and have found Coach Fury articulate, funny and incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone and am grateful for all the insights gained during my time spent in his presence. Thank you.

10/10 Great supplement to OCR training!
By Jesse M / Verona, United States

All the other glowing reviews about Coach Fury's dedication and professionalism are 100% true. If you are thinking about kettlebell training to improve your performance for obstacle course races then I strongly recommend you train with Fury. After getting worn down to a nub on my first Spartan race (a 9-mile Super), I realized that I was completely out of shape. So I came to Coach Fury to improve my overall fitness and apparent lack of grip strength. Six months later and fifteen pounds lighter, I ran the Spartan Sprint and Beast back-to-back with ease. Couldn't have done it without him!

10/10 Coach Fury RKC II
By Wesley Showalter / Philadelphia, USA

I have had the privilege of not only doing my level 1 RKC with Fury but more recently level 2! Fury does a great job at explanations, fielding any an all questions that the attendees had, as well as trouble shooting in regards to coaching and positioning. Both certifications went smooth and I came out a better coach than I had come in! Hoping to assist coach Fury in the not so distance future!

10/10 Hurricane Fury...Brings It!
By Kimberly Sharp / New York, USA

Coach Fury changed my life. I'm an office geek or Manhattan "professional" who never lifted weights and rarely exercised (my idea of grip strength was squeezing a lime for my Gin and Tonic), let alone touched a kettle bell. But his ridiculous amount of fitness knowledge, down to earth style and sense of humor is such a welcome change to your everyday NYC fitness instructor. He's legit and knows exactly how to motivate, plus he really knows his clients and fosters a sense of community. Seriously, cannot than this man enough. (And who doesn't love a death metal version of The Rainbow Connection ???)

10/10 Master of the RKC Universe
By Karin R / Windsor, USA

Don't even know where to begin! Fury by far is the best!! So knowledgeable, down to earth and actually cares about his clients and anyone he comes in contact with. So genuine!!! I have known Fury for a little over 9 months and have taken 2 certifications with him. OS Reset and HKC and I plan to take the RKC with him this October. He is my go to guy and has been a huge influence in my training. Fury by far is your guy...,whatever your fitness goal is. Coaching, mentoring, educating! Fury to me is family, my coach, my mentor and my friend!! So blessed to have him in my corner!! I encourage you to contact Coach Fury! It doesn't matter where you are, who you are...but if you are looking to step up whatever game you got going on....Fury is where it's at!

10/10 Fury is the best.
By Andrea Dilizia / Denver, USA

I could wax poetic about how amazing Fury is as a trainer and as a friend, but all these reviews have truly said it all. There's a reason his average review score is pasically a perfect 10: Fury does it all and does it amazingly. He's an amazing trainer and coach as well as a great friend and cheerleader.

10/10 Love Coach Fury- focus on form and friendship
By Alexis Cupo / New York, USA

I had the privilege of having Fury as my trainer at MFF for over a year and loved every minute I got to spend and train with him. He is kind and hilarious and full of everything important you need and want technically during training. Plus Swayze. Love you Fury!

10/10 Amazing coach and great guy!
By Emily Rouch / New York, USA

Coach Fury helped give me the tools to make my fitness goals reality. He is incredibly supportive and knowledgeable, and not afraid to push you to be better. As a woman, it's often tough to find a trainer who will encourage me to lift heavy and embrace my strength. Thanks to Fury, I've been able to double my Turkish getup weight, and farmer carry more than my body weight. I have worked with Fury in class settings and semi private training, and he is fantastic at both. Always patient and kind, and he makes some killer music playlists.

10/10 Feel the FURY!!
By Kristina A / New York, United States

I had the pleasure of training with Fury a number of times, and he truly impacted me in our (too short) time together. He is so knowledgeable, kind, and patient with clients—he will not only encourage you to get better but give you the tools to grow and believe in yourself. He's a rare gem that you don't come by everyday, and would highly recommend anyone work with them if given the incredible opportunity!!

10/10 Why can't I rate higher than 10?
By Sam Strasfeld / New York, USA

I've had the pleasure of training with Coach Fury on a number of occasions and I can honestly say he's one of the best out there. Knowledgeable, clear, and methodical, but also funny, kind, and encouraging. He's everything you want in a coach. Go crush a workout with him while you can!

10/10 He Goes to 11!
By Sherri Eisenberg / New York, USA

I had never lifted a kettle bell — and had barely set foot in a gym for 20 years! — before I worked out with Coach Fury, and he patiently taught me how to do it. He made me feel like it was possible, and was both fun and encouraging. I'm so grateful that I started out on this journey by learning the basics from such a fantastic coach and that he's as great with non-athletes as he is at certifying trainers.

10/10 Totally Awesome
By Richard Morse / Closter, US

I have known Fury for about 4 years. I decided trying to train on my own wasn't working for me. I always heard very good things about Fury, so I decided to contact him about online training. I am so glad I did. In the seven weeks we have been working together, I am moving better and my strength has definitely improved. The best part is, Fury is very in tune with my body. He knows what exercises or corrections will help me the most. When we train together he sees the tiniest details to correct to make me better. He is genuinely happy when he sees my improvement. He takes this very personally like he is vested in my success. I look forward to accomplishing my goals with his help.

10/10 One of the best around
By Ryan Jankowitz / Silver Spring, United States

I've known Fury for a number of years and this guy is one of the best fitness professionals I've ever been around. I've had the good fortune to assist him at several certifications, which he has led, and I've learned so much from simply watching him teach others. My kettlebell training and my ability to teach others has been taken to the next level as a result of working with him. Not only is he a fantastic coach, but he's a super good dude who is passionate about helping other people. I highly recommend working with him if you have the opportunity to do so.

10/10 Simply The Best
By William Sturgeon / Marshall, United States

I have been working with Steve for the past 4 months with some online training. It has been nothing, but amazing! Steve has been able to get me out of my funk of training and has helped me achieve incredible strength. I am on my way to become a beast tamer and Steve has increased my strength in ways I couldn't have imagined. I assisted Steve at an RKC 2 certification, and I was completely blown away by how well he delivered the content. He was able to fully educate everyone in the room. It amazed me by how smart this man is, but how he can making learning fun. This man truly cares about people and is on a mission to bring back the community of what the RKC really is. I highly recommend taking any of his courses!

10/10 Fury is the man!
By Kirk Adams / New York, USA

I've had the pleasure of taking RKC Level I and II with Coach Fury and they were both excellent courses. He's also an amazing coach, writes great programs, and knows good movies. If you're looking to take an RKC course or a trainer to work with online, go see Fury! #diemighty #coachfury #furyindustries

10/10 A True Master
By Joe Boffi / New York, usa

We Have been in each others orbit for years, but ever time I am around him I learn something. He has such a fountain of knowledge that it seems endless. If you want a true master reach out to Steve asap!

10/10 Smart, Knowledgeable, Funny, Caring
By Jason Kapnick / New York, USA

What can I say about Coach Fury that hasn't already been said? At the time of this writing, he has 155 reviews, with an average score of 9.98. That should say it all. Coach Fury has spent more time honing his craft than any instructor I know. He's spent an enormous amount of time and effort learning, and he's been able to synthesize all that knowledge into something really special. More important than his amazing technical know-how, Coach Fury cares about his clients and students, and it shows. His willingness to help others sets an example that I could only hope to emulate. If you have the chance to work with Coach Fury, whether it be online, in person, or at a workshop, you will not be disappointed. Coach Fury, thank you for everything.

10/10 What was once old is now new.
By Chris Cardinali / Bayshore, USA

Steve and I chatted on Facebook about training and also Godzilla. The time had come for me to recertify and he was the Master Instructor of the event. When I introduced myself he shook my hand and said it is finally nice to meet you. He made me feel like I belong at the RKC. I have been an RKC for a while, but never did much with it. Steve has ignited a fire in me to pursue this further and see what I can do. he was excited when I told him I would like to assist other in this field. Instructors can be strong and knowlegable, but when they are also personable and make you feel like they want you there then it really sets them apart from the rest. He also guided me in proper technique and how to spot anything that can be approved on. He also taught me that it doesn't matter the system only that you help you client for it is about them and not you. My fire became old and dim regarding personal training, now it is bright and new. Thank you Fury Godzilla would be proud

10/10 The best!
By Craig Middleton / Brooklyn, United States

Coach Fury is incredible. He is not only very knowledgable about all things kettlebells, but he also makes working out so much fun. I highly recommend working out with him if you ever get the chance to!!

10/10 Iron and ink!
By Mike Patrick / Brooklyn, USA

I was working out the other day and going through my rolling and mobility stuff then started kettlebells and I realized something. The rolling? Fury. The little mobility warmup? Fury. All the kettlebell moves? Fury. Bench, squat, deadlift, press technique? Fury. I met Coach Fury several years ago during a rough time in my life. I had always been interested in sandbags and kettlebells and took his class. He was fun and friendly and paid attention to every student and approached me afterward in the locker room to give me some pointers even though I didn’t ask. He just took it upon himself to offer. And just doing that helped me tremendously. I had been away from fitness a long time, was a mess, and just his paying attention to the new guy and offering help unasked was huge. Coach Fury listens and cares and helps you fulfill your goals while always putting safety first. I know he handles everyone differently according to their needs because I have been trained by him and witnessed him training others and I have seen it. You want this in a trainer because each of us is at a different level and has a unique personality. He doesn't do what he wants but what is best for the person and his/her goals and he knows how to get the most out of you. And a rare thing amongst trainers I have known: there is no ego here. It is not about him. Coach Fury is always trying to learn more and pick up new tools to help his clients. I have always felt that he was doing his best to help me achieve my goals and I did more than I thought possible under his tutelage. The things he taught me I still remember and use now. I called this "Iron and Ink" for the obvuous reasons but also because I always joked with him that when I felt down a workout or a new tattoo always helped pick up my spirits, and having a session with him always did too. His warmth and humor are constant, and God knows I can be difficult. But he always has that upbeat, fun, sometimes goofy personality. It really helps when you are feeling the weight. Fury gives a damn. A rare thing in trainers and in people.

10/10 A very Fury workshop
By Jeannette Sheehy / Albany, USA

I thought I'd already written a review, but it must have been in my dreams. I attended a one day workshop with Fury in Delmar NY recently at my kettlebell fitness center. He looks badass with his tattoos and muscles, but what a kind, humorous and humble guy who knows his stuff! By the end of the workshop I had snatched more weight than ever before, pressed more weight and came away with a better understanding of form. Steve teaches with great passion, intelligence and fun tips and visualizations to achieve more. Have been thinking about taking the HKC certification and he would be the guy I would want to get me through it! Thanks Fury!

10/10 The best!!!
By Sean Carney / New York, USA

Working with Steve is always a fun and educational experience. I've been working with him for about 2 years and he has been immeasurably helpful in getting me to my strength goals. Not only is serious about fitness but he makes it fun and he's fun to be around.

10/10 Helps you get it done!
By Stacee Mandeville / NY, USA

I have worked with Coach Fury as one of my regular coaches for nearly a year. He brings tons of technical knowledge to help us always maintain great technique and learn new ways to make ourselves a little better each day. He also brings a unique sense of humor that makes working out fun-even when it's a tough set, and is deeply both humble and joyful in the role he plays in our lives (and the role we play in his). He also doesn't f-around. When you're mildly injured or having ouchies (not the good kind) he always encourages (and guides) you to find a workaround to push through, safely, and get it done. I find my strongest self working with Fury. He rocks.

10/10 Kickass Super Hero Kettle Bell Fitness Instructor
By Jay Pinkerton / New York, USA


10/10 Best Instructor there is!!
By Geoff Hemingway / New York, USA

I've had the joy of working with Coach Fury for 3 1/2 years now, and he is one in a BILLION. His coaching is always concise, user friendly, and he makes even the most difficult tasks seem accessible. FURY FOREVER!!

10/10 Come for the training, stay for the tattoos
By Zena Kaufman / NYC, USA

I have to admit I was skeptical (in other words scared) before my first training session with this intimidating guy. Who wouldn't be? Doesn't look like he would be warm and fuzzy. My first Ninja Essentials class he spent several minutes making sure we understood the importance of listening to our bodies and not pushing ourselves to a point that would result in injury. That resonated with me and surprised me. My private session with him was even more astonishing. He watched my deadlifts and goblet squats and encouraged me in such a positive way that I am now confidentially lifting almost double the weight. His belief in me has translated into me believing and LIFTING more than I thought I could in such a short time. He may look tough but I think there is such a tender core that augments his effectiveness.

10/10 The Many Facets of Fury!
By Tony Capone / New York, United States

Coach Fury is an incredible fitness coach, trainer, motivator and all around great guy! He's in it with you 110% whenever you train with him. He brings his authentic self to every interaction, offering great training tips and guidance, all with a great sense of humor. And as for integrity, let me tell you a quick story: I showed up for a class that Coach Fury was teaching on a morning when a huge storm warning was issued for later that day. I was new to the class, in fact, I'd never taken it before and I'd never met Fury before. Because of the storm predicted, every other participant wussed out and was a no-show! Did Fury cancel the class? Hell no! He stayed and took me through the entire program as a one on one private coaching! That my friends, is a rare and wonderful quality.

10/10 There aren't enough superlatives....
By Hollis Stern / New York, USA

I've been working with Fury for over a year. When I started, I hadn't even lifted a kettle bell or weights. Fury took the time to go over every piece of every move to make sure my form was correct from the beginning. His style of teaching is hands on. He will show you exactly what you should be doing & then coach you thru each step. He explains everything in common language so it's understood by newbies. And yet, he knows when you can do more & will nicely prod you to add weight while all the while encouraging you and making sure your form doesn't "suffer" from the additional weight. I would recommend Fury to anyone who wants to learn how to do things right the first time. He's very patient and calm and is a pleasure to work with.

10/10 Feel the Fury!
By Joe English / New York, United States

Coach Fury is an engaging, inspiring, and compassionate trainer. His knowledge and skill are impressive, but he still gets right in there with us, no matter the range of expertise in the class. I always feel like we're in good hands with Fury at the helm!

10/10 Only the best!!!
By Anthony Zillmer / Nyc, Usa

Coach Fury is not a good instructor, he's a GREAT INSTRUCTOR!!!! Don't waste your time with others when you can go to him. He helps bolster clients to achieve their goals in a way that is fun and encouraging! Loved him from the moment I met him!

10/10 Fury - Changing Bodies Everyday!
By Binal Patel / New York City, United States

Coach Fury is awesome trainer and instructor. I worked with him for over an year now in a group class and semi-private setting. As someone that has struggled in past to incorporate fitness in to their life, he has helped me improve my form, strength, and focus through kettlebells, sandbags, and heavy weights. Not only is he smart and knowledgeable about all things fitness, he's super nice, caring, and approachable. Don't hesitate to work with him!

10/10 Knowledgable, fun, pushes for more
By Ashley Timm / New York City, USA

I genuinely can't say enough good things about Coach Fury, both as a human and as a trainer. I've had the good fortune of training with Fury at Mark Fisher Fitness for just over a year now, and the success I have had with weight loss and muscle gain is largely due to him. His knowledge of the human body is astounding, and his ability to tweak your form in the slightest of ways to make massive differences is truly incredible. Fury is kind in his ways, always making you feel like a true superhero, whether you're setting PR after PR or having an off day. He is always ready with a joke or a funny story, and when you really need it, an awkward dance party. More than being a supreme trainer with incredible abilities to design programs that are both challenging and fun, he instills a great sense of confidence in those he teaches. While my fitness journey has come leaps and bounds due to his training, it is also due to his influence that I am a happier, more confident, stronger person. I couldn't ask for a better person to be my trainer, and I couldn't ask for a trainer for be a better person. Also his taste in music is supreme and will always keep you moving.

10/10 Why doesn't this scale go higher?
By Michael Nicholas / New York, USA

Fury- tough to know where to start. He's off the scale-- definetly over 10++++. Not only is he knowledgable , he is precise with instruction that allows you to achieve your goals. Regardless if you are novice or super trainer he gets through. Big hearted. Goofy. Rock sensibility that always makes me push harder physically, mentally and emotionally while giving me tools to walk taller, live bigger and get stronger. Fury. The man. The legend. The guru. Thank you brother for always giving me the tools to feel powerful!

10/10 Coach Fury is the best
By Becca Shulbank-Smith / New York, United States

Coach Fury is such a phenomenal trainer! He is able to be serious about lifting safely while making every class/session fun!

10/10 Fury keeps getting better and better
By Caitlin Condy / New York, United States

Been training with Fury for some time now and he keeps getting better and better! His class development/cycles at Mark Fisher Fitness are challenging, thoughtful and just plain badass. His knowledge is top notch and he shares it with his trainees in a fun an functional way.

10/10 Fury nails it!
By Andrew Congleton / New York, USA

I can't express my admiration and respect for Coach Fury in a mere 4000 characters, so I will simply say that his enthusiasm and knowledge is unparalleled. Strength and Iron training aside, he is also a trusted resource for all things related to movement and physical functionality, not the least of which includes recovery from injury. Fury quite literally changes lives daily.

10/10 Knowledgeable and Generous
By Wendy Bagger / New York, USA

Fury is just the best. He is super knowledgeable about his stuff. He's constantly traveling to either teach new instructors, or learn from some of the masters in the industry. And I see him bring what he knows into the programming at our gym. His programming is challenging, creative, thoughtful, and FUN. (Pee Wee Herman Burpees, anyone?) Fury is also generous about sharing what he knows, and sharing his belief in YOU to do more than you thought you could. He never talks down to his clients, but speaks to us on the same level. In an industry full of people trying to trade on a "secret sauce" that only they can serve, Fury demystifies strength training, giving his clients the skills and knowledge to continue to get stronger on their own. But who would want to do it without Fury, and his humor, heart, and amazing collection of tattoos and socks?

10/10 Fury Effing Changes Lives
By Erik Sudduth / New York, United States

Fury has guided me in group class and semi-private trainings now for over 18 months. He has helped me improve and maintain my form, focus, and build incredible strength. What I find most valuable about Fury's expertise as an instructor and coach is his ability to support and guide me through really challenging physical changes - like surgery. After needing shoulder surgery due to an injury, Fury's modifications, suggestions, and consistent feedback has helped me come back bigger and better than ever. Plus he lives for Star Wars, Godzilla, and skaterthrash tunes. How can I not love the guy?!

10/10 Fury is the Best!
By Lisa Spodak / New York, United States

When you're going for your first training session with that new trainer at the gym and all you know is that he looks a little intimidating and goes by the name Fury, the last thing you want is to be the girl crying when you meet him. But that's what happened to me... I was upset and frustrated over something that had nothing to do with him and couldn't quite get myself together. He introduced himself and gave me a big smile and a huge hug and won me over instantly. I've taken many classes and training sessions with him and my first thought whenever someone asks me about him is "Fury knows his shit!" First and foremost, his technical know-how is unmatched. His instruction is clear, his attention to detail is great and his feedback and encouragement are exemplary. I never feel like I have to hesitate to ask him questions or to say I need a modification for a move and I know that whatever I need help with, he's there. I can't recommend him highly enough.

9/10 Fury's the friggin' BEST!!
By Amy Merl / New York, United States

I must admit, when I first read his bio and saw his picture, I was intimidated. A bald, tattooed, badass dubbed FURY?? Of course, the moment I met him I knew I'd been wrong. Fury is kind, knowledgeable, and tirelessly encouraging. I took the HKC with him as my first certification experience and I truly can't think of a better beginning into the land of personal training. What I'd been preparing to be a very long day FLEW by because of his jokes, expertise, and love of questions. Fury's the friggin' best and I'm looking forward to the next time I can be certified by him!!

10/10 Fantastic, knowledgeable instructor!
By Caite Hevner / New York, USA

Spectacular instructor. Incredible attention to detail. Great at pinpointing slight adjustments for great improvement in advanced athletes, and also great with beginners just getting started.

10/10 Fury is Ferocious!
By Stephanie Wilson / New York, USA

Fury's attention to detail & form is unparalled. Swinging iron with Fury is glorious!

10/10 Love me some Fury
By Jenny Sanders / New York, USA

Fury taught me how to swing my very first kettlebell, and now I'm doing things with KBs that I didn't even know you could do!

10/10 Making People Fans of Sandbags Wherever He Goes
By Joy Sims / New York, USA

I've been working out for awhile now focusing on strength training and kettle bells. Recently I've found a love for sandbags and Original Strength work because of Coach Fury!! He makes it manageable and doable even for someone like me who isn't super familiar with this sort of thing! I would trust my fitness training completely in his capable hands any day!!

10/10 I'm STRONGER because of FURY!!!
By Michael Plosky / New York, USA

Coach Fury knows how to get the best out of me!! Whether it's in a class setting or one on one, I always feel like I'm getting the best workout and also the "WHY" behind what we're doing! He's strong as F%#K and sets his sights on making you strong too! My overall health has improved dramatically by having him in my life!! Thank, Coach!

By Ed Latthitham / Ventura, United States

I have been the lucky beneficiary to train with my wife using Coach Fury’s program design and online coaching for her Ultimate Sand Bag Clean and Press Test preperation. He is a very knowledgeable, detail oriented professional. All of the tips he has given my wife have helped her save time and energy for the timed test. Even though I am only doing this to support my wife, it has helped me to improve my focus, form and get stronger. Thank you Coach Fury for all we have learned from you. You are the best.

10/10 Fun, Positive, and Passionate
By Suzanne Klaus / St. Louis, United States

I attended one of Coach Fury's RKC Certifications. He really made the weekend worthwhile. He kept things fun and engaging. He provided great tips and cues. You can tell he has a passion for kettlebells. He is encouraging, positive, full of knowledge, and gives great feedback. My kettlebell skills definitely improved and I have really great tools to use with my clients. I highly recommend Coach Fury!

10/10 A whole lot of metal being thrown around.
By Clay Gill / Oklahoma City, United States

I had the pleasure of being a part of the RKC Level 1 Instructors course this past weekend in Overland Park (Kansas City), KS taught by Coach Fury. What can I say? This guy is one of the most professional, yet fun-loving coaches out there. His technique coaching and critique methods are nothing but helpful, and yet he doesn't shame or harp on anyone for having incorrect form. He truly wants to help people understand the mechanics of all kettlebell movements and how they're beneficial to not only us instructors, but also the general population. This guy will instill courage, confidence, and passion in you like nobody's business. If you're signed up for a workshop with Fury, or are looking to hire him as your trainer, get ready for a lot of metal being thrown around--both musically and with the kettlebell itself. He'll make you work until you get it right, but in the safest and most helpful way possible. Fury...I witness you!

10/10 "Witness" Fury!!!
By Mike Klaus / St. Louis, US

I had the pleasure of assisting Coach Fury during a RKC level 1 workshop in Overland Park KS. I came away with a stronger grasp of kettlebell coaching and overall training. Coach Fury made the workshop not just a valuable leaning experience, but a confidence building and fun atmosphere. The knowledge Coach Fury has to pass on is second to none and I highly recommend him for any and all of your fitness needs!

10/10 3 days of life changing Fury
By Kelly Joplin / Springfield, USA

3 days of RKC certification class with Coach Fury, and his fantastic RKC team, at I-35 Cross-fit facility in KC KS, was the best decision, and money I have spent for personal functional fitness development, in all my 51 years of life. I've been training with RKC kettlebells for 3 years, using RKC instruction on youtube. I did my best, but realized that training other people in RKC kettlebell conditioning required a higher level of understanding then I can attain from youtube, no matter how hard I work at it. So I signed up, and prep-trained the best I could, and went to do what would be the best 3 days of training, education, and team development I have ever experienced. From the very start I felt welcome, and comfortable with Master RKC trainer "FURY", and his team of RKC trainers. They where so focused on ALL the students (no-one was left behind), every trainer maintained approachability, and focus, and they maintained clearly understood instructions to help every student enhance their RKC skill level, and understanding of RKC, and how it can improve functionality, and lifestyle (improve life). Now as an RKC trainer (I did it!!!), I can teach and encourage others. I can teach this valuable skill (experience) on to other people like me, people who want to develop, and then maintain a fully functional active lifestyle, and enhance mobility, move around like they did when they where 20 years old. No matter what your age is, you are meant to have a sense of purpose, and we all need that, and that is difficult to have if you can't be very functional in your own life. You are meant to actively/functionally to live your life, not just sit around, and watch it go by. I am already looking forward to more RKC workshops, it's just simple good for my sense of purpose, and desire to help others.

10/10 Inspirational
By Cynthia Enger / Lakeville, USA

I reached a point where I wanted to improve myself personally and professionally . I was lucky enough to have coach Fury as my HKC instructor. I did most of my research online but that was not enough to help me with form and technical details. After a client of mine gave me the Kettlbell Godess dvd I decided I want to start my journey with Dragon Door. I had an amazing day learning from coach Fury. Not only was he knowledgable but he had an energy and passion that was authentic. He had the patience and encouragement to keep me going in something that I found challenging . That's what I really needed to feel safe and confident in learning the Turkish getup . He continues to help me online. I love helping others but I need a " go to guy" now I have one ! I highly recommend working with Fury. I now know that I will reach fitness goals that I once only dreamed about ! Teach and learn go together it's the only way .

10/10 Looking for Inspiration! Then Fury it is
By Hillary Bulmer / Damariscotta, United States

I first met Fury at the DVRT cert I and II- It was the best cert I had attended~ His knowledge, enthusiasm, passion, and attitude is what led me to love DVRT . I came away with so much knowledge and a passion for the USB which also fueled my desire to learn more. So I hired him as my coach to work on perfecting USB drills. I also was very interested in working with bells as well. I'm a trainer in Maine who was looking for more to bring to my clients and myself. My clients have been enjoying what I have learned from him. I'm still working with Fury. The communication is awesome~I learn something new or well lets just say improve my skills on a daily basis from him. I now am working on pursuing my RKC cert and well let's just say I can't wait to get my videos critiqued. My skills have vastly improved and I'm doing some crazy combinations. Also have gotten so much stronger within the past 5 months of working with him. Love the feedback I receive from Fury~ He is so supportive and encouraging.I honestly can't say enough... Much respect for this guy! Use him you won't regret it. Can't wait to nail the Snatch test!!!!

By Nancy Latthitham / Ventura, USA

Coach Fury is not only extremely knowledgeable and experienced, he is also so FUN and INSPIRING to work with! I love every bit of contact I have with him. His attitude is just great. I am a 56 year old female fitness professional. I hired him for online coaching to pass the DVRT Clean and Press Test. He is a consummate business professional, highly responsive and exquisitely succinct in his communication. His expert programming and guidance is systematically progressing me to grow the necessary strength and endurance to pass the very rigorous and demanding test. He has provided the fine tuning to be precise and accurate enough to greatly improved my efficiency on such a technical lift. We have worked through training around an injury in order to rest and heal the injury while continuing to strengthen me up in other ways. He has really helped me understand the importance of rest and recovery in strength training which was a very weak link for me. I highly admire, respect, and recommend Coach Fury!

By Jerome Doerger / New York, United States

Steve 'Fury' is the embodiment of everything you would want in a trainer. He posses a vast knowledge of training all different types of bodies and all different types of people. His attention to detail and expectation of excellence is balanced with his insistence on training to be fun. He took away any hesitation or nervousness about my own certification and empowers his students and clients to be strong and confident. I cannot recommend him enough, and I want to be Fury when I grow up.

10/10 COACH FURY is one of the best trainers out there!
By Michael Littig / New York, USA

Having taken from SFG and now RKC, I can certainly say that I am a huge fan of RKC because of COACH FURY. Coach leads by example with care and a vast amount of knowledge in his certs, and most importantly he makes it a fun atmosphere. Coaches like Fury make me proud to be a part of the RKC family as he accurately reflects my value system, and he is one strong dude! Run do not walk to take a cert or have a session with this guy.

10/10 Creative, smart, instructor with a sense of humor
By Gail H.Morey / Schenectady, United States

Steve Holiner (Coach Fury) was patient, encouraging, and positive in addition to being knowledgeable. He did a fantastic job of providing visualizations to improve our techniques and mental training tips to get past the "I can't" in our heads. He brought his sense of humor and reminded us all to have fun, and to fail with integrity. He loves what he does and that enthusiasm spills over into those learning from him. I now know *exactly* what is going wrong if that kettlebell clocks my wrist on a clean, and how to correct it. My snatches are safer and more efficient, and I've added bent presses and clean and jerk to my repertoire thanks to his workshop.

10/10 The best.
By Nancy Hallock / Delmar, USA

I've had the pleasure and privilege of having had Coach Fury as an instructor at several of the workshops I've attended (kettlebells, sandbags, and Original Strength). I've also worked one on one with him prior to taking my kettlebell instructor certification courses. Steve is the rare combination of someone with rock solid knowledge and great teaching skills who is also witty, kind and fun.. He's the consummate professional; serious about teaching excellence in all skills while simultaneously setting beginners and advanced students alike at ease. Don't miss a chance to train with Fury!

10/10 New York's Finest!
By Sam Griffiths / Southampton, UK

I had the pleasure of working with Steve for just under twelve months. I contacted him to help me prepare for multiple certifications, after suffering a significant injury in my lower back. I wanted to train healthy, strong and injury free - we did just that! Coach Fury has a huge coaching tool box.. I don't know how he carries that thing around! ;-) I have met few other coaches that understand, and can implement multiple training modalities such as Kettlebells, barbell, movement, and Bodyweight training like Steve can. He is a teacher first and foremost, and with that, actively listens to what you think you need, your frustrations, your lifestyle commitments, without being dismissive. He wants to know who you are, and what you value most, so you achieve the best result! if you want a coach that's got your back, and you can call a friend, Coach Fury is where it's at!

10/10 Excellent coach
By Yelena Soto / Pompton Lakes, US

I was looking for help in mastering double kb push press and jerk to pass my level 2 certification. I had a privilege of working with Steve for a little over 3 months. We had to polish every single aspect of those advanced lift to achieve a perfect technique. It was not easy, breaking bad habits and regaining mobility and stability on a heavy lifts and is very hard to teach and master. Coach Fury has huge arsenal of knowledge from Original Strength resets and CK-FMS correctives to the complex kettlebell and DVRT lifts. He introduced me to OS family and I am using those resets daily and will recommend it to everyone. What is most important is his passion of working with clients and finding personal approach to every single one. Every single session with Steve was very exciting and fun and we got those 2 lifts to perfection. 2 years later I had to pass those level 2 certifications again in order to stay up to date on my skills. Those 2 lifts were rock solid and it felt so good and strong! Thanks Coach Fury !! I would highly recommend to train with Steve, he could help anybody from total beginner to advanced trainee, we all need a coach, even the most skilled professionals.

10/10 He breaks this scale.
By Melanie Lisby / New York, US

So this bald headed, bearded, tattooed guy who goes by the name of "Fury" walks in to a gym that's known for it's love of play and fun - and smashes every preconceived notion one might have ever held. He is a bundle of love and one of the most passionate trainers I know and, sorry Coach, a total softy. It's this passion and love that he has for strength and fitness and movement and PEOPLE that make him one of the greatest coaches on the planet. This is NOT an overstatement. It is reality. I spent 4 solid months training with Coach for the RKC Level 1 Cert. Other than having been a Mark Fisher Fitness Ninja for a little over a year when we met, I had no prior kettlebell or weight training background. He took painstaking care of building a nuanced program that set me up for success. At each session, he took time to look at where we were, talk about where we were going, see where the holes were and what needed to be tweaked. He was patient and yet knew when to push to me to higher limits. He was my cheerleader, and yet knew when I needed tough love. He was generous with knowledge and heart. And then I saw him in action the weekend of the certification. He blew me away. He has the ability to teach a diverse room of students with grace, joy, passion, and fun - and at the same time teach us all the complicated whys and hows of the curriculum. He truly CARES about each and every person in the room and strives to help us reach our goals and maybe even hit a PR - all while calming the nerves of the anxious group getting ready to test. A 10 on some scale simply doesn't cut it. He is above scales. He breaks scales. He defies scales. Coach Fury is quite simply the best there is. Anywhere. Ever. Train with him. You won't be sorry.

10/10 Caring, crazy coach
By Nora Dwyer / Muscatine, USA

So happy to have had the experience of an RKC with Coach Fury and to use him as my personal coach. Not sure there is anything else I could say that's not been said about him in the MANY reviews below, except that no matter where you start, after even one session with Coach Fury you will be an fully improved HUMAN! It's not just about the strength or workout, he really does care!

10/10 Fury rocks!
By Kaori Tani / Minato-ku, Japan

To find out that Coach Fury and Josh Henkin teach together was the main reason why I decided to take RKC in NYC past weekend. Very inspiring, caring great coach who can facilitate everyone for their success. He rocks!

10/10 An experience beyond education!!
By James Newman / Guilford, USA

Having attended both my HKC and RKC with Coach Fury I can't say enough GREAT things about him! Fury not only delivers an outstanding educational experience, he creates and environment that makes you eager to learn, to ask questions and strive to be your best! He is a Master of the subtle nuances that make your learning experience memorable, enjoyable and incredible! He should be a Master RKC! I would recommend anyone I know to take their courses with Fury!!

10/10 Excellent Coach!
By Jimmy Lopez / Staten Island New York, USA

Many coaches have knowledge but few have the ability to transfer that knowledge to a student in a way clear and applicable. Steve has this ability. He creates a comfortable learning environment and connects instantly to his students. look forward to working with him in the future.

10/10 Solid!
By Karli Lawson / Cassadaga, America

I contacted Coach Fury to help me prepare for my Level 1 RKC. Since I was unable to travel and meet with him personally, he advised I take videos of core movements and send them to him. We then Google chatted and he coached me up on what to focus on as far as form went. He sent me some great workouts to get me ready for the volume involved in the certification. It was especially reassuring to talk with him leading up to the certification and he was so helpful. I've been toying with getting my Level 2 Cert and I wouldn't hesitate to reach out again!

10/10 A True Coach
By Megann S. / Brooklyn, USA

I initially worked with Coach Fury a few years ago when I first got into kettlebells. In one session, he tweaked my self-taught moves, giving me confidence and a smart foundation to progress. I recently came back to him to start snatching, knowing that I wanted a knowledgeable coach to see me through. Again, in one session, he provided the explanations and encouragement to get me going. He is thoughtful in his assessments, extremely patient, and encouraging. Its obvious that he cares about my progress.

10/10 Best COACH in New York
By Geoff Hemingway / New York, United States

I've worked with Coach Fury SEVERAL times. He's one of the most thorough and easy to understand coaches I have ever worked with in my life. I'm a hardcore Kettlebell enthusiast, and I needed Fury to help me pass my KB Snatch test. Which he DID! He has also helped me increase by Turkish Get up from a 24kg to a 40kg! He's the MAN! Love you FURY!!

10/10 Setting you up for a lifetime of lifts
By Fernando Luque / New York, U.S.A.

I've known Coach Fury for several years through five points academy as a strength coach and he is one of the most knowledgable trainers i've ever met. His programs,focus, and goals are catered to give you functional strength and to set you up for a lifetime of strength training. You can start at any age and any fitness level and he will help you build yourself to be better than you were yesterday.

10/10 Can't Go Wrong With Coach Fury
By Jackie Wasilczyk / Brooklyn, USA

I struggled with kettlebell snatches over the course of multiple sessions with a couple of other trainers, and despite not actively being on duty, Coach Fury took time out of his day to help go over my form and offer advice. He was encouraging and patient, and stayed until I nailed it. He never once made me feel bad about not getting it right the first time, and was immensely generous with his time and knowledge. I feel incredibly lucky to be at a gym where he's around!

10/10 Coach Fury: Bad Ass KB Training For All
By Adam Zabon / New York, USA

Coach Fury first and foremost is a teacher with the ability to reach students of all different fitness levels by his finesse in breaking down fitness movements to the simplest terms so that fitness novices and experts alike can understand. Combine that skill with his infectious energy and general love of KB training; choosing to work with Coach Fury is a no-brainer.

10/10 THE BEST!
By Bess Fifer / New York, Manhattan

FURY KNOWS HIS SHIT! Seriously, not only is he an amazing and knowledgeable trainer, but he's also one of the best huggers in the world. I've learned so much from him in the past few months. His programs are on point and he never fails to impart functional movement wisdom. I'm a huge fan!

10/10 Wonderful Human and Amazing Coach
By Rose Marie Rupley / New York, United States

Coach Fury is an amazing motivator and pushes me to my be my best self. I always leave his class feeling stronger, and inspired to bring that strength into all aspects of my life. He is always eager to answer questions and share his knowledge! He is one of the best humans you will ever meet; he truly cares about each person in his classes, wants everyone to succeed, and will help you unlock your full potential.

10/10 Fury is a top notch coach!
By Caitlin Condy / New York, USA

Fury is one of the most knowledgable trainers. His programs have been some of the best I have ever done. His focus goes beyond aesthetic goals and truly trains you for life. Love his work with kettlebells and USB. He's also kind, funny and badass.

10/10 He takes true joy in training
By Jonathan Horvath / New York, USA

The joy that Fury feels while he's coaching technique, which he does simply and specifically, or pushing you to do just one more rep is evident every time I work with him. You wouldn't expect a man with that many tattoos to giggle as much as he does, but it's clear he's having a really good time. That joy is contagious, and I leave my sessions with him feeling healthier physically and mentally.

10/10 101% all the time
By Rich Downey / New York City, United States

Fury gives 101% every time and all the time. He explains and breaks everything down into the easiest terms possible. Always there to give support, encourage, and suggest alternate ways of completing the task at hand, and always works to achieve the best possible results specifically tailored to each individual. His infectious passion for excellence has helped me to want to become an all around better person in all facets of my life, not just in a gym setting.

10/10 Coach Fury is the Best!
By Ken Harmon / New York, USA

Coach Fury is the ideal mix of a training mastermind, drill sergeant, and cheerleader. During every training session (most times at 6:30am!!), he met me exactly where I was mentally and physically, and gave me exactly what I needed on that day to make the most of my workout and to get excited for the next one. Whenever I needed instruction, he gave me solid, practical, no-nonsense guidance to help me get better and make sure I could duplicate the same improved technique when I came back the next time. If I was feeling particularly good on a training day, he pushed me to use that extra energy to go for PRs and take my training up a notch. If I was feeling lousy, he helped me to redirect my focus on solidifying my technique and reminding myself of the great progress I’ve made. He also provided a kick-butt rocking soundtrack to get the juices going. It’s been a real honor and life-changing experience to train with him!

10/10 Fury is Consistent Excellence
By Mark Fisher / New York, USA

I have to admit I'm a bit biased as I work with Fury, but frankly, I think it makes me MORE credible as I've seen his work intimately for over a year now. In addition to seeing his work as a trainer, I've also had the privilege of taking two two-day seminars with him in the past year. He has an uncanny ability to work with and bring value to people of all backgrounds, from advanced trainees to total newbies. He makes difficult concepts simple enough to understand. He's always a pleasure to be around and his formidable coaching skills combined with his calm confidence in his clients and students leads to PR's left and right. Fury = True Strength

10/10 Thanks to Fury, I killed my DVRT Clean&Press test!
By Matt Supple / Newton, USA

I have been a personal trainer for about 5 years now. I love using Ultimate Sandbags and the DVRT system. I decided that this year I would attend the Level 1 & 2 certification. I knew that performing the Clean and Press test would be a challenge to say the least, so I sought Steve out for some help. After a thorough Skype consult, Steve designed a fantastic program for me, based on my goals, injury history, etc. It was hard, but I could feel the benefits within the first few weeks. My functional strength and core stability both increased dramatically. I showed up for the day of the test, ready to go. I exceed the requirements by 10 reps within the allotted 5 minutes. Steve was always accessible to me. Even when I was going on vacation and needed program modifications, he responded right away - even while he was in Japan training the Marines. I cannot recommend Steve highly enough. He brings a ton to the table.

10/10 Full of Fun and Fury
By Denise Sarver / Kansas City, USA

One definition of fury is passion, and that would accurately describe Coach Fury. He is not only very knowledgeable, he is very passionate about sharing that knowledge. He presented the information to us in a fun, entertaining, and engaging way. I have been in the industry for years, and I can honestly say that was the most fun I have had in an all day workshop in years!

10/10 A true master of the kettlebell
By Jen Frankel / Kansas City, USA

I recently hosted an HKC certification at Onelife Fitness in Kansas City led by Coach Fury. His impressive knowledge and affable, approachable demeanor made the certification a tremendous success. Coach Fury provided exceptional attention to detail and worked with each participant individually to make sure they had a solid grasp of the exercises. If you are looking for a true pro then look no further. Coach Fury is simply THE BEST.

10/10 A Sharp, Engaging Coach Full of Furious Fun
By Kevin Myers / New York, USA

I dread waking up early, but when I know I'm training with Fury, I look forward to waking with the dawn. Steve brings thoughtful gravitas and a nerdy, hilarious sensibility to training. No one wants to pay for "easy" - I'd rather training be tough. And he makes "tough" feel "attainable," even when it's feeling REALLY tough. He'll drop a knowledge bomb here and there to keep you motivated, and his love of bear-crawling will toughen your guts really fast. Rest assured: this is the man to hire, the cheerleader you want, and the 80's hair-metal enthusiast you never knew you needed.

10/10 Coach Fury Rocks It!
By Rob Fortier / New York, USA

I love training with Coach Furry. He is so knowledgeable and great at explaining things in a language that a non-athlete like me can grasp. Recently, we worked on my double kettle bell swings. I was having trouble with controlling the bells and keeping my balance. In 5 minutes and 2 rounds of swings, Fury was able to correct a problem I'd been dealing with for months! And despite the name, he is quite the caring and compassionate soul (and pretty funny, too). He is truly concerned about the safety and well being of his clients, as well as the amazing results he helps them achieve. Thank you Fury, and I look forward to many more training sessions with you.

10/10 Fury is AWESOME!
By Gabe Schwartz / Brooklyn, USA

Fury is an incredible trainer. Working with him has enabled me to take my training to another level. He is incredibly focused on technique and is able to give pointers in a way that makes sense so that it's not just about doing things better that session, but also for the long run. He also knows when to push when I'm ready to do more but also when to tell me to dial weight back a bit to make sure I'm doing it right. I'm very impressioned by his clear passion for his craft and his constant desire to increase his knowledge and make himself better. In addition he has a great sense of humor and is able to make workouts very fun!

10/10 Fury Brings it All
By Mark Love / Philadelphia, USA

There are plenty of trainers/coaches who have lots of technical skills, but not much else. There are plenty who love people, but have let what knowledge they had grow stale and outdated. And still others have lost their passion along the way.

Fury knows a ton, and is always learning. He cares about people, and about helping them get better, to reach the goals they care about. And he's passionate and keeps the whole process fun. He has helped me move better, feel better, get stronger, and impart what I've learned to others—better.

He's outstanding.

10/10 Fury rules so hard!
By Jordan Perlson / Brooklyn, USA

I had a fantastic session with coach Fury. I was preparing for my RKC and wanted to check in with someone in person about technique. He prepared, encouraged and fired me up for the cert. It went great and I have him to thank for that. His attitude and skill set appeal to all levels of fitness, all levels of interest.

10/10 Fury is the BEST!! A true Strength Jedi!!
By James Newman / Guilford, United States

Steve is the rare teacher who combines an incredible amount of knowledge with an undeniable passion for teaching. That passion is evident in the way that he interacts with ALL his students and in the way that he truly cares that they grasp the material! Steve is by far one of the finest instructors that I have had the privilege to learn from. His incredible attention to detail, combined with a zero ego humbleness made my learning experience with him one of the most rewarding ever. I can't say enough great things about Steve, both as an instructor and as a person! He is THE BEST!!

10/10 Fury Time!
By Arden Walentowski / New York, USA

Training with Coach Fury has been amazing! He really knows his stuff and makes sure that every swing, squat and row is done with precision. His patience instills a confidence that allows you to train at your own pace and also guides you to makes choices that will help you get stronger. Fury knows that getting 1% better every day is a process and he's right there with you on your journey. Not only do I learn something new from Fury every week, but he is hilarious and inspires camaraderie making working out at 7am really FUN! I actually look forward to rolling out of bed, getting on the train, and heading to the gym. Fury's the man. You want him to be your trainer, trust me.

10/10 Superhero Strength
By Daniel Seth / New York, USA

This review references a Superhero Strength class that Fury recently taught at Mark Fisher Fitness. For anyone unfamiliar with MFF, it bills itself as being focused on "Ridiculous Humans. Serious Fitness." Fury fits the bill in both areas with aplomb, and wound up teaching one of the best group classes I've ever taken in any environment.

As someone who looked for any possible excuse to get out of gym class as a child, I never would have imagined how important health and fitness would have become to me in my 20s. MFF is the perfect fit for me, stressing the importance of training hard, yet simultaneously training well. Additionally, its classes are FUN, successfully distracting clients (or "ninjas") from how hard we're working.

Fury taught my "Superhero Strength" class, which was based in several sections of kettlebell and bodyweight exercises. He was humorous from the get-go, but never let that humor detract from his clear cueing and explanations. Throughout the afternoon, Fury demonstrated exercises (even including a valiant attempt at a time step), and indicated what we'd feel if an exercise was done improperly...both immediately and over the course of repeated aggravation. He ensured that we knew how many rounds were in each section, which greatly helped our abilities to pace and self regulate. On breaks, he encouraged active rest and tracked our breathing, so that we'd recover in time for explosive sets. Perhaps most importantly, he encouraged questions and dialogue -- while there wasn't really any need for anyone to ask them given his clear teaching, the room felt like a real safe space, rather than one where questions would be rushed through on a quick break.

I've taken Superhero Strength with other instructors at MFF, and while it's a consistently strong class, I've never felt more comfortable in a group setting (especially within a group of students at incredibly varying skill levels) than I did in Fury's recent class. At the end of our hour together, I was depleted. Yet, I felt incredibly accomplished. Fury had ensured that I was working intelligently, rather than just going through the motions. If my teenage self had known that all it'd take for me to eventually feel that way was meeting a tatted G.I. Joe loving badass, I would've jumped down from the bleachers years sooner.

10/10 Steve's the game changer--Get better with Fury!
By Margaret-Ellen Jeffreys / New York City, USA

I'm a proud member of what we've started calling "Fury's crew" at Mark Fisher Fitness. I take group classes from him, and I scramble as soon as the monthly calendar opens for booking to get his coveted Semi Private appointments. Telling you that nabbing a 6:30AM training slot with this man is next to impossible unless you're on it the very moment it's possible should tell you something, but I'll tell you more. :)

I have been training and taking class with Steve for over 6 months now, and my form, strength, and even the aesthetics of my body have improved lightyears from when I walked in our gym. He makes every workout challenging, but also the most fun you've had all day. And though we joke that he sometimes looks like an escaped convict, shaved head, black beard, and arms full of ink, he's all heart--he's one of few people I've met in this field who really wish to be of service, help people get better at whatever their goals are, and most importantly, stay mobile and be ready for whatever comes their way in the real world. "Fury's" knowledge has brought so much our gym, and his handprints are all over--from sandbags in the training room, to better "bear crawls" in so many clients, to stronger and heavier KB-everything, to drills from Original Strength in our warmup and cooldown, bringing together that real-life mobility work with all the iron.

I look forward to every class I take with Steve, and I am not lying when I say I look forward to every Monday morning I get up at 5AM to get to my 6:30 training appointment. He might not want you to know it, but he greets me with a hug every time, and a workout that kicks my *ss. We're lucky to have Steve at Mark Fisher Fitness, and anyone would be lucky to train with him and learn from him in any way they could.

10/10 Doesn't Get Better Than Fury!
By Matt Kaplan / New York, USA

Coach Fury is the real deal. You can always count on him to push you to your max potential. Fury helped me nail my form and go beyond what I thought I was able to accomplish. On top of knowing his shit and being one of the most knowledgeable trainers I've worked with, he's an amazing person and great all around guy. I can't recommend him enough. You'd be lucky to train with this dude!

10/10 The Best!
By Karine Anidjar / New York City, USA

I first met Fury a couple of years ago at my HKC course and was so impressed with his knowledge and skill. When I was ready to hire a kettlebell coach, I went immediately to Fury! He helped me get stronger and greatly improve my technique after a long rehab period for my shoulder.

Fury gives incredibly helpful cues and hints that I continue to use all the time in my training. His knowledge extends way past kettlebells to include many other strength and movement-based systems and techniques.

Beyond all his knowledge and skill, Fury is an all around great person - so down-to-earth, caring and genuine, with a great sense or humor. Training with Fury is FUN!

An amazing kettlebell instructor, Steve Coach Fury Holiner is the best!

10/10 Don't judge a book by it's cover... or title
By Melanie Lisby / New York, United States

The words "Coach Fury" can be intimidating. Walking up to a bald guy, covered in tattoos, who's built like a brick s$*! house can also be intimidating.

But as soon as he sees you, smiles, and introduces himself, you know you are not meeting a stereotype. It takes all of about 30 seconds to find out that he is a fun, kind, passionate, and intelligent human being. And when you train with him, not only do you reap the benefits of working with someone who is all of those things, but you also find out that he is - hands down - one of the best trainers around.

I am one of the lucky ones that trains with the best team of trainers in New York City - and I would boast, most likely, in the entire country - and Steve is the BEST of the BEST. He truly SEES the movement and is able to communicate tweaks, fixes, or encouragement in a way that is not only engaging but also understandable. He is patient and answers questions and explains details and the how's and why's as deeply - or not - as needed or wanted.

Steve's passion for beautiful movement and strength radiate from him when he's coaching. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he KNOWS what he is doing and will help guide you through every step of the way - and, almost more importantly, be there to celebrate with you when you reach a goal, have an awesome rep, or hit a PR! He is absolutely the whole package.

Don't let the title or cover fool you - If you are looking for a personal trainer or coach, you can not find better than Steve "Coach Fury" Holiner. Period.

10/10 Truly exceptional!
By Glenna Lampner / NewYork, USA

Steve Holliner is a truly exceptional instructor. Steve has helped me make remarkable gains. I myself had doubts in my ability to get where I have arrived. He is both accessible and caring while still maintaining the professional attitude it takes to develop his students' skill and strength. He has an approach that not only inspires confidence but his follow up and involvement really make the student he works with feel special, honored and respected. Steve has communication skills that enable him to work well with any individual- young, older, fit or sedentary. I strongly recommend Steve Holliner!!

10/10 technique, technique, technique
By Demitry G / NYC, USA

I'm in my 40's, have never been strong and have a long list of injuries (my back being the worst) and a weak core. Trying to fix these issues myself only led me to periodic training-related re-injuries. I finally wised up and sought out a trainer. To step outside the realm of gym machines, I needed a real trainer and started looking around. My search ended with Steve "Coach Fury" Holiner. He took my limitations into consideration and we didn't simply work around them, but eliminated them by working with them, if that makes sense. I've been doing private training with him as well as attending his kettlebell, sandbag and TRX classes at Five Points Academy for the past few months and I am a changed man. Technique is the foundation of improvement and Steve is religious about technique.

10/10 Coach Fury - Enter the Zombie Apocalypse Prepared
By John K. / NYC, USA

Let's face it. The Zombie Apocalypse is going to happen and you're going to need to be prepared. I'm not talking about duct tape and crossbows. (Fury) I'm talking about core strength, better flexibility, proper body mechanics and a pile of broken personal bests. Look at that photo above. He's not lifting a human being. That's too easy. He's holding the damn gym down. (Fury) She was curled up taking a nap seconds before that shot.

When the Zombies come, you're going to have to choose sides. Either you're with the living, or the brain-eating dead. In each case, Fury's got you covered. (Fury) Do you have the shoulder strength to press the undead off you when the door's been crushed in by the weight of their swarming mass? (Fury) Do you lack the agility and leg power to sprint through the uneven terrain of a forested cemetery without tripping over an exposed root? (Fury) Shotguns run out of ammo and there are only so many arrows in the world. You're going to need to be at peak physical condition to survive against the mindless hordes that used to be your friends and neighbors, and Coach Fury can get you there. No one wins a brain stabbing competition without solid lateral movement and well conditioned core. You need Fury.

So maybe you got bit. Things happen. Life is unpredictable and Fury understands this. (Fury) He wants the best for you regardless of your physical condition, health, or living status. Diet aside, being undead can be a lot like living if you're prepared. You see, Fury (Fury) noticed a lot of today's Zombies show signs of atrophy, emaciation and an overall lack of strength conditioning. They're slow. Their posture is terrible. Limbs are constantly snapping off at the joints and they have terrible reaction time. Don't be that Zombie. It's 2013. This is a new decade and the modern Zombie of today can no longer afford to ignore the weaknesses of his predecessors if he doesn't want to end up with a screwdriver through the eye. (Fury) Be a fast Zombie. Overwhelm your prey with the explosive power that can only come from a Coach Fury training routine. Remember, you hunt for food, and you can't always count on the sheer numbers of your decaying horde to overpower the humans. Are your arms constantly fatigued from waving them pointlessly in front of you as you walk? Fury is a certified Indian Club specialist. He'll sort that out. (Fury) Is trouble with your hips turning your gait into a lumbering shuffle? Get some kettlebell in your routine. Improve that core strength. Fury is an RKC II instructor. (Fury) Sandbags, TRX, even barbells and body weight exercises; Fury is going to devise a program for your specific Zombie needs that will help you get the brains that you're after.

Don't wait. Whether you're trying really hard not to become a Zombie, or you're already undead and want to maximize your potential while staving off crepitus, Coach Fury has the training, experience and knowledge that can benefit you most. No one may know why we have Zombies, but Coach Fury definitely knows how train Zombies, and the humans that hate them.

10/10 Coach Fury keen coaching eye and one strong OG!
By Ari H. / NYC, USA

Before assisting at the February San Jose RKC, I stopped in and had Steve review my technique and give suggestions. He picked up on some habits I had from training alone and helped to correct them. Since then we train regularly for "quality assurance purposes" because we all can slip from time to time. He also contributed 3 TRX/Ultimate Sandbag combos for my website. The Pharaoh gives his Seal of Approval to Coach Fury!

10/10 Steve specializes in your own individual goals
By Rachel Feinstein / New York City, USA

Steve has helped me train the last two and a half years. He knows how to deal with injuries and when I want to push myself. He is a great gauge of my moods and can alter each workout specifically for that day. His knowledge is so extensive that he is like a magician pulling tricks from his hat!

10/10 Coach Fury: The best of the best.
By Jen Frankel / Brooklyn, USA

I had the pleasure of meeting Coach Fury at my recent HKC Certification. He is an instantly likable and very approachable guy with a no-nonsense approach to his training. Although strong as an armored tank, he possesses a patient demeanor that would make even the most beginner student feel at ease. His knowledge is extensive and his coaching superb. Whether you're looking to take yourself to an advanced level of training or simply trying to learn the basics, look no further... Coach Fury is your man. 5 Stars.

10/10 Amazing trainer!
By Christina Z / NYC, USA

Steve is an amazing kettlebells instructor! I always appreciate his clear instructions and tips, and he's great at making sure everybody in the class is doing the moves with proper form so we don't injure ourselves. I'm not the biggest fan of weight/strength training but Steve keeps us engaged and motivated, and I always leave with a great workout! If you haven't trained with Steve, please do!

10/10 Due for another review
By Emily Siy / New York, USA

I've been training with Steve for about 2 years now and have seen such an improvement since then. I hate lifting weights but Steve makes it more engaging and keeps me motivated. I see a lot of people train with Kettlebells improperly and Steve makes it so I am NOT one of those people! He is so detailed about instruction and alignment which I greatly appreciate. He has also helped me a great deal with my shoulder issues. He is a top instructor at Five Points. If you haven't trained with him yet, want to see results or want to get ridiculously need to train with Fury!

8/10 Brings the "Fury" but also the "Fun"
By Jane Lee / Brooklyn, USA

Steve was unique in my RKC experience because in his instruction there was a true respect for handling the kettlebell but also a warmth and a friendliness that made him approachable. He gave me effective ways to cue and teach kettlebell technique that I frequently find myself using with my own clients. I wanted to give Steve a "10" but I didn't want people to think I was lying, so I gave him an "8." But really, he's a 10. Had such a great time working with him.

10/10 Coach Fury is amazing!
By Chloe Fields / New York, USA

Without the guidance, help and intelligence of Steve Holiner, my kettle bell, sandbags and TRX skill level would be nothing like it is now.
I have now known Coach Fury for almost 2 years, and for that entire time he has been an irreplaceable component of my workout regime.
In Steve's classes, he not only incorporates a grueling workout, but he also brings amusement and fun to the table.
When my mom was looking for a trainer and had not yet met Coach Fury, I did not hesitate for a second to suggest that she train with Steve. She has been training with Steve now for over a year and she has never once looked back! She has gained muscle and toned her body like no other workout she had ever been exposed to.
Steve is an incredible trainer and person!

By Christian Cervantes / New York City, USA

I started training with Steve a few years ago. I have an old knee injury that I have a problem with every few years. After 3 months of physical therapy I decided to work with Steve to build my leg strength. I had never concentrated on legs my entire life and in retrospect I see the fault in this. Steve introduced me to the amazing benefits of kettle bell training. Most importantly he taught me form. He was paid close attention always to how I was lifting and instructed me on multiple ways to get the most out of what I was doing. Every now and then I'll be in a class now and look around at others struggling (especially people newer to kettles) and I'm thankful for the time and effort of Steve's instruction. He helped lay the foundation for my training and I am extremely grateful for it. I now love kettle bell training and am interested in certification if only to improve my knowledge for my own training.

On a more personal note, Steve is just one of those people who in a genuinely good person. He's friendly and inclusive and always up for conversation. He's easy to relate with and somebody you can trust. I've seen him grow throughout the years at Five Points and it's inspiring to see him constantly strive to learn more to add to his already strong arsenal of training knowledge. He's a very passionate teacher and he loves what he does. I can guarantee that anyone who works with him will see a big improvement as long as they work hard and pay attention.

10/10 Great Trainer!
By Rob L. / New York, US

Great Trainer!
I have been strength training with Steve for about 6 months as I began rebuilding after shoulder surgery. Over that time my strength has recovered thanks in no small part to Steve’s training. The exercises have been safe, interesting and challenging. His knowledge of techniques, movements, stretches and the body is excellent. In addition to using traditional weights he also utilizes kettlebells, TRX, sandbags and other advanced tools. He is also courteous, reliable and an expert on tattoos! Definitely try a session with him!

10/10 Be better. Train better.
By T Glick / Brooklyn, USA

Unequivocally, I recommend Coach Fury's skills to anyone looking to evolve and explore their limits.

I've been taking Fury's Kettlebell classes for close to 1.5 years now. Each week sees an impressive span of skill sets, from first timers to seasoned weekly addicts. All participants are treated to the same level of attention. Fury is more satisfied when techniques are practiced correctly than when clients lift heavier. His attention in correcting one member is done in a careful, respectful manner that also extends to the rest of the class. More than just the how, he covers the why and often the why not, as he explains why a certain form is better and why another can be harmful. In this way, students learn how to practice properly and why that technique is better, so as to avoid injury - not just from these movements, but also in other aspects of your daily routine.

Many of the other class members in attendance often arrive with pre-existing injuries or aches. Coach fury does not attempt to avoid these injuries. Instead, he has a workout in mind and takes time to carefully explain the proper way to practice the next set without in a manner in which the student would not only still be able to participate, but also strengthen the problem area simultaneously. He's quick to recognize if their form needs correction and guides them through it or gives them an alternate exercise to provide the same end result.

His passion for the practice and lifestyle translates to those he instructs by making sure that even those who have never done it (and may even be self conscious or self-doubting) are learning from and enjoying the experience. He wants his students to enjoy his classes and to return, eager to learn. Without being pushy, he finds a way to guide students through their first class, never allowing them to quit. Many of them include elder members of the gym.

He continues to bring new twists to basic movements weekly, never allowing the classes to get stale. The tempo of his classes provides a great balance of cardio and strength building, as well. He truly loves what he does, and it translates into his programs/lessons. He also continues to study different practices for building strength, improving flexibility and motion, and overall body wellness, and he transfers that learning to his students.

10/10 Value
By Ryan Arnold / New York, NY, United States

I started reading all the reviews of Steve on this site and then I stopped. It should be pretty obvious what a good idea it would be to know this man. I met Steve at the RKC this past year and he was an excellent teacher. He made me better. But what stood out to me most was not how much I learned from him at the RKC, its what has happened since. In 6 months he's furthered his education, got stronger, got leaner, improved his quality of life, and affected tons and tons of people in a positive way. It doesn't get much better than that. He truly practices what he preaches and it shows. Take away all his accomplishments and you have one single, most important fact. He is better now than he was 6 months ago, and 6 months from now he will be better than he is now. Get on his bandwagon!!!

Ryan Arnold

10/10 RKC Assistant
By Jason Krawczyk / Easton, U.S.A

I had the privilege of meeting Steve in Philadelphia for my RKC in 2012. As one of my Assistants, he was extremely knowledgable, patient and helpful in teaching me and others how to become more efficient in movement with a kettlebell. But beyond that, I enjoyed going out as a group after a long day and getting to know Steve a little bit. One thing I remember from the group dinners was his the calming influence and confidence he instilled to everyone he was around.

That weekend, I became an RKC Instructor and Steve was a big reason why I accomplished my goal. Anyone that has the ability to learn from Steve is very fortunate.

Thanks "Coach Fury"

10/10 He changed my body.....
By Lisa Zeff / new york, USA

I had what I thought was a great trainer for years, He is my friend but shall remain nameless.Turns out that while he kept me mobile and made me think I was making progress, his workout was totally generic.
One day my daughter (also a member of 5 Points) said that I had to train with Steve. Until then I had watched people do kettle bells and sandbags and assumed I could never have the strength to do them and that my chronic lower back problems would get in the way etc etc.
I was so wrong -- working with Steve has changed my (rather old) body beyond anything I could have imagined. I'm strong; I've got beautiful (not too extreme) muscles all over; my abs look great; my shoulders and arms are awesome and even my short jewish legs are toned.
It's a workout I look forward to instead of dreading because I know Steve will only
push me as far as he thinks I can go (often to my great frustration!). But through his patience and knowledge and brilliantly systematic approach to building my strength up, he has totally changed me -- both in my attitude to my body and my feelings of what I am capable of. He's amazing.I am devoted to him.

10/10 Amazing Assistant at RKC
By Sharon Shiner RKC / Boston, USA

I met Steve at my RKC this past Sept, 2012 in Philly; he was one of my team assistants. Steve proved to be a fantastic mentor and coach for me over my RKC weekend. He pushed me when I needed to be pushed and provided tough love when necessary. Steve was instrumental in helping me get a PR for my kettlebell press at RKC (which was 18kgs....I've since gone on to press the 20kg....going for that 24kg!!). I think that anyone would benefit from training with Steve. He is super smart and super strong. He knows how to go about getting you to complete your goals. If you're not interested in getting stronger than don't go to Steve....but if you want to move better and get stronger, then Steve is your guy :)

10/10 Great, patient, and knowledgeable coach!
By Kat L / New York, NY, USA

Coach Steve combines a wealth of knowledge and experience with an amazing ability to put you at your ease. It can be hard to feel comfortable or confident when you're inexperienced in a training environment, but Coach Steve is able to train beginners and advanced students alike, while making everyone feel great and always focusing on good form and steady improvement!

10/10 Fury for President
By Kamila C / NY, US

Not only does Coach Fury have a wealth of Kettle-bell knowledge, he also is effective as a teacher and trainer as he pushes and guides individuals. Training is not only his job, it's also his lifestyle. Fury focuses on technique, form and safety. His classes are well organized and intense, but fun.

When i took my first class, i began dead-lifting only 10KG and had no idea what i was doing. Fury made me feel comfortable as a beginner and focused first on my technique. He explained the why behind the proper form and helped me get the confidence to go up in weight. He encouraged me and now i can handle the 50KG "Beast" no problem. After a year of training with him at 5 points, its one of, if not The favorite workout that i get there.

He demonstrates each exercise and really cares about everyone getting it right and pushing the more advanced students. He comes up with great workouts that push you, incorporate a progression of movements and complexes, and effortlessly works in the right of rest period. Fury has helped me get rid of bad habits in swing exercises. In doing so, he is not repetitive in his instruction and he doesn't make students feel self-conscious. While he's a personable, friendly and humorous guy and will joke with students in classes, he takes training seriously. He expects his students to be dedicated and really goes the extra mile for people who want to improve, push themselves, and have questions along the way.

10/10 Even a newbe will get it - Fury for all levels
By Kim Darmstadt / NYC, USA

When I had my first session with Steve, I really had no idea what I was walking into. I never did kettebells before. Now I am not a stranger to the gym but I was looking for something new to help me improve on my average daily workout. He was very patient with me. The language he uses is very clear and concise that even a new-be gets it. I started noticing where my weakness are and was able to work on these with kettlebells. Also he ran me thru a FMS screening which also help point out areas from past injuries to work on in a safe way. Bottom line Steve is a great trainer. He knows how to keep you focused and positive.

10/10 Awesome Results!!!!
By Ron C. / New York, United States

I have had the pleasure of training with Steve for about 18 months and in that time I found him to be incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated helping you achieve your goals. My specific goals were functional strength and mobility. Thirty plus years of continuous participation in in contact and action sports left me with multiple knee and shoulder injuries, which have not only limited my strength gains but also my range of motion. Using primarily kettle bells, supplemented with sand bag and TRX drills Steve helped me not only regain much of my pre-injury mobility but to increase my functional strength by approximately 25%. Following Steve’s guidance I was able to successfully compete in a “Tactical Strength Challenge” and a” Tough Mudder” on two consecutive weekends at the ripe old age of 44. My faith the Steve is so great that I selected him to train my then, 14 year old son for his High School football combine. If you what to look like a model and move like an athlete, Steve is your go to trainer. If you trust him, you will become stronger and more mobile than you thought possible.

10/10 A Talented Teacher
By ian K. / New York, USA

For the past year I have been taking kettle bell classes with Steve Holiner. He is a talented teacher who knows how to work well with students of varying levels of skill. His focus and support of making sure his students use the equipment properly and are keeping good form is exemplary. It has been a pleasure to be in his class and I look forward to my future work with him.

10/10 same great strength, fewer injuries
By Ray Y / New York, USA

Coach Fury is nothing less than exceptional during all his training sessions. I have taken multiple classes with Steve ranging from kettlebells to indian clubs and with each session he has helped improved my on technique, strength, and mobility. He is attentive and helps ensure you do forms correctly so you can hit your PR and goals quickly and be at your peak performance.

Steve is the type of man that will always try to improve himself and as he levels up his technique and skillsets with more certifications/seminars/workshops, he will immediately apply his learnings to his students so that everyone can benefit.

10/10 Inspiring and Insightful
By Barry Danielian / NYC, USA

What sets Steve apart from so many trainers is not just his thorough knowledge of all of the technical aspects of training but his ability to craft a program that works for you, the individual.
I've seen the cookie cutter approach whereby whatever cool new workout the trainer happens to be into, all of his clients are also doing it irrespective of results, physical makeup etc.
Steve has a very large tool box and isn't afraid to go into every corner of it to find the right tools for you. To me that is the mark of a great trainer.
Being that I travel a lot and may or may not have access a gym, Steve has given me loads of variables for being able to maintain strength and mobilty in any circumstance I may find my self in.
I can't recommend him enough!!

10/10 Knowledge + Character = Coach Fury
By Hesam Shoghi / BROOKLYN, United States

For the last two years Coach Fury has accompanied and trained me in Kettlebells, Sandbags and strength training in general.
He has been a great source of knowledge in the above mentioned disciplines, and has also displayed much character and integrity not only as a coach, but also as a person.
His mentorship is of much value to his clients/students, peers and the environment in which he operates. Above all his passion for fitness and the disciplines is inspiring and contagious.
Even though he is a mentor that takes his knowledge and craft very seriously, he is also very approachable, personable, and an all around great person.

10/10 knowledgeable and helpful
By Matt Landsman / NYC, US of A

Taking TRX and sandbags classes with Steve for over 1 year. Every class is a little different and always interesting. Knows how to assist and motivate all his students to help them achieve their personal goals.

By Peter Ingravallo / NYC, U.S.A

I have been training with Steve for about a year now and I could not be happier. I have lost thirty pounds while dramatically increasing my strength. Steve will push you further then you believe you can go while at the same time emphasizing safety. And no matter which class you are taking or how many people are there you will always receive plenty of attention.

10/10 Well rounded trainer
By Nick Della Valle / Jersey City, US

I've been attending small group classes at least once a week with Steve for about 7 months now. Steve is constantly learning new movements and techniques and he always shares his knowledge with the class. He focuses on technique and safety. His classes are a good balance of strength training, conditioning, and FUNctional movements. You won't go wrong working with him.

10/10 Quality Trainer, Quality Training
By Jack Browning / Brooklyn, USA

I wasn't really sure what I was looking for when I decided to start working with a personal trainer, but am delighted that I found Steve. We have only been working together for a couple of months but already I feel much stronger and fitter than when I started.

Steve's genius is striking the right balance between perfecting technique and letting you do hard work. He has a great eye for detail and great knowledge of body mechanics, so he can (and will) make sure that you are doing every rep right. He is such a good teacher that I feel like I am constantly improving during the workouts and from week to week. Better form means heavier lifting, better results and more satisfying workouts. I never feel short changed and always feel like I've done a proper, demanding session.

With Steve you also get the satisfaction of a varied workout: TRX, kettle bells, weights in all kinds of variation. I had the same, stale workout for the best part of seven years, so I am especially happy to be learning some new tricks. Every new exercise is tailored to your goals and there is always something new. Also, with every new exercise, you know that Steve knows exactly what he is doing.

I have only been working with Steve for a couple months, but I could not recommend him highly enough: he's a really nice, affable guy and a really great trainer. I can't wait to work with him in the future and to see how much stronger I can get.

10/10 A great experience..
By Carl Gaeta / NYC, USA

I am an amateur Muay Thai fighter. Coach Fury has helped me immensely to achieve my goals of increasing muscle mass, strength, conditioning, and athleticism, while burning fat.

I was able to talk to Coach Fury ahead of time about my goals. I really appreciate that i was able to do this and that he came prepared with a full program. This saved me a lot of time (money).
When we met up, he offered to do sort of a balancing kind of test that would reveal what my weaknesses and imbalances were. I was anxious to get started on a program, so i declined. This is definitely something i would like done in the future, however.
He demonstrated each technique that would be involved in my program. He explained them clearly, making sure i understood the purpose of what i was doing. He had me run through the program to make sure i was using proper technique. I was pretty familiar with all the movements. He made minor adjustments to my form that ended up making a huge difference in my output.
I love the program Coach Fury put me on. I love all of the exercises and how they are put together and which days are for rest. There is not one day that i dread. I am constantly looking forward to my work out.
I am very lucky to have Coach Fury at my gym. He keeps an eye on me even when I am working out on my own. He will offer advice and encouragement. He approached me the other day and suggested that it is time to switch up the program. I can't wait to see what we do next..

10/10 Tough Personal Trainer & Oustanding Character
By Courtney Reardon / New York, USA

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Steve Holiner to friends looking to get in better shape and improve their technique. I already have one friend who is loving training with Steve based on my recommendation. You're bound to change your body and have a lot of fun doing so.

No session is wasted with Steve because you’ll be sweating within minutes and just the right amount of soar the next day. He’s a stickler for perfecting form before moving into heavier weight, which keeps you from getting hurt. Then Steveincreases the weight, and just when it starts to feel easier he teaches you a new strength training move. All else equal, my body composition has noticeably changed since I started working with Steve 6 months ago.

His workouts are tough but his disposition is always happy and fun. He has a special gift for making strangers feel like old friends and old friends feel lucky to know him.

10/10 Incredible trainer
By Michael Dolan / brooklyn, United States

I have been plagued with a rotator cuff injury for a long time now. It has prevented me from working out . I started training with Steve and I can't even begin to tell you how much progress I have made. Previous trainers I have worked with were oblivious to my injuries but Steve has been careful and all of my kettle bell routines have been safe and within my range of motion. I have been getting stronger and I can see a big change in my physique.
Steve is a very down to earth guy , I feel very comfortable in our sessions. We train smart and safe and I always come away from kettle bell training proud of myself . Steve is very dedicated to training and is a consummate professional. You cannot go wrong deciding to work with him.

10/10 Training with Coach Fury...Highly Recommended.
By Christopher Pensiero / Brooklyn, USA

I have been kettle bell training with Coach Fury for 1 year now and I have definitely seen major improvements in my strength, flexibility and stamina. Overall I feel great. My kettle bell workouts are always challenging and Steve changes things up to keep my workouts interesting. I have played competitive football, ice hockey, skiing, mountain biking, cycling and now I have started to compete in triathlons so I am no stranger to the weight room but kettle bells are an amazingly effective way to gain strength. I am very impressed by Steve's abilities as a trainer and my experience has been excellent. From the beginner to the advanced practitioner Steve has the knowledge to make your workouts more effective. His passion for what he does is very apparent so If your thinking about learning how to train with kettle bells (or TRX etc.) look no further than Coach Fury.

10/10 Personal Training with Coach Fury, A MUST!!!
By Cynthia Nieslen / Brooklyn, USA

I have been working out with Steve once a week every since January of 2012. When I started I was extremely out of shape and my energy level was very low. In a very short amount of time that has all changed. I find that my work outs with Steve are so well designed that in just one hour I get a power work out. We do Kettle bells, TRX, and so much more. Every week is a fun and fresh. He is excellent at targeting my weak spots and building them up to give me a balance that I haven't had in a long time. A good example of this is before I started working out with Steve I could not carry my 5 year old son down the stairs, now this is easy for me to do with confidence and strength. I really enjoy my mornings with Steve. I highly recommend him as a trainer.

10/10 Powerful Knowledge from a Powerful Man
By Phil Earley RKC2 / Newcastle, UK

Steve was kind enough to help me with preparation for my RKC Level 2.
I was having difficulty achieving my half bodyweight press & with Steve's incredible knowledge he put together a program specific to my weight, taking time to work out numbers, reps, frequency all of which took me not only to the press but going to the cert with confidence that I had it.
Steve also offered me guidance on the pistol which made my understanding and control of the movement pre-course way better.
This guy I knew to be awesomely strong but what underpins that phenomenal strength is a powerful knowledge base, a willingness to educate and I would encourage anyone within reach to tap into it.

10/10 Great Planking Coach.
By Moises Gutierrez / The Bronx, USA

Great planking coach....TRX, Kettlebell and Sandbags. Not going into a long and already known bio on Steve, great instructor!!!

Five Points is happy to have him, unward and upward.

10/10 Terrific Instructor
By Brandon W / NYC, US

I can't speak highly enough of Steve. His classes are phenomenal and under his guidance I have gotten stronger, leaner, and more agile. I have dropped weight and at the same time achieved new PR's. Most importantly, with Steve's instruction, my form has improved and I no longer get the lower back pain that was always problematic when working with kettle bells. I am excited to continue working with Steve and looking forward to seeing the progress we make.

10/10 Awesome Coach!
By Grace Cheng / New York, USA

Steve is an awesome coach. Under Steve's guidance I was able to deadlift nearly twice my body weight and do a couple of pull ups, something I've always wanted to do be able to do. He emphasizes good technique and encourages me to push myself but within my comfort level. I've tried other trainers and they always have a generic routine. Steve personalizes his sessions to fit my needs and make it fun. I'm looking forward to have Steve help me achieve my next strength goal!

10/10 Steve helped me get my PR KB press.
By Stefanie Shelton / St. Louis, USA

I was visiting NYC for the weekend and wanted to get in a good work out from a RKC. There are many to choose from, but I am glad I got ahold of Steve. He is a very cool guy and being a level two RKC instructor, I knew he would know his stuff. With a few pointers, in no time, he was able to get me to do a PR KB press. I am very happy I met him and when I get back to NYC, I will see him again. I recommend him to everyone who is interested in learning about Kettlebells and to the HKC's who want to learn more.

10/10 Inspiring and effective
By Min L / New York City, USA

Training with Coach Fury, both one-on-one and as a group instructor, has been an incredibly transformative experience.
He challenges and encourages me to continually improve, and is such a committed and observant coach, he always knows exactly how hard to push me. I've become much stronger and more skillful. The aches and pains I attributed to turning 30 have completely disappeared, and now going to the gym and training with Coach Fury is a highlight of my day.
He's patient and knowledgeable, and always takes the time to ensure that I have the correct form, so I can get the most out of my workout without injuring myself.

I really cannot recommend him highly enough.

10/10 Great Class / Great Instructor
By Jeremy Baumann / New York, USA

I have been doing kettle bells with Steve for almost a year now. This is the first time I did them in my off season (triathlons) and I can't believe the difference it made when I started my training programs again. I take his class every week and he does a great job in changing up the workout so you are constantly learning new moves and increasing your strength. I can't recommend him enough, he really is a great instructor.

10/10 Coach From Afar
By Evan Ganz / Cincinnati, USA

I have known Steve since grade school and seeing the transformation he has made in his life is very inspiring to me.
About a year ago I suffered from Congenital Heart Failure. I was eating terribly and barely exercising. I saw the Steve was working with Kettlebells and I was intrigued. I contacted him and he immediately got in touch with me. I live in Cincinnati, so he researched if there were any certified trainers for me to go to. When we saw there weren't any, he gave me great advice on how to start and what books and DVDs were best. Within weeks I was shedding pounds and getting into great shape. Due to my condition I had to start very low weight, but had built up to 15 pounds in no time. Steve made sure I understood how much correct form was more important than reps and weight.
This past December I suffered a set back and had to have a heart defibrillator/pacemaker installed in my chest. The day after my surgery, Steve called to make sure I was OK and help me not get discouraged about having to start over. After my six weeks of healing passed, and doctors approval, I was back to swinging at 8 lbs. I am now up to 10kg and trying new techniques and routines to stay fit. I'm also in the best shape of my life, and every doctor visit gets better and better.
Without Steve's encouragement I might have quit after my surgery, but his words inspired me. Even though we are three states away from each other, I consider Steve to be the best coach ever and a great friend.

10/10 Simply the BEST
By V Brown / The Bronx, United States

I have been training with Steve for about a year (January 2011). Had a bit of a set back early last year and had to stop. A little bit of information about me, I am a cancer patient and was on a 6 month chemo treatment regime while training. After my surgeries I resumed my workout with Steve. We started training weekly again in October 2011. While going through the chemo treatment, I found it helped to have little goals, something I could control. For me, that goal was kettle bells on Sundays. I can honestly say that because of Steve it made weeks of chemo treatment seem to go much faster and made my physically and mentally stronger. Even on my bad days, I made sure I got enough rest and had energy to do my workout. Every Sunday, for an hour, it’s my time. Though I am limited in what I can do (I miss my sandbags training) my illness is never used as an excuse.
My communication with Steve was always open. Steve just knew what I could do without me saying much after a set. He can read me that way. He is patient and attentive. I trust him completely and just lift whatever he puts in front of me. On my good weeks (treatment free weeks) we go for it and step it up. Today, I am doing Turkish Get Ups at 12kg and I love doing dead lifts. We put in work but have a lot of fun and so far I love the results. Steve is not one of those trainers that shouts directions at you. He doesn’t push you to the point where you may harm yourself. I can say with certainty I could not be this strong in mind and body, going through my journey without the help and expertise of Steve Holliner. With him I am not “cancer Virna” I am just “Virna” who happens to have cancer. My identity never changed and for that I am eternally grateful.

10/10 Outstanding, Excellent, and Dynamic!!
By Gavin Van Vlack Van Vlack Strength and Conditioning / New York, USA

In a town where everyone you meet in a fitness facility is "specialist" in this modality or that Steve is the real deal. I've watched his meteoric rise from fitness enthusiast and endorphin junkie to a highly skilled, highly motivated, fitness professional. As i stated before while people are jumping on band wagons and handing out knowledge they have little first hand experience in "Coach Fury" uses tried and true methods that are not only effective but safe. If your looking for someone to get you the results you want Steve will be there to set you on the right path, with practical smart coaching and an enthusiastic attitude that's infectious.

10/10 produces great results !!!!
By Melissa Nolan / New York, Unite States

Coach Fury's strength training produces great results !!!!
He continues to push me to my limits with his vast knowledge of strengthening exercises .
He is also very patient and is able to work with us on a individual level to assess our strengths and weaknesses
I'm never afraid to work hard in his classes because he makes it so much fun ..and work hard we do :)
His enthusiastic and positive disposition is a sure sign he enjoys what he does and how it makes such a positive difference in other people's lives .

10/10 Pushing my limits and getting results.
By Edward Einhorn / Brooklyn, USA

I've been working with Steve (Coach Fury) for nearly a year now. In that short amount of time I've seen some amazing results. I'm actually doing pullups now! My strength has improved tremendously and so has my confidence level. He's always patient, understanding, and never afraid to push my limits just when I think I can't do something. His knowledge on form, routine, exercise, and training is vast. We mainly focus on kettle bells, but he knows a heck of a lot more. I always look forward to our Thursday morning sessions. It's one of life's rewards and I'm thankful I get a bit of "fury" in my life. My son is nearly four so I need to stay strong for him. If you're looking to train and get serious about your health, Steve's definitely one of the city's best kept secrets...but not for long!

10/10 Outstanding Coach
By Ben K / Brooklyn, NY, USA

Almost a year ago I suffered a pretty bad herniation in my lower spine (L5) and was told by a doctor that my martial arts, strength training and snowboarding days were over for good. For me, that was harder to take than the injury itself. At 37, I was supposedly at an age when my body was going to start giving out and that it would be almost impossible to fully recover from that kind of damage. After a few months of intense of PT, I asked my physical therapist if he could recommend someone to help me work on mobility and strengthen my back - that's how I met Steve. At first, I was extremely tentative, really concerned about being pushed too hard and re-injuring myself, but Steve's an amazing teacher and coach. He's incredibly patient, has an easy demeanor and is an expert when it comes to body mechanics and evaluating his client's capabilities. Steve introduced me to kettlebell, TRX and sandbag training, as well as a gigantic new vocabulary of stretching. Fast forward six months, I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm stronger, more flexible and better conditioned that I've ever been. I still snowboard, train as hard as I can and am resuming Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu next week. Ten months ago, this was inconceivable. What I thought would be a couple of sessions with a trainer has turned into a critical part of my recovery and completely changed how I look at physical fitness. I can’t thank Steve enough or recommend him more highly. If it weren’t for his help, I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am now. Thanks, Steve!

10/10 Owning it!
By Chris N / Brooklyn, NY, USA

I wrote a review some months ago, but I figured it was time I gave an update on my progress. When I started taking classes with Steve I was working with the 20k bell and doing some TRX on the side. Now, thanks to Steve's mental as well as physical training I have not only "owned" the 20k bell, but am actually grind pressing the 28k bell overhead and am doing overhead snatches with a 40lbs sandbag as well. With Steve's help I plan to own the 28k as well and then beyond....

10/10 Great instructor with the perfect mix
By Brian N / Brookyn, USA

I waited to take a few classes before reviewing Coach Fury and I must say he doesn't disappoint. He is friendly without being soft, amazingly informative without being condescending and overall made my kettle bell learning experience challenging and fun. I would highly recommend Coach Fury and look forward to my weekly class.

10/10 Great Class
By Weston Fonger / Brooklyn, USA

Took Steve's park slope class. Very informative, great for learning fundamentals of Kettleball training. Can't wait to do some more!

10/10 Nothing's Impossible with Coach Fury
By Iesha Covington / Brooklyn, USA

How do I begin? Where do you begin when you have an instructor that is as awesome as Coach Fury? I've always taken Muay Thai classes, but last summer I began to become more consistent with taking Kettlebell classes. While each instructor does possess unique talents and abilities, what Coach Fury does is he finds the unique talents and abilities in each participant in his class.

I've always been content with lifting the 8kg, 12kg, or the 16kg if I was feeling a little "gangster"; however, a couple of weeks ago during Coach Fury's class I was challenged to deadlift "The Beast", 48kg! I was so afraid, but I remembered what Coach Fury said--"Take a deep breath, make sure that your feet are placed firmly on the ground, and know that you can do this--own it." I followed his instructions and I WAS SUCCESSFUL!!!! Never in a million years would I--a 5 foot 2, 125lb woman, have even gone in the general area of the heavier kettlebells but thanks to Coach Fury's patience, confidence in my abilities, and gentle encouragement I was able to achieve what was was once impossible.

10/10 Great Coach, Great Teacher, Great Friend
By Jeff Simmermon / Brooklyn, NY, USA

It is no accident that every single person on here rates Steve a 10/10. He deserves it. I consider Steve a friend, with an important distinction: I've never seen him outside the gym. He's become a friend specifically because of the character traits he's revealed through being a levelheaded, caring, patient and ambitious trainer/teacher. I'd take his kettlebell class any chance I got. I'd also take him on a long road trip through a boring part of the country -- he's reliable, patient, and mellow enough that I can just tell he'd make it fun.

A lot of coaches have this arbitrary line drawn in their heads with blood-soaked callouses that delineates an acceptable level of fitness for the entire human species. And then they just try to kick anyone that comes along over it that line with some sort of faux-tough guy approach, like they personally invented SEAL training or something.

Not Steve. He's gentle and patient. He takes the time to figure out his students' individual strengths and weaknesses and works around them. You work hard -- HARD -- in his classes, but it doesn't feel like such a big deal. He makes your fitness goals feel totally attainable, like no big deal at all.

It's obvious that Steve loves what he does and loves to share it with anyone who's interested. He takes fitness beyond the regular grind of weights cardio and into something that's always varied, always interesting and never quite the same thing twice. I can't recommend him enough.

10/10 Great Instructor!
By Jamie Burgoon / NYC, USA

Steve patience with his students is only exceeded by his willingness to work with them at their fitness level. This is not to say that his classes aren't challenging-nothing could be further from the truth. But from my own experience having minor injuries in the course of my training, he is always willing to work with someone and modify exercises so that anyone can participate. His enthusiasm and positive outlook are infectious, mostly because you can tell he enjoys what he does for himself and for what he can do for other people.

10/10 Steve Holiner, the Kettle-Beast
By Michael D. / New York, USA

With Marine Corps Recruit Training not far off on the horizon, I have very specific and lofty fitness goals. I need functional strength, endurance, and explosiveness to be able to function as a Marine and maximize my scores on the Physical Fitness and Combat Fitness Tests. Steve introduced me to Kettlebells, Sandbags, TRX Suspension Training, and gave me a more complete understanding of what it is to be functionally fit. While I would like to be able to bench 250, that doesn't necessarily help me to hump 20 miles with an 80lb pack or carry a 40lb ammo can overhead through a swamp.

Steve's passion for fitness and his obvious expertise are invaluable to me as I prepare for this next great challenge. Thanks to Steve, I'm leaner, stronger, faster, and more explosive and I have more cardio endurance than ever. I can't help but think that there will come a day when, with nothing but sandbags to train with in some dark corner of the world, I will look back on his classes fondly. Thanks Steve

10/10 You and your kettlebell are in the right hands!
By Brandice Peltier / Five Points Academy

With a name like Coach Fury it's almost impossible to imagine Steve Holiner as the patient, kind, passionate and extremely knowledgeable instructor that he truly is. Having had the pleasure of taking many of Steve's kettlebell classes here at Five Points Academy, I have witnessed firsthand his unique ability to make all level students feel comfortable. Steve always instructs the class with an emphasis on perfect technique, safety and challenging exercises. Not only does Steve make sure to demonstrate each exercise for the entire class in order to ensure the safety and proper form of each student, he does it with a smile. His high level of passion and respect for what he is teaching and who he is teaching is much appreciated by his returning students and encourages his first time students to come back! So if you are a beginner and are intimidated by the name Coach Fury, just trust that you and your kettlebell are in the right hands!

10/10 Training with Steve is HIGHLY recommended.
By Emily Siy / New York, NY

I've had the privilege of watching Steve become an AMAZING strength training coach. Starting out as a kettlebell junkie and quickly transforming into one of the most popular coaches at Five Points. He is extremely patient with newbees and knowledgeable about proper form and technique. His kettlebell classes are fun, exciting and people can't wait to take his classes. If you haven't taken one of his classes yet, you're really missing out!

10/10 Grounded in Knowldege and Propelled by Passion
By Michelle Bryner / Brooklyn, NY

Steve has a unique ability to both push you to your limits while not pushing you over the edge. His knowledge of the kettlebell practice and fitness in general combined with his genuine desire to motivate his students make Steve’s fitness classes a pleasurable experience. The classes literally fly by, as Steve mixes up the techniques, reps, and sets in such a way that you almost (yes, almost) forget how hard it is. On a personal level, Steve has helped me find my physical and mental strength – he sees when I’m working below my strength level and encourages me to step it up! I highly recommend Steve as both a class instructor and a personal trainer.

10/10 Who knew I'd look forward to Mondays....
By Edita / Astoria, NY

Before Steve kettle bell class I would hate Mondays. Another 5 days of work behind a computer - not fun :( I now can't wait for a Monday to come so I can attend his class at Five Points Academy and get my butt kicked :). Its fun, challenging, motivating and let's face it working out should feel like fun and not just something we HAVE to do. Thats exactly what Steve brings to the table. You will see results and build strength rapidly. Each class is different and always exciting. He's very helpful, knowledgeable, patient, fun, skilled, sweet, funny.... you name it. I love his workouts i wish they could be 2 hour long classes and i probably still wouldn't get enough. Thats how great it is and thats how working out should feel. THANK YOU Steve!!!!

10/10 Improvement with each and every session
By Andy S. / NYC

Steve is a great trainer. He's attentive to your goals and designs workouts that are geared towards meeting them. I've had fantastic results and more importantly fun. I'm in the best shape of my life and look forward to getting better. I highly recommend Steve!


I was already a longstanding member of Five Points Academy when Steve joined the gym. His passion for kettlebells was obvious from the start. It has been amazing to see Steve transform himself through kettlebell use, and he’s on a mission to help others do the same. Steve’s passion is infectious, and his is easy going manner and technique-driven style help inspire people to not only perform the moves, but to perform them better with every rep. I highly recommend him.

10/10 Great for Any Level
By Annick M. / Brooklyn

Prior to working with Steve, I never hired a trainer not was a fan of gyms. I was initially very hesitant and wary of kettlebells. Steve gave me a solid foundation of movement and breathing exercises to build upon and I've come to learn what a beneficial tool kettlebells can be. In a short period of time, I'm moving, breathing and feeling better. I highly recommend Steve for people of any fitness level. He's knowledgeable, patient and has customized a program that will help me achieve my personal goals. Steve has an attitude that makes you want to work hard and have fun while doing it. It was one of the easiest and best decisions I have made to work with steve.

10/10 Coach Friendly wouldn't sound as tough
By Joanne S. / New York, NY

I am not athletic at all. I probably shouldn’t admit this publicly, but I didn’t even take gym class in high school. So tackling kettle bells was daunting, especially when I saw the name “Coach Fury” on the schedule at Five Points. But Steve was so incredibly patient and encouraging that before long I was in his other classes, lifting sandbags and dangling from TRX straps. I never thought I’d be able to do these things, and I probably wouldn’t have tried if Steve hadn’t been so helpful and given me some much-needed confidence.

10/10 Feeling Good and Looking Good
By Chris / Brooklyn, NY

If you are looking for an athletic level of training and want to be healthy, build strength, agility and flexibility that you can use in every day life, and build lean muscle then you want to train with Steve.
I'm an avid martial artist and have been an athlete all my life. Any athlete knows that constant plaguing injuries or problem areas are part of life, but Steve has shown me that it doesn't have to be this way. His approach to kettlebells is to build a strong foundation with form and technique and then build through endurance to power. I can feel the results in my training, where my legs are effectively inexhaustible. For upper body conditioning Steve has introduced me to Indian clubs. In the beginning it looked kind of goofy, but after just one class I was hooked. All the stiffness in my left shoulder that builds up from jabbing disappeared and now I rarely go two days without warming up or cooling down with Indian clubs for half an hour or so.

10/10 Steve makes training fun and educational!
By Adrienne Reina / New York, NY

Steve is an exceptional kettlebell teacher. He pushes you to excel and accomplish more than you thought your body was capable of, all the while being meticulous about proper form and technique so as to help you avoid injury. I also love Steve's Indian clubs class. I especially recommend the class to anyone who has had issues with their shoulders--it is the only class I've taken that has made shoulders feel both strong and stable. If you have the opportunity to train with Steve, be it in kettlebells, Indian clubs or any other strength training, you will not be disappointed!

10/10 Tattoos and techniques
By Stan / Brooklyn

You get both from Coach Fury. I've trained in bodybuilding, powerlifting, kettlebells and triathlons (not all at once!) for over half a decade so I've met my fair share of coaches. Steve (Coach Fury) ranks in the very top tier. Extremely knowledgeable and thorough in his instruction in technique and form, he gives his students a great deal of confidence in their abilities. I would highly recommend him for all your strength and conditioning needs.

10/10 Amazing Instructor
By DangHelen / Brooklyn

Coach Steve Holiner is a great role model and mentor. It's evident in his teaching method that he wants all his students to better themselves. He has such an extensive knowledge on conditioning, TRX suspension and kettlebells. I couldn't imagine a better place to train than at five points with Steve and the entire staff. Amazing instructor, hands down!

10/10 Strong, creative and thoughtful
By Catherine O. / NYC

I've had the opportunity to train in multiple classes with Steve - kettlebell, TRX and sandbags. He combines thoughtful instruction, technical knowledge and creativity in all of his classes. I never miss his Sunday classes and highly recommend him to anyone looking to further their kettlebell training.

10/10 Steve Holiner/ Strength Coach
By Lance Turnbow. HKC instructor / Five Points Academy

Since I have been at the beginning of Steve's transformation from gym rat to strength professional, I have been blown away by the quality of his teaching skills. His enthusiasm about his work is infectious. His approach is inviting and honest. This allows each student willingly "buy into" the hard work that he presents them with.
Not one to be pigeon holed as a " my way or the highway" type of trainer. Steve is constantly searching out new and fresh ways to get stronger and healthier. Steve has smartly aligned himself with quality mentorship that will continue to foster new growth in this new chapter of his professional career.

10/10 Humor, Enthusiasm, and Nuance
By Hannah F / NYC

It's a pleasure and privilege to train with Steve. All the RKCs at Five Points are outstanding - both as coaches and as people - but Steve's enthusiasm, his attention to detail, and his commitment to bringing in new and challenging training methods set him apart. I've been enjoying his kettlebell classes since he started teaching, and am a fixture in his TRX and Ultimate Sandbags classes as well. He offers beginners plenty of personal attention and encouragement, and is great with helping more experienced students hone their practice. His brand-new Indian club swinging class promises to be another must-attend for all of us who train like fiends and want to reclaim lost joint health and mobility. If you're curious about the bells (or the straps, bags, and clubs), Five Points is hands-down the place to go, and Steve's class is an excellent place to start.

10/10 Cannot Recommend Steve Highly Enough
By Bedirhan / Brooklyn, NY

Steve is an incredible kettlebell instructor. Between his focus on technique, his attention to detail, and his enthusiastic and energetic demeanor, I cannot recommend Steve or his classes highly enough. Through his class and his advice, I can now move much heavier kettlebells than I ever imagined. He is great to work with and I always leave his classes exhausted and with a huge smile on my face.

10/10 Excellent
By Janet S. / Brooklyn

Steve is a great coach, he's patient and very attentive to technique and form, but also energetic and ready to push you to new levels of performance. He maintains a sense of humor and professionalism at all times. When I started working with kettlebells he was my first teacher and now I'm addicted -- I haven't lifted conventional weights in months and continue to improve my strength and conditioning every week. Highly recommended.

10/10 Kettlebell Fury
By DLibid / NY

Steve is a great instructor, always high energy and great attention to form. He takes the time to make sure you're doing everything correctly. He leads a fun class, I highly recommend it.

10/10 Better than 10 Stars!
By Emily / New York

I took Steve's kettlebell class and had an excellent time. He helped me improve my form without making me feel self-conscious in front of a class. When I left I felt as if I'd learned something new in addition to having had a lot of fun and successful workout. It's clear to me that Steve takes the time to make sure you're getting the most out of his class/workout so I give him 10 stars!

10/10 Outstanding Instructor and Coach
By Steve Milles, RKC 2/CK-FMS / Five Points Academy, NYC NY

Steve started as a student at Five Points. It quickly became apparent that kettlebells clicked with him, as he rapidly improved in technique, lost weight and gained strength. When he indicated his interest in becoming an RKC the staff was delighted. He excelled at the cert and has quickly become one of our most popular, technically proficient instructors. I can't recommend Steve highly enough.

10/10 Excellent KettleBell Instructor
By David C. / New York, NYC

Steve's approach in kettle bell is very intuitive, informative and knowledgeable. His commitment and passion can be seen in all the classes he instructs, which motivates us to give 110%. He is a great practitioner of form and is very patience with all his students. He's always available after class to accommodates all our questions about forms and technigues. Steve has been a fine addition to the gym and i highly recommend him to all who are interested in kettlebells, beginner to advance.

10/10 great instructor
By Tony / Brooklyn, NY

Steve very quickly and efficiently corrected some problems in my swing form and gave me some valuable tips. Not to mention that it turned out to be an amazing workout!

10/10 Fun, Engaging & Skilled
By essie / NYC

Touched a kettlebell for the first time in my first class with Steve a.k.a Coach Fury!. He guided my form and kindly corrected me with clear instruction while still maintaining the flow of the class, many of whom practiced kettlebell before. A skilled and patient instructor. I love the class!!

10/10 Patient with knowledge
By Alejandro W. / New York

Steve was great to clean my technique and give the details that make the difference between a good exercise and a excellent workout. He always look for new ways to learn new ways to improve your motivation and focus. See him practice his own routine before classes (very usual) and then share his experience with all levels in class is just great.
Great teacher, thank you Coach Fury!!

10/10 Super knowledable and patient.
By Chris Ryan / NYC

Steve was great at getting me over the hump. I had some gaps in my technique and he was able to correct them quickly with very simple and easily followed examples.

The workout was strenuous but the pace was perfect. The best workout I've had in a while.

10/10 Familiar concept, high energy
By Todd / New York, NY

Steve brought a passion and energy to the session that naturally helped raise my level of effort and maximize my workout. He's shown a capability of instructing at all skill sets: from beginner to seasoned kettlebell veteran which will come in handy for any novices that catch the bug. He's attentive to all in his classes, neglecting no one. He finds a way to give larger classes a personal feel.

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